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  1. Can anyone help me with getting today's games and future ones on my laptop? I'm not very tech minded but try.

    Whenever I click games links I get I need to download ilivid or something, download that and still nothing. Just want a simple site.

    Really appreciate any help. Thanks.

    Go on here and look for the Chelsea game: Choose a 'browser' link rather than 'Sopcast' and don't download anything! The stream should come up automatically, if not, try another one.

  2. Once you've seen one Michael Bay film, you kind of get the gist of what he's about.

    Complete garbage. I actually found Transformers 2 offensively bad. Needless to say I haven't seen the third one but as you say I'm guessing more of the same.

  3. In Britain it's pretty much a separate genre at the moment, even though it's meant to be 'Popular Music' and it mostly caters for a certain demographic. British pop is very much aimed at young kids for example.

    Pop compilations such as 'Pop Party' normally consist of boy/girl bands that haven't wrote their own tunes and are told what to wear.

    The 'NOW' compilations aren't really 40 standard UK pop songs. Just contemporary stuff that's in the charts.

    But hey, if it makes people happy, then great. I'm more into Rock n Roll myself. Each to their own.

    So 'Rock n Roll' bands such as The Enemy aren't 'told what to wear' (figuratively at least)?

    And how R.E.M fit inside your small 'Pop' bracket is a mystery to me.

  4. Big Scary are pretty popular at the moment, yeah. As for other Aussie bands,

    are all getting some solid play time. They've been known for a couple of years now, but have all really come into their own.

    Aah I didn't realise The Middle East were Australian, I'm enjoying the album at the moment (the 10 minute long 'Deep Water' is gorgeous).

    Really loving Handsome Furs too! Gone through most of the Sound Kapital album on youtube. Memories of the Future is my highlight so far.

    Yep, they are superb. I saw them a few months back in a tiny venue, simply brilliant. Check out their other two albums and also Wolf Parade, the band which Dan Boeckner also plays in.

  5. Was gonna go through the whole list, but I'm stuck on Handsome Furs! Very enjoyable!

    Dig Architecture in Helsinki? They've been around for about 10 years so far... So I'd hope you'd heard of 'em. If not, they're a great Aussie five piece with a really interesting style.


    That Beep

    I haven't heard the new album (I keep meaning to give it a listen) but loved both 'Places Like This' and 'In Case We Die'.

    Any other good Aussie bands I should know about? I know (the know defunct) I Heart Hiroshima and Big Scary, but not many.

  6. Beginning to get a little uneasy about squad replacements. All we're hearing now is how people aren't going (Anelka, Malouda, Bosingwa) and that Essien won't need at least short term cover. Add to that the possibility that we may lose Alex and I'm beginning to wonder just what AVB has let himself in for. Surely he received assurances to be able to change the squad around? Time is beginning to move on now and pre-season is upon us. This is the time when you incorporate the new into the existing and forge a new team. At the moment it's begining to look like we may be playing the season with last year's hugely unmotivated squad. Please god we shift our arses and get some new blood in and ship out the dead wood...and soon!

    If the club had gone ahead and bought 3-4 new players before announcing Villas Boas then everyone would be saying the manager has no control at the club. AVB said he wanted to assess the squad before making additions and he seems to be doing exactly that. They have only been training for a week remember.

    Recent interviews by Di Matteo and Emenalo suggest we are going to be active in the transfer market. We just need to be patient.

  7. Time for Mikel to step up or convert Sideshow Bob into a DM. Essien can no longer be depended on unfortunately. Hope the rehab goes well but I think his time at the top table is over.

    Mikel is a better DM than Essien anyway. We need someone to fill in the role further forward, a combative, box-to-box midfield player that will win the ball back for us. For me, Ramires has shown a good deal of the required attributes to make this role his own.

  8. I disagree entirely with this. His performances for us haven't been great or yielded the results that we would have wanted, but the one thing he has consistently got right is work ethic. I think too many see an underperforming player and presume he's not trying.

    I'm not entirely sure davies_cfc meant his work ethic, as in how much he runs around, but there are definitely some mental issues with Fernando at the minute. Forget the idea that we never use him, or Drogba doesn't want to pass to him, his manner (especially on the ball) suggest that whatever is the matter has seriously knocked his confidence. It's comparable to Alistair Cook, the England opener, when he tried to change his batting style. For whatever reason he seemed to lose his ability to play naturally, without thinking about every touch of the ball. Torres reminds me a lot of that.

  9. Somewhat unfortunate. Not a tag that I really mind anyway... The "I only listen to bands that don't exist yet" attitude I had at the age of 15 has died out a bit.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a go at her. The fact that she's in the mainstream is a decent gauge of her success over in the UK.

  10. Black Swan - A decent effort all round, although the ending felt a little flat. I thought Natalie Portman was engaging although Vincent Cassell was a bit on the cheesy side.

    The Town - This Ben Affleck-directed thriller has garnered rave reviews but unfortunately I didn't share their judgement. The performances are decent enough, particularly Jeremy Renner, but an incredulous plot turn rather ruined it for me, and seeing as this plot turn makes up the bulk of the movie it left me disappointed.

    I agree with both of these. Black Swan was interesting but the ending lacked punch. Natalie Portman was great though. The Town didn't do much for me, especially as I went into it with some expectations. The story line was incredibly far-fetched for a film that tried to have an element of 'realism' and I didn't really feel attached to any of the characters. Renner was good once again though, he was the most convincing character.

    Finally got around to watching Winter's Bone which I thought was excellent. It missed out on the Oscars but it was good to see it get some Spirit awards.

  11. This is no way intended to take away any gloss from Arsenal's win but I actually thought Barca where poor. I mean they played lovely keep ball and neat triangles but that is the usual Barca we see anyway.

    They were extremely poor. Every time they attacked with pace they looked dangerous but I think Guardiola got complacent and was happy with 1-0. In the second half, for all of their neat passing, they were negative, laborious and a bit arrogant. They almost seemed to think that they had already won and wanted to see how many passes they could get in one match. A few times there were clear openings but they chose to play a shorter pass and end up going backwards. Tyldesley and co. seemed to buy it but for me they were below par. People bang on about how much pressure they put on the ball when they haven't got it but a good number of times Wilshere or Fabregas found themselves behind their midfield running at the Barca back four.

    Also they look very suspect in the back and Valdes was awful, especially for the first goal.