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  1. Any news? Any timeframe when we're supposedly meant to here something?
  2. Two beautiful goals they really were! Absolutely love Diego! Hope he can stay fully fit. Funny things is, and annoying, he should be scoring more with his ability he really should! Also, how on earth did we not get a penalty for the Willian challenge? I mean it was blatant!
  3. Did anyone hear John Hartson on the BBC 606 podcast thing yesterday? Truly awful from him and their whole team. Costa should of been off, he dived, awful for the game, yet no mention about him being knocked with the knee on the goalkeeper. And, no mention about the Gary Cahill incident! Nothing at all! It was 'good play' from Fer and 'poor' from Cahill. My god the bias was incredible.
  4. I cannot fathom every single thing about Cuadrado since the minute he joined us. Utter, utter madness.
  5. Topic to discuss new signing Marcos Alonso.
  6. So... Thoughts on Alonso, then? To be announced some time today I guess.
  7. He acted like an asshole when he played against us for PSG. Calamity Luiz.
  8. Remy should do alright for Palace.
  9. ^ What rubbish. So who do we think may leave the football club? Remy? Cuadrado? Miazga? Kenedy? The defence is clearly, clearly a huge worry that hasn't been sorted whatsoever. If anything the club might of made it worse if that were ever possible. I still wish we could sign another winger/flair player to compliment Hazard. Sure Willian can do a job but he can do well in the centre or in and around Costa.
  10. Judging by the small highlights, that looked a very 04/05 performance! Really pleasing. Could of had 5/6/7 goals today easily. All three very good goals for very different reasons!
  11. Nope didn't fancy it.. (Me asking, that is) He had shopping and was with family.. But got a nice hello etc was nice to meet a guy who was such a fantastic servant for us.
  12. Speaking of Carvalho, randomly bumped in to him today. Obligatory handshake, of course! I decided to go against my rule of talking to footballers today.
  13. Didn't see the game but my god I thought it was going to be a horrifyingly frustrating 1-1! But in the end a great result and a great start for us.
  14. ^ Conte said he wanted to keep Cuadrado, mind..
  15. Did I hear this correct.. We have sold Salah for a measly 10 million pounds (roughly) ?!