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  1. Musical Tastes

    Yeah a couple of times quite recently. I'd always heard them described as being on another planet when it comes to playing live, so I had to see for myself. I had no doubts in my mind that I would be blown away, even without the erratic Keith Moon on drums - who must have contributed to the whole experience hugely with his crazed antics such as blowing up the drum kit - they were brilliant. Even to this day, they'll put on a bloody good show. Some of their performances are legendary in Rock and Roll history, and it's a shame that I never got to see the original line-up (I wasn't even born when Keith Moon died), it must have been amazing. It's all about sheer energy and power. The first 100 watt Marshall amps were made specifically for them, I think because the guitars and vocals were just drowned out by Moons drumming. In the late 70's, The Who played at Charlton Athletics ground, I think it was officially the loudest concert ever at that time. 'They put out 76,000 watts of power at 120 decibels... The "Guinness Book of World Records" dubbed it "the loudest concert ever". Nobody in the crowd of 60,000 came home without a ringing in their ears'. I'm not sure if the record still stands, I doubt it. 'The Kinks' played one at 140 decibels once, or so I'm told anyway. I'm pretty much the same, in fact, I'm not even a very big fan of live albums. But, there are some that you simply have to own because they're so momentous. The Who's 'Live At Leeds' (Which many say is the best live album ever) is one of them. 'Frampton Comes Alive' is another essential one to own. I saw Bon Jovi recently again, and I was impressed by them I have to say.
  2. Musical Tastes

    I also (like to) think I have a vast and diverse range of musical tastes. The Who & Led Zeppelin are probably the best to ever emerge IMO, The Who also being the greatest live band in history too. I think Zeppelin made some masterpieces, primarily down to the fact that they experimented with so many different musical styles...It was just different. Pioneers of the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock genre, I think they deservedly go down as being one of if not the greatest of all time. I used to (somewhat) be into Hip-Hop and what have you, but I honestly can't stand it now. Rap music lost it's appeal to me years ago, although I may occasionally listen to the odd classic. I still own a Fugees album, although my interest in Reggae probably made them appeal to me more than their Hip-Hop and R&B side. The modern day industry is nothing short of a joke however, it's all about bling-bling and way too commercial for my liking. The music itself isn't the main attraction to these people, it's just the glamorous lifestyle and getting something for nothing. At the moment I'm listening to a lot of Rory Gallagher, he wrote some brilliant tunes. Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a bit of Joe Walsh too. EDIT: I was just listening to a Pantera album too. There's a good groove metal band.
  3. Musical Tastes

    I think it's for touring purposes, a summer tour, however I'm not sure where exactly they are touring. 'Dates and cities are yet to be announced'. Apparently Eddie's 15 year old son 'Wolfgang' is stepping in for original bassist, Michael Anthony. Ah yes, the 'Frankenstrat' I think it was called. So called because they're basically put together using different parts of other guitars, just like Frankensteins monster. Here's some of Eddie's guitars, I personally like the 'Ernie Ball's' nearer the bottom, I'm pretty sure that's what he uses .For those of you interested, 'The Police' are re-forming too.
  4. Musical Tastes

    For those of you who like Van Halen, it might interest you to know that they're reuniting with David Lee Roth. They may be old timers now, and the he may have lost a lot of his magic, but it'll be interesting to see. (I hope I'm not the only Van Halen fan here)
  5. Didier Drogba

    Well it's nice to see someone from his background do well. People from those kind of country's do have a hard life, and the majority don't even have a chance to make anything of them themselves. It's nice to see just one who's made it big, not only for himself, but for his family and others who he clearly loves very much. Shame about the son though...Catastrophe! He didn't have the most convincing start to his Chelsea career, many criticized him, even Chelsea's own fans. Accusations of diving and taunting made you feel he would simply crumble and never get going. Of course, in a true professional manner, he bounced back and won over the crowd in style, what a bloke, what a player!
  6. Didier Drogba

    Or if your out of toilet roll...
  7. Didier Drogba

    Well, since Cristiano Ronaldo is on level terms with him at the moment, I'd say yes, let him take them. I don't want that little tw*t to be top scorer.
  8. Didier Drogba

    True, the players can't win sometimes. Either they pass, or they shoot. If they shoot and miss you become infuriated and say that he should have passed it, where as if he passes and the opportunity goes, you say he should have shot. There are other times though when you just can't believe he's buggered up a great opportunity such as missing a wide open goal. Then you shout, YOU F****** DONKEY!!! lol.
  9. Didier Drogba

