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  1. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Yes, incredibly frustrating.
  2. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    JM wins manager of the month. He won it 3 times in his first 3+ seasons with us, didn't win it the second time, so this is his fourth award. Moyes has won it 10 times, Redknapp 8, FSW 7, Fergie 27 and Wenger 15. He has now drawn level with Hodgson, Kinnear and Strachan.
  3. Everton 1 Chelsea 0

    Yes, Everton raised their game against us more than they've ever done against anyone, in terms of the effort, energy, challenges made and distance covered. It was the big Dunc effect, but it was also the bottle-job/ bent ref effect that allowed them to get away with some very rough stuff (notably Calvert-Lewin on Christensen). Calvert-Lewin has been exceptional so far this year. Looks like the complete centre-forward.
  4. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Genuinely dangerous play, in my view, annd I'm glad it's being highlighted. There's a pretty long discussion on the tactic in the comments below this article: I know they're entirely different sports, but that can be a straight red in rugby for deliberately or recklessly endangering a player's safety. The fact that the one on Lallana earned him a free kick (or was it a pen? Can't recall) was pretty disgraceful, but it just shows how good Kane is at getting decisions.
  5. Chelsea 1 FK Krasnodar 1

    I'll be shocked if we play Timo and Tammy tonight. Tino and Toni pretty likely. (I know that wasn't your point).
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Sadly, Liverpool did fantastic business with Solanke (buy off us for a couple of million, realise he wasn't up to it, sell him for £20m). They've repeated the trick with Rhian Brewster.
  7. Media / Press

    You've lost me there, sorry.
  8. Media / Press

    So who watched the BBC Anton Ferdinand documentary last night? He didn't come over too badly as an individual. He's not the brightest and the whole issue has clearly caused him a lot of torment for the past nine years. His manager at QPR back then, Neil Warnock, felt he was a changed player who could no longer fully concentrate during games after the incident. It was obviously made totally from AF's perspective so there was a certain lack of balance. From a Chelsea and JT perspective a few things stood out for me. 1. There was little attention paid to the significance of JT's face being obscured just before the three words FBC. This was weird seeing as this was vital in JT's defence and acquittal. If you watch the footage it is entirely plausible for the whole sentence to have been "I never called you a FBC, you effing knobhead". AF said he saw the footage and could see JT shouting "you FBC", but in court, the expert lip readers could not establish whether the word used before FBC was 'you' or 'a' - another crucial part of JT's defence, as JT was adamant he never used the word 'you'. 2. There was no mention of AF being caught out at the trial by JT's defence. He claimed under oath that he had not elbowed JT in the build up to the verbal exchange, but they showed footage of him doing this twice, which obviously undermined his denial that he had ever accused JT of calling him a BC. If he could give false testimony over the elbows, he could not be relied upon to be truthful over what words were exchanged at the same time. 3. No mention was made of JT playing 700-plus matches and captaining a multiracial club for over a decade with zero hint of any accusation of him ever using a racial slur. 4. No mention was made of Rio F liking and repeating a racial slur towards Ashley Cole after he testified at the trial. 5. The suggestion by AF that the FA investigator was soft on JT (they played an extract of his interview) but savage on AF was totally unsubstantiated, as they didn't have a recording of the AF interview. 6. No mention was made of the FA ignoring its own rules about the UK courts taking precedence over its own disciplinary procedures. The FA claimed Ashley Cole altered his statement and used this to argue supposed new evidence had come to light which justified them holding a new hearing and ignoring the outcome of the trial. In fact, all that happened was the FA sent the club AC's statement for checking and signing, and AC amended it slightly, as is anyone's right before signing a witness statement. 7. They noted during the programme that JT has never apologised to AF over the incident. He apologised for using the phrase FBC and recognised it was wrong to do so, but it is clear that to apologise to AF would imply he was guilty, when he has maintained for 9 years - and has stated under oath in court - that he never racially abused him.
  9. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Thanks for that. Some absolute belters. Lewis Bate looks a genuine talent. Livramento looks scarily like Morata.
  10. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Yes, unreal post-match whinge about the pen. Walton thinks you should be allowed to swing wildly at the ball, miss it and kick someone. Checking for a pen is for him being too forensic.
  11. Media / Press

    Ivan didn't really emerge till 2009 on that unforgettable night up at Anfield. He'd spent a year kicking his heels on the sidelines before then. He never looked back. I agree with those above who say we'd have won more had we held on to Gallas. He really was phenomenal for us and I can fully understand why José rates him so highly. It really annoyed me that we let him go over what appeared to be a pay issue, with Gallas feeling very undervalued in that squad, and with good reason. But most players who leave Chelsea rarely go on to bigger and better things (KdB and Salah being notable exceptions), and I know Gallas has been open in stating his regrets. His career went downhill fast after his glory years with us.
  12. Media / Press

    Having donkeys like Hyypia and Carjacker but not Desailly is silly - even though Desailly was probably past his best when he joined us.
  13. Media / Press

    Silva being cruelly overlooked.
  14. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Of course, that assumes refs are going to book them for diving, which just doesn't happen.