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  1. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by mart_liquidatorI'm sure the sky blue will be very light as it's replacing the old white kit effectively. I think the kits will be OK, I do wonder what we'll wear against Wigan (blue and white stripes) I suppose it'll be a re-badged black/silver kit. I did read about the blue socks on the home kit, I for one will be devastated if that is the case, I was really pleased when we returned to white in the early 90's so will be gutted if that rumour is true. id="quote"> id="quote">I really hope that as well. I think we look class with white socks but now that we have so much gold (both on shirt and shorts) it might look a bit weird with white socks? I for one had hoped for a 70's styled kit with dark blue shirt with white crest and some white detail (sponsor, number etc), blue shorts and white socks.
  2. Michael Essien

    quote:Originally posted by hernancrespo[br When are we going to get a midfield dynamite to run the show? This is what Chelsea needs and the man is not Essien... id="quote"> id="quote">Er, Lampard anyone? Hernancrespo, I have followed your arguments concerning Essien and mate, they are non-existent. First of all, let me clarify one thing. I don't want Essien at £20-24 millions. Not a chance. But I would like to see him with us if a decent sum could be agreed upon. But what's this crap about him not being 22? I mean, unless you have ANY sort of proof your arguments are quite thin aren't they? And isn't it a bit judgemental to claim his age is fake just cause he is from Africa? Wasn't this supposed to be an intelligtent forum? What José actually has in mind is something we all have to wait for. All he said was 1 left back, 1 midfilder and 1 attacker. What is an attacker? Is the Robben/Duff positions attackers? Or are they midfielders? Is an attacker in José's eyes a striker? Lots of question but I'm afraid we will have to wait for the answers. After we sold Parker I think we do lack some quality in midfield. But since we have Tiago and Cole (not to mention Guddy) I'd prefer to see SWP and an attacker (here I mean striker) arrive before pre-season starts. But to dismiss Essien like you do, without ANY arguments whatsoever (apart from your personal viewpoint) is premature to say the least. If José are looking for a Gerrard type of player for the third midfield slot Essien is it, bar the obvious- Gerrard.
  3. New Kits

    Can anyone clearly confirm that this will be our away kit for next season? I can confirm that the home shirt will look like this (I'll be buying it through Sportfanz, a swedish firm selling fotball merchandise, and the contact with the Swedish fanclub CSS has confirmed that this will be the home shirt 2005/06: But what's up with the away kit? Isn't it a bit too much like Man C? Also, reminds of our away kit from the 1985/86 season (I mean colorwise of course...):
  4. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Arjen RobbenI think Adriano would easily bang in 30 odd+ in the prem! id="quote"> id="quote">Funnily enough he hasn't done that (or even been close to do that) one single season in the serie A. And don't come with the old lie that it is harder to score in the Serie A compared to the Prem. I have run statistical tests on this over the last ten seasons in La Liga, Serie A and the Prem and there is no statistically significant difference in goals scored. It is however a statistical difference in goals scored between theese three leagues and the french and german league. It seems that as the percieved standard goes down (ie prem is percieved as better than the french league 1) the number of goals scored increases. One example is that there is scored about 1.1 goals/game more in the Danish "Superligaen" when compared to the Prem. When compared with the Swedish "Allsvenskan" the difference was even bigger. In England, Spain and Italy the number of goals scored per game was on average around 2.5 goals scored per game. People need to realise that we are not playing football manager here. This is real life and there is no guarantees whatsoever that Adriano would score more than Drogba did last season.
  5. Didier Drogba

    quote:He'd have missed them anyway......Apart from that, Drogba is playing with the best side in the country. ANY striker with reasonable ability should be able to muster 20 goals with a side like we've got. A GOOD striker should be able to bag 30 + id="quote"> id="quote">Then I'm afraid you'd be disapointed even if we signed Torres, Adriano or Sheva. Realistic expectations please.
  6. Frank Arnesen

