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  1. Ashley Cole

    1) It's a completely fabricated story. Why? There is no way The Sun can be sure that is really Ash's real facebook page. Have a look around - there's plenty of Ashley Cole's on facebook who clearly isn't Ashley Cole. 2) Even if it was true, I'm pretty sure the comment was made tongue in cheek. 3) He has all right to hate England and the English. If I were him I would considering how he gets treated by the press and many "England fans". The media is shameless. I'd posted this somewhere else but if I were a professional footballer I'd hire a PR man to sue to the press every single timethey wrote the slightest untrue story about me. It would be my mission in life apart from playing football. Further, if a paper ever wrote something untrue about me I'd never ever talk to them again. These people are scum and doesn't deserve being treated as humans. Disgusting.
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Read it as well. A sad story. The lad made his bow around the age of 17 (remember seeing him at Brondby summer 2007) and he has been out injured more or less non-stop since. A shame, the lad is obviously talented and had enough about him making it in the EPL but the question must remain now ewheter he has a long term future with a chronic knee injury.
  3. New Kits

    In true Hunter S Thompson style.
  4. New Kits

    Oh.... my...... GOD! Those shirts are truly horrendous.
  5. New Kits

    I also quite liked the yellow with royal blue stripes last year. It was classic. But generally I agree, Adidas even manages to **** up a normal white with blue stripes. The only ok white they made was the first season in 06/07. That was also the only ok home shirt (which I actually really liked). In my perspective the only colours to ever be considered for Chelsea is blue/white with or without yellow or red details for the home shirt, white/blue and yellow/blue for the away and 3rd kits where we could use black/midnight blue/blue as a variation for the 2nd and 3rd kits. But I guess youy have to blame the club as well. In the end they must be the ones deciding on the colours while adidas decides the style of the shirt. The new home kit would have been the best since 2006/07 if it weren't for the absolutely shocking details on the collar (those small circles in the front) and the lizard like tail pattern on the back. On the players, with the slim fit, and from afar it will look quality. On fans close up it will be just as horrible as anything they have made for us.
  6. New Kits

    Enjoy? Absolutely horrendous kit. I'd ask what the hell is wrong with the club? This is the way forward, one horrendous kit after another in order to make money off the fans. I've given up on ever having a decent 3 combo kit for a season again. Think the way forward is to buy a classic kit and not look for any new ones form the club.
  7. Didier Drogba

    By the way WB - a great piece. Thank you for posting it. I knew most of the contents already but still nice to see it all gathered and to read a positive article regarding Drogba. He really is a big man in more ways than his size.
  8. Didier Drogba

    Yes indeed. Situation normal.
  9. Media / Press

    I agree. I have a lot of time for José, afterall he was my hero. But he is quickly sinking his persona among the Chelsea fans and that would be a great shame. As you correctly point out, this latest rant is nothing more but fantasties and delusional facts made up from thin air. Too bad really. I had hoped he'd be bigger than that.
  10. Media / Press

