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  1. Official: Antonio Conte Appointed As New Manager

    Well, quite.
  2. Official: Antonio Conte Appointed As New Manager

    We certainly do like an Italian at Chelsea Football Club, don't we. Any who as I've said previously, it's hard to say 'good appointment', or, 'bad appointment', because in reality as we all know, it's win or die. But a huge summer. Again.
  3. http://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2016/04/conte-appointed.html
  4. Swansea City 1 Chelsea 0

    Swansea were a wonderful football team to watch. Not sure what went wrong with them. A nice youth blend again would be good. Might as well. And as noted in anther thread, Europa league or not?!
  5. Pato arrives on loan

    ^Interesting. Can kind of see what they mean. He did, but I don't think he was that bad compared to others. Perhaps the time in Milan then having to go back to Brazil give him some good thinking time and maturity, and counter that with getting the chance to come back to Europe perhaps his way of life and methodology and outlook has changed. But as said I'm delighted for him. Sounds like he really worked hard in training and finally got a deserved opportunity. It must of been frustrating to not play sooner but he didn't seem to get down by it, just worked harder.
  6. Pato arrives on loan

    I think he spoke very well on CTV, and you could see how genuinely delighted he was. Sometimes an attitude like this is very important. Players who mull from A-B are one thing, but the ones with real steel and determination are worth more than ones who don't have so much of this kind of attitude. Obviously him leaving Milan must of been a wrench career wise, so the fact Chelsea gave him an opportunity to come back to European football has obviously given him a real genuine gratitude to make it back to the big time and to try and get his career back on track, and again, if that gives him more fight and spirit for the shirt and the football club that's all good. The attitude of some confuses me, though. This is Alex Pato we're talking about. If he didn't have such unlucky injury problems, he would of easily been one of the best strikers on the planet. Because logically he's got everything. Or he certainly did have which got him the Milan move atsuch a young age. And, psychologically to have such ability and such talent that he has, and to have those injury problems at Milan must be psychologically devastating, or it certainly would be for me. Anyway, I'vealways been a huge fan of his, and as said fundamentally the poor guy just had real bad luck with injuries, and I've always waited until a club brought him back to Europe and I'm pleased it's us. He's a wonderfully gifted footballer and I'd love to keep him here for next season that's for sure. He's still very young and he could be a real diamond for us.
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Can anyone give me the official word on some of our young players who are reportedly leaving like this Quina guy? I've seen a few of our young players linked to leave for some pretty big clubs. So what's the deal here? Fed up with no opportunity for the first team or how that just looks incredibly unlikely?
  8. Next Chelsea Manager

    Thoroughly looking forward to Conte coming in actually. Hope he rips some heads off as well.
  9. Eden Hazard

    Some are being a tad harsh on the guy I have to say. I don't by the 'doesn't want to play with a minor knock' rubbish. Although, his season like most of the squad is inexcusable but I don't want to repeat myself with that.
  10. Pato arrives on loan

    I wish he would get somebloody minutes I really do. Just to see what've can do these daysmore than anything.
  11. Petr Cech: Official - A Legend Departs.

    Something a bit uneasy about seeing Cech on Twitter with the hashtag COYG.. I still have a very bitter taste over his departure and more importantly his destination. Call me trivial, maybe, and obviously he's going to do things like that at his new club, but as said, a very bitter taste remains. The shine on his legendary status will always be a little diminished to me.
  12. Next Chelsea Manager

    Sorry, James, bit of a bugbear of mine but it's ATLETICO Madrid, AT letico. As for the next manager I simply don't care. It doesn't matter. But seeing as Conte seems the one, I guess that's a fair enough appointment. Still think you have to question 90% of the squad, though, given how this season has been. Another massive summer yet again beckons. Or at least in theory it should. Bit back to Conte I don't know a lot. Seemed to do very well at Juve. Did he take over from Claudio when they returned to Serie A? Why did he leave/get sacked? I don't even know. Allegri had done well with that team since taking over as well. A seemingly very steady ship at the moment that football club.
  13. Paris Saint-Germain 2 Chelsea 1

    I'm doubting Guus has forgotten the Barcelona games.. Hope not anyway. We can do this! Those players owe the supporters this.
  14. Positivity corner

    We look like we possibly now have an actualchance of beating PSG?
  15. Next Chelsea Manager

    I think some are being a tad harsh on Pellegrini but I get some of the points. But given the mess Chelsea is continually wth managers then christ knows. We've seemingly done every option now. I'm still confused as to how Eddie Newton riddledhis way back to his current position.