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  1. No idea how we only won that first leg 2-1. Should of easily had 4 or 5 goals. So disappointing to concede the way we did and so late on. Penalty missed by us at the death. How did we not kill this tie off?!
  2. They were extremely thuggish last night. And I expect they certainly got told in no uncertain terms to make it that way. They couldn't compete with us on a playing level so bad to resort to such tactics. Jose makes me laugh, though. Doesn't admire our defensiveness? He models his teams on that!!!!!! Be extremely strong defensively then counter attack/build from the back to the front but be solid as a back 3/4/5 etc what a fool.
  3. I made an edit on my post since you quoted me, so I apologise.
  4. I think the powers at be are too scared (or something of the likes) to charge another player (United) with violent conduct (or whatever it would be) so they have indeed 'bottled' it. I think it's better for them to say that Oliver 'saw it' but can that be proven? Or is it better for them that he 'saw it' when in fact it might be probable that he actually didn't. I would be very intrigued to know if Oliver did see this incident. If he did, how on earth was no action taken? If he didn't, The FA are lying and pretended he did to save them grief. No way can United have two players back to back (I think) subsequently charged with not seen violent conduct charges.
  5. The referee saw the incident at the time and didn't feel the need to taken any action apparently. Make that what you will.
  6. Just thinking about it, a new contract slightly the kiss of death, potentially? Sigh. Conte could be given a 20 year deal and that doesn't mean he won't be sacked next season. Plus despite what the media is churning out, I don't think he's wanting to leave the football club just yet so not exactly a need to panic RE a new contract. I'm assuming he has two seasons left anyway?
  7. Just managed to see our goals. Hazard goal really was fantastic. Assist from Pedro really was class. From what others have said the 2-1 score line slightly flatters WH and Conte rightly a bit pissed about conceding so late again, and in the fashion that we did.
  8. Barca have some amazingly talented players... But... some of the actions of Neymar and Suarez dear me. Did not think it was a penalty on Neymar and I think the referee started to agree at the start, I think he was going to give him a yellow for a dive. Thing is, it could be seen as one of those South American 'clever play' things but Neymar knew exactly what he was doing there. As for Suarez dear oh dear. Crazy game but PSG what a laugh. What a mess.
  9. Full strength team for me, but I imagine Bego will play. We haven't had CL football, we haven't played since Monday, and we don't play again until Monday. It's Man United. At home. FA Cup. No doubt about it I hope we win this one!! Delighted Ibra is banned as well! As I think of it possibly Willian for Pedro? But still a full strength side nonetheless. I would pick Courtois personally as Bego always looks like he's potentially going to throw one in. And Conte clearly can't stand Bats so I'm not even going to contemplate the idea of him potentially getting a start.
  10. I think Conte said he had a very minor issue but should be fine for the football match.
  11. I don't think we have anything to worry about. The media just enjoying the family line and trying to put two and two together. CL next season with Conte will be very exciting!
  12. Very exciting news. I don't want to repeat myself particularly, but with regards to the capacity of the new stadium, will this cause any problems in the future with potential expansion or the stadium 'not being big enough'? I know we seemingly can't get a bigger capacity at this site but will it be 'enough' for the very, very long term? Obviously we don't have divine right to have an '80K' stadium and nor should we of sone something for the sake of it, but with the direction the club is headed and has gone, will such capacity be suffice for the future? Clearly the capacity is a lot better than what it isn't currently, and the stadium will be more Daniel Craig than Piers Brosnan (RE future and how things are heading) what capacities do our rivals in London have? Arsenal, new Spurs stadium, even West Ham? One of the great things is we will fill our stadium no problem, no problem whatsoever about worrying if we can fill it because we can and we will the vast majority of times, but capacity wise for the future would 65-70 of been 'ideal' if possible? Also, anyone been to London Bridge lately and then on to the Northern Line? The open brick work and the looping tunnels are very impressive and I can't even imagine how our new stadium would be like as even LB is pretty awe inspiring development.
  13. Hate it when we have to play on a Monday. Still, that view from the top isn't bad!
  14. Part of the oddness when we all thought that seemingly Moses was a 'Jose player' - I still get bewildered as to why we loaned him to Liverpool of all places. And when we gave Arsenal Yossi.
  15. New contract for Victor. Strange career for him. I remember watching him for England at under 16/17 level? and he was head and shoulders above anything on the pitch. Crystal Palace fine, Wigan I guess fine, but since we purchased him I'm still baffled by all the loans. Also baffling at how well he did with us in his pre-seasons yet he was still shipped out. Still, I guess you can say 'he's found a role with us' now.