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  1. Regarding the last paragraph, although I've championed you can't draw that conclusion so easily, I still think that Lukaku would score goals in this Chelsea side unless we all of a sudden decide to become a possession-based team camping outside of our opponents box like we've done under the last permanent manager before Conte. In such a style, I see Lukaku flopping. But if we are willing to continue to let our attackers run into a lot of green then I think he'll be fine here. That's his game and that's where he can utilise his strength and speed and not suffer so much for a tad clumsy technical ability.
  2. No not really. I feel no urge at all to prove you wrong. I also feel no urge to agree with you. I simply commented on your claim that Lukaku has scored X at Everton, Costa Y at Chelsea. If he was here, Lukaku would score more than Costa. I completely fail to see how one can possibly draw that conclusion in such a linear manner, disregarding Lukakus attributes and our playing style in the process and how opponents play against Chelsea and Everton. But let's agree to disagree on this one.
  3. I've said this in another thread but it is worth repeating. When the RM PR machine is out in force (which is the case now) it's often something to the story. If it wasn't, it would already have gone away. Now Calderon is out claiming a £100m offer is no problem and that it is up to Eden if he wants the move or not. Expect this to rumble on until he moves there or signs a new contract with us. I think there's something to this story and would think there's a very real risk of him leaving. This the RM way of doing business and so far it follows the standard blueprint perfectly.
  4. Apparently the chat is that Maria G promised Eden that Chelsea would entertain a renewed interest from Real this summer. Talks of a world record bid. I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves.
  5. I'm confused Michael. So you are actually saying he'd score more at Chelsea than Everton because the service he'd receive here would be better than at Everton? I'd say that's on overly simplified way of looking at things and such linear thought-process rarely works at football. I'd put it in the same bracket as "team A won against team B, team C lost against team B and hence should also lose against team A". The playing style is a huge factor in how a player performs at various clubs I'd say and without stating the obvious and drag up that C-word again, we do play a style where we, shall we say, attempt to get our attackers with a lot of grass to run into against a caught-out opposition defense. Such a style should work for Lukaku in theory as he's that kind of player imo. But Costa is a much more well-rounded attackers who can perform in teams playing various styles. If Conte leaves and we attempt a more possession-based football with territorial advantage then his limitations would mean that he probably struggle a lot more to score goals. That was my point. That your way of thought was a bit simplistic by stating Lukaku scored X, Costa scored Y. Since Lukaku plays for a worse team he'd score more than Costa if he was here. And you have now clarified that was indeed what you meant. The football world is littered with examples of why that isn't necessarily how things pan out.
  6. Yeah Neymar is a weird one. Are Barca having financial difficulties we may not be fully aware of? Is he tired of Spain or is it just the gutter press who are getting their main summer transfer marathon story greased up early? Mind I think the Costa, Hazard and Courtois rumours will rumble on until they sign a new contract or are sold.
  7. Are you implying that he'd find it easier to score goals for a team like Chelsea? Maybe under Conte he will (I won't open up that discussion again, but I think everyone knows what I mean by that) as he's a player that needs space to run into and that's pretty much what he'd get here. However, he doesn't strike me as the most hard-working striker so not sure what Conte would feel about that. If we thought that Jose likes to work his strikers defensively so does Conte. Maybe even more so. But as a general rule, I don't think you can say he scored X goals for Everton and Costa only scored Y. It's a different beast playing for us imo. If I had to chose between Costa, Lukaku or Morata it's a no-brainier for me at least.
  8. I'd pick Lukaku despite what I may feel for him. I do think however that Conte would pick Morata if it was up to him alone. Surprised no one has linked to the "Conte says no to Neymar" stories haha.
  9. Apparently Marca is leading with the "Hazard to Real" story... Yea, it is Marca and yea, they are the Real mouthpiece. But precisely because of that, I'm starting to worry that there may be some truth in this story. Last summer people mentioned that Hazard probably chose to stay due to his diabolical seasonal that he wanted to leave in a high. A league title may be what Hazard felt he needed to redeem himyself. If this story continues to run into May/June I think we should start to worry. This is textbook Real behaviour, feed the media with stories to turn the players head. It has a long and successful story.
  10. Faramir, we always get along on here. I don't disrespect you the slightest and if my post has come across that way I can only apologise. What got to me was your dismissive reply with the confession you had not read the rationale behind it. By all means, disagree with the stats I have produced. Claim I have interpreted them wrong and why. I have no problem with that.
  11. You can think that all you want, you'd be wrong though. Objectively that's how we play. It doesn't matter to me who highlights it cause it's what we are and as there's no shame, I see no reason to be offended. When we have no other option than to play on the front foot for the majority of games we struggle to score. So I'm glad we don't try that approach because "outside forces" demand it. We play the football we are capable of, and we do it incredibly well. Why not just be proud of that?
  12. No one? I have in at least five posts Hugh... And have also stated its my preferred style and I'm happy about the style Conte has adopted. We play winning football and we score goals. It's absolutely fantastic. Above all, we do t leak goals because we try and adopt an attacking style we don't have the players to implement properly and sustainably. But somehow that has been ignored. Because I had the audacity to claim we played a certain way and back that up with stats and because a few posters on here had decided that we can't label it as defensive or counter-arguing because that's Mourinho and Conte is (for now) our God and we can't bundle him together with that devil! Now the discussion is about me being on the same side as Droy and we can't have that can we!
  13. So you didn't read my post but yet replied to Pete's reply to that post? You think that's fair? To dismiss something you didn't even read? To ridicule something you didn't even bother engaging with in the first place? I think you've set the bar quite low on this one faramir - guilty by association now? Whatever. Can't be bothered to keep this pseudo-discussion going much longer. You have dismissed facts based on who said them and not the facts themselves. In fact, you have dismissed them because the person writing them is on the same side of the argument as Droy? What has become of this forum...
  14. Both yes and no. Real will always attract rumours and it's an easy sell for the journalist to say "Real wants this insanely gifted footballer" because even though no contact may have been made, it's fairly straight-forward to assume they'd be interested. But when Real really wants a player, they do not shy away from using the media to turn said players head. We also know the following; 1. Eden is a big fan of Zidane and is on record stating he'd like to play for them one day 2. Courtois has his family in Madrid and basically became a man there. Is on record saying he loves life in Madrid. Neither players strikes me as the most loyal servants a club can find, so I don't think it's a stretch to assume they may be tempted if a solid offer was made... But hopefully that won't happen of course. I'm just not entirely comfortable to rubbish those story out of hand. Unfortunately!
  15. Did you read my long lost as a reply to Droy? Like honestly, did you? If you did and this is what you decided to reply with then I'm not sure what you expect from me. It is pointless to keep this up I agree. You take a long post which accurately describes how we play supported by quite detailed stats from 20 games and decide to reply with this? Yes, then it's pointless to go on because your stance is decided by some invisible line in the sand for which I have apparently crossed over to the wrong side. Forget about facts! Let's keep up the incorrect image of us being an attacking side instead by using no argument whatsoever! We just repeat it for as long as it takes and won't use any facts to support our views! Tiresome, but in the end, your opinion. So let's agree to disagree on this one for sake of sanity.