    Hmmm, it's obviously a complete fabrication (yet again) from the tabloids. Any one will tell you that Sheva and Drogs have actually made somewhat of a good partnership and Andrei is dropping back constantly supplying balls for his team-mates. He's worked his socks off in all honesty. I can clearly remember stating a few weeks ago that I felt he was in fact too unselfish.
  10. Ashley Cole

    Very true. But this statement doesn't quite apply to Ashley yet, does it? As far as I can tell, he's still a new addition to the side, brought in off the back of a tough time when his personal life was being put under the microscope, and his own supporters were continuously slagging him off. Any recent newcomer to the side needs time to settle in, wether you've come in from Italy, Timbuktu, or just the other side of London. There's various factors involved that can limit the on pitch performances and make it easier or harder for someone to adapt. Apart from that, the other obvious thing that makes mine and your views contrasted, is that I and everyone else seems to think that Ashley has done a rather pleasing job considering he's a new asset. He's come in, been victim of yet more scrutiny (from some Chelsea fans this time) for 'stealing' Wayne Bridge's place. If he was a deteriorating player, then I'm not so sure he'd be number one at left back and defending brilliantly against the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford, who's one tricky customer to put up with. What makes it even more bizarre, is that your basing your judgment on a time period of a few months, because I can quite distinctively remember Ashley performing as his usual self for Arsenal not so long ago. Unless he's lost his quality over night, like Andrei Shevchenko seemingly has.....You're basically saying that he's lost a sufficient amount of his ability as soon as he moved to Chelsea? The fact is, he's been consistently good, not excellent by any means, but he's done enough to please the boss. Ashley will by no means be immune from criticism by anyone, he's had enough of that recently - but he has done absolutely nothing to deserve this kind of ridicule from anyone whilst he's been at Chelsea. Look at the way the team is performing at the moment, we're under confident, missing key individuals, crying out for new additions, simply going through a rough patch. We have far greater issues at hand, and Ashley isn't a cause of the problem. He's merely being held back by the rest of the teams slow progress and dismal form of late. Out of all the new players we brought in the summer, you've picked the most undeserving of all to have a go at.
  11. Ashley Cole

    Whilst I don't agree with harshly ridiculing peoples opinions and some of the name calling that does go on here, I'd have to say that this comment from Michael just about mirrors by immediate thoughts of this topic and all your other recent views Scolo...
  12. Musical Tastes

    Joe Walsh (Ex-'Eagles' guitarist) is a great guy to listen to. I enjoy most of his solo work and I hear that he's playing at the Roundhouse in Camden at the weekend. Shame I can't go, but I recommend him to anyone. Get on down there and you'll enjoy it.
  13. Didier Drogba

    He fully deserves it. He's took a big step up in terms of consistently strong performances, and he's notched up a fair few goals too. He's cut out the diving from his game and used his pace and power to his advantage, he's really shown everyone what he's capable of. After all his harsh critics and doubters at Chelsea (including myself at one point), it makes it ever more sweeter for him. Good on yer.
  14. Musical Tastes

    I'm really in to the likes of Joe Walsh. Some tracks like 'Turn To Stone', 'Life's Been Good', and the classic 'Rocky Mountain Way' are all brilliant. Really enjoyable tunes to listen to. I also like Pink Floyd, Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, and the legend Stevie Ray Vaughan (R.I.P)
  15. Salomon Kalou

    I'm starting to enjoy watching these two young players together in the forward line. In fact, I would go as far to say that the pairing of Robben and Kalou in the front three could just be a fundamental aspect in Chelsea's league success this season. In the game against Wigan, they were both undoubtedly the two key players on the field for us, and one or the other played some part in all three of our goals. (Robben scored and assisted, Kalou scored) There were several other moments in which both players linked up rather well and Kalou was unlucky not to come away with two or three in all honesty. I'm certainly thinking that both could play a key role in the side from now on, and I'm glad that Robben has finally showed some of that old magic that he used to have. It's players like him that really add something special to the team. I've been impressed almost every time with Kalou when he's appeared for Chelsea, But when you place both him and Arjen either side of the striker and alternate them as we did with Duffer a while back, it really seems to add that extra dimension to our attack. Salomon has this great ability to just beat defenders with spectacular ease and confidence, and his work rate is really admirable. Give the two a run of consecutive games in the side, stick with the 4-3-3 that seems to have worked well, and I'm confident that we'll reap the rewards sooner or later. All that's lacking at the moment is the consistency from Chelsea, but once the team finds their confidence and we gain the other key figures back such as Petr Cech and John Terry, I certainly wouldn't be surprised to see our two young stars receiving major praise for their vital role in our attack. Two truly great young talents, and most definitely a potential 'deadly' combination in the making.
  16. Musical Tastes

