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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Bang on. Yes, plenty. I can't fathom why though. We've just signed 11 first eam squad players over 16 months but would need another 7 to have players to make such a system work. Let me get this straight. You've been telling everyone how Conte is a master to work with what he's got and to chose tactics based on what players he has. Yet he's signed 11 players for the first team and would require a bunch more to even have a first XI that would be suitable for a 352. What on earth is he doing? A 352 consisting of Hazard and Morata as the only attacking players has to be the very definition of a defensive set-up - especially when you consider the midfield. It's remarkable anyone would call it otherwise. But sure - let's aim for a formation that would require major surgery in attack (3 new strikers needed) and central midfield (2 creative CMs) and a new set of wing backs. Another £400m spent right there to adopt a formation that would lack all the hallmarks of a league winning side in this league. If Conte is serious about 352 I actually hope we will fire him. I can't see it being a success here and it would put an enormous pressure on our wingbacks to assist/score a lot more than they manage to do now. For me, I see absolutely no reason to move away from 3421. Absolutely no reason. As for us needing more AMs - yes. It's obvious. But I'd also like to remember that you spent the summer arguing we absolutely did not need more AMs.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    We have 5 players for 8 positions more like. We have AM1, AM2, AM3 and S1. The generous type will say we also have S2. But where is AM4 and AM5 and S3? As for the calls for us ditching the AMs altogether and go for the ultra defensive 352? Heavens no, ditch what makes us a good side - our AMs! We don't have enough strikers to have four in every game - two playing and two on the bench. We'd need five strikers all in all and at least 5 CMs. That would be 10 players for 5 positions - so actually five players short. I can't see how 352 is more fitted to the players we have, it would require major surgery to get there. Not to mention we'd have to buy two new WBs cause the ones we have doesn't contribute offensively. So effectively 7 players before we can have any hope to see 352 played as the main formation. Imagine our attacking game consisting of Hazard, Morata, Alonso and Moses.... yikes. We would also lose all tactical variety if we did do the permanent switch to 352 because we'd have to ditch the AMs. I hope that never ever even cross our minds. I see the 352 to be used as last season - to close out games or tricky away ties in Europe. But to actually want us to move towards that as the base case? Has there ever been a winning PL side that didn't have strong attacking wide players? It's like playing American football without wide receivers. A non-starter.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wow - I wasn't sure what people thought/expected but this has surprised me. I can only hope you are correct Michael! I agree we need 3+ players but think it's unlikely we'll get them in January. And to be perfectly honest, if Conte isn't going to be here come August 2018 perhaps we should wait until next summer?
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Does anyone think we'll sign players in January? If yes, how many? Which position(s) and who are the player(s)?
  5. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    Since you brought it up... yes - I agree. But I'm going to be slightly more greedy. GK: Courtois, Caballero, GK3(HG) CB: Azpilicueta, Luiz, Christensen, Rudiger, Cahill WB: Moses, Zappacosta, Sandro, Alonso CM: Kante, Bakayoko, Fabregas, Drinkwater, Pasalic/Van Ginkel AM: Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Richarlison, Loftus-Cheek, Palmer/Baker S: Morata, Batshuayi, Abraham 23 outfield players who have shown they are very good Championship/decent PL standard at the bottom and world class at the top. I'd be very happy with that squad. But that requires a manager who is ready to rotate. I think that Baba may very well be a much better fit in Conte's 3421/343 compared to Jose's/Rafa's/Di Matteo's/Hiddink's/AVB's 4231/433 variations. He certainly has attacking qualities and a pretty decent cross. Also a lot faster and pacier than Alonso although he's nowhere as good defensively or in the air. But a nice complement to what Alonso has now. There's some question marks still though. How long will he need to be back to full fitness? Will we go for Sandro in January? What to do with Kenedy? That remains to be seen. I don't think Kenedy makes us considerable weaker. He's nothing special, but solid enough and gives you a 6-7 most games he plays. Alonso has a higher ceiling, but his range seems to be 5-9. From what I remember, Baba was 5-7 most games for us.
  6. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Yes, like I said.
  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Isn't 5 the cause for 1-4? But then 1-4 was caused by a conscious decision to only have 13 players plus 3-4 spares.
  8. Following Chelsea's Loans

