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  1. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by RobbenNot sure if my topic is going up, but this is what happend to me!!!! (angry still!!!!) Right, I ordered my home shirt on the 10th of July and in all payed 60 English pounds. Get home from being out, and I see my package, I open it and find my Chelsea shirt with Robben 16 and only One bloody premiership badge when I should obviously have two!!!!!!! Obviously I am well pissed of about this, and now have to wait ages until I get my shirt back, any one else had a problem!?!? id="quote"> id="quote">I had the exact same problem, I ordered a shirt with Levett 18 on the back and mine came with one Premiership badge on, I only ordered the lettering, not the badges.
  2. New Kits

    Found this on the megastore website:
  3. New Kits

    Yep I got my shirt on Thursday. I got a long sleeve one with Gudjohnson on, also with the prem badges. £60 for the shirt, £85 with socks and shorts, but it's worth it.I dont think I will get the away kit or the third kit because thier will be three new kits next year and there is no point spending £80 on two shirt's which will be changed next year.
  4. New Kits

    I found this if it helps anyone -,mid=-1, And this one is of JT wearing the new kit, it should be on the right. -
  5. New Kits

    Yea the link seems to have died? Can anybody post the link up again? Thanks.
  6. New Kits

    I was also thinking of having GUDJOHNSEN 22......I'm sure he wont leave will he?? lol
  7. New Kits

    Thanks I said might get Champions 05, just a reminder of a great season with a great team!
  8. New Kits

    Hey all, New to the forum, can't wait to start posting... Thought as the new kit was coming out soon just thought would ask if anyone is going to have a name and number on the shirt? If so which? I was personally going to get CHAMPIONS thought it would be good with the whole centenary thing, wot you guys think? Gareth p.s..sorry if a topic like this has been posted :S