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  1. Funny how we all watch the same game, yet see it so differently. Despite (or perhaps because of) our dominance in the first half, without accruing a safe lead, I was always worried about their knicking one, which then happened at the worst time. I began to fear, second half, that a point was as good as it was going to get, and could even get worse. Even after Pedro's goal, I still didn't think we were looking certain to get all the points, so Costa's goal came as a mighty relief. Wish I could be as chillaxed as many here seem to be, if only for the sake of my blood pressure...
  2. Weird quoting myself, but to make the same point, this time about Spuds, who can now "concentrate on the league". (My reaction on seeing the result -- deep joy at their losing to Ghent -- was then tempered by the subsequent realisation of the implications.)
  3. I rely on noisy door latches to get a 3-second warning, together with Linux's ability to switch desktops instantly!
  4. Was torn last night: my default position was to want Citeh to lose, but my head said, the longer they're in it, the better for us in terms of the League. (Posted here, as relevant to us and the EPL.)
  5. ^ I'm still curious about what porn he could be looking at that HAS got something to do with her: is Mrs NB in the business somehow?
  6. ^ Ugh, don't remind me of that horrible night: I was at a jazz gig and had taken a tranny (for our younger readers, that's a small radio, rather than anything to do with LGBT) and can still remember the feeling of numbness when they equalised and then went on to win. (It was, apparently, a good gig I'd missed, as well.)
  7. Until we scored, I could see us joining the long list of EPL teams that faltered today...
  8. Huddersfield Town have done us an indirect favour by making Citeh have to play an additional game.
  9. Does that kick-off time mean it's on the telly? BT Spite or BBC? Edit: it's the former.
  10. Had to turn the sound off second half: couldn't bear to hear Tyler's voice any more (made even worse by Carragher's Scouse whinge).
  11. C'aaaarn yoo Bloooooz!
  12. FWIW, none of the commentators or pundits (including more back in studio) thought it was a foul (amazingly, Whinger not only saw it, but, not so surprisingly, thought it was a foul!).
  13. Agreed, and I've had another 20 years on top of that to know "what we're like"! (Although, that said, the Chelsea of the 21st Century is not as consistently inconsistent as the one of the 20th!) This bloke Jesus is irritating though: he's got Citeh another two points late on.
  14. Damn. Now we're the only team NOT to have beaten Liverpool in their last six games.
  15. That was very enjoyable! Was thinking at one point in the second half that Costa's first touch and/or decision-making was poor today, then both LD and GLS said what a great game he was having! (Shows what I know!) Edge taken off the ecstasy by the consolation goal, but I'd have bitten your arm off before the game for that scoreline, so...