    If that's the case, then why don't we just sell them or close down the academy? There will always be arguments for why someone doesn't get playing time yet here we are with a squad that barely exists. What's our primary target? To make sure we have the best possible squad we can have? Or to trade promising players hoping to make, in the grand scheme of things, a tiny profit (best case)? It should be obvious.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    The loan to Napoli was utterly bizarre. Whoever sanctioned that should be shot.
  10. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Fully agreed. In terms of experience Palmer is definitely ahead of Musonda. Yep - that's how we should do it and that's how we should have done it with Chalobah. We shouldn't spend massive amounts to buy squad players. We should spend on top talent that makes a difference and of out the squad with the academy products that are good enough for this level. So far we have argued we didn't have players from the academy that was good enough. Now that we have, they still don't feature. That's a massive issue. Add Abraham, Loftus-Cheek, Chalobah and Ake to this years squad and all of a sudden we'd be quite ok for numbers.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    This. Edit: We are not good enough to have a player doing nothing unless he's on the opponents half. Unfortunately that's what KDB does. He'd have been equally useless under Conte as he was under JM. Any tactic that requires movement, pace and workrate ain't a tactic that will work for good old Kevin. He's a luxury player - a luxury City haven't been able to afford up until now - when they have world class players in nearly every position in the squad.
  12. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    The sudden flurry of hamstring injuries can surely be attributed to the added pressure of playing more games. The fact that we don't have a proper squad is now hurting us big time. Four seniors are out. That is by no means unusual. Given that we have those injuries, it means we have a squad of: Courtois, Caballero; Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill, Rudiger, Christensen; Zappacosta, Alonso, Kenedy; Fabregas, Bakayoko; Willian, Pedro, Hazard; Bats 14 outfielders incl Bats and Kenedy who clearly aren't trusted. We are desperately low on quality and quantity at FB, AM and S.
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Well I'm shocked he's surprised to be honest. He only needs to look at Ake, RLC and Chalobah. All three lightyears ahead of Musonda and they barely played last season. The madness that our squad is this season is primarily madness because we have chosen to enter a season with 3 AMs and 2 strikers. We needed at least 7 players in those positions. The perfect mix for me would have been; Strikers: Morata Versatile striker such as Griezmann/Cavani Bats AMs: Hazard Pedro Willian AM4
  14. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    Some harsh critisism of Hazard there. He's a fantastic player. Please don't spoil that by expecting a Messi in his pomp. Eden is what he is, a top 10 European footballer and he plays for us. Happy days!
  15. Alvaro Morata Gone on loan

    Mindblowing! Morata out for up to six weeks. Plan B? Oh yeah, we decided we didn't need a plan B back in May. I can hear Nobly chewing away on his Kits Kats in a real frenzy!
  16. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    Yeah £500k/week isn't to be sniffed at of course. I suppose it comes down to what one wants out of ones professional career. Its short. Not a lot of time to repair career mistakes. Lampard for example. Definitely made the right choice to stay. Terry likewise.
  17. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    As for all the rumours about Real Madrid... How about this angle? If Hazard keeps his games/season ratio intact for another five years with us he'll be breaking 500 appearances in 2021/22 at a new stadium. Hopefully with a CL title or two and a few more Preamier League titles and a few domestic cups. That would place him at number six in the all-time appreanace list between John Hollins and Petr Cech. If he kept on scoring at the same rate (hopefully a moderate prediction), he''d be scoring his 140th Chelsea goal in 2022. But 14 goals per season isn't his true level. Thats skewed by the 2015-16 season. I'd say the average of 18 is probably a better prediction. Then he'd be scoring his 160th Chelsea goal in 2022. 140 goals would take him to 7th in the all-time goalscorers list just behind Roy Bentley and Bobby Tambling. 160 would make him 5th behind Drogba. but with Lampard in his sights. 2022 Hazard would be 31. He could go on to surpass Terry on appearances (top 3, 717 apps) and Lampard in terms of goals (211) if he stayed on until 35.
  18. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    I think that Hazard wasn't necessarily mature enough to play the #10 role previously. For most of his Chelsea career, he's had certain aura of naivity about him and definitely lacked that killer instinct. Too much fluff and not enough end product if you like. It seems he's trying to be more direct now and that is certainly a great change if it is permanent. If he becomes more efficient with the ball and more ruthless he'll be unstoppable regardless whether he plays the #10 or #11. Perhaps now, he's better equipped to play the #10 position? Either case, I think he'll slowly transition to be more and more a #10/false#9 type player as his career progresses. For now, I think we'll see some rotation between 3421/343 and 352 depending on opposition, injuries, general availability and form. So I reckon he'll be rotating between #10 and #11 throughout the season. But regardless which position he'll play, I expect him to kick on from last season and firmly leave the 2015-16 season behind him. We need to see him consistently at 2014-15 form. If he manages that he's top 5 in the world. I think some seem to be overly hung-up on whether a squad is built for a formation or not. I think this squad is built around two formations, for which it lacks components regardless of which one of the two you prefer. In reality I reckon we'll shift between the two. Instead of building a squad for one tactical formation, I reckon the goal should be to build a flexible squad with suitable players (let's be honest here, the players we did buy this summer has been extremely good fits to the team) who fits the team ethos. Let's assume we keep all current players for next season while bringing back RLC, Abraham and Zouma from loan and signing Alex Sandro from Juventus. GK: Courtois (26), Caballero (37), Eduardo (36) CB: Azpilicueta (29), Luiz (31), Rüdiger (25), Christensen (22), Cahill (32), Zouma(23)* WB: Moses (27), Zappacosta (26), Sandro (27)^, Alonso (27) CM: Kanté (27), Bakayoko (24), Fabregas (31), Drinkwater (28) AM: Hazard (27), Pedro (31), Willian (30), Loftus-Cheek (22)*, Musonda Jr (21). S: Morata (25), Batshuayi (24), Abraham (20)* That squad would be quite decent for 3-4-2-1/3-4-3 and 3-5-2 type set-ups. That's a fairly balanced squad in terms of age while still being something to build upon for the future (ages start of next season in brackets). I don't know about that. He's had some insane performances for us in the past. It was perhaps a more mature perfomance than he usually delivers, but I wouldn't say the best.
  19. Media / Press

