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  1. Positivity corner

    We look like we possibly now have an actual chance of beating PSG?
  2. Next Chelsea Manager

    I think some are being a tad harsh on Pellegrini but I get some of the points. But given the mess Chelsea is continually wth managers then christ knows. We've seemingly done every option now.  I'm still confused as to how Eddie Newton riddled his way back to his current position. 
  3. Oscar

    I know. A bit baffling really.
  4. Official: Chelsea Sign Matt Miazga

    Is he the first yank to join us? Depending how he turns out it could be good for us on the marketing side etc
  5. Media / Press

    "If you look at the way they dealt with Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, other players who have left the club, it's like they don't pay a lot of respect to their former players if you like. "A little bit unlike what, say, Manchester United have done where they try to keep the likes of Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville as long as possible. Chelsea seem to go about it in a different approach: it's like the last of the legends, Lampard, Cech, Drogba, and now obviously Terry going at the end of the season"
  6. Media / Press

    Did anyone hear Jamie Redknapp on our treatment of Petr Cech when talking about JT leaving on SSN?!
  7. Positivity corner

    Made a profit in the January window?!? Tehehe.
  8. Next Chelsea Manager

    I don't think he's mediocre. Did absolute wonders at Villarreal. Real Madrid speaks for itself so not much point in mentioning that. He's done well at City, and the CL is I guess partly down to luck and some systemic problem with the club and the players in that competition. No pay off to another club in the summer as he's out of a contract, and, he's obviously adapted to English football etc honestly we could do a hell of a lot worse. Maybe he's too sensible an option. Hell, what do I know what this football club will do or has planned. Lost the plot a long time ago I think.
  9. Oscar

    Now that performance is what I've been expecting from Oscar for such a long time now. Sad we don't see more performances from him like that because man he's a talented guy!
  10. John Terry

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if he stays for another year. I guess all will depend on the new manager. Possibly.
  11. Next Chelsea Manager

    You referring to previous posts or that we should hire him? Common knowledge he's joining Bayern Munich in the summer, right?
  12. Next Chelsea Manager

    Call me whatever, but I'm really thinking Pellegrini would be a good option to take. Thoughts?
  13. Next Chelsea Manager

    Potential? Wasn't AVB potential? As has already been discussed, it fundamentally doesn't matter who is manager. Potential, or proven track record, it simply does not matter. 
  14. Club announce new stadium plans

    I think it could certainly look a lot better, but that's just my view.
  15. Ramires - Signs New 5 Year Contract

    Sad to see him go I have to say. Pretty disappointed he's gone to China, also. Thought Juventus would of been a great option had their initial interest come to reality.