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  1. Ashley Cole

    Cole has said this..... "I have to be honest with myself. I think I am going to get booed badly," Cole told Shoot. "I am well aware that some fans are very angry. I don't think I did anything wrong, but I know I am never going to win out of this situation. "Some people are going to agree with what I have done and some are not. But I didn't move for money. It was a point of principle, I didn't feel I was wanted. That was the main reason. "I think I am going to get stick when I go back there. Yet if I stayed at Arsenal I was still likely to get abuse. It's never been about the money. For me it's about respect."
  2. Ashley Cole

    I think it's a shame that they've dragged his name up in the papers yet again, Ashley, understandably has taken the matter quite personally which has insulted him. If they carry on undermining his character, which I only believe they are doing because it is an attempt to unsettle a new Celsea player, then that will completely overshadow all the positive things he has done in his career, like be a fantastic footballer for Arsenal. I agree with Gavin Peacock on his assesment, that we don't yet know the full story or true events of that incident. I honestly think that Ashley felt as though he was betrayed by the club he grew up with and loved so much. Wether it was because he was not given enough money, or it goes deeper than that and he was treated badly and took for granted as John Hollins said, which wouldn't surprise me, as Wenger seems adamant on pushing out any hint of British the club once had. It's very similar to the Gallas situation in that respect, we don't know what happened at that club for Gallas to decide he wanted out. Chelsea fans hated him for a short while, as we saw on here, but Mourinho has come out and said there was no bad blood between the two and that there was an understanding, much like Arsene Wenger has now said that he wants the taunts and accusations about Ashley to stop now. As for Jens Lehmann, well what can you say about him that we haven't already? He's a foolish... twatface, if there is such a thing..There's no need to come out and say tht Ashley deserves all the abuse, especially when he's a former team mate. As usual he always has to come forward and pipe up with something pathetic, just to grab some of the attention. If his own manager has come out and tried to calm everything down, then why should the goalkeeper have any kind of say in the matter at all? Especially when it's negative and unecessary. The idiot just doesn't think one bit. The Gooners will want to give Ashely a hard time tommorow, so let's not let them eh? I'm not going to the game tommorow, but I for one hope that you'll give Ashely a load of encouragement and really get behind him and the team. I don't even want to hear a sound from those gooner twits on the TV.
  3. Ashley Cole

    An interesting point I picked up on in the Evening Standard today. Does Ashley Cole deserve to be labelled as judas? Jens Lehmann seems to think so. However we expect the somewhat moonstruck and disillusioned German to open his mouth and talk a load of drivel most of the time, so we'll listen to peoples opinions who we might actually not consider to be so nonsensical. Four former prominent Arsenal and Chelsea figures gave their opinions on the matter. Paul Merson, ex-Arsenal striker and fanatical childhood Chelsea supporter believes the way Ashley Cole engineered his departure from Arsenal was 'disgusting,' and that his antics left a sour taste in the Arsenal supporters mouths. He does stress that he must have nothing but utter respect for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger in particular. He doesn't think the jibes including the fake £20 notes prank will bother him at all, and he also believes that Arsenal had the better of the deal when they received William Gallas. But he does also think that Ashley will be the happier of the two come Sunday. He said, " I expect Chelsea to win but whatever happens, I will be happy. I have mixed allegiances. I followed Chelsea home and away as a kid and obviously I have a soft spot for Arsenal because I played there for so long. Perry Groves, ex-Arsenal striker thinks that Ashley Cole is a 'silly boy', and that he takes himself to seriously and believes he is too important. He thinks it should have been a privilege to play for Arsenal but he came across as though he thought they should be privileged to have him. He believes that left-backs contribute a much smaller part to a team than strikers do. Gavin Peacock, ex-Chelsea striker says that as a supporter you should look at what the player did for you club and Ashley's service to Arsenal was tremendous. Every time he saw him play he gave 100% effort and great quality displays. "He was offered the chance to move and whatever the wranglings which I don't think we know all the exact details of - he saw it as a point of principle and maybe he wanted to have a new challenge. You can argue it was a reasonable deal for both clubs, too. In fact, a lot of Arsenal fans I have spoken too felt they got more than a good deal with a great player in William Gallas going the other way and you have to look at that". He also goes on to say that Ashley is a strong character and will pull himself through any abuse thrown at him and come out on top. John Hollins, ex-Chelsea and Arsenal midfielder believes that football is no longer a career these days, but more of a business, and that's the reality. He, like Perry Groves shares the opinion that "no one is bigger than the club". He also went on to say that Ashley certainly loved Arsenal when he was there, as he grew up at the club, came through the system, but sometimes a player like that can be taken for granted because he's always been there. "A player comes in, you find out he is on more money and it festers. It might be a minimal amount but you say ' What about me? I play every week'. Merson and Groves both shared the same opinon on the subject and believed he deserved to be called a 'judas'. The others unsurprisingly think the exact opposite. Even though there's nothing in their individual comments that directly state that they think of him as 'judas', it could very well be the papers twisting things around as they so often do. It's still an interesting matter that I would like to hear coming from a group of our very own fans to see what conclusion they come to. I personally believe it's a little harsh to call him judas as football is a large business these days with riduculous sums of money up for grabs, and most players are out to get the best deal possible for themselves. Ashley is nothing unique in this way.
  4. Ashley Cole