    A rare moment of clarity from the SkySports muppets. That goal was top. top class. World class even.
  20. Alvaro Morata Gone on loan

    Absolutely. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The players we do have now is not the problem. The players we did end up signing isn't the problem either. It's the players we don't have that's the issue. If we had three proper back-ups to that front 4, it would give us 7 serious options for the front 3. As it stands we only have 6 where 2 of them are Musonda and Bats. Thats what lacking for us to have a top European squad imo. That would have been almost as good as the top 6 European sides (Real, Barca, PSG, Bayern, Juve).
  21. Alvaro Morata Gone on loan

    I absolutely agree that there is room for impovement in certain areas of his game. I do not however think that his hold up play is a big issue. He does lack in concentration occassionally but I think that may stem from him trying to adjust to this league and the sheer pace and physicality of it all. I'll hold judgement until Morata and Hazard has had a prolonged patnership together. I think that combo can unlock an extra gear or two to our attacking play. Especially if it can free up space for Willian/Pedro.
  22. Tiemoue Bakayako

    Let's not go there. It's been done to death over the years. Brilliant he wasn't though. He was acceptable for his first few seasons here but nowhere near the £25m player we paid for. Then he was just a liability that couldn't even succeed with basic 5 yard passes and was hardly able to cover his position in terms of running ability. For his last few seasons he added needless free-kicks and aggression which I suspect was borne out of frustration as he realised he wasn't quite good enough. But neither of us will change our mind on him. I've seen him live so many times and never, ever, was I impressed. He was even worse irl than when one watched him on the telly. For most players it's the opposite.
  23. Alvaro Morata Gone on loan

    I think you are being incredibly harsh and it feels like you may not appreciate him very much due to your history with him. Something I think stems from his time at Juve when he was a 21 year old kid where everyone knew he wouldn't stay on past his second Juve season. I do agree he was a bit subdued from min 20-35 in the first half. But that had more to do with us playing an ultra counter-attacking style with virtually no support whatsoever for Morata. Had Stoke equalised in that time frame I'm not sure we'd would have gone on to win the game. Instead they made a mistake and Pedro scored the second out of nothing. His second goal was immense. Diego would have struggled to replicate that goal and running against defenders battling is supposed to be his strength. I was extremely pro signing Alvaro this summer. Heads and shoulders my preferred striker option. Now that I've seen him play for us, I'm not sure I'd prefer many strikers to him to be perfectly honest. Of course a Neymar, Mbappe, Messi etc are better players but for us, in our system, I don't think any of them would be better. He's also only 24 so a lot of the established household names fall off due to their age. Aguero is one such example. I struggle to see a better striker in the PL. Getting him for £58m+add-ons is a steal.
  24. Tiemoue Bakayako

    Ouch. A much less athletic version of Ramires? I hope you are talking about the 2010-2013 version and not the one we saw from 2013 onwards. If that's the case then I'm surprised Baka can enter the pitch without his cane;) Think you are being incredibly harsh on Bakayoko. Imo he's already a much, much better player than Ramires ever was.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    That would be a decent signing as Cavani would be able to fill in as a wing-forward in the 343/3421 and as a striker in the 352. Signing Cavani would make a massive difference. Perfect January recruitment although he's getting on a bit (31 in february).