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  1. Chelsea 3 Roma 3

    You can blame the anti-Chelsea PGMOL campaign for that. Imagine if we had to add such disastrous referee calls like we had to endure in 2015-16? I actually trhink we looked better in 2015-16 in terms of how well we played. Fatigue and ref performances derailed us. This season the refs doesn't even have to give us mutiple bad calls each game for us to falter.
  2. Chelsea vs Watford

    That I'm saying now that my assessment back in May was 100% spot on. We have yet again managed to make an extremely promising situation take a complete 360 degree turn to be disastrous over a summer. That takes a special kind of incompetence to manage twice in three seasons. I can't highlight the clubs amateurish dealings and severe lack of understanding of the modern game enough. This season will be a complete write-off and will end up with a manager change at some stage along the way. You can take that to the bank.
  3. Conte is absolutely responsible for the demise of our performances and the small squad. What he did last season ensured that all our squad players wanted out. 1) He's sold a number of automatic starters (Costa, Matic) 2) He's loaned out or sold off all viable squad players (Oscar, Mikel, Begovic, Chalobah, Aké, Traoré, Remy, Abraham, Palmer, Baker, Loftus-Cheek, Van Ginkel, Zouma, Pasalic). Some of those players had been extremely handy right now. It seems Conte had seriously believed that the club would be able to draft in 10 new players this summer. We only got 6. Perhaps it would have been prudent to have a bit more realistic expectations on how many players we could buy? The quality of the players we did buy is also questionable I think. Is Drinkwater really better than Chalobah? No, absolutely not yet there was a valuation difference of £30m. Insanity. Was it necessary to loan out Zouma and buy Rüdiger when we aölready had Luiz, Cahill, Azpi and Christensen? Could we have used Pasalic, Chalobah, Van Ginkel as added cover? Loftus-Cheek for the AM rotation and Abraham as our second striker? Net spend this summer was £83m. That's about £50m more than out 10-year average. Conte has been in a big rusah to sell of any usable player that wasn't an automatic starter. Surely the blame for that is firmly on his shoulders? Which is insanity in itself. Out of JM, Conte and Carlo, Carlo is clearly the lowest ranked manager of the three. No discussion. Of course, that the boards collective football knowledge is on par with the average fan is a massive issue. At some stage I have some hope they'll start to listen to the football people in charge of the footballing side of things. But it's been like this since the summer of 2006. Can't see it changing anytime soon. 1) Conte has made nearly as much noise on squad size as José did. The problem was that he was in such a rush to sell off players at a rate that made it impossible for the club to be able to bring in an equal number of recruits. 2) Precisely. Carlo is not the answer. As for the points, if you are looking at PL results we had 8 points after 8 games in 15/16 whereas we have 13 points this season after the first 8 PL games.
  4. (1) Unless you are José Mourinho, then everything is your fault. You are as guilty as anyone I'm afraid. (2) But that argument isn't valid for José Mourinho. You've stated as much yourself on a number of occassions. Yet we are to be believed that we have missed out on world class talent like Schürrle, Salah and Cuadrado due to JM not playing them without any regard to whether these players was good enough to command a rotating squad position. (3) Strongly disagree. Of course it has an impact. If you know that you aren't good enough to be in the top 13-14 outfield players you won't see much game time all season. That has a massive, massive impact on our ability to buy strong squad players imo. He doesn't have to be a builder. I think the club secretly hopes the next manager will be a lot less active in having opinions on this subject too publicly. In many ways Ancelotti is a perfect 'puppet' (for lack of better word!) manager as he's extremely familiar with similar systems from Italy. Sporting/Football/Technical Director who is responsible for the overall transfer strategy and the chief decision-maker in regards to who's being signed and who's not. Absolutely not. It's bound to happen and it's bound to happen sooner rather than later I'm afraid. Yes - I think we are but that has been fairly obvious since late May/early June. If anyone was in doubt, it was crystal clear we wouldn't have a proper squad by mid-July. Meaning the season was effectively written off completely that early. I'm disappointed Conte agreed to a new contract (to just up his pay) without having any tangible way of influencing what is going on at board level.