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  1. This is really sad. I am probably being pessimist but I think this present situation could really have a major impact on the team and our future. I hope this civil war doesn't damage us as badly as it feels like it will.. I personally believe that for us to continue our success we do need a larger stadium.. I do however understand the desire to stay at SB and the reason why the CPO bought the shares to save the ground from redevelopment. Roman knows that in the future he won't be able to put the money in he has done and realises we do need to be self financing. I think he has been a really good owner and raised Chelsea's profile in world football to a new level.Both parties want what is best for the club and I really hope that this gets sorted soon. That's sad, Jimmy Savilles died. He was a good guy. We could do with Jim'll fix it now.
  2. I wonder what Roman thinks of all this. He has sunk a pile of money into the club, the training ground, the team and realises that to contiue the success his money has brought to the club we need to increase our revenue and one of the only options open is a larger ground. He then finds that the Chelsea fans have little faith in what he says and thinks he is out to make a fast buck or relocate the ground to MK or somewhere similar. Basically they are saying that they don't trust him and they would rather the club went back to being a middle of the table club as we were on average in our good years with the occasional cup success. He is probably rich enough to take the hit. He paid his wife more when he split with her. He could sell the club at a loss to someone else or keep it and let it just run down; sell the Cobham training ground for a tidy sum as it is in an area where property prices have kept their value which would make some money; sell on the players and bring in a bunch of conference players & say thanks but no thanks have your club and ground but you can forget me if you don't trust me to do the best for you. Unlikely but there are some I think who would just think enough is enough. They like the success my money brought but don't want to back me. They would rather trust Ken Bates, who although did a lot for the club, could have brought it to its knees if he hadn't sold to Roman or maybe the press, who obviously love Chelsea. Thanks Roman for the success you have brought the club. Really appreciated. I hope you continue to be involved and the plans you have to continue the success come to fruition.
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Great game. Really enjoyed that after the Bordeaux game. What a pick me up. We finished with 4 16 years old on the pitch and Bruma and Nouble are also eligible to play next year. That would be 3 years for Bruma which is very unusual. Some of the newer faces such as Philiskirk and Ince played really well and Ahamed, apart for their first goal, looked good. Heimann was outstanding and initially I thought Cech was on the pitch without his helmet. The subs did alright as well. Billy Knott was like a terrier chasing down their players. Can't wait for the next game.
  4. Salomon Kalou

    Totally with you on the Erland. If he is wearing the shirt I will be behing them. Kalou has given a lot for this club, maybe not at the standard that a lot of the fans expect, but until the manager gets rid of him I will support him and Malouda and Anelka.
  5. Salomon Kalou

    I would agree that he is not good enough to replace someone like Drogba in attack and isn't the answer to our striker problem if Drogba goes. However not all 23 players in our squad are going to be the best in their position in the world and if we have someone who is happy to play for the team, whether starting or on the bench, and can deliver what Kalou can, then for me he is an important member of the squad. Malouda may be a better player, although I am not convinced of that, but Kalou plays for the team and is committed to the club, Malouda doesn't strike me as having they same committment and would leave if an attractive offer came along. It was interesting looking at Robben's stats compared with Kalou, because Robben is a world class player or Real wouldn't have gone for him. In our present squad I would say the following are up there with the best in the world: JT, Cech, Ricky, Ballack, Lampard, Essien, Drogba and Ashley Cole. Maka and Sheva, although Sheva never when playing for us, were there but no longer. The problem Joe Cole faces and it could be the same if Deco comes is that I think his best position is in the centre behind the striker. He isn't a winger in the style of Duff or Robben, I see him playing the Deco role and Deco and Joe strike me as being very similar players. It is going to be interesting to see what happens when Scolari takes over and with any new additions and departures.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    He had a really good game. Looked so assurred. I reckon he should be in the 1st team next year as a second or third right back or 4th CB playing in the Carling Cup and against some of the teams he faced this year whilst at QPR. He looks more like CB in the mould of Ricky.
  7. Salomon Kalou

