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  1. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Ouch. It does look superb. I was looking and am I right in thinking on TOCFCWS you can’t purchase a long sleeve? Or did I miss that? Yet on the Nike website you can purchase a long sleeve shirt but you can’t get a number :/ Think I’d opt for 70 if I was lucky enough to purchase one. Or 50.
  2. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Pretty superb special kit that we’ll be sporting. Very cool. Is it ‘legal’ we are allowed to do this? How does it work? (Genuine question) and as I typed this, I’m assuming now the players aren’t wearing this shirt it’s just a special one for fans to buy? And given it is 50 years since our first FA Cup triumph, I really hope the players go all out to try and win the competition this year as that would be an more remarkable piece of history for us in this competition. Would love to buy the kit, but at roughly 100 quid a go? Can’t afford it, unfortunately.
  3. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Not even going to think of what could happen here after West Ham, Bournemouth and Southampton.. if we seriously lose to Burnley at home as well... I really don’t know.
  4. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    What’s the saying? Did the club like a kipper? Just my opinion, of course. But I’ll admit Abraham has done better than I had thought so far with his goal return. Did we get what we deserved in this game? Disappointing not to win and lose how we did. I still can’t understand what is going on. I guess the word is inconsistency? Winning at Arsenal, winning at Spurs, yet losing at home to West Ham, Bournemouth, and Southampton is totally unacceptable. The Everton result I wasn’t surprised by, but perhaps still shouldn’t of happened. Brighton away is what it is. How we still sit fourth I don’t know. Our early good form and run I guess. What was it, 6/7 unbeaten in the league back then? Hope Pulisic can regain some form soon.
  5. Quiet in here... Does anyone remember at the start of 05/06 season when Chelsea were going about their way ‘ruining’ football and ‘dominating football for years to come’ there was a charity campaign or something in one of the red tops for Chelsea to be beaten or when we would be beaten after an unbeaten start of perhaps 4/5 games.. don’t see much of this regarding Liverpool, do we? Nothing about them ‘ruining’ football or having red top campaigns about them being beaten in a football match, especially how given how we ‘ruined’ football in 05/06 because we dared not lose a few games at the start of the season, kind of summed up by that great Martin Tyler with his ‘OH NO!!!............ for Wigan!’ which still gets my goat. And, this is completely even ignoring Manchester City ‘ruining’ football with their dominance.. it’s a tad ironic, I think (no bias) RA coming in to Chelsea was actually the best thing to happen for this league. Or would it be better just to have Arsenal and Manchester United as per what was custom. Where as now, look at how and what the PL is. This isn’t to discredit Liverpool particularly, or to not think of the obvious media bias etc it’s just of course a little frustrating at the hypocrisy of it all? I still think by and large how we were portrayed in the media particularly around 05/06 and especially with what Man City have done as still unfair. Did Man City get enough abuse for ‘ruining’ and ‘dominating’ football? Or how much money they have spent? Or how they ruined their already good academy and spent spent spent whereas (and day what you like) heavily invested in youth rather than ruining the good that City has already done by spending and spending and spending and ‘buying the league’ which of course we did and they never did, did they, and of course which Liverpool haven’t done at all.
  6. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 2

    Unbelievable win it really was. Just didn’t see it coming. Don’t think anyone can argue about the penalty or the red card, just pleased we actually got the decisions. Clean sheet is a nice change as well. Just hoping we can build on this especially after the West Ham and Bournemouth defeats.
  7. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 2

    Well I can’t see us winning this one. Our form. Their form. Jose. Away from home. Arsenal’s first home game under Arteta is us as well so we won’t be winning that one either. Christ knows what will happen against Southampton at home. Hopefully we’ll win that one.
  8. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season So not in the squad or?
  9. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Oh! Well, it was on the Chelsea site. So has he gone then?
  10. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Van Ginkel! Well I never. I look at the squad and think... I don’t know what to think.
  11. Official: David Luiz Departs For Arsenal

    Bit of a blow, isn’t it? I was of the opinion we need depth not lose it, especially with his experience and being of captain type.. can’t really see the club of wanting this happen or am I wrong? How many CB’s do we have? I guess with Zouma you have to hope nothing major happens to him.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don’t see a problem with what he’s said. (If)
  13. Lovely goal. Miss the guy already.
  14. Thanks. I’m sure he’ll be fit and firing by the time their season starts.
  15. How’s he looked? Haven’t seen any of pre-season. Wonder how those shirt sales are doing/will do.
  16. How’s he done for them in pre-season?
  17. Season prediction

    I did fairly well last season, got we’d win the EL and top four I think? This season. Premier League - 6 FA Cup - well who knows? But we won’t be winning it. League Cup - again, who knows? But we might do well in it, depends. Champions League - Depends on the group, but we won’t be going far in it that’s for sure. UEFA Super Cup - defeat
  18. Personally, I think it’s an awful decision. I’d be embarrassed to take the job if I was Frank. Really, really speechless (although we knew it was coming) but yeah, speechless. An utterly moronic decision that I can’t quite understand. As said previously, if his name wasn’t Lampard and we was linked with him, how many would be on board? But no, his surname is Lampard so seemingly everyone is happy. Going to be a disastrous decision and I’m pretty sure he’ll be totally out of his depth. Don’t always know how to quantify who ‘deserves’ this job, but he certainly doesn’t. Farcical. Disappointed. Angry.
  19. All well and good as long as you get the results. It’s a results business. Loftus is up for it, but I still have doubts over Odoi and Abraham at this level. Youth have to be good enough. No youth in a long time got such opportunities like Loftus and Odoi did, and that was down to Sarri. We did fantastic to get in the CL, so we’re just gonna waste it next season and start all over, then. Can’t be doing with sentiment.
  20. If Lampard had no Chelsea affiliation, and we were being linked with him as we are, would we genuinely really be an advocate of him for the position? Really? It would an utterly ridiculous appointment. I can’t imagine anyone putting his name forward for the Chelsea job had he not have that surname. He doesn’t warrant this job, perhaps one day, but certainly not now. It’s just far too soon.
  21. Think I’d rather Benitez than Lampard. Yeah, I said it.. but really, Lampard is a no no. What’s he done managerial wise to warrant such a position? It’s utterly nonsensical. Looks like we can’t get Simeone, so I’m still unsure who fits.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    We are still banned from signing are we not? I’ll assume this will be the case until we hear otherwise. As far as I can tell nothing has changed.
  23. Assuming Hazard does go, I do wonder about the decision. Sure the lure of RM is absolutely massive, as it’s the biggest club in the world so I do understand him wanting to go there, but.. he’s a king here. He’s probably been offered the biggest contract ever to a CFC player, and, they by and large treat their players like shit at RM. The new toy syndrome, it’s all well and good when you arrive and you’re new etc but once they get bored or a new toy comes out they’ve had enough and want another one. I mean the way Bale has seemingly been treated is pretty shocking, and if Ronaldo can get booed after scoring a bizillion goals.. I wonder about how Hazard will fare. I mean it’s clear he can be a success, but sometimes the grass isn’t always greener and I’m not sure it will be for him. I mean he is utter class, but that lot at RM.. I don’t know. Do we ‘treat’ him better here? I would say we definitely would/do, plus, he could be a Chelsea mortal let alone the status he has already. Again, I understand the lure I really do, and I understand him wanting to go because he deserves the move, I just don’t know if it’s the right one I really don’t. Again, new toy syndrome with them along with all the politics.
  24. New Kits

    I still think it’s ghastly. What do people think about the new Juventus shirt out of curiosity?
  25. Interviewer must of been like ‘you can’t say Hazard in this answer’