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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Thanks Juni. I doubt the official site would allow objective analysis of any Chelsea player in such personal terms. Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I have to sit up and take notice when you say after one game (I think) that Mellis is 'going to be a star'. I remember thinking something similar about Sinclair when I first saw him in his first Milk Cup games. How far ahead of Sinclair is Mellis at the same stage (if at all)?
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Juni responded well. All I'd add is Sam reminds many people at the club of JT as a character on the pitch. He's not quite as good technically (remember JT was a midfielder once) and he's certainly not as big, but I'd say he stands a much better chance than Mancienne or Jimmy Smith. If Nana keeps progressing though I predict his superior athleticism should see him beat out Hutchison to a spot on the right. There is a tiny chance Hutchison becomes a centreback, but I think Worley (and probably new boy Rajkovic) stand a better chance there.
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I'd be surprised if they didn't all get into that final squad, Woods is captain isn't he? I didn't know about the Champions Cup, thanks for the info. According to their site this will be the 2nd kit. Droy: Nana played right back for most of his Chelsea career thus far, but he moved inside to centreback last season after the team got knocked out of the FA Youth Cup by Liverpool. He's very quick, a good defender and he has the ability to beat players coming forward. He seems to be a good vocal presence and has decent technique. I saw more of him as a fullback than a centreback and whilst he could surge forward well he didn't seem to have a naturally good cross. I'd say with his athleticism, versatility and solid defensive ability he has a decent shot of making the first team. His closest competition is Sam Hutchison. Quite different players but both are rightback/centrebacks and both are important members of their respective teams (youth/reserve). Sam has already had a mention from Jose as a potential first teamer in the future. Nana went out to Ghana with Chelsea, so Jose probably knows him very well by now (if he didn't already). That's about all I know.
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Yes, sorry. Out by 3 months. I remember he was 19 when we were first linked with him in January of that year. He started later than most, so he might have stagnated but it wasn't like he had an upward curve halted.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Bazza, I think your a little bit overly optomistic with Sinclair. He's only just starting to look comfortable as a winger. A couple of games in the ACN, half sub appearances. That Nigeria team was terrible as well. Sinclair has played youth internationals as well (14 for the under17's). No he really hadn't (6 games at Lyn). In fact he'd played a tiny amount by the standard of many 19 year olds. Sinclair has already had more than he did at Plymouth (15 appearances, 2 more for us and another 2 for Bristol Rovers). He was 19 when we signed him and had only played a little bit more first team football than Mikel (29 games for Le Havre).
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    The fact that he was taking on much better opposition than he was used to in the reserves (Kieiran Lee may be a reserve player, but he was part of the reserve league champions team and a much higher calibre than the numpties we normally face) and was winning most of the time. He must be a very good player because despite major rough edges he did rather well at it. It seemed to me like Jose gave him relative carte blanche in an unimportant match and he responded well.
  7. Didier Drogba

    His first season was his best, scoring and making 18. But his second and third seasons saw him make 23. Over half his overall production. More players on that list than just Robben had one particularly good season in comparison to their other two...like Ronaldo. I can't help thinking that Robbens goals and some of his assists this season were generally more important than in his other two seasons.
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    This forum isn't a group therapy session. Your bad memory is already well documented in the SWP threads, please consult a doctor about it, not this internet forum. And the rest of the Utd side was fairly jokey too. I agree it was hardly much to get that excited about, but there were signs of progress and he was certainly one of the more lively players on the pitch. Running with the ball the second you get it doesn't work in the Premiership? So that's why Henry is going to Barca.
  9. Didier Drogba

    Here are the club/country stats of the 20 most effective players from the Prem over the last three seasons (who stayed in the league for that whole period too): Drogba (29): 125 games, 82 goals, 25 assists = 107 (0.856) Henry (30): 135 games, 87 goals, 28 assists = 115 (0.8518) Crouch (26): 102 games, 53 goals, 23 assists = 76 (0.74509) Keane (26): 105 games, 64 goals, 14 assists = 78 (0.7428) Saha (28): 64 games, 32 goals, 13 assists = 45 (0.703) Defoe (24): 93 games, 50 goals, 11 assists = 61 (0.6559) Van Persie (23): 74 games, 37 goals, 11 assists = 48 (0.6486) Rooney (21): 156 games, 68 goals, 33 assists = 101 (0.647) Viduka (31): 85 games, 43 goals, 11 assists = 54 (0.635) Lampard (29): 190 games, 71 goals, 42 assists = 113 (0.5947) Hasselbaink (35): 89 games, 38 goals, 14 assists = 52 (0.584) C.Ronaldo (22): 153 games, 56 goals, 33 assists = 89 (0.5816) Robben (23): 92 games, 26 goals, 26 assists = 52 (0.565) Bellamy (27): 112 games, 48 goals, 14 assists = 62 (0.5535) Yakubu (24): 118 games, 52 goals, 13 assists = 65 (0.5508) Giggs (33): 119 games, 23 goals, 38 assists = 61 (0.5126) Luis Garcia (28): 91 games, 33 goals, 12 assists = 45 (0.4945) Gerrard (27): 163 games, 53 goals, 26 assists = 79 (0.4846) SWP (25): 74 games, 18 goals, 16 assists = 34 (0.459) McBride (34): 96 games, 33 goals, 11 assists = 44 (0.4583)
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Saying "Sahar will be involved in the squad next season" was hardly saying much. People took it all far too seriously to begin with. He was involved in the first team squad this season and had no influence whatsoever. No, I can't "get the rest". The rest will all depend on how he does in those loan spells. How many of our best players didn't go on loans or serve long apprenticeships at certain times. Terry went to Nottingham Forest, Lamps went to Swansea, Drogba was 24 before he became a regular starter. As per usual you're getting all over excited about kids.
  11. Didier Drogba

