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  1. Media / Press

    There's one angle here:
  2. Chelsea vs AFC Bournemouth

    Teams desperate for a win tend to break their miserable runs against us. Like WH and Everton. And Bournemouth have given us a couple of spankings in the recent past.
  3. Media / Press

    You are correct, Mark. And the footage I've seen (which has been concealed by MotD and BBC news, unlike the incident at the Bridge, and has also been taken off the Twitter post) was crystal clear - both the verbal abuse and the monkey gestures. I fully expect the FA will shut that part of the ground and deduct points, as advocated by Raheem Sterling. (I could be posting that in an ironic tone, though). Edit: Just read the Guardian's report on yesterday. Some things stood out: Interesting how the one incident is presented with the phrase 'appeared to be', while the one at the Bridge is not.
  4. Media / Press

    Classic Daily Mail headline on the City racism story:
  5. Media / Press
  6. Media / Press

    There have been a large number of posts below the paper's articles saying how Chelsea have become likeable, so it was time to remind the readership that we are a corrupt, evil, racist club that is rotten to the core, down as far as the under 8s. Note how we haven't won anything under RA's ownership. In Conn's words, we have 'acquired trophies'.
  7. 5 Chelsea Questions

    First Chelsea Hero - Osgood Signing That Excited Me The Most - Gullit Player Wished We Signed - Boniek (Polish superstar of the late 70s and 80s) Favourite Goal - Drogba's equaliser in Munich Lifetime Eleven Bonetti Gallas Terry. Desailly. Cole Kante Wilkins Lampard Hazard. Drogba. Nevin Tried to include a special player from every era over the past 50 years who regularly did the business and put joy in my heart (and still does) (Special mention to Zola, Azpi, Ivan, Makelele, Eidur and Ossie)
  8. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    Villa would be in the Championship.
  9. VAR and Chelsea

    The ref who conspired with Henry over the quick free kick (and told Eidur to retreat even though you are entitled to be less than ten yards away for a quick free kick) was the legendary Graham Poll. Two games involving other teams when I've been staggered at the ref's bias were the notorious Man U -Arsenal game when they ended their unbeaten run (Mike Riley, the one who told Cech to get off the pitch after his skull had been caved in); and Chris Foy who let Stoke kick the shi!t out of Spurs. Both were a total disgrace of a similar degree to some of the scandals we've suffered from the likes of Poll, Dean, Foy and Clattenburg. Nothing as bad as Ovrebo, though.
  10. Media / Press

    Isn't that an old decision - just the publication of FiFA'a appeal verdict? Or is that a new decision after we lodged our appeal ages ago? And did we ever get anywhere with the CAS?
  11. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    You are clueless, clearly.
  12. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    To be fair, Stoke - Bardsley was the player tasked with that job- can't be faulted for their efforts.
  13. Media / Press

    Yes, all the best to you.
  14. VAR and Chelsea

    Am I right that the decision to rule out Zouma's goal is the only instance yet in which the referee's judgement has been overturned? I know the Jesus goal against Spuds was ruled out by VAR, but that was an issue of fact I.e. the ball had hit a City player's hand, which means the goal cannot stand under the new laws. If so, that would mean that VAR is not to be used to 're-referee' games.....except when Chelsea are involved.
  15. Tammy Abraham

    Here's the report on Poll saying he wanted to 'Teach us a lesson'. Our players were obviously seething at the way he reffed us that day. I think it was the fallout over this that led to Poll retiring, as he felt the FA didn't support him.