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  1. Nope didn't fancy it.. (Me asking, that is) He had shopping and was with family.. But got a nice hello etc was nice to meet a guy who was such a fantastic servant for us.
  2. Speaking of Carvalho, randomly bumped in to him today. Obligatory handshake, of course! I decided to go against my rule of talking to footballers today.
  3. Didn't see the game but my god I thought it was going to be a horrifyingly frustrating 1-1! But in the end a great result and a great start for us.
  4. ^ Conte said he wanted to keep Cuadrado, mind..
  5. Did I hear this correct.. We have sold Salah for a measly 10 million pounds (roughly) ?!
  6. These Lukaku prices are absolutely crazy. I guess a lot is depending on what happens with Costa. If Costa does stay, I wouldn't mind a cheeky bid for someone like Bojan for a bit of front line depth. But, as alluded to, depends all on who stays and who goes. Would of thought Remy would be doing the off.
  7. Those Conte quotes on Costa aren't exactly reassuring, are they? Not exactly a 'Costa is not leaving for all the tea in China' type thing. I think he said the same about Cuadrado as well... Worrying.
  8. I'm just interested in what Hazard we will see this season. Oddly, if he were to leave any time soon it would be quite entertaining. Judging by the current climate he would surely command say a cool 100 million? Perhaps slightly more. If we get the Hazard we know we can get then fine, but if it's another showing like last season I say potentially get a bucket load of cash for him and send him to RM.
  9. I'm talking about when Pogba was at Le Havre ^
  10. I am talking about when Pogba was a kid, and before he joined United first time around... I guess you knew that?!
  11. RE Pogba, does anyone remember when we were linked with him before he joined United? Not sure what happened there in the end with regards to us not signing him.
  12. He won't leave, will he?! I have a feeling Conte could seriously bring the best out of Diego. Logically, Diego is massive for our team and what we want to achieve, absolutely massive. And by current prices, his value surely would be around 70 odd million given his ability and his age? Atletico are having a laugh if they think they can get him back easily.
  13. Thoughts on the signing?
  14. Thought he spoke superbly today. Very pleasing.
  15. Everyone can have their own opinion. We are all allowed to express how we feel. I, personally, have a differing opinion on certain things with regard to Lampard.