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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't have a short memory, just stating the obvious. Roman hasn't paid for a player with his own money in years. The Chelsea FC operation is 100% funded with Chelsea FC generated turnover. I appreciate the joke, but we both know that is simply not true.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Roman isn't paying for our transfers. Chelsea FC are however.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be honest, it's not so much Conte experiencing this but rather all managers we employ. Mourinho, Ancelotti, Mourinho again and now Conte. You are right though (imo), something is definitely not right at the club.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    16 days to go... Getting desperate this.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    We have nothing in common to Spurs when it comes to buying players. Weve got different strategies altogether and we spend way more than them. Spurs aren't even fighting with us, Liverpool, Arsenal, City and United when it comes to buying players. They buy at a different level of the market.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Interesting. So it is not bias when we say that Chelsea sign players later than everyone else. It's actually facts. Thanks a lot of the link. Quite a big difference ember web us and Spurs and the rest of the league. Very interesting.
  7. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Plenty have said we need more than 6 players (which is what I meant by the way)? I seem to be under the illusion the vast majority stating we need beween 3-5 players then. You seem to think that Mourinho and Conte had/has any authority to make deals happen by themselves. Only way you can reach that conclusion really.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    And not for the first, or last I might add, time.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Good read/watch here. RLC looking well promising from that highlight reel.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sky sports: Conte described Matic as a "great loss" at last week's Premier League launch, and the transfer looks all the more questionable after his man-of-the-match display for Manchester United against West Ham. "I still can't believe Chelsea have let him go," said Sky Sportspundit Gary Neville on Sunday. "It just does not make sense."
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    If this is true, that would certainly go along way as far as forgiving them for the summer goes. If we sign five players in 17 days we've done exceptionally well.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think you're bang on with that assessment. When utilised correctly, he's a monster in midfield. Over the last three seasons he's had amazing stats when it comes to win tackles, recoveries and interceptions. When a team plays with a high press and quick transitions he's at his best. He was the first piece of the jigsaw for that 2014/15 title winning team. Fabregas and Costa completed it. I don't think we can afford to be that picky at this point in time. The time for talking about us buying world class players ended a few weeks back. Now we should just about take anyone. Absoluely.
  13. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    I think the planned loan for Chalobah may have played a part in his decision to leave... You always have to be the worst don't you;) As for the incompetence claim, I'd be interested to know what Conte has done to deserve to be called incompetent. Because he hasn't been able to demand more from the club? With that I mean demanded certain players to stay until they were properly replaced? I certainly agree that the club is failing miserably in terms of proper squad size and genuine options, but why would Conte be to blame for that? He, much like Mourinho, publicly demanded new players to strengthen the squad. Neither seem to have been obliged as far as I'm concerned. Massively let down from a position of strength. Bizarre...
  14. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Good shout that. I wouldn't mind him coming back. We can, and have done, a lot worse since he was fired.
  15. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Absolutely. But there also seem to be a lack of communication between different stakeholders at the club. The timing of us letting players go vs the timing of when we sign their replacements being a case in point. But it's all done now and we have seemingly not learnt from past mistakes. Not sure what else to say on this subject that hasn't already been stated. All we can do now is close our eyes and hope for the best and have some distant hope that this is never allowed to happen again. Not likely but what else can we do?
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't blame you;)
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not sure what you mean - what I mean is that if we told him in January that he could move on then surely we must have known we can actually sell him at an acceptable price in June? If not, why would we tell him he's free to leave? If we told him in January that he could move on, I would assume the condition was always that he could move in June (and not in January) as we did not have enough players to survive him leaving in January. However, when one think about it - how likely is it that we told the only striker Conte trusted he was free to leave with almost half the season to go? That in itself seems like a very stupid strategy... Just a thought... Registering players and buying players are two separate things. AM can still buy players but they can't register him. The talk was always that if he would go to AM they'd have to sort out a deal with another club to take Costa on loan until January 2018 if he was to play before then.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    This is the only plausible solution at this point in time. Accept whatever offer AM puts on the table and be done with it. Every day that passes is basically yet another day the club will look bad. I should perhaps add that I watched the game on TV. It certainly seemed like there was a chorus of "are you watching Abramovic". It is however quite hard to grasp where it comes from when you watch on TV. Did anyone who was at the game hear it? There's of course a rathe rbig chance that I misheard it and the fans sang something else completely.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Didn't the fans sing 'are you watching Abramovic'? Seems to me there was a section of the fans who were blaming the current state on Roman...
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Er, that's exactly what I am saying - we can't force him to go elsewhere. We knew he only wanted A Madrid. We knew they would suffer a transfer ban - that was known and one appeal had already been turned down and there was a precedent set with Barca. We knew all of this and yet no deal has been made... And by the way, A Madrid does not have a transfer ban, they have a registration ban. What that means is that they are free to buy as many players as they want, but can only register them for competitive games in January 2018. So there is no reason to why A Madrid can't buy players now - they can.