    So, what's all this stuff about this season being the weakest in England for quite some time? Mourinho and G Neville have both been out recently playing down our performance this season, a season where we have won the Double in our managers first season. Some highlights from the two articles with Mourinho and Neville: José Mourinho: On Chelsea winning the league in Ancelotti's first season with arguable much more entertaining football... “People can write what they want,” he responds. “First of all, I’m happy Chelsea did it. I want it very clear I’m happy they won it. They had the record of goals. But please don’t compare this Man United with my Man United. Don’t compare this Arsenal with my Arsenal. My Arsenal was a team that won the league without one defeat in 2003-4. Don’t compare this Liverpool with my Liverpool. And don’t compare this Premiership with my Premiership. Don’t compare because you cannot compare. “Man United lost Ronaldo. Okay, the coach is a tremendous coach, the team is full of great players, but Ronaldo is Ronaldo, and he scores 30 goals a season. Ronaldo wins points and points and points. When a club and the league loses a player like Ronaldo it loses a lot. Mourinho is very clever. He knows people remember Man United for the last three seasons but he fails to highlight the fact that ManU was very much in a transitional period when Chelsea won the league in 2004/05 and 2005/06. In 2004/05 Man U only managed to get 77 points, scoring 58 goals in the process. That is abysmal and the previous season was even worse when they finished third with 75 points. The team was in a transition where Ronaldo was only coming through and that season he only scored 5 goals in the Premier League, Van Nisterooy was on his way out after clashing with Fergie and he only managed 6 goals in the league. In fact, the only player reaching double figures in the league was Wayne Rooney with 11. They also crashed out in the first knock-out stage in the CL. Mourinho is right, you can't compare the two teams. United is indefinately better this season than in 2004/05. We ended up with 95 points, 9 more than this season but that means nothing in my opinion. The league is so much stronger this season with the 7 teams in position 4-10 having 6 points more each on average. The average for 04/05 was 54.7 points, this season that average was 60.7 points. Ahead of the season everyone was predicting a closer league as well, only highlighting the increase in quality. Villa is a £30m investment from being genuine top 4 challengers. City is already there. Tottenham as well. Next season we will have 4 genuine contenders in City. Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U, with Tottenham and Villa looking to be just as strong as this season. How about Liverpool that ended up 7th in 2010? Well, in 04/05 they ended up with 58 points in 5th place. That's 5 points less than what they got this season at 7th... So in terms of points Liverpool is actually better than in 04/05... Arsenal? They are the only big 4 team that seems to have gone backwards with 8 points less. In 05/06 when we retained the title the story is similar. Although Man U had a much stronger league season (83 points, 72 goals scored) their fortunes were greatly aided when they ended up last in the CL group, having only the league and domestic cups to focus on after December. This season they ended up with 85 points. Their cup runs were over by february. This season Ronaldo managed 9 league goals and 11 in all competitions. Far from the world-class Ronaldo we saw after Mourinho was gone from Chelsea. Van Nistelrooy and Rooney were the only two players scoring with any sort of regularity ending up with 21 and 16 league goals respectively. Rooney scored 26 this season... I still hold Man U anno 2009/10 as a much much better team than in 05/06. We ended up with 91 points for the season, 5 points more than this season but again the points average for the teams in position 4-10 was higher this season, albeit the difference was much smaller this time around (60.7 vs 59.2). However, we were out of the CL in the first knock-out run (after only finishing second in our group) and failed to win any of the cups (going out at the first hurlde against Charlton in the league cup and semi-final in the FA cup). Liverpool had a strong season with 82 points now improving vastly whereas Arsenal were in a free-fall ending up with 67 points. In 2003/04 when the "invincibles" won the league without a loss they ended up with 90 points, oh yes. That's a whole 4 points more than what we got this season.... My conclusion is that José is talking up his own performance vastly. The facts is there for all to see if you bother to look for them. The fact is that Ronaldo were never the world class player he was for United in 2007/08 and 2008/09 until Jose left us. In 2006/07 he scored 17 league goals and 23 in all competitions. This season saw us with 83 points, albeit ravaged by injuries in a squad José trimmed way too much, in a season where Bolton and Reading finished 7th and 8th. “Liverpool is an incredible phenomenon. From 2004 to 2010 it looks like the team instead of improving is getting worse. Tottenham is coming, Aston Villa is coming, Man City is coming, but I think that magic of a fight of titans, all of them very, very strong in the top of the League, I don’t see this season was like this. Liverpool's points tally since 04/05: 04/05: 58, 05/06: 82, 06/07: 68, 07/08: 76, 08/09: 86, 09/10: 63 In fact the complete opposite seem to be true. Liverpool were at it's weakest during the three seasons JM was here. “Chelsea were out of Champions League very, very soon. They could concentrate on the championship — and they did it very well. Carlo is very experienced, he kept the team calm and focused, and he didn’t let them lose focus and confidence. They concentrate very, very well in the championship, and they deserve to win it in the end.” Correct, but at the same time Inter had a chance to drop a lot of points end of the season focusing on the Champions League since their domestic league is a joke. Inter ended up with 82 points in a league that was completely bereft of any genuine challengers apart from when Inter let Roma back in it over the last two months. Neville: "Chelsea will be happy they won the league but they'll probably be thinking they could have won it with a month to spare, had they performed like they have in previous seasons. Of course they deserve congratulations but all the top teams will think they could have done better. Chelsea won the league despite losing six games whereas, in previous seasons, teams have won losing only one or two games. So it's been a strange season" Really you cock? I didn't hear that mug complain in 2007/08 when United ended up with 87 points and 5 losses, in a season where Chelsea and Man U played in the Champions League final. That season we only lost 3... Neither did he complain in 2006/07 when United lost 5 again but amassed 89 points, 3 more than we did this season. That year Liverpool ended up 3rd with 68 points, arguably the weakest year in the premier league for a long time with Chelsea in turmoil, Liverpool completely off the boil and Arsenal playing with a bunch of kids. What sour grapes from that sorry excuse of a human being. "Looking back over the season, it's clear we made too many mistakes. We lost seven matches and drew games we perhaps shouldn't have - and that isn't good enough. OK, there were certainly things that went against us. Pre-Christmas injuries in defence essentially cost us two defeats against Aston Villa and Fulham. You could also look at the second goal we conceded against Chelsea at Old Trafford and possibly the goal we conceded against them at Stamford Bridge and say they should have been disallowed" Our injury problems in 06/07 were similar and he didn't acknowledge that fact back then (of course). Regarding the goal at OT that was offside we were also denied a stone-wall penalty and Macheda's goal was clearly handball. The goal at Stamford Bridge is no discussion. Clear free-kick after Fletcher goes in dangerously. Drogba is not offside and the goal is good. Neville is just being a cock as usual. Rant over.
  11. Salomon Kalou

