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  1. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    It wasn’t me who edited it. But the point I meant was I would have to individually edit every post with swearing and that would be nigh on impossible in the MDF, for example, unless there was some sort of automatic filter etc But for all this over saying the word ‘sh*t’ compared to all the precious vitriol and effing and jeffing that’s previously never been particularly mentioned or brought up much is rather farcical and very in keeping with the current climate it seems. Anyway, as said, it’s a little different if the vitriol/swearing is AT someone rather than moderate volume in a post. Given how the website has been run for many, many years. Not sure why it’s all of a sudden some sort of issue. And as I previously said, to eradicate EVERY single sewer word in whatever context is pretty impossible unless EVERY post was moderated, which, if I remember, many users were UNHAPPY with as it may take a long time for them to get through.
  2. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    It’s just a tad farcical. I think it was Chara who was bang out of order to be honest. So, swearing on the forum? At one point I tried to sort this, but it’s impossible. It’s simply impossible unless there’s a filter or something. We have bad results? Get knocked out of the CL? It’s naive to think no one will swear. They do. I would edit some posts but you would get more and more and more and it would be too stressful and as I say too impossible to sort out. If I see or have seen a barrage of swearing perhaps I’ll edit the post, but as I say in the MDF in particular it was just too much to try and contain so I gave up with it. Posts that need approving not so much. But again, I’ve never ever been paid for helping with this forum, and as said with health it was all too much. And swearing wise no one particularly listens even when you do try. Also, there’s a difference between subtle swearing and outrageous swearing. Plus, there’s a difference between swearing AT a poster, or swearing a little in your post. I’m meant to set an example? Sure. Have I ever outright effd and jeffd at a poster in personal attacks? I very much doubt it. Also, it’s hard to rationalise it when other mods/admins may swear, and I think even MT will admit he is and has been partial to effing and jeffing in posts and at members from time to time. So a little reality check and for some to get down off from the high horse would be nice perhaps.
  3. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Sir Robben for a while. Arjen Robben before that. Normally Robben affiliated names if I recall. Don’t think I’ve changed much more than that.
  4. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Thank you, droy. I had ill health (which only a couple of mods knew about) I had to study, a family to look after, but time and time and time and time again I would still help run this website for as much and as long as I could. I did every single pre match and post match topic virtually like clock work until I simply couldn’t do it so regular anymore. As I say, some of you lot on here, just take a look at yourselves and perhaps trying a little.
  5. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    This is what I’m saying. I’ve been helping run this website for a DECADE! What thanks have I ever got? Or was it perhaps I never asked for thanks and I kept everything going as much as I could without shouting about it hence why I said all my work went unnoticed because it was so ‘normal’ and so consistent. I have stayed when many and many and many have left. If it wasn’t for ME and MT and the owner this website would not exist! Seriously take a look at yourselves before you even begin to have a pop at me. Absolute farce.
  6. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Clearly have a short short memory when I was literally doing EVERYTHING on my own on here along with MT. So much so all the work I have done on here was unseen and utterly taken for granted. If anything your comment is extremely disrespectful because if it wasn’t for me and what I’ve done in cahoots with the owner this website wouldn’t be here!!!! A personal attack? For saying no? Get it right.
  7. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    And who was the person keeping the site going for years and years and years and getting sod all credit for it despite dealing with health issues and getting nothing for it? I’ve been helping this site going for over a decade! Frankly, if I want to say the word shit in a sentence it’a not crime or the century. Anyway anyone has an issue PM me.
  8. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    How long you been doing this? Stop getting above your station. You’re bothered about the ‘S’ word? You’re telling me you’ve seen nothing worse than that on here? The ‘S’ word is fairly acceptable. Relentless effing and jeffing throwing in F’s C’s W’s and the likes less so.
  9. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    The sooner Lampard goes the better.
  10. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Where’s the one and only JP? He can’t be enjoying this..
  11. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Fulham away, Leicester away, Wolves at home our next three league games.
  12. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    So we sit in 8th/10th.. three points above Arsenal....
  13. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    That’s what he’ll say. Rather than City winning the game in the first half and not needing to do shit in the second.
  14. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Some of those were more competent yes. Never felt DM was going to be good enough, Scolari was a concern as was AVB. But Lampard especially experience wise the bottom of that list.
  15. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Wonder what drivel Lampard is gonna come out with post match this time.
  16. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    No, we just don’t have a competent manager. Surely you can see if we had a competent manager this side has real potential? Especially the midfield and attacking areas.
  17. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    And with the talent we have, it shouldn’t be this way.
  18. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    I just don’t know how we can stay with Lampard. I really really don’t.
  19. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Chris Sutton thinks it’s ‘utterly ridiculous’ for Chelsea fans to want Lampard out. I mean is he serious?
  20. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    I think and hope the board are thinking ‘if we stay with Lampard top four is going to utterly start to slip away. Yet get rid now it gives us a much better chance if we have a competent manager to get top four’ given how vital it is.
  21. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Indeed. Lampard blinkered glasses.