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  1. Andre Schurrle

    Substitute Modric for KDB, and Jovetic for Torres and I think you'll have something closer to what we'll end up with. But right now it's way too hard to say.
  2. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    @Khobar: Kalou is a tremendous cook... I didn't say you made a personal attack. Surely it's fair enough to note the various sources available that point out how other big footballers still aren't near the weight Lukaku got up to, or even the weight he is now.
  3. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Honestly, you do need to check back a bit in this thread to see just how specific the discussion of his weight was. No-one was saying "he's fat, too big, won't make it". It's already been well covered that his natural frame is a possible advantage despite having an impact on his playing style and providing difficulties in his development. It was fairly clear to the naked eye that at some point he had put on weight and that it was a likely cause of his drop off in performance. You managed to solicit an annoyed response from DROY because you weighed in with "WTH am I reading, Lukaku is fat? ROFL u gotta be kidding me" which was factually incorrect, and most definitely out of context with an otherwise friendly discussion.
  4. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    It's being debated as a matter of history and perverse fascination....because he's a freak. @DROY: "Madly excessive overeating"? Ha. Doubt it. 220lbs is svelte compared to some his size. Google Jamarcus Russell...
  5. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    The point is that he was 100+KG naturally at 18, not because he was power lifting, and whilst he was primarily running. That's the context you have to put it in. He's a complete freak.
  6. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Mourinho, and your good self, aren't the only people watching him and seeing his weaknesses. Would Real Madrid want him over Ramos or Varane? Not likely imo. Barca might be a unique fit for him based on their prioritisation of possession, playing midfielders as centrebacks, then again they might be frustrated with his tendency towards high risk when they are fundamentally about low risk percentage play. I'd agree that Monaco and PSG would be then be a reasonable hope for a mega-bid in the absence of particularly strong management or competition at the position. If such an offer was made then it would have to be considered, and yes, quite possibly accepted. But absolutely none of the rhetoric so far has suggested that Luiz isn't part of the club's long term plans, and everything Jose has said so far has been about 'improving' players first. Luiz is surely at the head of the queue, because as yet it's still an open question as to whether that's possible. Luiz isn't near the level of 04/07 Makelele, Gallas, Carvalho and Terry, but I can't think of another group of defenders that were in my time watching football. Certainly not since they were split up. To find an equivalent perhaps you'd have to go back to Milan's Ancelotti, Desailly, Baresi, Maldini? As such, Mourinho's not any more likely to recreate his first Chelsea side in his second spell at Chelsea than he was at Inter or Real Madrid, so the strength of the team will not be in the defensive third, where the play relied on it's immovability, but rather it will probably be in the efficiency of the offensive third (100+ goals three seasons in a row at Madrid...). So the more pressing question to me is how does he compare to Cahill, Ivanovic, present day Terry and hopefully Mangala? Not one of Cahill, Ivanovic or Luiz are particularly good organisers, when they've been played together we've invariably fared badly and you could find similar faults with all of them. I'd find it hard to separate any of them on their best days, at centreback, and if Luiz has had more mistakes, he's also had more of a consistent positive impact on our offensive play. Not enough to counteract his mistakes, but enough to take it into consideration. When Terry's been fit he's improved the defence and improved the performance level of whoever he's played with, particularly Luiz. Similar things have been said of Mangala at Porto. Mangala has more than enough pace and quickness to play alongside Terry, so I'd assume they'd be first choice partners when possible. Ivanovic is arguably the teams best rightback, so he could play there more often than not, and that would leave a choice between Luiz and Cahill for first alternate behind John Terry. Cahill is older, more experienced at the position, makes less mistakes, but makes similar errors of judgement all the same and has none of the upside, little of the same ability to create from the back. Looked at in that particular way, assuming one significant purchase and the retention of JT, Luiz will be a significant player for Chelsea next season and Cahill could be the odd man out. I think if we can't agree on Luiz being sold, or any of our other defenders for that matter, we can probably agree that we do need an upgrade there. If not Mangala, then someone else.
  7. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Maybe, but that offer hasn't come and Barca appear to want Thiago Silva now, there are other options available to them too, like Sociedad's Inigo Martinez. I do find it hard to imagine that Luiz would be sold this summer. Luiz appears to be a part of 'the group', it might be traumatic surgery to rip him out now while he's still thought of by others as a big game player who makes key contributions (as well as mistakes). One thing to consider is that if you coach out some of Luiz's failings, limit his rash decisions, then you possibly still have a much better player than Gary Cahill, and a player with enough ability to offer more options for the squad as a libero, part-time fullback, or kitchen-sink-striker. If we bought Mangala, I could see a situation where him and Luiz become the first choice with Terry and Cahill deputising. That's fine for Terry at this stage of his career, with no more national team ambitions, but at 27 Cahill doesn't want to find himself behind England's ex-Captain, and two younger internationals. On the other hand, if what we've seen from Luiz is all we'll ever get then I don't expect him to be around for much of 2014.
  8. Media / Press

