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  1. Musical Tastes

    Great mix there. Warming to The National? ;) My current batch of songs includes: Greater Than Consequence - Amos The Transparent Wake - The Antlers High Fives Low Lives - Curly Hair It's a Crime - Casiotone For The Painfully Alone There's An Arc - Hey Rosetta! I Became a Prostitute - The Twilight Sad The Reasons - The Weakerthans Good Old Fashioned Nightmare - Matt & Kim Donkey - Ola Podrida William Henry Miller Pt1 - Meursault The Sea Is A Good Place To Think About The Future - Los Campesinos Available - The National Queen Of Drum - Young Galaxy Despicable Dogs - Small Black Broken Social Smoker - EP Island Onwards, Hop! - Sadie Hell Out On The Shield - Said The Whale
  2. Movies

    The Road really captures the atmosphere of the book. After seeing the trailers I feared the worst but the director managed to keep to Cormac McCarthy's version superbly well. It would have been easy to add lots of CGI scenes and try to appeal to the masses but the film created is thoughful and harrowing. Best film I have seen in ages.
  3. Musical Tastes

    Wow that must have been great..... I bet they were even throwing beer around!
  4. Musical Tastes

    A few more I would add: Why? - Eskimo Snow Sea Wolf - White Water, White Bloom Johnny Foreigner - Grace and the Bigger Picture Dan Mangan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice Slow Club - Yeah So? Harlem Shakes - Technicolour Health YACHT - See Mystery Lights Sky Larkin - The Golden Spike Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Vs Children Brakes - Touchdown
  5. Musical Tastes

    I must say I like Editors. They seem to get a lot of stick from various music fans which I feel is undeserved. The whole issue on DiS was a little out of order and I don't think Tom Smith deserved the trouble he got. I massively enjoyed their first two albums despite them not being the most original or groundbreaking albums ever they delivered what Editors do best - rousing, epic songs with simple but effective lyrics. As for the new album I gave it one listen and instantly disliked it. That said there have been a good few albums I have had an immediate dislike for but have grown to love. I'll have to give it more time and maybe try and keep more of an open mind.
  6. Musical Tastes

    I actually cried. It was one or the other....
  7. Musical Tastes

    Kylie and Oasis (rightly) get some stick on here and sorry I have to pull this one up too. In the name all that is fair it's only right if we criticise and laugh at all the rubbish that gets posted. So: Awful. (Also -100 'cool' points for the triple OMG).
  8. Musical Tastes

    For fans of Frightened Rabbit, you can hear the first single off their third album (The Winter of Mixed Drinks, released next year) on the FatCat website. It's called 'Swim Until You Can't See Land' and sounds like another winner from this already brilliant band.
  9. Musical Tastes

    One over-hyped band covering another. Went to see Telekinesis the other night. It's a band/solo hybrid, with the lead singer splitting his time between the guitar and the drums and other band members dropping in and out of the show. Superb set from a start to finish. Support came from The Rosebuds who were equally as good. They are basically an American couple who tour with an acoustic guitar and an accordian. Also they seemed really glad to be there which is more than can be said for half the grumpy bands who usually play as if they are doing you a favour. A very small venue made the gig feel special, especially as they played right in the middle of the crowd of no more than 50.
  10. Musical Tastes

    Have you heard Zola Jesus? I'm very poor at describing new music and usually have to resort to silly and unfair comparisons so the best I can come up with for this is the minimal sound of The XX with a Florence Welch-esque warble over it. Check it/her out.
  11. Musical Tastes

    Well it's a bit more laid back if it's only banter. Anyway you are giving it back so don't play the victim. And what I'm saying is that by all means discuss a band but repeated posts of 'So-and-so are amazing' is hardly a discussion (and that's not you by the way, other posters are far worse). I'm not having a go at the Muse, I want to know what people see in them.
  12. Musical Tastes

    But why should we listen to Muse? Try and sell them to me because I just don't get it. What makes their new (or any other) album so special? I think it's the fact you kept biting. In fact you still are. Bought Good News by Withered Hand the other day. Cracking album from the relatively unknown Dan Willson. Described as 'antifolk' or 'alt-folk' it's hard to put a finger on exact influences. Mostly acoustic with a number of other instruments also used they make catchy, almost happy, songs with bleak lyrics sung by a man who can't really sing. I have some demos too if anyone wants to check them out.
  13. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Quite why you are bringing Aguero into a discussion about Mancienne I don't know. If you use one 'special' player to judge the whole crop of young players then you will miss out on a whole lot of talent. Players develop at different speeds and peak at different ages. I think the difference between positions is huge (a striker usually peaks earlier than, say, a holding midfield player or a centre half) but there is also difference in the same position just due to the fact everyone is different. If you compared a young Rooney to a young Drogba then there would be only one winner but look at them now.
  14. Didier Drogba

    I think it has been made to show the change in attitude from the last thread where the resident muppets queued up for their pound of Ivorian flesh. The reaction to his poor form at the start of last year was ridiculous but the poll results from the old thread are still used by Drogba-bashers as some kind proof that the majority of Chelsea fans want to see the back of him. I wouldn't sell him for any money, embargo or otherwise.
  15. Musical Tastes

