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  1. Sorry I should of mentioned his post was two hours ago (as of when I posted in this topic) he isn't a regular poster on Instagram particularly, so definitely some sort of message there I reckon. He's still with us so don't panic :) But, I think we should all chill and not worry. In a strange way, it's lucky we even have Diego this season as he's been wanting to go back to Spain (which is rather gutting) - personally, I'm a massive fan of his and I have been since his Atleti days. He's an absolute powerhouse, a warrior, and totally suited to the Premier League. This makes it rather gutting at the fact he isn't the happiest in England, because, and in all reality he could of been a monster for this football club for easily another 4-5 seasons. His goal scoring ratio I imagine is right up there with the best at this football club, and that's even with the total write off from last season! Im sure he will stay for the rest of the season, but after that I'm not so sure. Wish he was playing today, though :(
  2. Check his last Instagram post :) 3-2 Chelsea (3-3 at minute 92) but they get a goal disallowed :)
  3. His last Instagram post is him and Pedro celebrating and 'Come on Chelsea!!!' (And a blue heart) he doesn't post that often so I'd say it's a telling and a good sign :)
  4. Luckiest person on the planet.
  5. Stupid questions alert! Is 60 thousand going to be big enough? Is 60 thousand the highest capacity limit due to the area we have to work with? And would there be room for manoeuvre in the future to expand or?
  6. ^ Thanks for the update.
  7. The world and its wife wanting us to lose tonight! We can do this!! Diego to cause some havoc this evening I feel with one or two goals, and dare I say Hazard might chip in with one. 3-0 Chelsea but that's a heart over head thing. Still, we did City away which turned out to be a monster performance so we may do another! The ridiculous run (and it is ridiculous) will come to an end at some point, but here's hoping we can do 14 and then 15 in a row.
  8. What a shame. Very mixed feelings about it for many reasons. First and foremost, I'll never forget the Juventus goal. I'm still amazed at some who said 'he never meant that' bull! One of the best goals ever at the bridge I'd say. As for the move, it obviously appears very sensible for the club to accept such an offer. Oscar isn't playing much, and the amount of money is pretty ridiculous. Quite how much Oscar can have an opinion on the move I don't actually know. Yes the money is ridiculous for what he can take home each week, but I would imagine this move really is telling RE his career, potentially. Can he say 'I want to stay at Chelsea' or is the move forced on him? I'm not prive to such knowledge on these issues. He's not even at the peak of his career so going to play in China is such a waste. Why I feel it's a shame is because I was SO excited about his arrival. He clearly is incredibly talented and has a lot of natural ability, but I always somewhat felt he was a bit hindered here for whatever reason, manager, formation, position, players around him etc so in that respect I'm sad to see him go as we never saw the best of him here. Anyway, I'll wish him the best, he always seemed a very down to earth family orientated guy which is always refreshing.
  9. Chelsea Football Club has retained an external law firm to carry out an investigation concerning an individual employed by the club in the 1970s, who is now deceased. The club has also contacted The FA to ensure that all possible assistance is provided as part of their wider investigation. This will include providing The FA with any relevant information arising out of the club’s investigation. The FA has commissioned a dedicated NSPCC helpline for adults who were victims of sexual abuse in childhood within the football industry. The helpline is available 24 hours a day on 0800 023 2642. While the club's investigation is ongoing, we will make no further comment on this matter.
  10. Will be a BIG statement from the team tomorrow if we can get the win. The squad has seen the results of today so they know what they need to do. Very tough match, mind.
  11. Any news? Any timeframe when we're supposedly meant to here something?
  12. Two beautiful goals they really were! Absolutely love Diego! Hope he can stay fully fit. Funny things is, and annoying, he should be scoring more with his ability he really should! Also, how on earth did we not get a penalty for the Willian challenge? I mean it was blatant!
  13. Did anyone hear John Hartson on the BBC 606 podcast thing yesterday? Truly awful from him and their whole team. Costa should of been off, he dived, awful for the game, yet no mention about him being knocked with the knee on the goalkeeper. And, no mention about the Gary Cahill incident! Nothing at all! It was 'good play' from Fer and 'poor' from Cahill. My god the bias was incredible.
  14. I cannot fathom every single thing about Cuadrado since the minute he joined us. Utter, utter madness.
  15. Topic to discuss new signing Marcos Alonso.