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  1. Perhaps we can now stop with those ludicrous allegations that Costa would intentionally try to harm our chances to regain the title or that he doesn't care for our cause. Just look at his reaction to scoring. If that doesn't tell you all you need to know you aren't looking.
  2. I remember having had this discussion with someone last summer and before that even in regards to Pogba. I was always suspicious of his true ability and have never really been that impressed when I've watched him. At Juve he had a very specific role and was supported by some top class players throughout. At United he's supposed to be the main man and in that regard the situation is new to him. Kante has just swapped Leicester for Chelsea but is essentially doing what he did there. It's less of an adjustment needed for him. But my number one players I wanted last summer was Kante and Verratti. Kante we got but I don't think we'll ever manage to get Verratti. A midfield of Kante and Verratti would be absolutely sublime and would hold their own against anyone.
  3. I certainly think we have a tendency to defend too deep at times yes. Sometimes we do it smart, as in we let the opposition have the ball in areas where they can't hurt us. That's just good tactics. But lately we have been on the back foot, defending deep and still leaking goals. That's not quite as good. Whether you'd like to call that 'standing in the wrong places' or defending too deep I'll leave up to you. Edit: as for our defending on corners today... Yikes. I think Soton were dangerous on nearly every corner they had.
  4. It's worrying we fail to impose ourselves against Southampton at home when we really needed a commanding performance . Defensively we're all over the place. Losing second balls and the central defence are dragged all over the place. But perhaps most worrying is that we are in our back foot and defending deep in this type of game. It's one thing controlling proceedings and letting the other team have the ball in areas that aren't dangerous. But we're not doing that are we? We are meeting Southampton hurt us in dangerous areas and seem to have a lot of space through the lines. Our defensive stability from earlier on is nowhere to be seen at the moment. That is really worrying.
  5. Interesting. I'm pretty sure you thought the exact opposite two years ago...
  6. I'd take great pleasure in seeing him getting relegated from the Prem twice. I guess I'm trying to say I'm quite pleased he managed to get them promoted.
  7. Well obviously Conte would know wouldn't he? To be fair I did state "come across" as in what's visible to the outside observer. And I am comparing them to previous characters at the club so it's in no way to be taken as a critisism against either. It simply means I don't feel the same attachment to Fabregas, Costa, Hazard, Willian, Kante, Matic and the rest in the same way I did with Hasselbaink, Gudjohnsen, Vialli, Gullit, Desailly, Zola, Lampard, JT, Cech and Drogba. I really don't see the how that can be viewed as even remotely contentious given that it's personal preference and the players I'm comparing them with was indeed either club legends, cult heroes or huge personalities.
  8. We have two defenders on Alli. Yes it was a good ball from Eriksen but Alli has no business scoring from that. We should have dealt with it comfortably. We haven't kept a clean sheet in the league since 22 January... Our defending isn't what it has been.
  9. Fair enough, point taken.
  10. I'm not overly attached to either Willian or Kante. They're not exactly coming across as big characters and both are quite anonymous around the squad I reckon. Both are good footballers though no doubt. I'm sure Kante is someone I'll come to appreciate a lot more. Maybe it's just too soon.
  11. He certainly is an unreliable character and he does put the team under pressure sometimes with his antics. But then again that's who he is and how he plays. It's one of those players you'd love to have in your ranks but hate playing against. No question though, he certainly takes it too far at times although he doesn't receive much protection from the refs. Personally I'm not overly keen on him. In fact, there's not an awful lot of players that I feel attached to in this current side. I acknowledge Hazards talent and do have a soft spot for Azpilicueta and Luiz. As for the rest? Leaning towards a meh all around actually (JT aside of course!) There's also a few that I really don't like at all but support nonetheless. It's a strange time for me personally as I grew up with the late Hoddle years where we had a lot of great characters. The Gullit/Vialli years cemented that and we peaked under JM part I. Now I don't see too many strong personalities in the squad at all bar Costa and Luiz. Maybe the game has moved on and I haven't.
  12. Personally I'm leaning towards off-form. Maybe his head is turned and that may affect his performance by a few percentages. Maybe that's enough for him to lose his edge. Or maybe we just need to accept that we may have a few half-a-season players in our squad and that Costa is one of them? All in all, maybe this summer wouldn't be the worst time to get rid? If we do, we'd need two new strikers this summer.
  13. Deluded? Maybe you should ask yourself why Conte hasn't given him minutes despite Costa's form... At no point do I think Bats has looked decent. That we bought him for £30m is outrageous. I hope we won't use Bats too many minutes for the reminder of the season. Not until the league is wrapped up at least.
  14. I'd go with the following; Courtois; Azpi, Luiz, Ake; Moses, Fabregas, Kante, Alonso; Pedro, Costa, Hazard Batshuayi did not perform anywhere near a level for anyone to be able to claim he's half the player Costa is. I'd have an off-form Costa over Michy any day of the week. A thing we need to address this summer of course. Ake was excellent and I'd love to see him given another go. This kid is special and that much was obvious from the games he got under Benitez - collected, calm and good passer and never getting stressed or rash. The game itself is a must win of course. If we can put Spurs under some pressure and increase the gap to 7 before they go to Palace maybe, just maybe they'll crumble.
  15. Commentators try to hide their dismay. They're not doing a good job.
  16. Today Kante hasn't showed much.
  17. Looks like we're hanging on the ropes. Only a question of time now.
  18. Yeah he's shocking. He wont make it at this level. No way. Shouldn't even be looking for a loan. Just sell him.
  19. Joke defending as we are growing accustomed to lately I'm afraid. Clear-cut penalty on Moses. Absolutely no discussions there really. But our midfield is getting hammered.
  20. Hm. By a mile sounds a bit harsh on Kanté...:)
  21. Is he only caring about his ego because he points to the club badge? Is that the point you're trying to put across here?
  22. That's some absolute horrific news. Chelsea FC will never be the same. It's literally the end of an era. We will never see the likes of JT, SFL, Cech and Drogba again at this club. If I live to tell the tale, I'll be down memory lane and tell my son about the proper lads we once had at this club. A sad day indeed.
  23. A conversion rate to begin with would be to have had one (yes one) player bought into (or brought through) the academy system, being sent out on loan and then coming back at some stage to be a proper squad option. Courtois, KDB and Lukau don't qualify for that. Out of the three, only one was a success. Who else is there? Ake and Chalobah are in the fringes and who knows whether either will be part of our squad even met season. Tammy? Yes good loan. But we've had quite a few of those cases and where are they now? If the loan system is designed to send players on in their careers for a loss then it's just a waste of time. And I totally get that it's not easy to break into Chelsea. But that's not an excuse for the loan system, it's an argument to ditch it imo.
  24. Or maybe Costa is just a "half a season player" like quite a few of our key men seem to be.
  25. If we do manage to win the league I sincerely hope Conte walks if we fail to support him this summer with a handful of quality players. 1. We need a back-up:replacement for Costa 2. If Costa goes we need a back-up to his replacement 3. We need two quality wing-backs (Moses is alright as a back-up, Alonso good enough to be starting) 4. We need a top quality CM 5. We may need another attacker (unless RLC is given a proper go), a back-up keeper (if Bego goes) and potentially a CB We need proper funds this summer. It will take a real rebuilding job to get us back to where we want to be. Go into next season with 1-2 quality signings and we have murdurered ourselves before the seasons even started.