    ...9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, DENIAL!!!
  12. Musical Tastes

    'Transformer' is good. I quite liked 'Berlin' as well.
  13. Didier Drogba

    How would that help anything? Get rid of 30 goals for 30 dribbles? Pass.
  14. Didier Drogba

    If Pato is our next best option, we should just give up now.
  15. Didier Drogba

    I'm just thankful that we have him instead of Eto'o who seems to do the same thing every month.
  16. Didier Drogba

    Is Drogba looking to doule his money though? 8 months after signing a new contract."Frelot (Drogba's agent) acknowledged that another factor (in Drogba's success this season) was the new contract his client signed in November which extended his deal to 2010. It confirmed he was wanted and with that confirmation came a doubling of his salary to about [pound]100,000 a week." http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn41...22/ai_n17072934
  17. Didier Drogba

    James, we both know that this was a Marcotti guess. Let's not take everything as read when it gets you intrigued. Drogba leaving won't change Eto'o loving Barca it just gives us a completely unfillable hole. We also both know (hopefully) that the Sun has a long history of printing absolute rubbish, especially when it concerns Drogba, ESPECIALLY if it's from an interview conducted in French.
  18. Didier Drogba

    Countdown to denial. T-Minus 10....
  19. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    You must be confusing me with somebody else. Yes. Hence my judgement.
  20. Musical Tastes

    Anyone else think this years Glastonbury was the worst they've ever seen (music-wise). Complete arse gravy.
  21. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Societal generalisations aside, the notion that English youngsters are worse across the board than other nations is silly. Didn't that team of apparent no-hopers, ReoCoker, Lita etc. not just get to a SemiFinal only to lose on penalties? I personally don't think there is much to take from youth international football about the standard of anything except management outside the elite (it's really poor).
  22. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I don't see anyone suggesting that as a good idea, let alone a philosophy. Please, retract that statement. I back them to succeed, it would be great if they did. I just don't think they will. Please, give me a single reason why you think they are "the future" of anything, let alone Chelsea and England. The notion that I'm less of a fan because I have doubts about their quality is, of course, completely absurd. The world doesn't need any more xenophobic fools like you.
  23. Frank Arnesen

    I actually thought your response was quite funny and I was glad to get over the boring hump of this technicality. I happily admit that I portray myself poorly online. Perhaps that's why I remain faceless.I was right though.
  24. Frank Arnesen

    I wish I could say that with every post that disagrees with mine. I'll just take this as you failing to comprehend, again. I expect there is some relevance to their price, you aren't just going to chuck someone as expensive as them away, that's why Glenn hasn't been sold already. As you say, sort of, Johnson was thought to have outstanding potential, just as Mikel and Kalou have. It's worth giving that time to show itself. The last two managed it much better than Johnson. All of them were around the 20+ mark though, which is very different from the far less experienced 17/18 year old Sahar and Sinclair. That's quite absurd (and thus perfectly consistent with your inconsistent line of argument). Diarra had an encouraging start to playing at rightback, then got consistently worse to the point of complete unplayability. None of his midfield appearances can really be described as anything more than adequate. Diarra was a desperation measure and quite right too. Learning through playing. What did you think the point of him going there was? Just keeping fit? You called his failure to take risks on youngsters "a weakness". Your memory can't be too hot. In attempting to do so you made yourself look a bit silly, because it's clear to any casual observer that you didn't get it and still don't get it. I never asked for stats. I don't know what stats would quantify any defenders performance. I'd rather use statistics than the subjective opinion of a fan. My own subjective opinion was relatively positive, but not nearly as silly sounding as "best player in the Championship." That's just clear rubbish.
  25. Frank Arnesen

    I thought it was something a bit more official. I'm a bit dissapointed. Maybe a link to some relevant threads on a QPR forum? It doesn't, you have simply misunderstood my first post:In summary I said: Jose always wanted to get young players through and into the team but he hasn't been able to because the quality hasn't been good enough. You seemed to suggest that the quality might be good enough and Jose is at fault for not trying it out (claiming it was a specific "weakness" of his). I can't agree with that and I haven't here. He doesn't like bringing them through just for the sake of bringing youngsters through. In my first post I never suggested he does like that, because I think it's a silly idea. I thought the Arsenal game mattered an awful lot. If we had a full team of experienced players I doubt Scott would have got a look in and it would be up to him to have found other ways of impressing Chelsea. I don't know what you want from Jose though. You don't want him to sacrifice anything but you seem to criticise him for only playing players when it's a last resort. He's proven to be incredibly patient with youngsters that are deemed good enough for the first team. Diarra, Johnson, Mikel, Kalou. All had dodgy starts, all still ended up with plenty of starts. A player of JT's talent might have taken a tad longer, but I think any young defender would have a harded time getting into the current team than it would have the Vialli/Ranieri sides.Sheva had 30 starts and barely a third were worthy of the shirt, so I think Zola would have been fine with his 5 or 6 average first games. As far as Mancienne is concerned I was playing with the idea that he was the 'best player in the Championship' as a right back/right centre half...if that was the case one must question whether 'centreback' really is his "natural position". Johnson is very different. He was a 20 year old in the first team when Jose got here. I'm talking about players of 15-17 years old who go through the academy process. Still, Glenn was given a chance at Pompey to work through his bad points without costing Chelsea any points or prizes. I don't think he succeeded and whilst I can't prove Jose thinks the same, I predict he does.