    That may be. But I have supported him from day one in this topic and will continue to do so. The lad has potential. He just suffers from the need to have confidence and trust. Now finally he seems to have it and he is putting in MoM performances like he's never done anything else. If he keeps this form up to next season will you keep on slaugthering him, or is that a silly question on my part?
  12. Media / Press

    The times podcastwas pretty low on class as well. That mug Alyson Rudd is so annoying. What on earth is she doing there?
  13. Salomon Kalou

    I don't get this topic. At all. Why do we feel the need to critisice a player to the degree some posters are doing on here? Sure, he is not world class (a term used way too often) but he sure is a very very good squad player. A squad of 25 players can't consist of 25 world clas splayers. Not even 20 where even 18 may be debateble in order to keep everyone happy. Kalou is letting us down sometimes in his decision making but he is an irrational player and that is why he so often surprises everyone and scores important goals. The guy is 24 and by the way things are going he sure seems to be making huge strides in his development. He finally has a manager who seem to believe him and I always felt that if Kalou could add some ruthlesness to his game he has the potential to become a superb player. He is also very dependent on confidence, which is needed in order to do the hard things. The lad is flying at the moment and really deserves to start against Pompey. Let's see what next season brings, if he continues to improve there is no reason why he should not be a starter next season. It's also sad to see that so many fans have put their own rep on the line and won't see any good things Kalou is doing. No one has ever said he is world class, we who defend him see him for what he is. And for that he is invaluable in my opinion. I think I happen to be one of the few on these boards who actually rate Kalou. Sure, he's not 20 anymore but he was never a talent in the mould of Aguero or Messi. I think he has a chance to become a Malouda or Drogba, I.e. bloom late in his career. So far he has scored 9, 9, 10 and 11 goals in his four years with us. An invaluable contribution to any team as a third choice player. Just look at ManU. They would have killed to have such a contribution coming off the bench. Last few months he has been simply awesome. Long may it continue and he should definately stay next season - no discussion.
  14. Didier Drogba

    Regarding our end of season awards I have no complaints. Players of the Season: Í voted Malouda but ´have no complaints that Drogba won it. It would always be between Lamps, Drogs, Flo, Bane and Ash. Goal of the Season: I think I voted for the Drogba goal against Bolton (Deco chest, Lamps back-heel) but the one against Sunderland at home from Ash was pure class as well. Young player of the year: U-18. Seems to be our practise to give it to the whole team when we make the youth final. Individually I think the young player of the year should have been Bruma or McEachran. Players Player: Had expected Bane but have no complaints Malouda got it. Would have loved to be there. Did anyone go? After all the money I've splashed on Chelsea this season I couldn't justify another £120 or so the dinner costs.
  15. Didier Drogba

    Yes, how Flo and Lamps are not in that team is ridiculous. Also, if the votes are cast in January, why is Milner in that team then? Can remember the year that Utd regain the title in 2007 and our back-to-backs. I think they had 9 players in that team of the year. In a season where we probably would have won it again would it not have been for our ridiculous injury problems. The only players from United that I'd put in our XI would be Rooney and possibly Valencia at RW. But none of their CMs would have a look-in at Chelsea. Well, there's little point. Everyone knows this team of the year shyte is bollocks. Lamps haven't been in it since 2006. That fact really says it all.
  16. New Kits

    So you actually don't mind what colour Chelsea wears? Strange. Never met a fan with that attitude in flesh. So if we adopted a red home jersey you'd be overjoyed to see people being sent overboard?
  17. New Kits