    Ha Ha. Loving Cole's gesture to the fans.
  5. Ashley Cole

    Ronaldo was not injured. He had simply had enough and wanted to come off. He has made that gesture to the bench a couple of time this season, and Ferguson hasn't took him off because he knows he just gives up when things are too tough. He's a big baby. You can all compliment him on what a great player he is, but he's the last person I would ever want in my team. Ashley Cole had him right in his pocket and he knew it. The only way Ronaldo was going to have an easier game was for him to get Ashley sent off. Which he tried to do, but fortunately for us it didn't work.
  6. Didier Drogba

    I can't believe that there are still people whining about Drogba, it's beyond belief. The man is our current top scorer in the league and has arguably been our best player so far. > What extra is Drogba doing that puts him in this bracket and not Johnson? What bracket are we talking about here? You cannot compare Drogba with Johnson, Drogba has class and is a recognised and feared player throughout Europe. Defenders cannot cope with the man, he's big and strong, has got bags of pace, and can change games in our favour all by himself. Are you telling me that Johnson has more class than the likes of Thierry Henry and Shevchenko, based solely on the number of goals he has scored in the opening few weeks of the season?. Andy Johnson is playing for Everton (nuff' said), and cannot even get a place in that joke that is the England side. When was the last time you heard a player or manager from one of the top teams in Europe expressing their admiration for Andy Johnson? I know I can't recall one. Some people need to wake up and smell the coffee. Drogba has been our most impressive striker, scoring the most goals out of all our players so far, and has turned games round at critical moments for us. He put up with constant criticism from his own supporters and came out on top, what else do you want him to do? What more can we possibly ask of him?
  7. Didier Drogba

    Typical that a new rule put in place could see one of our star men leave for a tiny fraction of what we paid for him just a couple of seasons ago, especially when he is playing the best football of his Chelsea career thus far. Really hope that it doesn't happen. I'm confident Drogba will stay and see out his contract with us, he deserves to win some more silverware here before moving on.
  8. Salomon Kalou

    Yes but this is what we have been doing for a while now, and I have been concerned by that, clearly stating how I feel on the matter here. If we have all these brilliant prospects in the youth team and younger unproved players like SWP who can't even really get a chance to prove his worth, it should be uneccessary to go out and keep on buying these star players who do nothing but threaten the future of people trying to make it in the first team, but I do now think that they will get their chance sooner or later, remember it's younger players we're after now, maybe it's a sign that Mourinho is planning ahead for the future.
  9. Salomon Kalou

    Well this has been my argument for quite a while now. Why are we not incorporating some younger players in to the first team by now? If they are as good as a lot of people think, then surely it might just pay off for us?
  10. Salomon Kalou

    I think we will sign Nery Castillo next season or after we have seen him at international level for a short while. Him and Kalou will be our future forwards. Can't wait to see what the future holds for our bright young prospect.
  11. Salomon Kalou

    I think after watching this video of him, it seems he has the ability to score lots of goals especially from that central position. Hopefully he will be played there for us on a few occasions this season, and with Robben and Joe Cole due back, it looks like he could be especially if Sheva or Didier was to get injured.
  12. Salomon Kalou

