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  1. Movies

    Gaaah! Thats yet another thing that drives me insane! I dont know about anyone else - but 'dubbed' films really break my concentration. The out of sync lip movements distract me no end. SO I much preefer to watch a film with subtitles. BUT so few people will entertain a 'foreign' film let alone one with subtitles. From my experience this is even worse in the States than in Europe. And that leads me onto the fact that Hollywood remake many GOOD foreign films and all they do is change the language! Other than that its scene for scene and work for word! Other than keeping certain people ina job whats the point!? Rant over!
  2. Movies

    WB is absolutely SPOT ON with his post. And he touches on something which is a minor irritant to me. Modern audiences. It seems to me that modern viewers tend to be too 'sophisticated' at times - requiring everything done for them on screen ... Lots of special and visual effects and a script which explains EXACTLY whats going on. Modern film-making lacks subtlety and 'mystique'. Modern audiences find it difficult to apply 'context' to a film.... Two of the girls I have gone out with wont watch a film if its black and white! My current girlfriend considers a film OLD if it was made before she left school and wont watch it. She left school in 1992. Bladerunner is too OLD to be considered watchable. As you can imagine there are some harsh words on occasion. I used to wonder WHY Citizen Kane was always regarded as the best film ever made. hadn't these people watched Star Wars!? ... Until I sat down and watched the film. Its a staggering piece of cinema deserving all its accolades. Orson Welles was a man before his time. I read an article in a CG magazine about the way 3d CGI is attempting to capture the looks and likenesses of the classic stars Bogart, Grant, Cooper etc so they could 'star' in new films. I can't remember the names now but certain Hollywood 'stars' were against this concept. And with good reason. Most modern actors wouldnt be able to stand next to the CGI Bogart let alone the real deal! Speaking of Bogart - take a look at some of his other films... To Have And Have Not, Treasure of The Sierra Madre and two of my favourites: The Maltese Falcon and the original Sahara. If you take the time to watch some of the truly timeless classics like Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon I can assure you that you WILL be rewarded.
  3. Movies

    I watched the 1st one through sheer boredom. (I was just too old for the Transformers craze as a kid) However - I must confess that I really enjoyed it. Sure its not a great film in the traditional sense but its a fun film. If you can suspend disbelief and deal with some poor lines/acting then its an entertaining 2 hours! I'm secretly looking forward to watching the sequel ;-) Shhhhhh ......
  4. Movies

    It isn't ...
  5. Movies

    Watchmen? Let The Right One In ..?
  6. Movies

    Thats a great post mate! 'I love you man' is the ONLY chick-flick style film that I've thought: "That might be worth a couple of hours of my time" ... I shall have to catch it at some point soon. Regarding Public Enemies, I had heard that Depp and Bale were teaming up to do a Dillinger film but didn't really pay much attention. Thanks for posting the link to the trailer - It looks rather entertaining - and I agree with your sentiments concerning the camera work. Refreshingly shot. But the icing on the cake was the link to the 'soundtrack' on the trailer. One of those tracks/artists which I would never consider even listening to but once I have I'm very glad I did! :-) Cheers Nona!
  7. Movies

    Made me jump once and that was down to the sudden shriek of music rather than what was on screen. On the whole I thought it was a terrible film. But that may be because I'm familiar with the 'true' story that it claims to be. And its not really 'my' genre so perhaps I'm not the best person to be commenting.
  8. Movies

    Or even better - READ a book.
  9. Movies

    Saw Watchmen last night .... ... And to be honest there's not a lot I can say which will be of any use to anyone other than this: Read the graphic novel. Re-read it. Read it again. Leave in a drawer for a year or so. Give it another read to pick up what you missed in the previous reads. Then read again. I enjoyed the film. But half of the novels ingenuity is the dualism of the 'comic within the comic' in the form of Tales from the Black Frieghter which was cut from the film. Allegedly there is a Black Freighter cut to be made available on DVD ... The film is very good taken on its own merit. But if you haven't read the novel AND 'got' it then you may be left thinking 'Well it was clever but not THAT clever..' Snyder has made a very brave effort and I can't see how he couldve done a better job. But its not a patch on the novel. From a technical point of view the casting was spot on - with the exception of Akerman. She didn't have a lot to work with due to edited screenplay and I feel she was only used because shes prepared to get her bits out for any old tat. Quis Custodiet Ipsus Custodes
  10. Movies

    Gah! I've been trying to get hold of this - supposed to be CRACKING. I have the next best thing though - 'Sometimes in April' ... Give it a go if you get the chance. IMDB
  11. Movies

    I had to sit through the whole thing on the ferry to Spain last October! I was so angry when it was finished that all I wanted to do was find an PC and log into IMDb and vent my spleen at the world! Its the WORST film that I've EVER had to sit through! Cast/crew/audience should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves! .. I know I was! I cannot convey with the limitations of the English language just how APPALLING this film actually is! And I actually LIKE Abba's music! (I'm product of the 70s! So there's a strange Disco/glam/punk mix within ....) Seriously though ... Its jaw-droppingly poor. DO NOT WATCH!
  12. Movies

    I've seen it. I'm sure it will do well and the cinematography is very well done. Id be surprised if it wasnt up for an award or 2 at that level... ... However, as a film about history its been 'sanitized'. The god guys are 'good' and the bad guys are 'bad'. The Bielski partisans commited numerous atrocities/war crimes of their own but this is glossed over in the film. This kind of film making irritates me. I was hoping it would've been grittier - But as I said I'm sure it will do well and many who go will come away having been suitably entertained. I wasnt one of them.
  13. Movies

    I'm not sure how things work in the States (or other parts of the UK) but at the Vue cinema at the 02 in London, they have a deal where any film that has been released for more than 14 days has its tickets sold at 2 for 1 ... SO essentially half price. Which isn't too bad. So its a bout £4 a person. And they're started '18+' screenings - even for kids films - so that there aren't any 'immature' audience members which 'may' be disruptive. Which is nice. I smuggle my own popcorn in ...
  14. Movies

    To be honest with you I'm inclined to agree. That doesnt mean I think is not a great film - just that I dont think its the 'greatest' film that people claimed. We can all watch the same film on many different levels. And from a pure comic book and fun pov I enjoyed Iron Man a lot more. But its certainly not a better film. If you get my drift? :-)
  15. Movies

    To be honest I haven't seen this film as I can't abide remakes. Especially of 'classics'. Hollywood script writers are always whinging and striking - yet never seem to EARN their money. Lets have something original rather than a remake. Or an American version of a successful foreign film (ie Ring/[Rec]) James, seriously, try and get into it. Its a staggering story, within a story, within a story. Everytime I read it I see a new angle or something I've missed before. Mind blowing stuff. I'm really looking forward to Captain America and the Avengers film. Two of my faves as a child! ;-)