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  1. Peace at last!
  2. I'm glad to have been of help.
  3. Can somebody explain to me how, when watching a game of football, I can tell that it's Team A trying to draw out Team B and thus appearing to be more defensive, or if it's just that Team B are better and therefore attacking more? Not being as knowledgeable as many on here, it's something that has often bothered me: is there an easy way to tell?
  4. Reference was made earlier to the Citeh v. Scousers game: they were creaming themselves on the radio after the game about what a great advert it was for the EPL, and how pleased would be the paymasters, etc. Just want to go on the record to state how much I hate this kind of 'product prioritisation': I don't know if it's because I'm a socialist or just an old fart, or both, but I hate this kind of language being used about football.
  5. ^ Thanks for fixing that, it's been troubling me all night, but I couldn't think of a way of writing anything without risking appearing rude!
  6. ^ Paulw66 was right.
  7. I don't know where you guys see all this 'news' garbage: the click-bait I see when I'm on the internet is usually offering me Jackie who's just 2.5km away from me.
  8. Discussing old hates/new loves (and vice versa), I refer the Honourable Gentlemen to one Mark Hughes. The contempt I held for him while he was at ManU knew no bounds, and I was very disappointed when we signed him. Then there was that FA Cup game against Liverpool... I rest my case: we football fans are a fickle lot.
  9. Whoever wrote that BBC blurb that MT quoted above needs shooting: 'full-blooded' is one thing, but 'full-bloodied' is just plain wrong. The Pedant of CFCnet.
  10. Yes, another day where I'll have to turn the radio off: I can't bear all the effusive 'best come-back ever' bollux (with little mention of Barca's myriad attempts to win fouls and penalties by diving).
  11. Notwithstanding the love-in here for Hazard's performance last night, I dId get frustrated that on at least two occasions he had the ball at his feet in the their final third, then proceeded to faff about waiting for their defence to re-group. I appreciate that ball retention is a priority, but the odd shot at goal would have been nice (his goal aside, of course).
  12. This is the credit card company's response to my foul and abusive language: "As I have not been able to reach you, I have blocked your account with immediate effect." Toh sirs.
  13. What on earth is going on in this world that a credit card company rings me at 8.25 on a Monday night? Wish I could sue them for robbing me of that moment of ecstasy! (Although I might have been guilty of using foul and abusive language.)
  14. I was referring specifically to the first game: I can remember the vitriol aimed at some of the players, "where were you when we were sh!t?".
  15. ^ Probably not that different to how José felt in the same situation last season. (For me, whilst pleased to see Liverpool lose, I feel gutted for Claudio.)