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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Last season they had a net spend of £21m - £8m less than their title winning season... So they actually had a bigger spend when they won the title compared to when they defended the title. I'm not talking gross spend - I'm talking net. Fair point on salaries - but surely transfer fees should reflect what those new recruits will be paid as well? Not an exact science, but ball-park?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    The Daily Fail and Telegraph articles were interesting. Given that both Conte and the club seem to understand we need more bodies (lots Mr Tucker, lots😉) I feel slightly more at ease. If we fail to get the 4-5 players more we need, I can only draw the conclusion that the persons running the show are certifiable considering how many we've let go of.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    How they get away with spending so much money is beyond me. Last decade they've had a net spend of £80m/season on average. Net spend. Last five seasons they've had an average net spend of £100m/season... We on the other hand have had £30m/season on average... Who's getting bad press about buying the title? As for defensive recruits, look at this; Mendy £51n Walker £50m Ederson £35m Stones £48m Bravo £17m Otamendi £32m Mangala £40m Thats £273m spent on defensive recruits since 2014-15. Incredible. Completely off-topic but interesting nonetheless... Looking at net spend Leicester is actually the 6th highest net spend club in the PL since 2003... And try get even been in the PL for all those seasons. Yet everyone views them as some sort of fairytale story when they won the league. Surprising yes, but Tottenham has spent £10m/season less on average in that time frame.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Preventive work is just as important as actual treatment of already suffered injuries. Look at Robben and look at him after he left us. Of course our medical department is light-years better now. Jose even made a point in a few occasions to claim e wasn't entirely happy with the meds. Another great example of what he gave us. The only rubbish here James is to say anyone has claimed he's not a Chelsea fan. One poster alluded to it not meaning very much when picking clubs for your own professional career.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well let's wait and see before we start the party. You've just casually added four players to the squad. We are not there yet.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good one.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep - if we would fulfill that, not even I would complain;) Going a bit Prescott on you; Courtois, Caballero, Eduardo Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill, Rudiger, Christensen Moses, Sandro, Alonso Kanté, Bakayoko, Fabregas, CM, Baker Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Musonda Morata, Batshuayi, Llorente 19 seniors with two youngsters. Another £150m spent. But we would be done.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh yeah, almost forgot we have been linked to Wilshere. Not sure how I stand on that one - he's obviously a good player but has an air of 'promise that was never quite fulfilled' about him. Still - a squad of; Courtois, Caballero, Eduardo Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill, Rudiger, Christensen Moses, Alonso Kanté, Fabregas, Bakayoko, Wilshere, Baker Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Musonda Morata, Batsuayhi 17 seniors and 2 youngsters. Give us a S3 and a LWB and we're done.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oxlade-Chamberlain? An absolute no-brainer imo. 23 years old. Strong, pacey albeit a tad inconsistent. He's been criminally underused at Arsenal and deserves better. Can also cover CM (probably more of a 3-5-2 midfielder) and RWB. HG. Pretty clear-cut if you ask me. Should he sign, we have a squad of; Courtois, Caballero, Eduardo Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill, Rudiger, Christensen Moses, Alonso Kanté, Bakayoko, Fabregas, Baker Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Musonda Morata, Batsuayhi 16 senior outfielders. Would bring us one step closer and given Ox's ability to cover RWB and CM as well, we may get away with only 1-2 players more (LWB and S or CM). I wouldn't be happy with that (I think we need more - comething like 19-20 seniors) but would take 17-18 considering how many we've sold off. Edit: well, 24 in a month, but he's still young.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah - no doubt. But that's always the danger of buying 'talent' at 'world class fees'. Pogba and Lukaku alone is almost £180m. Madness.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not bad shouts.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I was a big, big Creapo fan. But for me he was more of a power forward with amazing movement. Morata's game is more rounded and he's better technically. I can't really remember a striker that looked like Morata so have a hard time comparing him to anyone obvious. Disastrous decision if true, but sadly wouldn't be the least bit surprising.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Bang on Bob. He was always my preferred option and of the available strikers he was the stand-out candidate. can't remember when we had such an intelligent and all-round good footballer as our starting striker last time.