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  1. So worth has no importance at all to you with regards to transfer fees and footballers?
  2. The transfer fee for Morata in my opinion is criminal. If he's worth that, 'logically' how much is Costa worth?
  3. RE Danilo, didn't we play against him in the Club World Cup before he joined Porto? What has happened to him at Real Madrid with regards to not playing? (Assuming he doesn't play a lot I have no idea anymore)
  4. Would be a wonderful striking option to have wouldn't he? Given the way things are going he'd be our number one right now! But being honest I think he would be a wonderful signing and a great 'squad' player. He'd play a lot too and wouldn't cost the earth.
  5. Nothing special?! That's a lot of money for something not very special! Hoping the club knows what it's doing more than that.
  6. Still hoping we're taking a serious look at Javier Hernandez.. any reason we wouldn't?
  7. This looks a very exciting signing, but I don't know anything about him apart from 'the Monaco story' of last season. So what's he like? Big price tag again though!!
  8. No idea how good he is. I don't get to watch football any more. But it's quite a price tag still, even during this climate. Sign of the times I think with the lack of replies in here.
  9. Oh dear we are in a pickle. Although I'm not surprised. One of the best strikers we've had here (Costa) (especially in the RA era) is basically leaving the football club (so we are to assume) Bats (who I didn't think got a fair chance last season, and I think it's fair to say Conte isn't the biggest fan?) as our other striker, and as said RE Conte has his opinion changed? I still like the look of Bats, and he certainly cost enough but is he going to play a lot? Second/third/fourth fiddle again?! And every striker we're being linked with is costing 60M plus!!! It's utter insanity. For what it's worth, and just my opinion, a gut feeling possibly, but Auba looks a massive, massive gamble potentially, especially at that price! But personally, and I hated him at United, but I wouldn't mind us signing Hernandez. Don't think he will cost the absolute earth and that guy is a right royal pain in the ass! I think he would be a very tidy signing. Not saying as or number one, but I wouldn't say no to him here. As for our number one? No idea. Don't want Costa to leave at all. I think as well Morata would be a handy signing, but again again the price is laughable. And I know people have the 'not your money' argument but the money is important and still a vital component obviously. And the prices being banded about are well and truly laughable as I say.
  10. No idea how we only won that first leg 2-1. Should of easily had 4 or 5 goals. So disappointing to concede the way we did and so late on. Penalty missed by us at the death. How did we not kill this tie off?!
  11. They were extremely thuggish last night. And I expect they certainly got told in no uncertain terms to make it that way. They couldn't compete with us on a playing level so bad to resort to such tactics. Jose makes me laugh, though. Doesn't admire our defensiveness? He models his teams on that!!!!!! Be extremely strong defensively then counter attack/build from the back to the front but be solid as a back 3/4/5 etc what a fool.
  12. I made an edit on my post since you quoted me, so I apologise.
  13. I think the powers at be are too scared (or something of the likes) to charge another player (United) with violent conduct (or whatever it would be) so they have indeed 'bottled' it. I think it's better for them to say that Oliver 'saw it' but can that be proven? Or is it better for them that he 'saw it' when in fact it might be probable that he actually didn't. I would be very intrigued to know if Oliver did see this incident. If he did, how on earth was no action taken? If he didn't, The FA are lying and pretended he did to save them grief. No way can United have two players back to back (I think) subsequently charged with not seen violent conduct charges.
  14. The referee saw the incident at the time and didn't feel the need to taken any action apparently. Make that what you will.
  15. Just thinking about it, a new contract slightly the kiss of death, potentially? Sigh. Conte could be given a 20 year deal and that doesn't mean he won't be sacked next season. Plus despite what the media is churning out, I don't think he's wanting to leave the football club just yet so not exactly a need to panic RE a new contract. I'm assuming he has two seasons left anyway?