    I've never 'got' Muse. Not sure what all the fuss is about. The same goes for bands like Animal Collective, Panda Bear etc. I'm sure I'm missing out but they just don't click.
  16. Didier Drogba

    He has to be one of the best (if not THE best) striker I have seen in the Chelsea shirt. Pace, power, skill and most importantly a great work ethic and desire to win. A section of the Chelsea fans have been on his back from day one and for some reason many seem reluctant to change their minds. Yes he has some poor times and some controversial moments but these are far outweighed by the good he has done for the club. I find it astonishing that, in a thread created to praise his fine start, the diving accusations still fly around freely. I expect blue tinted spectacles to exaggerate a few details in favour of Chelsea players but I struggle to remember a player that inspires the opposite to occur in so many fans. As MT says players like Torres go down as much as if not more often than Didier but the media (as well as the Scousers) only ever have good to say about him. Why do some want to cast Drogba in such a negative light? I can't think of any reasons.... I wouldn't swap Drogba for ANY other forward in world football. A true great.
  17. Musical Tastes

    My reccomendations from the blogosphere: Song, By Toad - Great for Scottish music. Indie Rock Cafe - Not many reviews but rather a collection of mixtapes comprised of the best new Indie/Rock music. Mainly American stuff. Teenage Hangover - Covers the 'Big Scary Monsters' scene of Post-Hardcore/Math Rock. Not as good as 'Separated By Motorways,' but updates more often. I (Heart) Music - Blog that covers the less well known offerings from Canada. The writer is rather harsh on many of the bands he reviews but he has led me to some gems such as Ketch Harbour Wolves. Also, this blog is the Candian part of the 'Music Alliance Pact' where bloggers from over 25 countries (including places like Engalnd, Scotland, USA, Australia and some stranger ones like Peru, Singapore, Mexico, Norway and New Zealand) share their favourite home-grown talents is one handy list.
  18. Musical Tastes

    One of my favourite albums ever. FR are up there with the best 3 or 4 bands. Sing the Greys is also a stunning album. Tracks such as Square 9 would standout on any record.
  19. Gael Kakuta

    I think the optimism on here that the punishment could be a positive thing is very hopeful. Yes the good old siege mentality will be back which helped us in the Jose daysbut I would have thought after the farce with the Champions League and UEFA last season this would already be in place. As for bringing the younger players through that's all well and good if they are talented enough to play at the highest level but if they are not? Even if we bring 2 or 3 players through to a Premiership standard surely our squad will still be weaker than if we were allowed to but where and when we see fit? Arsenal bring playrs thorugh regulary and get praise for doing so but their trophy cabinet isn't exactly overflowing anymore is it?
  20. Musical Tastes

    Sound great. I was expecting them to be girls (due to the name) so the vocals surprised me at first. Have you heard The Horrors' new album? Cracking band. I have only heard a handful of their many albums but they are superb.
  21. Musical Tastes

    Maybe I am. I can't say I listen to the radio at all so I've never looked past the stuff they release. The website has a list of recent appearances: 01 July 2009 - The Gaslight Anthem 25 June 2009 - Basement Jaxx 24 June 2009 - Florence and the Machine 23 June 2009 - La Roux 22 June 2009 - The Gossip 18 June 2009 - Jack Penate 17 June 2009 - Lenka 15 June 2009 - Jonas Brothers 11 June 2009 - Enter Shikari 10 June 2009 - All American Rejects 08 June 2009 - Shontelle & Akon 02 June 2009 - You Me At Six 22 May 2009 - Black Eyed Peas 20 May 2009 - Nickelback 18 May 2009 - Daniel Merriweather 12 May 2009 - Asher Roth 07 May 2009 - The Script 06 May 2009 - Maximo Park 05 May 2009 - The King Blues 27 Apr 2009 - The Enemy 23 Apr 2009 - Theory of a Deadman 22 Apr 2009 - Marmaduke Duke 20 Apr 2009 - Lady Ga Ga 15 Apr 2009 - Lady Sovereign 09 Apr 2009 - Bat For Lashes 06 Apr 2009 - Franz Ferdinand 01 Apr 2009 - Just Jack 25 Mar 2009 - Noisettes 23 Mar 2009 - Metro Station 13 Mar 2009 - Noel Gallagher 02 Mar 2009 - Red Light Company No one on there I'd go out of my way to hear and a good few I'd go out of my way to avoid. The Enemy and Nickleback deserve a special shout out as complete shite. I've never heard Metro Station, The Jonas Brothers, the Script etc but I understand they are trash too. Not for me. :)
  22. Musical Tastes

    Arrgh! The dreaded Radio 1 Live Lounge. Mostly pointless songs covered by pointless bands. And don't get me started on 'talent' shows....
  23. Musical Tastes

    They were awesome though, must of been. They were MASSIVE!
  24. Musical Tastes

    If the reason you don't like it is the fact it's crap then, yes, yes it does. I can appreciate some bands but they just aren't my cup of tea and therefore I don't like them. Some artists are just poor (See: Ronan Keating).
  25. Musical Tastes

    Have you heard of Titus Andronicus? Give them a listen.