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  1. Sure. May main problem is that Lewandowski feels like a very, very big fish is a very, very small pond... I think he may struggle a lot more than people think... Great finisher but not much else. Will that matter more than people think? Imo yes.
  2. I may be very alone on this, but I'd seriously prefer Lukaku over Lewandowski. Lewandowski has never played in a seriously competitive league and always played for the best or second best German team. €100m? You're having a freaking laugh. He's virtually an Inzaghi and an old version at that. We need a lot more than that and even though I have serious reservations about Lukaku he's preferable to Lewandowski imo.
  3. Sure. But speed without the ball is one thing. It's generally a pro of you can manage to get the ball to follow your movements;) He's very, very quick though. But considering a technical player like Willian are deemed by many as not good enough for us, players like Adama T and Salah aren't even viable options. They are several levels below Willian imo.
  4. I've seen enough of him to know he'd be nowhere near an automatic starter for us. If Pedro has limited technique in tight spaces Salah is cursed with a club foot. But yes - in a team relying on pace and quick transitions he can be a danger. So he'd be a handy back-up player for Conte's Chelsea. We can do a lot better though.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much. Yes he'd fit in better to the style both we and Liverpool play now but he's still a very, very limited player overall. £39m is crazy but a good indication of where the market is. Imagine what a good AM will cost!
  6. Ouch! I'll take it you're not a fan of Barkley then! 🙈 That sounds a bit selfish... Unless Bayern hoped that would happen so they could save a few bucks on a potential bonus payment (him winning the golden boot). In which case his frustrations would be understandable.
  7. Links to Mahrez and Barkley today... Barkley is a funny one. Mahrez I can understand - wouldn't be too surprising really. He's a tricky player with a lot to offer. But not entirely sold on Barkley. What do people think of him?
  8. Sorry Michael, I couldn't resist... It was a joke though. Hope you understand that - no ill-intentions from my side. Just some friendly banter.
  9. Says the man who's championed Bamford, Omeruo and Hector to be given a place in our squad...;)
  10. True. But to be fair to Frank, he spent most of his first season here to the left of a flat midfield four. Not exactly his best position... Yes. We've come a long way! Not sure it was me, doesn't sound like something I'd talk about. It's mostly Droy who speaks of players weight and shapes. It's a squad game these days. He'd improve our first 18 considerably.
  11. Not sure I follow?
  12. ^ I'd be all over Ox. Ridiculously misused at Arsenal and he's got bags of potential while being able to cover several positions. Perfect squad player and English. A very astute signing if it happened.
  13. Some good points made by many although I'm only quoting your post. Of course Sandro is a top class LWB. I don't think anyone is arguing against that. But is it where we need to reinforce the most? No imo. But if we buy Sandro AND a top class CM AND a top class striker AND a top class AM then we don't have much to complain about. Problem being that will cost us £250m+ and we've never ever spent that sort of money before. Add the fact that when we have spent big lately (£120m last season) that has been coupled with significant sales (£80m incl Oscar and Salah but not including Cuadrado). If you include Cuadrado in this figures then we are at our average net spend over the last decade - £30m/season give or take... Who knows, maybe Roman understands that we need to invest £150m+ net to get back to where we want to be. But at this stage I see that more as wishful thinking than what reasonably will happen. I'll be happy to be proven wrong.
  14. Yeah Bertrand would cost £40m+ no doubt. Of all the young players we've sold, selling Bertrand was the hardest pill to swallow. It was clear as day he'd be a top player and he never disappointed when given a chance for us. I spent years defending him on here and asking us to give him a proper chance. But our short-term outlook made it very hard for managers to take a punt on him. Ake is almost exactly in the same situation. Hopefully we won't make an equally mad decision on him.
  15. Agreed. The upside of spending £60m on Sandro isn't as high as spending £60m elsewhere. Still - if Conte gives this his blessing I'm all for it.