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  1. Salomon Kalou

    quote:Originally posted by Harry Sideras>I don't agree with your summary, but that's neither here nor there. The question I want to ask is what an acceptable proportion of successful purchases is. Make a comparison with Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle and Spurs and tell us what it is. Don't just name the ones people have heard of, because almost by definition they are the more successful ones (still failures in the eyes of some - certainly in comparison to the ones you've written off). id="quote"> id="quote">Why even name players? Liverpool has gained 28 points and ManU has gained 10 points on us. Of course, I am not an complete idiot (well, some might disagree). I do understand that it is easier too gain points for them. How hard could it be given that we could hardly improve at all? How do you improve on 95 points? It would be a disaster if they didn't catch up on us. But we are talking substantial improvements, especially in Liverpools case but admit it, ManU were looking really strong while we completely faded during the spring. I am convinced that both ManU and Liverpool (and possibly Arsenal if they can keep players like Henry and Cole) will give a real good fight for the Premiership title next season. But believe me, I do hope I am wrong. But that is not my point. Can you seriously say that you are satisfied with the players I mention? Which player bought during Mourinho's reign do you label a success?I do believe in supporting the club and it's players but somewhere we must find room for objectivity. We are a club with almost unlimited resources and has spent enormous amounts of money on new players. I think we can definately expect more from the majority of players Mourinho has signed. However, I am glad that Mourinho seems to have chosen a new road now as this summer seems to be more organised than before. We are after very specific targets that really can improve the team. Ballack looks to have the ability to become a great duo with Lamps and if we could get our hands on Sheva (replacement, ok improvement, for Crespo) plus a central defender (replacement for Ricky while we keep Gallas(fingers crossed)) and a left back (replacement for... nah, we all know his name anyway), then we look incredibly strong. Many feel we should strengthen on right back but I strongly disagree. 1 left back, 1 central defender plus one more attacker is what we need in my humble opinion. quote:Originally posted by Harry Sideras> I don't know if there is an answer to that question, but you've said even 50% is too low. I find that unreasonable. It might be possible that 50% is too low if you're bringing in players to Aston Villa or Middlesbrough, but does that apply to Chelsea too? id="quote"> id="quote">Yes, it certainly does. Why wouldn't it? We felt tame in the games against Barcelona in Champions League and again lost to Liverpool in an important Cup Semi-Final. All in all (despite back-to-back titles), this season was worse then 2004/05. quote:Originally posted by Harry Sideras> I ask that because you get teams like Liverpool who can improve from 37 points behind to 9 points behind the leading team. Will it be easier for them to gain the requisite extra 10 points next season to add to this season's total or will it be harder? id="quote"> id="quote">Of course it will be harder. But remember that both teams had really bad starts to the season and they have a lot to gain on that front. Liverpool aree really starting to look good and with a new dangerous striker plus a right winger they look even better. In my view, this summers signings must be better than what Mourinho done so far in order for us to take the next step. Otherwise we risk being dragged down to really fight it out with the 3 party chasing pack. And who knows what might happen with Spurs given a few quality signings with real experience?
  2. Salomon Kalou

    quote:Originally posted by basoleThe times I have watched Feyenoord play (and they are about 10), he hasnt convinced me that he is good. Maybe Jose knows better, but after Kezman,Jarosik,and Del Horno, I wont hold my breath. id="quote"> id="quote">Haha. I found out the password afterall. It wasn't DavidCFC, it was David80.
  3. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Navs4chelsquote:Originally posted by Richard RedmondBy the way, at the rate he's going, it's Lamps for the Golden Boot this year! id="quote"> id="quote"> A midfielder for the golden boot? When did that happen last? Shame on the strikers of the Premiership!! Shame on teams who claim to play attacking, flowing football!! id="quote"> id="quote">I don't know about the Golden Boot but if Lampard doesn't get the Golden Ball awarded by L'Equipe then the last trustworthy award in world football has effectively been made redundant. The only possible contender is Barca's Monkey of Sh*t but at this rate Lampard must win without any contest. But he won't get any awards from UEFA/FIFA though. We all know those crap awards are reserved for brazilians or Serie A players. Politacal mumbo-jumbo. I say as Gronks. Sausage. But I very much agree on the Drogba/Lampard partnership. Another goal that springs nto mind is Lampard goal at OT in the Carling Cup last season when Drogba served him on a golden plate. And how many freekicks have Lampard found Drogba on to score?
  4. Frank Arnesen

