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  1. Musical Tastes

    'About today' - The National ( ) Hands down. Immense.
  2. Gael Kakuta

    I don't think Curtis and Flo were trying to say that Joe was a big game player, I think they meant if he has time or not in any situation in a match. He wasn't the cleverest player so often he did better in situations where he didn't have to think, it was more instictive. These situations could arise against Man United or Wolves.
  3. Movies

    Is Optimus as big in real life as on screen? And yes, you should have stopped it.
  4. Movies

    'Winter Bones' looks very interesting. Anyone seen it?
  5. Didier Drogba

    Care to expand? I can't think of anyone I'd prefer.
  6. Media / Press This made me chuckle. The omissons of Cech and Malouda are laughable and personally I'd rather have Alex over Toure. It seems the Joe Hart is living off last season and the one game against Spurs this year. Since then he he cost them a few goals and hasn't looked as solid. Cech has conceeded 1 goal in the league (when the game was already won). Do I even have to argue for Malouda?
  7. Any streams working now? Mine was removed. EDIT: 2nd sopcast link on P2P works.
  8. I hope we can find one tonight, the Carling Cup is often a bugger to find a stream for. Quite a bit of excitment around this game now, wish I was going.
  9. Media / Press

    What else would you expect from such a poor and amatuerish writer? He kids himself about ties between CFCnet and his blog benefiting both when his writing is like something from a twelve year old. The only reason it's getting any views is because of the odd use of a controversial piece. For example the link on here where he calls us rent boys will probably double the views of his blog.
  10. Media / Press

    If he actually said that..... oh dear.
  11. Michael Essien

    Because taking an early retirement for reasons other than injury would just give the boo-boys a stick to beat them with.
  12. Media / Press

    Crouch hasn't had anything like the backlash our players had.
  13. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    He made a good few mistakes in the WC at full back and the commentators used the "he's playing out of position" excuse.
  14. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Are these predictions based soley on playing ability or also on leadership qualities? How many of the current crop can you see getting anywhere near the first XI in the future?
  15. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    If the didn't top themselves after Sunday. City look pretty good but I don't think they will be up to our level for some time, maybe even a season or two. They won comfortably last night without ever dazzling and I'd like to see players like Micah Richards against teams with real pace.
  16. Media / Press What a fantastic piece by Mark Jefferies. To think actually earns money for such tripe is hard to believe.
  17. Ashley Cole

    His comment certainly sounds like he has.
  18. New Kits

    It would look like some rip-off you find in tourist markets abroad.
  19. Musical Tastes

    The 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' OST is also great.
  20. New Kits

    Could be worse....
  21. Musical Tastes

    I recently spent an overnight flight listening to 'I'm New Here' by Gil Scott Heron and the entire back catalogue by The Antlers. Seemed to get me off to sleep. The Road Soundtrack by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis is good. I'm not overly familiar with soundtracks and composers but I bet there's a plethora of great ones out there.
  22. Didier Drogba

    I don't think our staff would let him anywhere near the pitch if he wasn't ready. Have a bit of faith.
  23. Didier Drogba

    Good point, that's probably it.
  24. Didier Drogba

    Has he travelled to Germany for moral support? It seems strange that Cech, Alex and co. are staying but he has gone.