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  1. New Kits

    Sorry, I think it's a hideous mish-mash. And having watched the video I would say I'm concerned about what the players said about it being "tight".
  2. Media / Press

    Next season :)
  3. Media / Press

    What they don't realise is that he's taking them into the Championship :D
  4. Media / Press

    I didn't see the original story, but Fiona Phillips took up the cudgels on Frank's behalf in the Mirror last weekend. He has offered to transfer the lease to his ex-missus and she can go on paying the rent. All she'll have to do is flog K&Ts to the weeklies about her "love" for Peter Andre. I clucking hate her.
  5. New Kits

    Won't be getting a new shirt next year. £40+ every year is too much and if you don't wear it as a leisure item,I.e. you only wear it too games, it needs to earn its keep.
  6. New Kits

    Yes - Everton wore a replica of their 84/85 shirt last season as it was 25 years since they'd won the league. Much good it did them. The words more money than sense spring to mind...apologies if that sounds harsh. Can only assume you aren't UK based as you could have taken the shirt to the Megastore and got it printed. Where's Chris? He usually has some info...
  7. You're obviously a troll. I'm pleased to see that a balance view of Torres' performance is generally being taken by other posters; with hindsight, we could have done with the Liverfool game being in a couple of weeks' time when he's had a chance to bed in. Anyone who judges the kid on a debut against the former club he left in acrimonious circumstances less than a week ago is an idiot.
  8. Media / Press

    No :biggrin:
  9. Media / Press

    Juni, I think that is a truly apalling and insulting thing to say, and I'm surprised at you. because if I were a spastic, I'd be devastated to be compared to John Aldridge, who appears to be the lowest lifeform on planet earth.
  10. Chelsea Finances Thread

    There are just a couple of golden rules to remember: If you're one of the Italian or Spanish giants, you can do what you like. If you're a British club, especially one with recent money, you have to do what UEFA say.
  11. Media / Press

    I'm sorry but whilst I have every sympathy for the sentiment, it doesn't take much for The Scum to have a pop at our fans as it is. A banner like that would be an open declaration of war and if so much as one of our fans gets nicked during the season, they'll say it was a riot. Does anyone really want that?
  12. Media / Press

    Face it, this is just another episode in the campaign to blacken Ashley Cole's reputation and big-up their Geordie asbo racist poster girl. Which in itself is part of a wider and ongoing campaign to undermine CFC.
  13. John Terry

    And today they run a story about how he hates this country. I'm not surprised he hates it with the pond-sucking scum that passes for the media in Britain today and tbh, if he leaves Chelsea, I'll be sorry to lose his ability but will entirely understand his position. And with a bit of luck Ash will prove a salutary lesson to any footballer considering marrying an air-head popstar with an over-inflated opinion of herself/her career. If Cheryl Tweedy hadn't got lucky and into girls aloud she'd probably be working as a check-out girl.
  14. OMG, what's happened to the site?

  15. Media / Press

    Absolute pile of horse manure. The roar in the stadium at the start of the game made my migraine-addled head even dizzier than it already was.