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  1. 21 minutes ago, My Blood Is Blue said:

    Me too, I feel like this will be a constant in his career, unable to string a good long run of games together due to fitness. Big concern and such a shame as he's such a talent!

    Think this was the theme at Dortmund as well.. worrying really. 

  2. I just can’t see us improving particularly under Lampard. If you think about it we really are so inconsistent. We have such wonderful attacking options. Werner to me looks like he has the potential to score bucket loads given the right formation and service etc

    I never thought Lampard being manager here was the right move I really didn’t, and I still don’t. May sound harsh but the sooner he’s gone the better. Perhaps this opinion will sound harsh to many. But given the investment, how the club usually operates, this season could be over before its even begin with Lampard at the helm unfortunately. Already out the league cup, a few iffy CL results and it won’t be looking good, and a few more bad results in the league and slowly but surely you get out pretty far behind pretty quickly. Even with our defence and our goalkeeper, with a competent manager I reckon we could of potentially had a title chance, purely because City look a little iffy, Liverpool with out Van Dijk and Becker for a while, and this league really does look a little open. The longer Lampard stays the more a write off this season will potentially be. I just can’t see us improving or being consistent with him I really can’t. His post match interviews really are same shit different day.

    I think Poch could be a good option here, or that other Argentine in Madrid but I don’t know how easy that would be exactly. I genuinely believe a competent manager could work wonders with this squad, who knows even help the defence/goalkeeping situation. 

  3. I agree with the sentiments on here. I’ve always been a big fan of Giroud since he was at Arsenal and was always somewhat confused with the criticism he got. He isn’t a goal machine like Lewandowski, but who really is? (Not including those two) and really I would of started Giroud pretty much every game since he arrived as our number one. I don’t know how we could do it but a three of Werner Giroud and other wouldn’t exactly be bad at all, but as I’ve said previously I’d always want Werner as the striker rather than on the wing. I kind of can’t stand it when that happens. Don’t know how you could mould Werner Giroud Werner Pulisic Ziyech Havertz etc but that’s not my job. Giroud up top, Werner on the left or right, Pulisic on the left or right interchanging? Havertz as the 10 ish type player, and Ziyech no idea.

  4. 100 Caps for Giroud now and second on the all time scoring list with 42 goals. Impressive. Especially given he didn’t make his debut until he was 25 I believe?!

    Benzema would of been top scorer by now I reckon had he been continuing to play for the national team.

  5. 1 minute ago, Bridge Soldier said:

    Upamecano or Konaté? Upamecano supposedly had a €60m release clause until signing a new contract in June. According to Kicker, the new deal includes a €42m release clause which will be active from Summer 2021. Goes without saying that there will be a host of clubs trying.

    Yeah, Upamecano.. damn that’s going to be an interesting one.. I know we’ve done some to resolve our defensive situation but it still worries me somewhat. Unless it’s the coaching..

  6. Just now, Bison said:

    Because the opposition are sitting deep in numbers. Hardly any space for him to utilise his pace. He had one decent chance on the break and hit a tame shot at the keeper.

    Which is always seemingly the theme at Stamford Bridge.. which is why I wonder why we buy strikers like Werner.. sometimes I wonder if we are better off with a RVN type striker.

  7. You have to play to Werner’s strengths. He has incredible pace and an incredible finishing ability, why aren’t we using it?! It just seems as well Werner plodding up front where he can’t utilise his pace is frustrating as he doesn’t seem the type of player to just hold the ball up and get others in to play. He’s a ruthless marksman and that’s what we need to help him with being. If we know how to play to his strengths he will score bucket loads.

  8. Lampard said something rather odd in the press conference pre-match.. something on the lines he doesn’t know Werner’s best position..... as a forward, perhaps? Not on the wing? I don’t get it. It’s like Abraham comes on does well and then subsequently has to start the next game.. then if he does bad he’ll be dropped and the formation and 11 changes again and again and again. Werner as a forward every game is a must surely!

  9. Some people are never happy, and that’s coming from me!

    If you wanted a draw we could qualify from, then we have it. If you wanted teams we don’t face ‘often’ then we have that. If you wanted some giant matches where we might get out of the group then we don’t have that. Can’t see us pulling up many trees in the competition this season anyway.