    I can't help but feel that to get the best out of Kalou, we need to play him upfront like he played for Feyenoord. After watching numerous videos of him in this position and after watching him score a hat-trick of goals there playing for the reserves, surely it's clear where he needs to be put? What do you think? I know he can play out wide, but I don't beleive he looks entirely comfortable there. He has a great ability to score goals and there's no way IMO he will show us his true ability playing out in the wider position. I can just see him now thriving off the likes of Robben out wide on the right creating the goals for him. I do firmly beleive he is going to be top class player for us, but he has to be used where he is most effective.
  13. Salomon Kalou

    Well, it's too early to say anything yet, and the boys too young to judge wether or not he isn't or is the "real deal". His performances at times have looked encouraging, but I can't help but feel he seems to run with the ball without ever really being able to produce anything creative or effective with it. He doesn't look like a natural winger to me. Infact I would almost say he looks unbalanced and uncomfortable on the ball at times in this position. For me, the boys a striker or forward whatever you want to call it. After watching a few of his videos at Feyenoord he does look very good. I feel playing him upfront would get the best out of him as this is his natural position, and I can't help but think he would be a godsend for us. After watching THIS compilation, it's easy to see where he should be played. The boy could turn out to be the best striker around in the future.
  14. Michael Essien

    Get in there son!. Lucky so and so.
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Unfortunately, Carlton was among the players who Mourinho didn't rate highly enough. Forssell was another unfortunate one, who I thought would go on to great things at this club.
  16. Didier Drogba

    Well not so much a goal that should be accredited entirely to him, but the goal against Bayern (A), where Joe Cole set him up with an exquisite ball, for Drogs to score with a great header. Good build up play, but I suppose it wasn't one made by himself. Other than that, the Liverpool one, and the one against Blackburn weren't bad either. He's just one of those players that comes up with a great goal once in a blue moon.
  17. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    >The next Rio Ferdinand. I should bloody well hope not. IMO, the most over-rated defender in all of the land. He is at times the biggest donkey I have ever seen. He gives away goals for Man UTD, because he stand's there and just watches the ball like a lemon. His is out of position far too often, and therefore lets strikers past him as a result. If anything, I hope Mancienne is the next Gareth Southgate.
  18. Ashley Cole

    Why do footballer's feel the need to write an autobiography?. Especially at 25-26 years old..
  19. Didier Drogba

    Who cares if he acts like a donkey? Who cares if he doesnt exactly score great goals more often? He scores goals, wether it be toe-pokes, deflections, it doesnt matter, they all count, and in alot of cases win us games. He also creates goal scoring chances, and he has stuck with Chelsea even after recieving alot of criticism from his own fan's. This shows alot about his determination and ambition to succeed in a Chelsea shirt, and give the fans what they want to see...Give him some credit where it's due.
  20. Ashley Cole

    Damn!, I missed it. I saw a small bit of it on SS News, and reminded myself that I have to remember to watch it. Does anyone know when and where I can catch it again? Cheers.
  21. New Kits

    Get It Here How many of you are going to be buying this new shirt? I personally am not a big fan of it, but it seems to have grown on me slightly. But, I can confidently say I wont be getting it, as I will be buying the new away shirt instead. It's the nicest out of the three we have at the moment IMO. I always enjoy wearing my COORS shirt and other classics, instead of the modern ones to SB.
  22. Gianfranco Zola

    The best the prem has ever seen IMHO. He more than deserves his place in history alongside the other great names. Congratulations for being the first non-brit in there aswell Franco!.
  23. Michael Essien

    It's certainly another alternative should the need for it arise, but I honestly feel Essien is most effective in that midfield position, driving forward. I dont know if he has ever played right back previously, but if we were in desperate need for a temporary replacement there, he probably would do a decent job at providing it. IMO, we have two perfectly good enough candidates in Paulo Ferreria and Geremi. Boulahruz can also play in that right position, so it's pretty much covered, apart from the fact we would only then have two center backs to choose from if Boula was needed there, which is not a good thing.
  24. Ashley Cole

    Well, it's all confirmed. Chelsea have signed Ashley Cole, whilst Gallas has gone to Arsenal. The deal is a swap plus £5mil. And it's obvious that Bridgey will be out of favour with the arrival of Cole. But, let's just hope that JM gives Bridge a fair trial, and let's him fight for his place against Ashley. No player can be guaranteed a starting place based solely on reputation..We have discovered this when we signed Kezman. With Bridge performing the way he has been of late, he deserves a say in things.
  25. Ashley Cole

    It's fine for me, since I'm an insomniac. I'm up until usually 4am so I will here the conformation from somwhere at some point. But I just hope it's soon.