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  1. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by Michael Tuckerquote:Originally posted by Crowey
  2. Didier Drogba

    Another fantastic and vital DD performance today. Another goal and another assist.
  3. Didier Drogba

    >An attempt to upset the player When he has his own fans trying to force him out because he got poked in the eye, I hardly think some half arsed piece of toilet paper journalism will have any affect :D
  4. Michael Essien

    He has been excellent since his return from injury in general. He has had a very solid debut season playing in a slightly new role in an entirely superior league and in a less fluid team. Has had a few games where he looks like he could be as good as anyone, but has also had quiet periods. Overall I am still extremely confident that he will end up being one of our greatest ever players.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Jack Cork did excellently against Crystal Palace. He looked very composed, very strong in the upper body, kept possession excellently and read the game well; especially for a 16 year old.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Exactly...it was one rumour on Skysports which entailed some of the worst presumptuous journalism of the season.
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    quote:Originally posted by GOMIf possible, I would love to have some observations on Michael Mancienne, both the Younghusband boys, the two portugese boys Ricardo Fernandes and Fabio Ferreira, and the England U-17s Jack Cork and Ryan Bertrand. id="quote"> id="quote">Mancienne (central defender) has been utterly dominant at reserve level. He seems to have an excellent blend of pace, skill and the ability to read the game which could ensure he plays at a very high level. I think he needs to develop a little bit more physically, but of the current set of players at that level he is the most likely to be playing for Chelsea's first team any time soon. Younghusbands (varous positions) don't look to have anywhere near the ability or consistency required to be even particularly good at reserve level. Fernandes and Ferreira have had excellent debut seasons for the youth team (and for their youth national sides winning great acclaim in their home country) and Ferreira recently gave an impressive debut for the reserves. Fernandes is an attacking midfielder who plays in the hole and he has been the creative driving force behind the youth team this season (along with more defensive midfielder Dean Furman). Ferreira is a very good prospect on the right wing who is very right footed currently but has bags of tricks, good pace and good delivery. Jack Cork and Ryan Bertrand have been solid members of the youth team, Cork occasionally coming up to reserve level to fill in. They have done reasonably well for England too. Nothing to shout about, however they play less glamorous roles and therefore little is written or seen of them. quote:Lastly, I would also appreciate some insight into the Football Icon boy Sam Hurrell. id="quote"> id="quote">I have been surprised that he has been used quite so much. He has forced Bertrand to the bench on several occasions now and has been used all up the left hand side. The reports about him have been very positive. One more player who has been particularly good has been Jimmy Smith. He has improved tremendously in the last 12-18 months at reserve level. He takes an excellent freekick and is a natural finisher...he is an attacking midfielder with an eye for goal and his general playmaking is quite impressive. He has impressed Mourinho when training with the first team and his technique is such that he has a solid chance of getting at least more oppertunities with the first team, either training or playing. Mancienne and Smith are probably at the stage now where they have little left to prove at reserve team level, I would expect to see the club loan them out next season. Fernandes, Ferreira, Furman (if he is still here) and Sinclair will probably be more full time reserve team players next season.
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Wheres the link. Secondly...I never said how good I thought those Portuguese kids are, just giveing the opinion of portuguese fans who know of general Portuguese opinion on their youth team (a youth team stacked with talent). Judging by the performance of Ferreira in his debut reserve game he is easily ready for that level.
  9. Didier Drogba

    I don't think he said anything particularly bad, even if his words might have been taken out of context. I think it's a fair assumption to say the team doesn't have the same desire. It's harder to retain, because the same 'hunger' isn't there.
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Ricardo Fernandes and Fabio Ferreira (the two ex Sporting kids) are very highly rated within Portugal, both providing match winning performances for their country.
  11. Didier Drogba