    Given that the greater newspaper reading audience is not made of Chelsea fans, stories are catered to entertain a general anti-Chelsea feeling among many supporters of other clubs (cultivated by the papers from day one). Simply saying "Villa's new boy rejects Chelsea offer, but dreams of playing for Chelsea eventually", would only serve to nark Villa fans, which is an irrelevancy to the wider audience, because who cares about Villa anyway? Make it into a rejection of Chelsea and it fits the wider narrative of the sports section which is created partially in a comic-book format. Brave youngster escapes the clutches of villainous Chelsea to fight the good fight with plucky no-hopers Villa.
  9. Andre Schurrle

    Lewandowski's a very good striker, in terms of goalscoring he's probably equal to Cavani, and yes I'm sure the club would be interested, but Cavani's the better all round player, more mobile, quicker turn of pace, more comfortable playing out wide, and a more consistent and accomplished passer of the ball than Lewandowski. There are stronger links to Jovetic than Lewandowski, and I think that's for similar reasons to Cavani being the club's number one choice.
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    You were never a fan of Drogba and Lampard either so I feel pretty confident that RLC's coming along very nicely indeed: (20th March 2006), "As to SFL and The Drog, people seem blind to this, but neither of them is performing any less well than their normal level of output. It's just that when they're scoring it's easy to hype their efforts but when the goals aren't going in regularly their limitations are more evident. About Didier I may get support but I know no one agrees with me about Frank. On that though I ask you to give me that I am at least consistent because I've always expressed the opinion that Frank isn't as good as many people think he is. I know about the awards but I see what I see and can only judge on that basis whether I'm right or I'm wrong."
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Yeah, "transfer those talents to a higher level" seems a reasonable bet, but better than any of those other players? Not one. A step up from Mancienne perhaps, but all the same frailties as a defender, physically and mentally. Both were very confident, and composed on the ball, often because they failed to see a threat. A neat and tidy holding midfielder at best, but he doesn't have the range, athleticism or natural defensive instincts of Chalobah, absolutely none of the close control or vision of Loftus-Cheek, it's just not there, nor will it ever be.
  12. Andre Schurrle

    By the time you read this, my other post will eventually have been let through by the moderators, probably buried on the previous page. In short I agree, but I'd argue it was only 3 out of the 12. Schurrle's skillset is really only comparable to Hazard or Moses. It's so radically different to KDB's, Mata's or Oscar's that even if they were considered for the same spot, their minutes would be decided entirely by the opponent and the gameplan.
  13. Andre Schurrle

    He's not a forward thinking midfielder though. He's a forward. A modern forward. Not strictly a centreforward, not a winger, but not a midfielder either. He can do a job holding shape out wide and playing through the middle, but he's a forward who can play wide. Over the last 10 years we've seen wide forwards end up scoring more than traditional centreforwards, Henry started it for Arsenal 10 years ago, it's a part of the game's development. Oscar, KDB, Mata are not wide forwards, they are not natural goalscorers, they are midfielders, attacking midfielders. If they played in the same areas they wouldn't be doing the same thing, so in squad terms I don't see the overlap. Eden Hazard mentioned scoring 60 goals a season like Ronaldo and Messi because I think he sees himself as that wide forward too, rather than attacking midfielder (where, rarely, he is talented enough to do both).
  14. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Technically if Ivanovic is regarded as a rightback then either would count as the 4th centreback in the squad. I have wondered whether the club would consider selling Ivanovic as a player who could demand a high transfer fee, helping balance the books, have Kalas as backup rightback and then bring in a centreback like Mangala with Terry out the door at the end of his contract. I personally don't see Gary Cahill staying with us for the entirety of Jose's reign, so positions will be available in the next 2 years for Omereu AND Kalas to progress to full first team duties, if indeed they continue to improve.
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I have to say I have no clue why anyone would think that.
  16. Andre Schurrle

    Cavani would be another one of course. Napoli expert at counterattacking under Mazzarri. And Van Ginkel has a lot of the qualities Lamps used to have. Still think we lack a top quality attacking fullback.
  17. Andre Schurrle