  21. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    A very common theme with us for a number of years now.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    The club would have known about any potential transfer ban when they alledgedly told Costa in January that he could leave this summer. It (the transfer ban) was upheld on May 30/June 1 but that should not have been surprising in the slightest as there was already a precedent set with Barcelona. I fail to see how Costa is responsible for this or that you can state that with any degree of certainty. The problem in this situation arises from the fact that Costa only wants back to A Madrid which should come as no surprise to the club. Even if Costa mouthed off to a fitness coach back in January, you'd have to wonder whether that was enough to dispose one of your best players over such a small thing. He took his punishment, didn't complain and came back and still gave 100% every time he took to the field. Now as I have stated on many occassions already, none of us really knows what has happened here. I do however see a lot of people automatically assuming that it's Costa who's in the wrong here. But as I see it there are two situations to consider; 1. the reason for Conte telling Costa (either in january or in june) that he wasn't wanted 2. Our star striker sitting in Brazil with no deal done for him We can blame Costa all we want for number 1 (and probably with a little bit more certainty), but there's only one entity to blame for number 2 - Chelsea FC. I really don't see how what I wrote can be labelled 'ridiculous'. Especially since none of us actually knows what has happened. Yes you are right that the club can't force Costa to move to a club he doesn't want to move to. The club ought to have known, as we all did know, that he only wanted AM. The player is responsible to do what he is paid to do, but the club won't let him do what he is paid to do and instead are trying to force him to train with whatever reserve team we have left at Cobham. I wonder who's in breach of contract here really - for me that would be enough grounds for contructive dismissal by the club. Costa has no case? No perhaps not, but neither does the club. The only thing the club can do now is to sort out a deal that takes Costa to A Madrid. So far we have not been successful with that - I.e. we have handled this situation badly. So unless we knew there was a definite deal to be had with A Madrid, Costa is just another asset we have made unuable for the season ahead for little reason. In the end I wouldn't be surprised if we are forced to let Costa go there on a free. There's only one party to blame for that and it isn't Costa. You didn't point out any facts, you offered your interpretation of what you think you know. As we all do. I am not attempting to start an argument, I'm attempting to have a discussion on the topic that's being covered - you know as you would do on a forum. You however are, as you always do, trying to make this into a personal thing. Grow up, seriously. If you are unable to do so, stop responding to my posts. End of story really. Quite. It is well documented that Costa has wanted a move back to A Madrid for a while citing various reasons - unfair press, refs targeting him, problem adjusting to the country/language etc. This is the fact that makes me maintain the club has handled this as the bunch of amateurs they are. We knew he wanted AM, we knew he was unlikely to move anywhere else. How we, with only two weeks to go of the window, find ourselves in this situation is mindblowing. If we told him back in January he can leave, then it is our responsibility to make sure there is a deal on the table. It's not Costas responsibility to find a club that wants him. Neither is it particularly wise to think he'll comply with some bullshit demand he has to come back to train with the reserves. He's a world class player, it's simply degrading to force a player to do that. We should act honourably and let him leave to the club he wants to go to if we do not want to keep him ourselves.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    What club Costa wants to move to surely has to be his choice? After all, it's not slave trade we're dealing with here. Besides, it can hardly come as a surprise to us that he wanted to move to AM and if it is a surprise then the club has done a great impression of an ostrich. I will give you that there's certainly a possibility that Costa made up the text message story after learning that CAS had upheld their transfer ban. But then again, if that message wasn't sent he's certainly putting himself in a tricky situation especially since he claims he still has that yet message on his phone... I deem it as highly unlikely that Conte did not send the text message. The question mark here is whether he was told he could leave in June or not. Costa claims he wasn't, Conte claims he was. But even with the transfer ban being upheld, surely by the time this happened in January everyone knew AM ran a serious risk of not being able to register new players. In business you always work after the worst case (plausible) scenario. The ban being upheld can hardly come as a surprise as there was already a precedent set with Barca. Regardless of what went down, we have told a player he can leave without knowing we had a buyer who were willing to meet our valuation. Also - only a fool would expect that the value of Costa would remain unchanged after we have made it clear he wasn't in our plans. So if we expect AM to pay a fee similar to what we'd accept should we have wanted Costa to stay makes us absolutely deluded. Of course the value plummets immediately once this is known.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes? Martin1905 seems to think we haven't handled this badly.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    1. How can we tell a player he can leave without knowing we can sell him? A player that has been one of our best players over the last three seasons nonetheless. 2. Come on. I gave you two scenarios and demonstrated how both showed that the club has handled this badly. We still don't know what has happened - either of us - do we? So to conclude. If we told Costa he could leave in January without knowing we could offload him at an acceptable price to a club Costa would accept we've handled this badly. Alternatively, if we didn't tell Costa he could leave in January but rather through a text message in June we have handled this badly. I'm not stating which scenario is the most likely or which one actually happened. I'm offering my view on why this has been handled badly regardless of which of the scenarios actually did happen. Ok?