    quote:Originally posted by archivalTHFCThis says a lot about Arnesen as a person. His wife was in hospital last week and nearly died, and he goes off to Sardinia to hang out on a billionaire's yacht! id="quote"> id="quote">To be fair, the reports claim that the "meeting" was merely a lunch meeting between Mr Abramovich, Mrs Abramovich, Mr Arnesen AND Mrs Arnesen. So apparently she is not dying at any hospital. quote:Originally posted by ravin madSpurs' mercenary approach towards compensation stinks. They're holding out for as much money as they can. Fair enough, but if they really have a problem with the whole issue then they should have reported us to the FA and not set out to benefit financially. Yet another club setting themselves up as holier than thou. If they were that principled, they wouldn't be going around issuing deadlines, they'd be pushing for us to be punished. id="quote"> id="quote">Couldn't agree more. I think we should tell Sp*rs to *** off and offer them what would be customary for a sports director. The £10M Sp*rs are holding out for is lunatic. So offer them £1-2M. If they refuse then kindly tell them to go **** themselves and report us all they want. Then we can report them to the police for blackmailing us and perhaps to the Premier League for the alledged tap-ups of Forssell, Parker and Huth. This whole story stinks. I blame the English culture. In Italy, or more specifically Milano, Milan and Inter players are socialising openly. There is a restaurant called La Lenghi at Corso Como where Roberto Mancini (manager of Inter) frequently can be seen to have lunch with both Costacurta and Maldini (AC Milan players). This is not even mentioned in Italian press. Can you even imagine the negative press coverage we would get if José would be seen dining alone with Asley Cole or any other high profile player in the prem? Also, feel free to compare with the Kenyon/Rio incident where 20 persons sat together around a table at a full restaurant in London. English media needs to start putting perspective on things. If Sp*rs were serious with reporting us they would have done that already. And if we, against all the odds, would be deducted three points then we just have to make sure that we are atleast 4 points better than everybody else. And would we lose the Championship with less than three points then we could call the new champions for the "office champions". That should p*ss off the R's fans don't you think? I hope we'll stand firm. EDIT// Sorry for the aggressive tone but this really infuriates me.
  7. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Bazzabluequote:Originally posted by David80 Who would you like for the striker position? Pele at his prime? id="quote"> id="quote">Well certainly not Heskey at the end of his career. Which is what Drogba looks like. quote:Originally posted by David80Drogba's got EVERYTHING a striker needs except a great first touch and lethal finishing. id="quote"> id="quote">Er.....aren't these rather important attributes in a striker??? A bit like saying that a tennis player has everything....except arms. quote:Originally posted by David80 First of all, his first touch were excellent at the start of the season. It was after his injuries all the problems started for him (I think that after the Newcastle trashing at SB he never looked the same). id="quote"> id="quote">Quite frankly, I though he was pretty poor all season. I really don't think his injury can excuse the performance. id="quote"> id="quote">Ohhh, harsch mate (even though I appreciate the sense of humour). Of course you're entitled to your opinion but I think that you are way to critical. But let's see. I mean, he'll stay anyways so I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunities to discuss this topic further;) But watch out, you might have to eat your words!
  8. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by gangessBazza be prepared for some humble pies as I believe a fully fit Drogba will make you eat your words. Someone came with a very good point: If Drogba was taking penalties he would have been well over the 20 goals barrier. id="quote"> id="quote">Thank you! Finally someone with sense;). I'm just waiting for Bazza to say he'd missed them anyways...:-)
  9. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by BazzablueDo us a favour. Scoring a couple against Egypt is one thing. Doing it against Ars or Manu is quite another. I don't think that the question of Drogba leaving ever really arose - except in this Forum. For one thing, he ain't worth a lot after that poor season. for a second, some people would have a lot more egg on their faces if we sold him after one season. Fine. We'll see how he gets on next season. But to me, he is so lacking in the attributes required to be a successful striker in the Prem, I can't see any significant improvement. We'll just have to score most of our goals despite having such a handicap. id="quote"> id="quote">You really amaze me. Who would you like for the striker position? Pele at his prime? Drogba's got EVERYTHING a striker needs except a great first touch and lethal finishing. However, IMO that's attributes that are suffering when confidence is running low. First of all, his first touch were excellent at the start of the season. It was after his injuries all the problems started for him (I think that after the Newcastle trashing at SB he never looked the same). When it comes to his finishing I don't know what to say. RvN has had dry spells. So has Henry. All strikers are suffering from a goal drought at some stage in their career. Let's see if Drogs can shake it off.
  10. Didier Drogba

    I posted a post a few days ago but it was never moderated (don't know why, it was definately not abusive in any way) so I'll try again. Can't understand how we are slagging off our own. Dider Drogba has just been a major part in securing our first English championship for 50 years and some of us are behaving like spoilt little brats. Some comments are abusive (I consider other posts as well) and totally out of line. I am really surprised that my plea to you didn’t get moderated when I read some of the abusive garbage posted here lately. Drogba played 30(10) and scored 16 goals in a season where he missed 2-3 months, had no proper pre-season, had a gigantic pressure over his head due to the hefty transfer fee etc etc. It didn’t help him either that we changed our offensive style a few times as well (no wingers, Duff returns, Robben return and we play 4-3-3, Robben disappears again etc). Also, I have always felt that Drogba is a huge raw talent but that he is badly schooled. A season in the prem will only have done him good and I am confident that Drogba will be a revelation next year. Personally I hope we won't buy a single striker this summer. Why? There isn’t anyone available out there that would be a certainty to strengthen the team (ok, Adriano and Sheva aside, but let’s face it, they won’t switch from their respective clubs). You who are talking about Torres must be mad. He's just had a terrible season and I feel he is vastly overrated. He hasn’t showed anything over the last 3 years that have got me to rub my eyes. It’s just a media hype IMO. So please. Can't we just stop slagging off our own? Jarosik, Smertin, Geremi, Huth, Johnson, Drogba and especially Kezman were all part of this title winning Chelsea team and they all had their parts to play. They are Chelsea players whether you like it or not and they deserve our respect and praise and not to be stabbed in their back by their own fans. I have a feeling that way too many has just joined the boat (which is ok, new fans are good for the club) and therefore haven't been here during the tough times.
  11. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Dan Murphyquote:Originally posted by it crossed the lineMore like stuck with him for another season. Realisticly though he is worth about £6m now. Mourinho's only keeping him so he doesnt embarrass himself AGAIN. id="quote"> id="quote"> Harry Kewell anyone? id="quote"> id="quote">Ehhh, how about El Hadji Diouf? That was 10 million well spent.