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  1. New Kits

    The yellow away in 96/97 was pretty good.
  2. Michael Essien

    I noticed that too. My heart swelled when I saw it, I love seeing some real intelligence from the players. Drogba has really taken to leadership and responsibility fantastically for his country and I think (just a guess) it's positively affected his performances for us. The World Cup must have given Essien fantastic confidence too.
  3. Michael Essien

    Maybe he isn't 'the' leader, but you'd have to be blind not to have noticed at least a subtle difference in his approach to the rest of his teammates. He seemingly prefers to lead by example for club and country, but there is no doubt he is a far more vocal presence this season than last and seemingly more of an authority than a lot of other senior players. Please, can we quit with the whole Essien, Drogba player of the season wankathon? We've already had that discussion and will have it again in another thread at the end of the season.
  4. Michael Essien

    He certainly seems to be turning into a leader on the pitch. A vocal presence as well as a huge physical one. Certainly he's part of the best core of players in world football right now- Cech, Terry, Carvalho, Maka, Essien, Lampard, Drogba.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    He was reguarded as a star performer at last seasons Milk Cup competition, but unfortunately he suffered a nasty injury that put him out of action for the whole of last season. Made a succesful return to fitness in this seasons Milk Cup and has been slowly getting back to good form ever since.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I think Worley has the best chance of any of our defenders to make it through.
  7. Michael Essien

    More comprehensive list. The figure on the left is combined goals and assists if you hadn't already guessed: 115 = Henry: Played 142, Scored 87, Assists 28 107 = Lampard: Played 179, Scored 67, Assists 40 96 = Rooney: Played 137, Scored 67, Assists 29 96 = Ronaldinho: Played 143, Scored 71, Assists 25 85 = Drogba: Played 134, Scored 64, Assists 21 84 = Eto'o: Played 107, Scored 70, Assists 14 74 = Villa: Played 129, Scored 65, Assists 9 (2 clubs) 72 = Ronaldo: Played 160, Scored 48 Assists 24 72 = Gerrard: Played 160, Scored 49, Assists 23 61 = Totti: Played 108, Scored 52, Assists 9 58 = Crespo: Played 121, Scored 52, Assists 6 (Milan, Chelsea, Inter) 58 = Kaka: Played 146, Scored 50, Assists 8 53 = Riquelme: Played 111, Scored 40, Assists 13 49 = Robben: Played 115, Scored 25, Assists 24 45 = Luis Garcia: Played 139, Scored 33, Assist 12 35 = Deco: Played 141, Scored 20, Assists 15 34 = J. Cole: Played 131, Scored 25, Assists 9 32 = Mancini: Played 94, Scored 30l, Assists 2 12 = Xavi: Played 120, Scored 7, Assists 5
  8. Michael Essien

    I would like to point out that Soccernet is not entirely 100% infallible with its statistics, but they were the best I could find that covered both players. I think the best statistics on Lampard are from the clubs official website (and do enhance them overall), but it wouldn't be fair to compair those to Soccernets stats on Deco. I'd like to see if Barcelona have done a similar statistical analysis of their own players.
  9. Michael Essien

    Deco is a different player to Lampard. Different in the sense that his job involves less defensive work. For a player that has been put in a higher scoring team, a more attack minded team and has been given a much greater license to get forward than Lampard (and playing for Portugal who are better than England and had easier qualification to the WC and a home international tournament) you'd hope he'd have AT LEAST similar levels of production: (All stats from Soccernet) Deco since O4/05 with Barca/Portugal: Played 141, Scored 20, Assists 15 Lampard since 04/05 with Chelsea/England: Played 179, Scored 67, Assists 40 Well, it looks like Lampard is completely and utterly dominant. Let's also not forget that Deco is a player Jose describes as "World Class", but when asked about Lampard he says "best in the world". When you see stats like the above you know why....you know why Ronaldinho would choose Lampard in his best world XI....Deco's only excuse is that other players at Barca finish off more chances and that, attacking wise, he is a smaller fish in a bigger pond...but just so we get a real taste for how good Lampard is let's look at Eto'o, Xavi and Ronaldinho's stats since 04/05. Xavi: Played 120, Scored 7, Assists 5 Eto'o: Played 107, Scored 70, Assists 14 Ronaldinho: Played 143, Scored 71, Assists 25 (So Ronaldinho, a winger/striker with NO defensive responsibilities is the ONLY player CLOSE to Lampard's overall level of production...wow) Now, I actually think Deco is a great little player and if he was available for a small enough price at the end of the season I wouldn't have too many issues with us buying him, but as far as any debate about him being better than Lampard....your' right Dynamo, it's a complete non-starter, he just isn't!
  10. Michael Essien

