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  1. Ashley Cole

    Might not be so bad for Bridge. Jose's comments recently along the lines of "Formation has to fit the players available" "We only have one true winger fit at the moment" "Wayne Bridge gives us that width". Maybe he will play Bridge in front of Cole if there are injuries or supensions.
  2. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by nicholasobequote:Originally posted by KhobarI'm sure Huth is going to be well chuffed at missing out on a move that would give him first team football in order to spend more time on the Chelsea bench. Unhappy Gallas leaves, leaving us with an unhappy Huth anmd unhappy bridge. id="quote"> id="quote"> A good summation! id="quote"> id="quote">Even worse for Huth if he misses out just because Kenyon can't make himself available to sign his transfer...He must be climbing the wall!
  3. Ashley Cole

    I'm sure all supporters are as passionate about their clubs as we are. But, just for once, wouldn't it be great if both sets of fans at both games stood and cheered Ashley Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips as they took to the pitch. They are mere mortals like the rest of us and IMO deserve all the support we can give after what they've had to endure.