    Excellent article Rod and great news! Thanks mate!
  5. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by DCBluesfanThey've been reversing decisions in terms of cards that were, or were not, 'awarded' during games for a long time, David80. For example this was just from the last set of games... Your penalty reference is obviously totally impractical. id="quote"> id="quote">You are referring to decisions involving taking red cards back. This case with Essien was about giving him a red card afterwards. It could be argued that it is no difference between them but I think the FA still has the possibility to take back a wrong red card. If anyone has some other info please share:) The argument for this would of course be that a player shouldn't be punished unfairly. Thin line and you can argue for both I guess but Bolton would have gained nothing by Essien recieving a red card retrospectively. Yes, my penalty example would be very impractical indeed!
  6. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by Scott MillerThe FA can confirm that Michael Essien will not be subject to further disciplinary action in relation to an incident involving Bolton's Tal Ben Haim. id="quote"> id="quote">Great news. The challenge was ugly but I would not want to be in a situation where the ref can change his decision afterwards. Then he need to be able to change all decisions afterwards and that is clearly not possible (how to give a penner after the game for example?). But Essien will need to watch out now. I think refs might keep an extra eye on him.
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    quote:Originally posted by Gary Stonequote:Originally posted by David80Agreed. I have been following their results closely and when I go to London between 26 dec-1jan for the Fulham(h), ManC(a) and Brum(h) games I'll do my outmost to catch a youth game as well. Anyone knows if that's possible? id="quote"> id="quote"> I believe home games are played at Cobham so doubt you can watch. id="quote"> id="quote">Cheers Gary. That's really a shame. I had otherwise looked forward to see them at close range. I saw a youth tournament here in Copenhagen this summer where among other WBA's youth team were present. They were actually not that bad! But Heerenveen were by far the most superior team present. They were simply awesome! So this is something I think needs changing. Following all facets of the club and watch players take the long walk from youth, to reserve to first team is something that is the charm with football. To see a young lad develop like Terry did for example. Why not allow any spectators for the youth team matches? Surely we could watch them pre-Roman? Can we still watch the reserve ream? Thanks for your help.
  8. Michael Essien

