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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well if he does join I’ve got first dibs on Mother Fekir as my username.
  2. Official:
  3. Official:
  4. Alas, yet another Chelsea managerial change. Sigh. Again, and to reiterate, still not sure if this was a good decision or a bad decision in letting Conte go. Time will tell, I guess. As for Sarri? Like usual, not a clue how this one will go down. Think it’s a gamble, but when isn’t it? Going to be quite a change from Napoli, though! And if as reported, Zola? Don’t understand that one particularly.
  5. You’re developing a case of MT’itis :)
  6. The club doesn’t even have the decency to thank Antonio? Terrible. Hoping, and assuming, the club will rectify that at some point which I’m sure they will with a full article etc What a shame, though, that it had to end like his. I’ll still say a thank you to Antonio for what he did here, and again, very disappointing and quite gutting for it to end like this. Kind of has a Carlo Ancelotti ring to it.
  8. Bernd Schuster says hi. For example.
  9. Think I’m with the just keep Conte group now. How many actually exist in that group I don’t know.
  10. New Stadium Plans

    It just gets better.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Four! Christ... I forgot about the other one. Winning three in a row is utterly ridiculous. Fair play to them.
  12. Have some people forgotten that Conte is still actually the Chelsea Football Club manager? Or am I missing something here? Given previous thoughts, I’m actually mixed about him leaving. Not his fault the current squad is nowhere near it needs to be. Despite the season being a bit of a disaster, I’m still unsure Conte leaving is a particularly good thing. Say the squad doesn’t change a lot, are we really going to see much change with a new manager?
  13. Out of interest, is there any reason Sarri was sacked?
  14. Alvaro Morata.

    I feel extremely mixed on Morata. If some may recall, or even want to find, I said we were paying far too much money for him, I.e. he isn’t and wasn’t worth the amount commanded, and I think that was proven. But, despite not having a great season, I don’t think he did ‘too’ bad as many state. The injuries didn’t help, obviously, and I fundamentally believe this had a great affection on his second half of the season, and of course, the death of a great friend of his (I believe) in a car accident. Footballers are still human. But the first, say, three to four months of the season? He was looking very lively. Stoke away in particular, a hat trick I believe? One goal extremely reminiscent of a vintage Liverpool Torres, yet, also I believe in this game he probably should of quite easily scored 5 or 6. Quite why he wasn’t so clinical given he already had two/three I don’t know. Injuries, consistency and confidence seemed to be some of his issues in the second part of the season, along with him seemingly bitching a lot to referees and picking up stupid yellow cards, and, for a bit strong guy going down and moaning about it far too easily and far too much. But, perhaps not going to the WC, his second season with us, and hopefully not so many injuries, we certainly shouldn’t be willing to throw the baby out with the bath water just yet. I’m definitely an advocate of giving him another season. I think a lot of the criticism has been quite harsh on the guy, given his stats were not too bad. Although, I imagine his second half of the season stats don’t shine too brightly.
  15. New Kits

    Not at all. Yellow kit looks nice, though.