    I am with nona_valente on this and I think his question on Joe Cole is valid. I think the reason why Joe doesn't get as much criticism as Kalou is because he is English, a Chelsea fan as a kid and has a closer relationship with the fans, who can relate to Joe. I didn't see anything in the answer that explains why Joe stats are worse than Kalou's stats. Joe has played more PL minutes but scored less and has less assists and you state that Kalou's are crap for a Chelsea striker but they are not good enough for Chelsea's player of the year. Doesn't make sense to me, because plays in the same position as Kalou. As for Joe's crossing ability, when on song it is good but in the Bolton game it was terrible
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I have to agree with you on Bruma. He is a very composed for his age and already a prescence on the pitch. And again I agree with you on the progression of Tejera. Not only skill but a hard worker. He was all over the place and has great vision. Kakuta is only 16, same as Bruma. Our most exciting player but still a bit raw. Definetly one for the future. Rhys Taylor looked OK between the post and having already represented Wales at U21 maybe one for the future. Probably still too early to say. Stoch has potential but I have noticed in the reserve games sometimes his head seems to drop and he can go out of the game for long periods. His compatriot, Weise, was it, on the Man City team looked a good player. Di Santo, the new Argentinian looks good and I think should be in the first team next year. As should Sinclair. Everytime he has played for the first team he has done well, if not scoring at least setting up goals.
  9. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Probably have their minds on Wednesday and the second leg.
  10. Didier Drogba

    Exactley. Just what we needed after todays result. This should give them that extra spark for the run in.
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Agree. My understanding is that the majority of our reserves are youth team players. Claudio wasn't interested in developing the your team and it has only really been since Jose took over that anything has happened. We appeared to get rid of a lot of our reserve players who weren't considered future 1st team material and the ones that are the future of Chelsea are around the 16 to 18 year old mark. You are going to put a youth team like Arsenal's in place in 2 years. I reckon you have to be looking at 5 years before we really start to gain the benefits of the system. JT must have been around 20 before he really became a 1st team fringe player. Rooney is probably the only 17 year old in the last 5 years that could be even considered good enough for the Chelsea 1st team. I think we have a bright future with our youth but it will be a few years before we are bringing forward more thna the odd one ot two. Ben Sahar (17), Scott Sinclair (17) and Michael Woods (16) will hopefully feature next year in a few more games.
  12. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by hughjars99They can have him. Far better strikers out there than the crop that we have at present. id="quote"> id="quote">Either a pool fan that doesn't want to watch his team being run ragged by him again or and arse fan that is hoping to pick him up on the cheap as they did with Gallas. We are all entitled to our opionions, I just happen to think yours is very wrong and if widely held will be the reason for him leaving. I think after Terry he is the next best leader on the pitch, a warrior in both attack (and defense) and although not a Henry or Eto, he scares any opposition.
  13. Didier Drogba

    My nightmare is that he would leave at the end of the season and go to the Arse, He has international team mates there and French is the first language of a number of their players, as Drogba. Mind you, come the Afican Nations Cup, they would be a bit depleted.
  14. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by dooder12quote:Originally posted by HarvzI've been thinking about Essien as a replacement too. I am pretty sure he would not be satisfied playing the dedicated defensive role that Makelele does, and I think that would be a waste of his talents. I'd expect him to be played more dynamically than Makelele does... adding to the all round play of the team - while the down side being that we'd end up conceding more goals or at least have the two centre backs tested more often. I'd settle for that ;) id="quote"> id="quote"> I agree. Diarra also looked very good yesterday. I think he would be the perfect replacement for Makelele. id="quote"> id="quote">I thought they were both good, but Diarra also impressed in the left back role.
  15. Salomon Kalou

    quote:Originally posted by Jez WaltersIn the same breath, you've got to applaud Carlo Cudicini and SWP for remaining committed to the Club despite hardly showing for us. Their commitment to Chelsea prevented both of them from attending the World Cup. Bearing all that in mind, their attitudes are outstanding. id="quote"> id="quote">I have to agree with this sentiment. I hope SWP really turns it on this year. I thought he played well last year, but just wasn't finding the net even though he did give most defences a hard time. I would have loved Carlo should to have played for England, but I am pleased he has stayed with us. No comment on Kalou. I read the article but it obviously didn't have the same impact.
  16. Frank Arnesen

    Interesting article and starting to see the results of the youth policy in not only our academy but also reserves. However for me, the most telling point was the bit about JT. Arnesen also heaped praise on Chelsea skipper John Terry, a vital role model for his young players. "He even comes in on a Sunday to watch the 9-14 year olds. He is a fantastic example," the Dane said. We have been lucky with our past captains, in particular I think of Dennis and Chopper, but JT is fast becoming an International legend.
  17. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    quote:Originally posted by True Blue Garyquote:Originally posted by hanumaRicardo Fernandes and Fabio Ferreira (the two ex Sporting kids) are very highly rated within Portugal, both providing match winning performances for their country. id="quote"> id="quote"> Perhaps we should test these two guys by promoting them to the Reserves for next season. That is if you reckon they are already that good. id="quote"> id="quote">Fabio played in the reserves last week against Portsmouth and looked impressive. I must admit he looks older than 18.
  18. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by nona_valenteHe plays with passion, and I appreciate that. Rarely do I see him not putting his heart into a match. Even at the Nou Camp, when he was subbed, he was furious for that. I like that. id="quote"> id="quote">I have to agree. Although Drogba has his faults, the one thing he cannot be accused of his hiding during a game. He must be a nightmare for defensive and the effort he puts in doesn't seem to get recognise. When defending he doesn't stand about 5 yards off a player like one or two of our players do, giving the opponent plenty of space and time to pick out a pass. He closes the opponent down. I, like everyone else, would like to see him less theatrical when he goes down and here I think JT needs to get the message across.
  19. Gianfranco Zola

