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  1. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by Paul McgoochanImpressive start.Takes a no nonsense approach.Simple football. id="quote"> id="quote">"No nonsense" just the words I was looking for. Must say the guy has his footballing fundamentals firmly in place. Hope Jose can make the most of a player like that...
  2. Michael Essien

    Quite impressed!! Looked solid for his 30 odd mins, not a single mistake and more importantly, adjusted well to the pace of the game. He's showed a good first touch and passing ability and looks as strong as any other player out there. can't wait to see him play he full 90 mins...
  3. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by cechmateI've seen: THE SPECIAL 1 id="quote"> id="quote">...or... THE CHOSEN 1
  4. Michael Essien

    The only reason why I think we should sign Essien this year is that by next year, Houllier would have destroyed what little talent he might posess. Seriously, next year Essien might not even claim a fraction of the price next year if Houllier has it his way. If however Essien plays well under Houllier, I say we can sign him no doubt.
  5. New Kits

    Agreed, the blue socks have been a common factor in many an abysmal performances. But I guess that was largely down to the fact that we wore them mostly (or rather only) in away games, those to largely against teams like arsenal, leeds etc. Also, if I am not wrong we wear those against spuds at three point lane on a regular basis.......
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Well, its at the Roda JC stadium in Kerkrade, Holland. I am right across the border in Germany but have some friends in Holland who are big football enthusiast and have promised to list any bright prospects they might come across. One of them has been a semi pro in the netherlands and he and his pals do a pretty good job of assessing players. Hope I can flick their lists and fax em to Roman, anyone have his number????
  7. Frank Arnesen

    "The rule which has been breached is rule U10 which cites 'no club shall directly or indirectly induce or intend to induce any employee of another club to terminate a contract of employment with that other club (whether or not by breach of that contract) or directly or indirectly approach any such employee with a view to offering employment without the consent of that other club'." The first part ought to mean that all the talk by players themselves (eg frankie saying he would like to ream up with gerrard) can be deemed as an indirect act by the club to induce or intend to induce gerrard to terminate his contract of employment with Liverpool. isn't that so or am I being unnecessarily wise?? Also, "or directly or indirectly approach any such employee with a view to offering employment without the consent of that other club'." Since the cc'ed letter was originally addressed to the spuds, they were aware of it. What are they even cribbing about??
  8. Frank Arnesen

    We may be playing into the hands of all those journos but simultaneously we are also playing into the hands of all those who wish to rock our boat. Sparks flying at fan meets, fans getting on kenyons back...just the kinda fodder they are looking for for their dirty harvest. hell, we already have six pages full of posts on this issue and its not even a day since the news broke. I do have a feel that Gaspadin A will soon find a way to put an end to this rubbish. He is definitely not stupid given what he has achieved. Atleast I hope he does. C'mon u blueeesssss!!
  9. Frank Arnesen

    I agree with harvz.......what took spurs so long to come out in the open......or are we being targeted systematically by other clubs and the media.......??? I think we have to deal with such issues ina forthright manner if we are innocent.
  10. Michael Essien

    Maka never takes more than a touch to control the ball, can this guy do that???
  11. Didier Drogba

    Would you rather that Drogba have scored against Arsenal and miss against Bayern??? Remember how important that goal was... it is not just about how many he gets but also about when he gets them...