    I really don't think we should tarnish what is essentially a thread of good feeling with squabbles about who loved who before. The people that have slated Drogba have a right to cheer him now, although those that booed him (for whatever reason) do have a cheek. Nevertheless, they know who they are and I have no desire to see them backtracking or otherwise on this forum. Btw, I have been talking to a French football fan who reckons this sort of performance was common place for Marseille and that he has under performed since joining us. Do you think he has got over a mental barrier (or that his injuries are fully healed), or was it the result of the system where less pressure was put on him. I suppose the idea that it was 'just the system' can be countered by the fact that he has had equally good games as the lone front man for both Marseille and us.
  12. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by hanumaYet another storming DD performance....he has something like 10 assists and 13 goals this season now. id="quote"> id="quote">14 goals, 10 assists to be precise. Would people prefer that or 19 goals and 1 assist?
  13. Didier Drogba

    Yet another storming DD performance....he has something like 10 assists and 13 goals this season now.
  14. Salomon Kalou

    I like that idea a lot.
  15. Salomon Kalou

    Kuijt seems a likely purchase even if the following reasons are spurious; 1. Jose's purchase of Kezman shows a respect for the Dutch League 2. Arnesen knows the player very well 3. He plays in a 433 a lot (well I have seen him there every time I have seen Feyenoord) and is very good at linking the play. I would be all for having a look at Kuijt.
  16. Salomon Kalou

    Thanks for the heads-up. To me he looks a more complete Robinho, but that is no good thing. Jefferson Farfan is someone we were allegedly involved in the transfer of...in your more learned opinion could he play as the central striker of a 433 or not (certainly we know he can play on the wing)? And is he good enough for Chelsea?
  17. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by BazzablueTo be expected, I guess. Drogba manages a couple of goals and his acolytes come out of the woodwork with the stats suggesting he's a better striker than Henry. id="quote"> id="quote">Nobody has suggested that or will suggest that. quote:The guy is a clumsy lummox who misses 99% of his chances, falls over at the slightest touch and, in some games is embarrasingly bad. id="quote"> id="quote">He has a very good chance conversion rate. He falls over with the slightest touch as a means to an end...not a physical defficiency. Some games he is ineffective, but he always runs hard and creates problems. quote:Of course he'll score some goals - he's playing in front of goal for by far the best side in the country. He can't help but score some. id="quote"> id="quote">Because we make so many chances for him of course....and he plays every game possible with total continuity.... ...or not!
  18. Didier Drogba

    I wonder what would happen on here if Drogba actually finished up with 20 goals this season. Only needs 7 to do it....quite possible.
  19. Gianfranco Zola

    Surely the fact that I only mentioned Chiesa implied what you just said.
  20. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by charlie cookequote:Originally posted by ruskierayIf Drogs played as well as he did on Saturday week in week out he would be serious contender for Fifa world player. id="quote"> id="quote"> Funniest thing I've heard all week-in truth he's heskey with a bad barnet. id="quote"> id="quote">This means that you logically have to conclude on several things: a) Jose is an idiot B) The Premiership is a poor, poor league for him to be able to score 10 goals and get 8 assists in 20 matches. c) Anything good he has done has been a fluke or d) instead of a, b and c you think Heskey is an amazing player.
  21. Didier Drogba

    The abuse he received was utterly absurd and quite frankly more disgraceful than any diving or posturing ever could be. There is no excuse for it, no reasonable explanation and in the fullness of time I have no doubt the majority of people that did it will feel thoroughly ashamed.
  22. Gianfranco Zola

    No...Chiesa did. But you have a point...Allthough Eidur is good enough to be the link man and, tbh, you don't need to be that clever to get it to Crespo, just put it through and he will be on it.
  23. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by JSLO22Oh, and I vote that we do whatever it takes to pry Zambrotta from Juve. id="quote"> id="quote">Which, of course, is pointles....because we will fail.
  24. Ashley Cole

    I personally can't see it happening and would agree with Michael and his back 4; Ferreira Terry Gallas Bridge. Birdge is not so far off Cole at anything, Ashley perhaps having that little bit more about him....but we don't know how these injuries have affected Ashley, whereas we pretty much know from his performances for Fulham that Wayne is still the same player he ever was: A great crosser, great engine and a very hard worker....the next Le Saux.
  25. Didier Drogba

    Marquez is a cheat and an average centreback. We have enough to destroy them on the counterattack.