    Zola for not only his skills but the person he is and the impact he had on players such as JT. JT and Frank have to be 2 of the most respected footballers in the English PL and Zola's example is part of the reason for that. I appreciate that Ronnie is a great player and would love him in our team, but Zola impact on not only Chelsea but the English premiership went beyond football. This was a player that the whole of English football respected for not only his skills but for the person he was. His humility, his humour, his joy of the game and life and that a lot of that respect rubbed off on Chelsea. Today, other fans appreciate that we are a formidable force, but that doesn't necessarily bring with it the respect that we probably feel we deserve. I think our present team is awesome and what a manager, but I think that if a survey was done around the country, the team with Zola in it would probably get a higher rating and Zola would be one of the key reasons for it.
  20. Didier Drogba

    I fully concur with what Tony Burke said. I look forward to seeing what Drogba does with a season in the EPL under his belt.
  21. Didier Drogba

    Glad to hear that he is staying and hopefully now everyone will get off his back and support him next season, because he is going to be our main striker next season. And I hope Kezman stays as well. And to really make the coming season for me, I would love to see them as joint top scorers in the EPL. BTW, I was sorry to see Crespo go.
  22. Didier Drogba

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Didn't proof read and had a very, very heavy night. Only just got up and the head is throbbing.
  23. Didier Drogba

    This negativity towards Drogba is getting pathetic. It just keeps on going on and on and it sounds like a worn record. We had the same stuff about Maka the season before and lokk whayt happened. If Drogba should go then so should Gudjohnsen. They are both strikers and Gudjohnsen with his experience of the EPL couldn't score any more goals than Drogba who played less games. Gudjohnsen also missed so relatively easy chances as well. He also didn't have to come back from injury. For **** sake we won the League for the first time in 50 years and Drogba played his part as much as any of the others. How many Chelsea players have a League winners medal? I appreciate that people have their opinion but I just find some of the comments on here, a lot worse than the negative press articles because these are from Chelsea fans constantly sniping at a player who will probably be playing for us next year. I hope Drogba and Kezman stay. In fact I wouldn't like to see any more go. I was sorry that Parker and Forsell went, but appreciate that in Parker's case he wanted to play. I hoped Chelsea might one day supply the English midfield with Cole, Parker, Gerrard and Lampard.
  24. Didier Drogba

    Let's see, we are now going to get rid of Drogba and Kezman. So we now have on our books to sell at a knock down price: Kezman, he only cost £6million, so we won't lose too much, say £3million. Drogba, who cost £24 million. Based on a lot of comments here we may get £12 million if we are lucky, probably no more than £8 million as other clubs won't be willing to pay as they know we need to sell. Crespo, can't remember how much he cost, but probably lucky to get 50% of his price back. Veron, again lucky if we get 30% of his cost back. On top of that we are going to buy a new striker for what £30 Million, £40 Million. 2 things immediately strike me here: Thank God we have Roman to be able to even think about this seriously. Although I imagine even he has to say stop at some point. No wonder other fans are saying we are buying the league, because there isn't another club that could consider discarding players at the rate we look as if we are and buying even more expensive players. Drogba has played less games than Gudjohnsen and scored as many goals. Gudjohnsen has lived in the UK and played in the EPL for a number of years and been at Chelsea for 4 is it now. He is settled and the UK is home. Drogba has made a move to a new country and a new club and had a couple of injuries when he was firing on all cylinders.
  25. Didier Drogba

    I don't think he says he wants out he just admits that he has found it difficult to adapt and admits he felt at home in Marseille and hopes to end his career there. Guess what Zola went back to Sardinia because it is his home. If Zola had had an indifferent first season and we hadn't given him the support he needed and deserved, we would have lost an all time great. Maka had what I would call was an up and down first season and there were loads of people knocking him. But this season he has been one of the players of the season. With Drogba the players obviously rate him and have a lot of time for him. So I hope he stays and proves he was the buy Jose thought he was.