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  1. New Kits

    How pompous has football become?! Its a nylon t shirt for children for Christ's sake. Just make it, put it in a shop and sell it, don't "preview" it like its the next Hollywood Blockbuster.
  2. Michael Essien

    I don't think coming back from injury can be blamed for Essien having a first touch that Heskey would be ashamed of. I'd never boo a Chelsea player but groans are a reflex action. Also, with Essien, what annoys me is not the player but the whole ethos behind having a player like that in the side whilst creative players like Cole, who's been our best player, seem constantly on trial for their places. I simply do not believe that you need four Defenders (especially four Defenders who are instructed not to go anywhere near the half way line), plus Maka as well as Essien. Its negative, horrible tactics. In addition I do not see £17.5 million worth of more talent in him than in Scott Parker. If anything its the other way round.
  3. Michael Essien

    I haven't really seen many comments that have moaned because he hasn't scored - I certainly haven't moaned because he hasn't scored. And yes the price tag is nothing to do with him - but it is something to do with the club - they paid £14 million more than Parker and he is not £14 million better. Personally I PREFER Parker which is different to saying Parker is better. Parker was given no time to show what he could do yet we have to give Essien that time??? That doesn't make sense. I think Parker is a more of a "footballer" in terms of ease on the ey, passing ability etc where as Essien is an "athlete". There's no doubt that Parker is better technically, but it seems that brute force wins the day at the moment. Again this is not a moan at Essien or Jose, I've just always been baffled as to what "value added" we're getting for £14 million. Oh and who's been Newcastle's stand out player this year?
  4. Michael Essien

    Ashford and Simpson - 1984 - Great song
  5. Michael Essien

    He's no better than Scott Parker and Parker cost £14 million less and will be an England regular sooner or later