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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pato wasn’t given a particularly fair go at it. Thought he did well with the minutes he got though. Plus, talent is utterly undeniable, but injuries ruined his potential. Real shame.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Higuain will do all right for us. Once again, another not long term striker but he will do a job of that I am sure.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Jesus, so we only recoup half for Morata? (If all is true) *queues all the chat about we’re lucky to get that amount etc etc etc* wasn’t a fan from day one, and always maintained we got absolutely done with the price for him. Knew he would never score buckets for us. For a top, top side he would be number two striker really. Yet, and without wanting to contradict myself, I still maintain he did have a wonderful period of form. So what happened? Confidence? Couldn’t ‘hack’ it? No idea really. Very much like Torres too, sometimes looked amazing (Stoke) and then also looked terrible (also Stoke) Always always always liked Higuain. Fundamentally, you give him a chance and he will score. Misses the odd sitter, has the occasional nightmare, but I think his goal scoring record speaks for itself. Wish we nabbed him from River all those years ago.
  4. Petr Cech retires

    Not sure what to think? Well, I do.. he was/is a Chelsea legend.. cannot ever forget that 04/05 season in particular which was absolutely insane. When was his head injury? 07/08 season? Wasn’t ever ‘the same’ (understandable, possibly) after that but obviously still incredibly good. I imagine he broke a goalkeeping records? Or has Bonetti still got some, for example? Most clean sheets? Most goalkeeping appearances? Ironic how we stuck with Thibaut given what he did, mind. Hindsight is a wonderful thing I guess, so we will never know but I do wonder how we would of done had we stayed with Cech (clean sheets, appearances, performances) - not sure when you can say he was declining, but I guess he did decline, just can’t rememeber if he did with us or not. But I have to be honest, he left us and went to Arsenal.. it still leaves a sour taste irrespective of his reasons.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah, I meant next summer as in 2020 and not this summer 2019.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Think I was thrown (assuming it’s true) by how we may only get 500 grand if he just runs it down.. and, again, assuming the Bayern offer/offers are legitimate, then I’d certainly be entertaining them if he isn’t going to sign, and, given how ludicrous the alleged amounts on offer are. When does it end, next summer, right?
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Assuming Odoi isn’t going to sign a new deal, then hopefully we will get shot of him ASAP to get the most amount we can.
  8. Official: Cesc Fabregas Leaves For Monaco And official confirmation on TOCFCWS, of course.
  9. Ray Wilkins 1956-2018

    Still can’t quite believe we lost Ray so young.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Anyone remember when we were linked to Higuain when he was at River? Wonder how many goals he would of got for us assuming he did sign back then...
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Would of liked Cesc to of stayed on for another season really. It’s a shame but I can understand it from his point of view I guess.
  12. Why are some seemingly so harsh on Pedro and Willian? I mean when you look at the transfer fees for them both I think they’ve both proven to be pretty good purchases for the club since they have both been here? Not every player is going to be smashing them in at the rate of Messi or Ronaldo. Sure, we’d like them to produce more, or, have better quality and consistent players in those positions, but that’s easier said than done. And when these two players are injured, do we have the utmost in similar quality to come in and replace them in their positions? Not particularly. And anyway, looks like the club is looking to the future anyway in regards to these positions. Still thinking finding a top quality striker or two is what we ought to be focussing on, but again, easier said than done.
  13. Haven’t seen him play much, but a talent that’s for sure. Just goes to show how ridiculous the market is when we pay just under 60 million? for someone who’s contract expires at the end of the season... I wonder if the loan of Bats helped in the negotiation as well. Fantastic step in the right direction, though, it really is. Obviously, again, not sure what this will mean for Hazard but I imagine only the very few know this answer. By the sounds of it Pulisic has huge potential, and he will be massive as well for marketing etc being the poster boy of US football and with the Chelsea brand out there. Many have highlighted some injury concerns/not making the Dortmund team because of other talents? Perhaps some on here can opine more on that. Did he lose his place to others because of injury or? Anyway, sounds like a fantastic signing for the future of the club and someone with huge potential on and off the pitch.
  14. Can’t paste the text properly on my phone but he will stay at Dortmund on loan from Chelsea until the 19/20 season.