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  1. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 2

    If there is such a thing as football justice or any truth in the saying "decisions even themselves out over the season etc"', I would love a last minute winning penalty that's about as legit as Sunderlands was last week to shut the dippers up and watch the media frenzie as there beloved team team lose to the enemy of football!! You would think that Brenda was the the resurrection of all is good in football and we are the anti-Christ, I know it's Easter but for f@cks sake it getting ridiculous. All we want is to having a fighting chance of getting an English team into the Champions league final. If it was the other way around and the dippers were going for it we would of been slated for not doing what's best for English football by the the media. Not helping out the victims in there quest for glory would be tantamount to treason for not moving the fixture! I hope the team that plays doesn't harm our chances for Wednesday, in Jose we trust! C'mon Chelsea!!!
  2. Galatasaray 1 Chelsea 1

    The old football phrase, game of two halves. 1st not that good 2nd terrible Poor performance and as was said earlier from a poor team.
  3. Chelsea Vs Everton

    Hope for a good solid performance with more energy after a week with no game. Everton can be dangerous and can beat anyone on there day, still not convinced by Martinez though and expect us to win by the odd goal. I know this is not the place but I'm glad the shadow of Rooney signing for us has finally gone away, dodged the bullet on that one. C'mon the Chelsea!
  4. I think TSO has become a better manager since his days hear. Look what he's done at Inter and now Real! I can't see why you wouldn't want him back he is the best in the world! Forget all the football speak of you should never go back he himself said he's got unfinished business back in the UK.
  5. Spot on mate good post! I would love Jose back and I'm sure most Chelsea fans would as well!
  6. Exactly ! Only yesterday during the game and after it just about every poster was calling for his head, because we are playing rubbish football. Now that it has happened lets turn on the players? He wasn't good enough end of. Get off your high horses and and stop taking the high ground about how disgusting the club is etc, we've been calling for his head for some time now especially after the Napoli game. I'm glad he's gone and not surprised. It wasn't working and we all know it, Chelsea are the only team in the league that you could not say what style of football we played, even most pundits didn't know so how the hell can you expect the players to know, the whole situation is a shambles.
  7. Salomon Kalou

    Worst player at Chelsea by a country mile. The most frustrating player ever, you just know when he gets involved he will probably lose the ball or make the wrong choice. I don't think he knows what he's doing so what chance his team mates. His attitude during and after the Spuds game was the final straw get rid ASAP I would rather play Sturidge than Kalou at least he shows some improvement.
  8. Salomon Kalou

    Couldn't agree more although I think your "clown" comment is a bit harsh, I've seen some clowns a lot better than him one of them owns a burger chain.
  9. Salomon Kalou

    If Wenger want's him can I chip in with the taxi fare!
  10. Salomon Kalou

    The lad is just not good enough I'm afraid, to light weight, no real pace and can't hit a barn door with a banjo! Apart from that he'd make a good Championship player. We need to buy in the Jan transfer window not a potentially good player but a player who's ready now, they won't have the time to settle in slowly during the second half of the season (the business end!) they'll have to hit the ground running. Let's just hope Drogba stays injury free or once again we could come unstuck with no real fire power up front. It begs the question of why we sold two strikers (both useless) and didn't buy anybody to replace them and at the time Drogba was unhappy, so we looked short of attackers for the start of the season. We always pick up injuries to key players like last season and have got away with it being it's normally a midfielder/defender where we have good cover. If Anelka and Drogba were out with all due respect to Di Santo we would struggle on all fronts let alone the league. So please Chelsea get some quality in up front. We need another hero like Ossie, there must be somebody out there who we can tempted to pull on the blue of Chelsea and bring a smile to all our faces! KTBFFH!!!
  11. Didier Drogba

    Spot on mate! He's a selfish p***k who's only thinks of himself, don't forget we pay his bloody wages and that episode in the CL final was disgraceful and I can't forgive him for it.
  12. Didier Drogba

    Well said and I agree with you James. Time for Chelsea and Drogba to move on, if Roman wants beautiful football playing the long ball to Drogba is not the way to do it. Playing this way has been effective, but our game is built around Drogba's strengths and prehaps now is the time to change our style of football, to a more passing and movement game than one of the ball being held up by Drogba and our midfield playing off him. Please don't think I'm Drogba bashing as he has been brilliant for Chelsea but this is a good as time as any to restructure our playing staff and probably the management aswell. Chin up lads well be back and alot stronger for it! KTHBFFH!