    I know I initially thought a yellow was sufficient but after having revied the replay last night I must change my mind. It is a straight red no doubt. However, I still don't think that Essien simulated. He did hurt his leg and why wouldn't he? He came in with full force and even that should be hurtful for the player who is at fault. Regarding the refs opportunities to change a decision afterwards I think it should be all or nothing. With this I mean that all decisions should be able to be changed afterwards. Wrongly given goals, or wrongly rejected goals, penners, etc. But this is impossible, and since it is no decision should be changed afterwards unless a player wrongly has been showed a red card (it inflicts on his right to play and that's why an innocent player should have the chance of being cleared).
  9. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by DanielHe's on fire this season!!! Hope he can keep it up! In the beginning I thought we should play Crespo more often but Drogs is making it really hard for him now! id="quote"> id="quote">YES! Did you read Crespo's comments (it was up on another thread here) where he heaped praise over JM. And he added that even though he wasn't playing that much he thought the competition for the striker position was fair and that JM was fair when selecting who to play.
  10. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by ed...not. for all the Drogba-knockers out there, did anyone notice how he was involved in three of the five goals last night? I thought the finish for the first goal was a poachers goal and shows he is a natural goalscorer. the backheel for Lampard for the 2nd bamboozled all the defenders who were all on him, and that volley was a really special piece of technique. I had my doubts about him in the past but I think that since the charity shield, he's going from strength to strength. (almost literally too, if you like.) he'll come good, I believe. id="quote"> id="quote">He was actually involved in 4 out of the 5 goals. He scored the first from the rebound, backheeled to Lamps for the second, scored the fourth on Lamps corner and finally was the one who headed the ball down to Maka before Maka found Guddy with one touch. Drogba is invaluable to us when he plays only a fraction like he did yesterday. His contribution to our play and our style of play is invaluable and I don't see one single striker in the world today that could replace him. Surely there are better strikers out there but none that can do what Drogba does for us. And if he starts scoring goals and making assists then we might have to start thinking about him as a bit better than most of us are at the moment.
  11. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by logaWell , Yesterday he was better , but I will change my opinion when he gets player of the year award . What I am looking for is consistent performance like Lampard , Terry and Makelele . id="quote"> id="quote">Player of the year award? Get real. No wonder the anti-Drogba brigade will never be satisfied. You have crazy demands. So I guess you don't rate Maka or Cech very much then?
  12. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    quote:Originally posted by PhilH930Me too, I am taking much greater interest in our youth team this season as we have some exciting prospects emerging. Another very good result. id="quote"> id="quote">Agreed. I have been following their results closely and when I go to London between 26 dec-1jan for the Fulham(h), ManC(a) and Brum(h) games I'll do my outmost to catch a youth game as well. Anyone knows if that's possible? Also Jimmy Smith in the reserves seems to have been very successful so far this season. Has anyone actually seen him play?
  13. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by Frewmquote: I was delighted when we signed Arnesen. If we could get a youth set up like Arsenal then the future is"quote"> id="quote"> Arsenal don't have a youth system - that is lies. They steal their youngsters from other clubs - Fabregas and Flamini both should not be there, but should be at Barcelona and Marseille respectively. I don't want Chelsea to have a youth academy like theirs. id="quote"> id="quote">And we won't! As oppossed to the Arse we are actually paying clubs for the players we take from them. The Arse instead steals. To even believe they have the stomach to trashtalk about Roman... Who is the moral and ethical platform everyone should compare themselves to?
  14. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by hernancrespoNo! Read Cyrus'es post again and see what he said. Oh! you did quote him and then you say maybe... He said that Appiah played & started at least 80% of the games that Juventus played in the last 2 seasons. Dead wrong! So Appiah went to Athens for how long then? How far did Ghana go in Athens? So Marcello Lippi bought Appiah and he was the only player that Fabio Capello inherited? Didn't Mourinho inherit Maka? I don't know how you interprete these things but they seem peculiar and one-dimensional. id="quote"> id="quote">As I have already stated. The only thing cyrus got wrong was his claim that Appiah played 80% of Juve's games over the TWO seasons. His argument holds for the first season though and the rest of his argumentation is flawless according to your links.
  15. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by hernancrespoSorry mate, you are getting me and yourself lost here. Steph Appiah was forced out of Juventus by better players. 80% of what again? OK please see the facts below and argue accordingly... id="quote"> id="quote">Not to intervene hernan but aren't you actually supporting cyrus views with these links? Cyrus stated that Appiah played pretty much every game in his first season (2003/04) which your link supports (30 games out of 34). The following season he had problems since he played in Athens and lost his place to Blasi (again supported by your link, 18 games out of 38) but did play some in the end (which yet again is supported by your link to the article where Bruce declares his interest)... So I'd say he is already arguing according to these links you provided. The only thing cyrus may have got wrong is that over the last two seasons Appiah hasn't played 80% of the Juve games but rather 66.6% of Juve's league matches. In his first year he played 88.2% of Juve's league games.
  16. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by basoleNo problem, at least you tried and gave me your time. Thanks! id="quote"> id="quote">Any time Basole. Any time.
  17. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by hernancrespo2 points that you are wrong. Juventus did not have a weak midfield before buying Vieira. They only needed re-enforcements and I wonder where you get this idea from and Appiah was never a regular at Juventus. Secondly, do you know the age that Vieira left France to join AC Milan before joining Arsenal? Do you know what year that was? Where was Essien? This last post of yours is confusing... Your post itself is double standards because you are still comparing Essien with Vieira which is a huge joke. To say that I concentrate on individuals rather than Chelsea's results is yet again, double standards! When will you ever write about another Chelsea player? 2010? Maybe... id="quote"> id="quote">Hernan, Essien has been QUALITY for Lyon over the past two seasons and after a handful of games for us I'd say he's been our most consistent performer this season together with Gallas and Terry. Last season Essien scored 5 goals in the 10 CL games and judging by his performance for us so far there is plenty of goals to come from him. I'm not suggesting he'll score a bag lika Lampard but I'd be surprised if he didn't chip in with 5-10 over the season in all competitions. Vieira is also quality and why even compare him to Essien? Vieira is getting older and there was no chance in hell we would get him anyways? So since Vieira was out of reach (due to age and past team) we went for the absolute best alternative for the type of player we were looking for, namely Essien. Have you read Maka's comments regarding Essien today? He seems to disagree with you, as José of course who has heaped praise over his performances so far. It's not only us CFC fans who says he's been good. It's pretty much everyone except a few on this site.
  18. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by basoleAt last Chelsea is serious with young players. Apparentely we are after Sahin. anyone knows about his abilities? Melchiot also thinks we use a direct approach to beat Liverpool, I agree with his analysis id="quote"> id="quote">Basole: This young turkish midfield player has been discussed on the swedish CFC forum I help administer. He is playing at Dortmund at the moment and played extremely well in Turkeys quarterfinal against China (U-17 WC in Peru), where he scored one and assisted another. Turkey won 4-1. Other than that I know little or nothing about him. Edit: Sorry. Just saw when I looked at the link that I added absolutely nothing to your current knowledge.
  19. Chelsea Finances Thread