    I can't stand anything like Oasis to be honest. I always thought they were trying to emulate the beatles too much, and I hate the whole 'bad boy' image that they carry around with them aswell, just really annoys me. Same goes for the babyshambles and that idiot Pete Docherty. Who the hell is he anyway? If it weren't for him being Kate Moss's boyfriend, no one would give a toss about his pathetic attempts to get noticed by creating controversy in the press because of his sad drug habit. The bloke has no talent whatsoever, none.
  17. Salomon Kalou

    I disagree. He has more than enough potential to become a notorious goalscorer for Chelsea. Every time I see him come on for us, his displays are always eye-catching, and you can tell that he'll develop into a prominent figure up front for us. He scored 35 goals in 67 appearences for Feyenoord, and a majority of those may have come from playing on the wing. He was very young then, and obviously still is. He's still developing and maturing as a player and will get better as he gets more games. He's just arrived and is settling into English football nicely. We've still got to wait a while for him to really get comfortable and start getting confident. He has the ability in him no doubt. We've seen him beat defenders with ease on many occassions. His dribbling is fantastic and you can tell he is not afraid to take anyone on. When he gets his confidence up and feels comfortable infront of goal for us, there's no telling just how many he'll score. He could be running rampant within a couple of seasons. His preference is to play up front or on the left wing so he can cut inside alot. This is where he was so effective for Feyenoord. And after looking so promising in this area for us, I'm sure he'll turn into one heck of a player, comparable to the likes of Thierry Henry in his prime.
  18. Musical Tastes

    Oh so many, I don't even know some of the styles associated with the music I listen to. Mostly guitar orientated though I have to admit, since I am a guitar player myself, it's nice to draw inspiration from certain legends. I would say anything from Rock (and all sub-genres) Blues, Metal (And all sub-genres) Country, Reggae, and Led Zeppelin.... ;-)
  19. Salomon Kalou

    He's done very well. He certainly does seem to to dribble past defenders with ease at times. With that bit of confidence in front of goal, and of course once he settles in and adapts properly, we're going to see a very good player emerge.
  20. Salomon Kalou

    You are joking aren't you? How could you possibly deem him to be a failure after such a short time at the club and at such a young age? The kid has bags of potential, and I mean HUGE potential to go on to great things in his career. For me, he is one of the brightest and most exciting young prospects in football today, and I think we should be glad that we have someone to provide us with that future reassurance. One more chance? I don't even know what to say, I can't even be bothered.....
  21. Michael Essien

    He's a good player, and a crucial one at this time too. However we aren't playing like we did last season, and we played much much better back then. If we ever did change the system to something more attack minded, then I hope he could adapt and still have the same impact on our games.
  22. Didier Drogba

    I think Drogba has done very well this season to avoid falling over regularly. Last night, we were desperate for something, Lehmann shouldn't have come charging out of his goal to accuse Drogba anyway. He shouldn't have pushed him, but Drogba shouldn't have gone down so easily. Both players were guilty for diving and Lehmann was again bickering like an idiot.
  23. Ashley Cole

    When he claimed that he 'almost crashed his car' when he heard the 55k offer they had given him....Well that was ridiculous. At first glance, that does make him seem very snobbish and gluttonous indeed. I would think most people would have become extremely irritated with that claim. You can't blame them for that.
  24. Ashley Cole

    What gave you the idea that I twisted anything? I merely took a line from a newspaper article for what it was. Wether it was trueful or not I don't know, but I certainly didn't 'twist anything to my suit my slant'.
  25. Ashley Cole

    Well I'm just writing down what the paper quoted. It clearly said Lehmann thought Ashely "fully deserved" the hostile reception that was coming to him. Even if he doesn't directly call him a traitor or what ever, it still doesn't give him any right to start mouthing off about a former team mate, especially when his own manager wants peace between them. Of course we all know newspapers are hardly a totally reliable source when it comes to football these days, but we all know what Jens Lehmann is like too.