    It's fairly simple. Scholes can't tackle, Lampard can. Scholes is an attacking midfielder, Lampard is box-box and covers more ground than anyone else in the league. That is about as easy as I can make it for you. Exactly what it said, that Spain and Arsenal are average sides and that you can't use an entire side in comparison to the performance of one player. You've said Fabregas and Deco are better players than Lampard without giving a shred of evidence...mainly because there is none, otherwise I wouldn't be arguing. Certainly nothing tangible anyway...perhaps an extra Nike advert or two. What you're experiencing is a theme, a consistent argument. Well let's look at some statistics shall we; In Fabregas' first 3 seasons for Arsenal he has scored 11 goals. Lampard scored 10 in his first 3 for West Ham playing considerably less games. He scored 30 in his first 3 seasons for Chelsea and in the last 3 years they have both been in the same division Lampard has scored more goals every season than Fabregas' poxy 11. So Lampard is a better finisher, he produces more goals....and goals are the most important part of creativity. Statistics for assists are much less accurate and reliable. Soccernet suggests Fabregas has 23. In that same time they have Lampard getting 40 assists. Unfortunately they don't have any of his stats from West Ham. So as far as tangible production is concerned there is absolutely NOTHING that suggests Fabregas is currently in the same class as Lampard, let alone better. Your other suggestion that Fabregas is more box to box is completely absurd. I think you should go and do some research on that, because it's so obviously wrong that it's a clear waste of my time to do the research on it for you. In fairness to Cesc, he is far too young to be properly compaired to Frank. He is definitely an outstanding talent for the position. So cutting aside the bull for one brief second you think; -We can't understand you. -We don't want to understand you -We aren't enlightened enough to understand you. -We have no evidence for our opinion. -I couldn't possibly see the above statements through your great rhetoric (utter nonsense) and brilliant imagination (poor use of metaphors).
  11. Michael Essien

    Which proves conclusively that you have no clue what you are talking about. That was a rather stupid assumption to make, completely illogical in fact.
  12. Michael Essien

    Holes: 1. No supporting evidence to arguments like: 2. Lampard is deficient...by which he lacks something necessary to his game/position. Poorly supported by the idea that: 3. Spain and Arsenal are teams we should look to....is he inferior to Scholes, Deco and Fabregas? For a concoction of ball winning, chance creating and goal scoring I see no better. He's about as complete as there is right now. Really...please, where did I say that? Yes, you are indeed making stuff up as you go along (...the 4th and biggest hole). And of course this is, again, completely irrelevant...still a midfield consists of more than one player and is organized in part by the manager. It would have taken the greatest player the world has (n)ever seen to have made that England shambles any good.
  13. Michael Essien

    I haven't even presented a radical argument, just pointed out the clear holes in your argument...your argument that presents no evidence. Luckily you listed Spain and Arsenal as well as Barca and Utd...I think a vaguely intelligent person would have taken it as read that I meant the former instead of the latter. Quick, go tell Jose before it's too late. What would those deficiencies be...remembering that a deficiency is something that effects his overall production, not something that he doesn't need, like the ability to do 20 stepovers.
  14. Musical Tastes

    I've seen old footage of the Who. I don't like them. I don't care much for judging the quality of a performance by how loud it is either. As far as hip-hop is concerned...I prefer trip-hop. But Cypress Hill's first 4 and a half albums were very good...their 2nd and 3rd being their best imo.
  15. Michael Essien

    Droywasmyhero: Yes. I laughed at the Wycombe part too. Ato: The Essien/Lampard debate was something you fuelled, by suggesting that Essien was clearly better and Lampard benefits from his nationality. Of course that is as much nonsense as the idea that one international game could settle this dispute. Dynamo: Please, show your workings and observations, not just your wild senseless conclusions. I watched all the sides you are talking about and I see entirely different styles and less succesful sides on the whole. Considering I haven't proposed a preposterous hypotheses I don't see why I should be doing a pointless study .... a study which would only serve to prove that I am right and you are wrong because the only evidence available is showing that Lampard is a complete midfielder.
  16. Michael Essien

    Don't tell me...you can see dead people too? Basically you are making stuff up as you go along. Yet, miraculously, despite all those faults to his game he is still by far and away the most productive midfielder in Europe... ....yeah, come back when you've done a full study.
  17. Michael Essien

    I couldn't say Ballack has any importance yet, even if he has done reasonably well of late, but the rest I'd agree with. Mikel has warmed up in the last 5 matches but is now out for 2 weeks. Fair enough. For the record, Essien is good in the air because of his fantastic jumping ability, as seen in his battles with Tommy Mooney of Wycombe. He is a very good leader for Ghana and has taken his fair share of Chelsea matches by the scruff of the neck. He's not the most vocal, but I doubt old Stevie has anything more valuable than "Comeon Lads" to say...in velociraptor speak.
  18. Michael Essien