    quote:Originally posted by dooder12 I HATE Please Rob Hobson or anyone write your own guest feature! Please id="quote"> id="quote">What a load of bollocks. I can't believe all the crap that is being written about us at the moment. We're killing football? How about journalists killing the media?
  20. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by ChrisChelseaA subject and player that's sure to provoke much divided opinion. It's early days still, but I think Essien has stamped his class. As has been said, he's a mix of the box to box that Lamp typifies and the Maka holding midfielder. He's strong, gets the tackles in, has some vision and passing ability and can surge forward when needed. His reading of the game is good too, and at 22 (and some will again dispute this), we should have years of solid service from ME. I think he'll prove to be a great buy. Hernan, Basole? id="quote"> id="quote">A fair description on his current ability however perhaps a tad modest on his potential. Call me a overoptimistic freak but I fully expect Essien to be one of the main midfielders in the Premiership for the next 5-8 years (if he stays that long, but if he do I can see it happening).
  21. Didier Drogba

    To be honest. Is it really that impossible that DD could have been on a plane to Milan the 1-2 days before a game? Perhaps he went to Milan for some quick treatment on his ankle (that he injured against Sunderland?) or perhaps some shopping or a decent meal for once in a while (I love England as a country but your food culture is without any competition the worst in Europe, sorry). And since London-Milano is like a 3 hour round-trip he could easily have gone there after practice and been back well in time for bed-time.
  22. Michael Essien

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Essien will be talked about in the same manner as JT, Lamps, Cech and Maka in a few months time. And as someone pointed out, we bought Maka for £16.8M at 30 so Essien for £24.4M at 22 might actually prove to be worth it. I like it that he seems to be very appreciated by his teammates as well. Quality signing.
  23. Michael Essien

    Well, I have voiced my desire for Michael Essien in a blue jersey since early march after it was crystal clear that the third midfield spot were our weakest link in the staring XI (together with LB but that was due to injuries). After the game yesterday I must say that there is absolutely nothing that I saw that should make me change my mind. We have found the missing link, the final piece of the Chelsea jigsaw. When Essien was introduced he immediately took control of the midfield, something Lampard has failed to do for 3 games now (4 including the England game). Essien showed incredible compusure and with him and Maka protecting the centre we will be even stronger defensively and it will allow Lampard more attacking freedom, something that I think was clearly visible after the introduction of "Le Bison". His aggression and ball winning mentality will be important and I think that we will have a more settled midfield three with Essien as opposed to Eidur or Tiago. His physical attributes are excellent and there is no one in the prem that will outmuscle him. I can already see the battles between him and Gerrard in my head! But as so many has pointed out. It was his first 30 minutes and there is no guarantee that he will be a massive hit (although I think it is highly unlikely that he won't be a big hit given his performances for Lyon for the past 2 seasons). Everything in my mind is telling me that he will be a big player for us for many seasons ahead. I'm fully expecting Essien to be first choice ahead of Tiago and Eidur. But Tiago and Eidur will have their chance to impress and I'm delighted that we have such a talent as Tiago in the squad. I can only ask hernancrespo and Basole to be patient. Tiago will play plenty and if we consider that Tiago, Eidur, Lampard, Essien and Maka will rotate on 3 positions it's clear for everyone to see that Tiago and Eidur will get plenty of opportunities to shine. Very comparable to Joey Cole's situation last season. I know many of you might think that I'm jumping the gun here and perhaps I do. But I fully expect Essien to be as pivotal to the team as Maka, Cech, Terry and Lampard is if given some time to adjust to his bew surroundings. It's a great shame we didn't have a guy like Arnesen 2 years ago so we would have been able to get our man to an inferior price to that we just paid.
  24. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by TeRiYaKiquote:Originally posted by hernancrespoDid quite well but I wouldn't expect anything less. Early days and only time will tell... id="quote"> id="quote"> Wouldn't expect anything less? Isn't that very untrue? I'm sure you were expecting much less... id="quote"> id="quote">LOL. Very true TeRiYaKi.
  25. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by Kalquote:He only had to make a poor pass, or miss a tackle, and it was a chorus of, I told you so's! I suspect that the same will apply to"quote"> id="quote"> And I'll be one of the people to lead that new chorus. I'm not welcoming a childish, contract-dishonouring numpty into my club and cheering him on when he plays rubbish. He either performs and I will eat some humble pie (will have to be some nice expensive stuff though - Heaven knows Essien can afford it with his £50million a week contract), or he doesn't and I get to take perverse pleasure in being right again. id="quote"> id="quote">Funny how any true CFC fan can take any pleasure in the club (Chelsea) making a signing that doesn't work out. You sure you're not a ManU fan in disguise?