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  1. Tough to predict. Depends how we start, especially if we score early. Or, could be one of those weird 3-2 Chelsea wins. Still, doesn't matter we just need the three points today given the Liverpool and Burnley results. Very pleased Fabregas is starting, but the bench in an attacking sense isn't great. I'd argue we have one attacking option and that's it. Conte clearly isn't overawed by Bats.
  2. Yeah the casualness is something I can't argue with unfortunately.
  3. Go on I'm ready!
  4. Robben and Messi are the most similar, and I would say Ronaldo and Hazard are the most similar. I believe Hazard really has the potential to be Ronaldo level, but 'does he want it enough' to use such a cliche. Ronaldo is an incredible role model for working hard. No doubt his talent and ability but he has worked his ass off to get where he is, and you have to admire that. Hazard doesn't seem to be as utterly ruthless as Ronaldo.
  5. Quoted by accident. My post was just a general opinion.
  6. Can't put my finger on it. You've pointed to possible inconsistent performances, which I think can be valid. You'd have to ask Conte but I accept your point. I'd like Fabregas to play a lot more generally, personally.
  7. Don't ever be surprised by anything Jose says or does. I mean when he joined United he was certainly going to irk a lot of us with what he spouts on about.
  8. I would say he's in his prime also. Just a nagging feeling we wouldn't. But who knows. But obviously, a wonderful footballer and of course, he would be a ridiculously good signing.
  9. Hazard is rarely injured which is obviously wonderful for him and for Chelsea and his national team. Again, a comparison isn't exactly that viable. One of the big shames with Hazard is that he could be the best around, but he isn't. I hate the nagging feeling I have in my head that sometimes he just 'doesn't want it enough' which seems a silly thing to say. I can't put my finger on it. His ability is pretty ridiculous and utterly undeniable. Again, can't put my finger on it without coming across as harsh.
  10. No, not particularly. Wasn't it always said Mata didn't 'work hard enough' or 'track back enough' or something? Although I don't ever think anything official regarding this came out. To say Jose doesn't like flamboyant players is a little bit silly I think. Thats laughable. Again Robben is, always has been, and always will be on another planet to Ribery. The fact you can't understand this is telling.
  11. And incidentally I'm surprised how the RM links to Hazard have seemingly dried up for a while now. You'd imagine they would want a player like him in their team without a doubt. I guess the Ronaldo situation comes in to situation but even so.
  12. Yes I remember. I alluded to such things previously.
  13. Blimey. Thought they were all under 16 or something.
  14. Just going to be too expensive isn't he. How old is he, 28/29? If he does leave I can imagine Juventus will do absolutely anything to get him (finances depending) or the obligatory Manchester City bid.
  15. Frustrating for the club, fans, him. But physically and mentally a totally different beast then to what he is now. Some players go one way and Robben seemingly went a very good rooute with development of his body and muscle etc I would say largely down to when he left RM. I would also assume you credit doctors and the powers at be (whoever they are) that helped, people are Bayern and the national team.