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  1. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear a. So let me get this straight... Lampard has basically said our number one penalty taker at the football club is... Ross... Barkley...... AND, let’s just add this.. Barkley takes penalties OVER Willian and Jorginho, with all three on the pitch..... Now, I’m no expert, but out of those three people, I certainly know who comes third in my penalty list. And it isn’t Willian or Jorginho. What a farce. Not the best start in the CL for us a. Home games kinda vital for this side really, so that’s that one gone. Still, not sure we will make it out of the group stage anyway.
  2. It’s the potential for Chelsea Football Club to add another European trophy to our collection, so it matters to me. But I don’t think we will have much of a chance, unfortunately.
  3. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Never wanted Lampard in the first place so I’m not saying anything. But, why not start Giroud in a game like this. Disappointing. Giroud should be our number 1 striker no doubt about it. Deserves it as well. Overall the squad clearly isn’t good enough. This season will be a write off I’m afraid. This was my opinion way before the season started not just because of yesterday.
  4. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Still can’t be leave how screwed over we are RE this fixture, Liverpool’s fixture and the USC.
  5. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season So not in the squad or?
  6. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    Oh! Well, it was on the Chelsea site. So has he gone then?
  7. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    Van Ginkel! Well I never. I look at the squad and think... I don’t know what to think.
  8. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    Bit of a blow, isn’t it? I was of the opinion we need depth not lose it, especially with his experience and being of captain type.. can’t really see the club of wanting this happen or am I wrong? How many CB’s do we have? I guess with Zouma you have to hope nothing major happens to him.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don’t see a problem with what he’s said. (If)
  10. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    Lovely goal. Miss the guy already.
  11. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    Thanks. I’m sure he’ll be fit and firing by the time their season starts.
  12. How’s he looked? Haven’t seen any of pre-season. Wonder how those shirt sales are doing/will do.
  13. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    How’s he done for them in pre-season?
  14. Season prediction

    I did fairly well last season, got we’d win the EL and top four I think? This season. Premier League - 6 FA Cup - well who knows? But we won’t be winning it. League Cup - again, who knows? But we might do well in it, depends. Champions League - Depends on the group, but we won’t be going far in it that’s for sure. UEFA Super Cup - defeat
  15. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    I’m going draw 1-1.