    If we want options then Schurrle gives us options. Where last season we were rather limited in the shapes we could use, this season Jose will want pretty much the full compliment. To my mind Schurrle's future is as a goalscorer, with very good instincts for finding space, excellent acceleration from a standing start and a fantastic right foot, he could be lethal making runs from deep and getting in behind defences. He does a solid job defensively out wide using his fantastic pace and energy, and he's a happy worker. He has the ability to kill defenders in the last 20 minutes of games or tire them out in the first 70. He would add immediate cover for Hazard, and he's more experienced with a greater knack for goalscoring + penetration in the final third than Victor Moses. Where Marin was regarded as unusable last season, Schurrle will be a good squad player with a very high upside and a tendency to score match-changing goals out of nothing.
  18. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    At Madrid, Jose used 9 forwards/att.midfielders last season: Ronaldo (55 apps), Modric (53), Ozil (52), Di Maria (52), Benzema (50), Higuain (44), Callejon (41), Kaka (26), Morata (15). Not inconceivable that he'd want something like Cavani, Lukaku, Hazard, Schurrle, Jovetic, Mata, Oscar, De Bruyne, Moses.
  19. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Hard to find much relevant written about Josh, this is probably the best piece at the moment. And depending on one's perspective it could be used to argue both sides of a debate on whether he is worth a place in the squad. I haven't seen enough of him at Boro, but my guess is that he doesn't influence the game enough when he's not getting a lot of the ball to really make it at Chelsea. And with ball at feet does he offer more in a deep lying role than Oscar, or perhaps De Bruyne? Can the team play their full suite of attackers with him playing deeper without being compromised defensively? I don't know.
  20. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Juni knows best. It's very difficult to say before the main players are confirmed and transfer speculation becomes reality. Thorgan Hazard's actually been talked about quite a lot around the internet this summer with his call up to the full Belgian NT. Of your list he'd arguably be the most ready to contribute. One of his strengths is also possibly a weakness, in that he offers a lot of the same things De Bruyne does, who in turn is a player that I'd see behind Oscar in the pecking order, unless Mourinho thought De Bruyne's game could be adapted to the extent that he and Oscar could play in the same midfield together. Of our defenders, Kalas, Omereu, Ake, PVA and Wallace, I'd say Ake isn't ready, PVA isn't good enough, Wallace is far too green, but either Kalas or Omereu could provide valuable cover, Kalas in particular because he's versatile enough to do a job at left back too. Chalobah is a far more competent holding midfielder than Romeu, and he'd stand a better chance of getting games than McEachran, who I suspect will be sold if Van Ginkel is purchased. Of the younger prospects Loftus-Cheek, Feruz, Baker and Boga all look tremendously gifted, can't really say how mentally ready they are till preseason.
  21. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Although there's not been a headline story about it, most Chelsea related stories coming out now suggest a deal for Jovetic is happening simultaneously to a deal for Cavani, whilst the Schurrle transfer is dieing a death and De Bruyne returns (who can play wide but was most often used centrally for Leverkusen). We've also apparently bought Markovic who, like Jovetic, for all his versatility, isn't a natural wide player. Would suggest we'll see a 2 striker system a fair amount next season. Hazard with Cavani could be rather spectacular together up front.
  22. Squad Status: 2013/2014 Season

    Interesting to hear Jose say that he expects to win the Premier league by season 2, perhaps an element of false modesty there, but as I suggested here the squad appeared to be constructed with 2015 in mind. That would have been 5 years on from the Ancelotti double season, and the summer where we started to seriously dismantle the Jose-era-encompassing squad.
  23. We can live in hope. I feel confident that whatever happens he will continue to disappoint for other teams too. His "big register" emerged from an enormous glut of opportunity that he wont be getting at Napoli, Atletico, Fiorentina, Tottenham, or Valencia. He'd definitely be better suited to a lesser league like Turkey's or Portugal's, although he wouldn't get anywhere near Porto's first XI with Jackson Martinez around. And Dortmund wouldn't touch him with a barge pole, he lacks all the qualities they require. Make-weight in the Cavani deal (where he's valued at about €10-12m) is genuinely a wonderful dream, a best, best case scenario.
  24. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    He brought back Lukaku who will outjump and outmuscle almost any defender, and we have one of the best groups of attacking midfielders in the world (along with Barcelona). It will be disappointing if we don't play direct at times, because it can be the quickest way to get our best players in positions to hurt our opponent and we know there are some teams that just can't cope with it. People will see that there's a massive difference between the way we do it and the way Stoke do it.
  25. Media / Press

    I think his more subdued approach today is because he knows this tide of bullshit is going to follow him, that the press are going to attack him and the club with everything they have right from the off and that he must appear rational in the face of an irrational, reactionary campaign against him and his meritocratic idealism. Whereas before he needed to create in order to get the attention away from his players, now the attention is already on him, and there will be nothing more frustrating for the media than an unflappable Jose. Unswannable.