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  1. Newcastle 3 Chelsea 0

    I know you're a fan, Jane, from the other thread where Chara started off the whole dog thing, with his having to watch his dog do a poop and missing the Alonso face-goal! Thank god we've got something else to write about, other than this dreadful season (and I fear the pain isn't over yet).
  2. Newcastle 3 Chelsea 0

    Yup, she''ll be fourteen this year, our first ever dog. Still doesn't take any nonsense from the Irish!
  3. Newcastle 3 Chelsea 0

    ..and a reminder of happier days:
  4. Newcastle 3 Chelsea 0

    When can we start talking about dogs? I've got three: an Oldie Goldie, a little black Cocker and a wonderful Irish Setter...
  5. Watford 4 Chelsea 1

    ^ Still singing!
  6. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 1

    What's with all the upside down '2's?
  7. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 1

    Really annoyed with myself. All week I've been wondering, 'Why has the BBC picked this game for it's 3:00pm Saturday full commentary on R5L? They can't be expecting an upset, surely?'. Just go to show: looks like they knew!
  8. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 1

    Famous last words. Edit: Sorry, didn't see the 'Oh'!
  9. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 1

    Who's the English co-commentator who keeps referring to Fabric Arse?
  10. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 1

    Isn't this the first goal they've scored all season? Jeez. Yup. 731 minutes since they've scored. Typical.
  11. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 1

    Haven't Palace read the bloody script?
  12. Chelsea 2 Burnley 3

    My only consolation: seeing how old Lee Dixon was looking.
  13. Chelsea 2 Burnley 3

    I'd lost track of loanees, actual transfers, etc., still a bummer to hear so many names not playing for us.