    I'd like to see a source for that statistic, but even so it still leaves him with 5 assists from open play which is more than anyone else and he's only had 3 penalties this season. Also here is a little bit of knowledge on his deflected goals...research done by The Guardian after the goal against Reading that went in off Ingamarsson; "But we have done the necessary on Lampard's five-and-a-bit years at Stamford Bridge, and are surprised - and disappointed - to report that only six of his 73 goals for Chelsea have been deflected: a miserable 8%. If you take away penalties, that rises to just under 10% (six out of 62). Either way, it would seem that Lampard's deflected glory is not as great as the nation's many Frankophobes would have you believe. Still, he's getting better: none of the deflections came in his first two seasons at Stamford Bridge."
  19. Michael Essien

    Jose reffered to him as "special, because he can defend and attack and score goals" after the Charlton match. There is no evidence that he is useless outside of midfield because he has never been asked to play there. You wouldn't play Zidane or Ronaldinho there because it would be a waste of their talents, just as it would be with Franks incredible goalscoring and creative abilities. If being a complete midfielder is one dimentional, then I'll take it any day of the week....Essien is not a complete midfielder, not yet anyway. He seemed to adapt very well....his one problem being finishing....if he'd have been able to finish he would have ended up with the golden boot and the World Cup MVP award. I thought it was because he had to "adapt" and compromise and, like Essien for Chelsea, his production for the team suffered.
  20. Michael Essien

    Pretty easily actually....by virtue of the fact that a central midfielder and a rightback being put in central defence was more than enough to ensure our worst slump only meant a couple of draws and a loss.....hardly a crisis. A blip at the best of times. What's more is those draws would have been defeats if it wasn't for the production and threat of Lampard. Perhaps the funniest and most ridiculous garbling of a popular saying I have seen written anywhere. Not forgetting the fact that we scored more goals than all but one side....and have scored in all but 2 games this season. Please, go away do some actual number crunching and come back with some defining statistics. If you don't want to waste time doing that I can tell you for nothing that the ammount and percentage wouldn't make the smallest of dents in the argument. Also, the idea that Ballack and Drogba are kept off of Freekicks and Penalties for the sake of Lampard's English pride and the detriment of the team is, of course, moronic nonsense. Let's not forget that it is the manager that decides and creates set pieces....and that Drogba and Ballack have had their fair shair of Free Kicks and that there is no actual evidence to suggest Ballack is better at penalties....unless you are only using that single one in the CL....please tell me you aren't.
  21. Michael Essien

    believe me, I was never a fan of Ranieri and allthough the bloke delivered something in his final 2 seasons with us, I welcomed the change with open arms. Lampard really came through with him though....it seemed however many problems there were in the team Lampard became more and more like the solid figure the team relied on and despite our vast improvements under Jose, that is still the case today. 03-04 saw the beginning of Lamps' dominance with 58 games and 15 goals, just after an 02-03 season of steadily improving form. Just to further your point, people's rose tinted specs seem to accentuate the couple of times that we blew teams away under Ranieri into more than an uncommon occurance. We had just as many hairpullingly frustrating games without any cutting edge or decent passing, but then we didn't have the ability to out-battle teams for the win and sometimes a nasty defeat was the result.
  22. Michael Essien

    Sorry for being petty, but I'd say he was recognised as indespensible by many during Ranieri's final season.
  23. Michael Essien

    Actually Spain have won 11, England and Italy have won 10 European Cups. The only difference was after England had been taken out of European competition for several years...and since they were allowed back the ratio is Spain 5, Italy 3, England 2. Entirely irrelevant of course. Have you not even considered the reality that Lamps is allowed to do his "thing" for us because he is better than Essien? Essentially it's really rather irrelevant as to whether Lampard can do what Essien has done (and let's not pretend that he was a brilliant centreback, he still looked like a midfielder playing out of position), he hasn't been asked to because he is far too valuable in a more expansive role.
  24. Michael Essien

    Lampard has scored and created a hell of a lot more. Creating chances and scoring goals is harder than stopping them. I don't think anyone that's looked at Chelsea objectively can say Essien has outperformed or outworked Lampard.
  25. Michael Essien

    It's pretty simple actually....there are only 2 decent teams in it right now and Italian football has been on a steady decline for a while....Physically it is inferior and they are failing to produce talented defenders or midfielders. My opinion isn't biased either....I was a bigger fan of Serie A than the Premiership when I first started supporting football (Parma fan) and through a variety of corruptions and scandals the league has taken a battering from the once proud days of the seven sisters. The Premiership is a better league, a better product and has better teams atm. Sorry, but that is abject nonsense. It may seem that way because Lampard's performance is consistently vastly superior (as was the case when Chelsea played against Bayern with Ballack in their side) but ultimately he still creates more chances for other players - midfielders included - than probably anyone else in Europe.