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    1. Then it comes down to what one think is 'lots'. We have a squad of 15 outfield players of which 10 needs to start and another 6 on the bench. At this point in time, we don't even have a full starting XI and bench. 4-5 players more is 'lots' for me - especially since it'll take the total to 8-9 players in one window. 2. It's irrelevant to include the keepers. We have three for one position. It's the outfield players that is the issue for us - 15 needing 16 each game. Boga, Baker and Musonda? You only have to look at last season how we decided to usilise three premier league ready youngsters. I'm at loss how you seem to think Boga, Baker and Musonda will be any different. If anything, they'll likely see less PL minutes than Ake, RLC and Chalobah. 3. Don't think so. Doesn't mean others who have commented on the injury are wrong.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Bang on. Personally I don't see us ending up with more than 16-17 senior players... It is a worry because we don't have any promising youngsters left to give squad roles. Odd. Surely we need an adequate number of players to be able to field a match day squad and have some change for rainy days? The club could have won, if they'd kept the long list of extremely talented youngsters who were good enough to play PL football but have now either been released, sold or loaned out. We simply don't have any youngsters left except Musonda, Boga, Baker and Christensen. The squad of senior players stands at; Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill, Rudiger, Christensen Moses, Alonso Kante, Bakayoko, Fabregas Hazard, Willian, Pedro Morata, Bats Thats 15 players incl. Christensen with two of them missing at least until September. Clearly not sufficient for a 55-60 game season. I'm at loss to grasp how you can aim to ridicule that "we don't need lots of players". From that, we are at least another four to five senior players short.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Quickly? You are an amusing lad Jimmy, I'll give you that. Why would Real not sell Morata to Man U for £70m but to us for £60m? If it's true, then we should be worried. Cause it means the deal includes something/someone else down the line.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not seen it mentioned previously but Van Ginkel is off to PSV on loan. I'd be very pleased with those two!
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cue new media speculation on why there was no extension but only a pay rise. It's slightly surprising we didn't see a new three year deal imo. Now we need to start seeing some signings announced. There are some rumours of a Danilo/Morata deal for €100m... Other news - Ike Ugbo off to Barnsley for a season in the Championship. Decent.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Regarding Abraham; I'm with Pete. The track record for young players here isn't great. I believe Abraham making it here when I see it. Maybe I'm being too cynical, but it's hard feeling too much enthusiasm for any youngster making it here.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    £45m for Llorente? One year to go on a two-year contract and he'll be 33 in February. Surely not.
  21. Last summer there were only two midfield signings I wanted us to make - Verratti and Kante. This summer there were also only two midfield signings I wanted us to make - Verratti and Bakayoko. Really excited by him. Think he's a mix between Ballack and Essien. Great technique, awesome power and drive and should be a real threat on the quick counter we love to utilise. Him and Kante will be awesome together. I also think Rudiger has a very similar physical side being quick, strong and dynamic. I like the profile of the players we've signed so far. More steel, stronger and quicker. If we can make another 5-6 signings to the same standard we'll be golden.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's tempting to let him rot in the reserves but unfortunately £20m isn't something we can just give up. Add another £20m in salaries for two seasons and it would cost us £40m just to stick to principle. Add Costa mouthing off to the media at every given opportunity and I can conclude that we're better off giving him away for free than to keep him. Exactly. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we signed a striker we haven't even been linked to. I'm not disputing that what you say may be the case. I'm saying I'll wait to draw that conclusion until the players (or Conte) has confirmed that's how it is.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    1. Not sure how you reached that conclusion. It's not enough for our manager to want a player for it to happen. There's literally tonnes of reasons why a player Conte wants doesn't end up here. 2. As I stated previously, Milan wanting Conte at some stage is hardly groundbreaking stuff. He'll be gone from here within 1-3 seasons max and then he'll likely go back to Italy. At that stage I'd imagine there's three potential clubs. 3. I wouldn't say clearly. It's all rumours for now. So far the media hasn't got a scooby of who we really are targeting for our new striker.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah that's very, very poor. Disrespectful is only beginning to cover it. But then again that's footballers today. I hope he does get his move.