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  1. Here we go again. I suggest you look at some of the stuff you write to me before throwing stones in glasshouses. This is the last time I'll state this, I treat you no differently to any other member on here. Maybe you should have a think about why you seem to think everything is about you? Now can we move on from this rubbish please and stop talking about you? Quite.
  2. Not sure what point you are trying to make. Man U has money and they spend it. Just because they are spending doesn't mean that Jose likes high prices. It is possible to spend big (and have they really spent much more than us this summer? Talk about James being a hypocrite) and still have issues with how the transfer fees are rising. James was making a bs comment with absolutely no relevance whatsoever just to take another dig at our former manager. This is what setting me, Roman could easily call up a few mates back home in Russia and get fake sponsorship deals to burn. But he probably knows that if we did it UEFA would be out in force to stop the enemy of football. Corrupt clowns. Not a big fan of Bacca. But we could do worse. What Pete said. James is a grown man, no one is bulky in him. If he is so sensitive that he can't take people commenting on his posts, then he should stay away. This whole 'we need to protect James' thing is getting absolutely absurd.
  3. Well maybe he just wants a move, a signing on and a higher salary? Also, it's not like he's moving to Crystal Palace. So I suppose there's a perfectly fine explanation to wanting a move. I just didn't take him for being that kind of player. Or as Paul states below: But then again he apparently wanted a move last summer (before Conte allegedly managed to make him stay). He also started 34/47 games last season. Strange way for Conte showing he's not in his plans... There's always that Ham! My lord. What is he supposed to do? He's at Man U, he needs to rebuild. He is a slave of the market. It's not like he's setting the prices is it? Your incessant and childish quest of criticising our greatest ever manager is tiresome to put it mildly. Because this is a football forum and the way a forum works, or any debate for that matter, is that someone states something and others comments on it. I just don't get why some people think that James should just be able to post and everyone must agree with him or not comment? If that's the case he can sit and write emails to himself. Didn't you spend the best part of two years claiming that Roman would pay this out of his own pocket? That you have ridiculed anyone stating that wasn't obvious just makes it a little bit more funny.
  4. I'm sorry but no, just no. Matic was rumoured to leave even after last season. There's no real reason to why he'd leave as he's a first choice, on good money and winning titles. Its a strange one.
  5. I hope you're right - I read it to be roughly 20 senior outfielders and three youngsters. For me that's the perfect squad size. But right now I'd be over the moon with 18 senior outfielders and a few youngsters. But it seems you've stated 24 - two XI's (22 players) plus GK3 and S3.
  6. Disclaimer: Let me begin by stating that this post should not be seen as me bullying you or trying to make you silly. It's simply a reply to a post you made on a public Chelsea forum and it's not intended to cause you any harm or distress or make you feel any less welcome here. Now as we've gotten that out of the way, Michy Batshuayi (23) and Alvarao Morata (24) says hello. Now maybe we have a plan for Abraham, or maybe we just do what we always do. Loan them out until we feel they are good enough to be at least a serious second choice in their position. But even then, having them to stick around may be hard (Chalobah). I don't think we have any plan for Abraham than to 'wait and see if he steps up' when on loan.
  7. Well interestingly enough, apparently Conte has been out talking up Fabregas in a #10 role. I believe we will see 352 more this season and it would be very interesting to see Morata and Michy play together.
  8. Michy is definitely staking a claim. If he's not the second choice striker when the season starts we've made a mistake. And this time I mean a second choice striker that's trusted with serious minutes...
  9. Sneijder is finished and has been for a good few years. Navas never was but Zlatan could definitely still do a lot for us. About zero chance of that happening though. I still curse we didn't sign him when Juve was degraded after Calciopoli. He'd have been a legend for us.
  10. Last season they had a net spend of £21m - £8m less than their title winning season... So they actually had a bigger spend when they won the title compared to when they defended the title. I'm not talking gross spend - I'm talking net. Fair point on salaries - but surely transfer fees should reflect what those new recruits will be paid as well? Not an exact science, but ball-park?
  11. In Mourinho's first season back (or was it the second season?) Boga he a few run outs in pre-season and looked astonishingly good. He was always on the small side and a bit naive - like a playful puppy if you like. If he's filled out and matured that can only be a good thing.
  12. Cool, thx mate.
  13. The Daily Fail and Telegraph articles were interesting. Given that both Conte and the club seem to understand we need more bodies (lots Mr Tucker, lots😉) I feel slightly more at ease. If we fail to get the 4-5 players more we need, I can only draw the conclusion that the persons running the show are certifiable considering how many we've let go of.
  14. How they get away with spending so much money is beyond me. Last decade they've had a net spend of £80m/season on average. Net spend. Last five seasons they've had an average net spend of £100m/season... We on the other hand have had £30m/season on average... Who's getting bad press about buying the title? As for defensive recruits, look at this; Mendy £51n Walker £50m Ederson £35m Stones £48m Bravo £17m Otamendi £32m Mangala £40m Thats £273m spent on defensive recruits since 2014-15. Incredible. Completely off-topic but interesting nonetheless... Looking at net spend Leicester is actually the 6th highest net spend club in the PL since 2003... And try get even been in the PL for all those seasons. Yet everyone views them as some sort of fairytale story when they won the league. Surprising yes, but Tottenham has spent £10m/season less on average in that time frame.