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  1. Is it pronounced 'Timothy', but without the 'th'?
  2. Struggle to disagree with the sentiments expressed in the recent posts about Ake, just sad. Thought we had a stayer there.
  3. ^ Yes, but the issue is, how much did that (ludicrous) goal knock us back? We were pretty hopeless for much of the match, but would we have played like that if it was still 0 -0? We'll never know, we can only opine.
  4. Ta. I knew about the star/disc (the latter if I've not posted in that thread, you guys have probably never seen one!).
  5. Sad Old Git that I am, it's just dawned on me that my go-to spot on the internet are these Chelsea match threads and that there'll be nothing new here for months. I shall miss the banter! So, to lighten my gloom, what threads on the regular forum (which I haven't visited in ages) should or could provide me with a similar fix? (Maybe we need to start up a ‘Get Me Through The Summer‘ thread?)
  6. ...and it's all his fault.
  7. I NEVER like calling a Chelsea win, but Matt makes me feel like I'm Mr Super Positive!
  8. You beat me to it. My thoughts exactly!
  9. Wish I understood odds: given that one team or the other HAS to win, why don't they mirror each other, so if one is 5 to 1, the other must be 1 to 5? (Or is it like the difference between lending and borrowing rates: it's where they make their money?)
  10. I thought her was a she! Edit: And Droy, that link leads to SO many wonderful clips! There's stuff there I haven't seen in about sixty years!
  11. ^ Ah, the joys of being a Pensioner! (Pun intended!)
  12. ^ I have heard of Sesame Street, but have never seen it! (The equivalent puppets of my youth were from Fireball XL5, Stingray, Twizzle and Four Feather Falls!)
  13. Thanks for the tips, no aerial so I'll give Sea foot's idea a go (and yes, I have that same viewing experience: that little black bloke running freneticly around the midfield must be Kante, and that big bloke who trips over his own feet up front must be Costa, and of course that tall skinny chap at the back, kitted out in bright yellow... ).
  14. Ha! Normally I'd be looking forward to watching this in HD (as opposed to a little pixelly blur!), but the builders are in for three months and they've knocked the satellite dish out of line (and there's no point in getting an installer in 'til the work's done, as it'll only happen again). So, back to my little pixelly blur! Yet another must win game! (Emirates Cup Final with a team whose home stadium is known as The Emirates: just a coincidence? Don't make me larff.)
  15. Yeah, and Fab's (expletive, not deleted) remark last night, not so much...