    Yes for me it does. What's next? A pink third kit?
  18. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Everything about yesterday was great. Atmosphere, pre-drinks at the SO with singing, familiar faces everywhere which meant we could re-live our highes from the weekend and 10,000+ I the stands. Awesome! So chuffed for the lads. I've been to 4 of the games in the Youth cup this season and this was the best I've seen them. They completely outclassed Villa technically and playing wise it was a much wider gulf between the teams than the scoreline reveals. However, Villa were, much like their first team, very stern in defence and dangerous on the break. Just so glad Clifford got that second in the fashion he did because I'd be robbery if we lost. Some noteworthy performances from RB Billy Clifford, CB Jeffrey Bruma, CMs Connor Clifford and Kaby, RW Jacopo Sala while AM Josh McEachran was different class from everybody else. What a player. On a sidenote. It's quite clear that Bruma is taking onboard alot from Terry. Leadership and how he drives on the team. He will become a regular first team player at Chelsea - no doubt. Now we must focus on the Wigan game but it sure was a good start to the week! We sure do have a bunch of quality youngsters coming through. Many have the potential to succeed at the highest level but it is an entirely different matter alltogether if they actually go on to do it. But I'd be very surprised if Josh McEachran haven't featured atleast once for the first team in a proper game within two years. The lad is immense and I agree with Dermot, he is a player worth paying for to watch. What skills; his movement, intelligence and his passing. This exactly whay we need in the first team, this sort of player who can open up things from the middle with real flair. But surely it is much too soon as he needs to build up his physique in order to be able to compete fully. He is already together with Mitrovic and some other players from this team as well. Not every day but quite regularly if we understood Mitrovic correctly after the youth game against Cardiff two weekends ago.
  19. New Kits

    After having seen the kit in the flesh at the Megastore all I can say is that I will definately not get it. Looked good in the tech fit version on the players but the clima cool is just cack. Plus, there is some ridiculous details on the shirt that makes no sense at all. The lizard tail on the back is useless and makes the shirt look like a cycling top again and the small rings on the collar is just pointless and tacky. Adidas haven't made us a good shirt since 06/07. Time for a change I think. Horrible horrible shirt. Much worse then the man boob shirt form this season. And it all looked so promising when first released... From what I have seen of the change kits it will be another year of shirts with no assiciation to former Chelsea kits and if it'll be any yellow in it it will be the electricity one. Someone said brown shirts, seriously I hope that is just fantasies. Who is it that decides these things at the club? Isn't it time for someone like Joey Cole and John Terry to step up and say enough is enough? I'll be getting an old school shirt this season instead. I second that. However, I could accept midnight blue/black as a third kit for variation. We also had a few of those way back. It really isn't rocket science and I have no idea what the club is on about. Sort it out Chelsea - NOW! We should start a petition or something and hand in to the club. This must stop.
  20. Didier Drogba

    Ashley Cole, Malouda and Lampard must be wondering why they are not in it. 3(?) years in a row Evra has won it ahead of Cole. This year it is definately incorrect. Anyways, as someone said. Let's win the real prizes.
  21. New Kits

    You know what, I kind of like it. Definately a big BIG improvement on this seasons shyte. Don't mind the red bits on the collar and love the fit. The sleeves looks quality as well - not to mention the socks. Simply awesome. Will definately get this one. If the away one with Kalou is the actual away shirt I'm disappointed. Looks horrible.
  22. New Kits

    That's EXACTLY what I am talking about. Chelsea, take notice and learn. Some fans are clearly better suited to do this job than Adidas themselves.
  23. New Kits

    I have no problem not buying the absolute shyte they're throwing at us. Haven't bought a kit since the 05/06 home shirt and won't do it either unless they are seriously stepping up. Can't for the world of it understand how they can come up with such crappy kits? It's not rocket science... Home shirt: Royal blue with white adidas stripes and perhaps some small yellow details, Away: Yellow with royal blue adidas stripes, 3rd: white with royal blue adidas stripes. Nice and simple, no flash designs. I could accept other colours for the away/3rd but only black/white or shades of midnight blue or grey. And that should all be for the 3rd kit. Away should always be either white or yellow. I know we've had some red ones during the late 70's and 80's but I hope those days are forever gone. As for the red in the home shirt I am a tad undecided. Definately prefer to have small amount of yellow details in it.
  24. Didier Drogba

    Not having a pop at you mate but that is just rubbish. He's been top quality since day one.
  25. Media / Press

    That article really made me laugh, even more so by reading some of the comments passed on by the readers.