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  1. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Agreed, but I think it's a given that we end up between 7th and 17th, so for me the concern is about the wrong teams winning the PL, and in my world Citeh are not a wrong team, so the fact that they're currently losing to Watford (normally something to savour), just puts L'Arses even further on top (most definitely 'wrong'!).
  2. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    There was a time this afternoon (with Wham having beaten the Scousers earlier on, so the world looked good) when I felt some karmic compensation for L'Arses having scored against the Toons (1-0) because the Swans got one back against ManUre (1-1). Then it all went Brad Pitts up...
  3. ^ Extending on nutmeg's first point: I have really enjoyed reading the last couple of pages of this thread, and found it very interesting and informative. I have to say, too, that for me the fact that the 'haters' have got bored (or been banned?!) makes this a more pleasurable place to be.
  4. Cor, blimey, you chaps know your onions!* Have to agree with Cam, I think we look like a poorly-run outfit, and increasingly the only way we can attract staff (playing, coaching and managing) is by chucking dinars at them, then we wonder why they are so mercenary. Edit: * With reference to Michael and Cam's stats.
  5. I hope you're right, but, a) taking Cam's point, I don't think we look like a very attractive proposition to the likes of Simeone or Guardiola ('stability'-wise) and b) we had a BIG name and I don't think Roman did back him to the hilt, at least in terms of players bought recently.
  6. ^ No, but I bet it's the only Chelsea forum that has posts in Swahili. Edit: I'm now a hostage to fortune!
  7. ...and the prize for best use of the Internet* goes to... Sciatika! (* Unless, of course, you're even more educated than I've given you credit for, in which case, Umwagaji damu vizuri!)
  8. Khobar's Legacy

    In my world, there are three kinds of books: 1) Books I have or will read. 2) Books I intend to read (by far the largest category, but I probably won't make it). 3) Books I wouldn't read in a month of Sundays. Steven Gerrard's autobiography would fall unhesitatingly into the last category, but, thanks to the Internet and an andoid app I have on my tablet, I can bring you this. Enjoy!
  9. ^ Thanks for the clarification. I obviously misunderstood what I meant by 'converse'. My apologies.
  10. And I don't suppose for a moment the converse could be true, could it?
  11. Good luck with your suggestion here, in the meantime, stand by your phone, as the UN will be trying to get in touch...
  12. ^ What a good spot. I might end up feeling a bit like I did during a last game of the season back in the 90s, when a goal by another young Chelsea hopeful (JM!) relegated Bolton: he didn't celebrate, his face was like, "Oh,blimey, what have I done?".
  13. There are so many here who seem totally unable to use th[/quote b0x/] properly (Skinny Legs has had about ]/four[/]teen lessons from /[me ) abou tit, but seems amlost wilfu/]l in his miss/-use of it].
  14. ^ Oh damn, I was cheered that your Christmas greeting included me, until I fell at the final hurdle.
  15. I found the article absolutely fascinating, along with the links in it about the goals/expected goals statistics and the stuff about Guus expecting to come here in 2011 (I had no idea at the time). It'll be especially galling if Grant James' analysis turns out to be correct, with the strong implication that things were already improving under Jose and would have continued so to do.
  16. Media / Press

    I find it hard to believe that I can be supportive, or at least sympathetic, of anything to do with ManUre, but I thought LvG's presser was an excellent slap in the face for the media sc®um (particularly the bit about his family and friends). He'll probably be accused of totally losing the plot, though.
  17. ^ I feel sick: reading an article in the Daily Fail, most of which makes sense? In it, there's an undercurrent of distaste for our club, which, of course, I don't like, but most of it seems to ring true. I really thought this time around things would be different, but it seems we're going to be doing this merry-go-round in perpetuity.
  18. ^ Good analysis of how I feel about Pep. I think he's going to Citeh: if he looks at us, he must be thinking, "What a farcically run club" (or words to that effect, and in Spanish).
  19. I always thought Carl was a boy's name, but then I suppose I'm a bit old-fashioned...
  20. At last, some evidence that is The Intelligent Forum. Thanks, Sciatika.
  21. Just bothered to watch the Chelsea TV Emanolo interview: riddled with contradictions, can't believe the club could put that in the public domain and not expect even more derision. Appalling.
  22. Keep hearing/reading about Jose's use of the word 'betrayal' after the Leicester game (and its high significance), but on the 5+ minute BBC post-match interview I can't hear when he says it, even though the BBC headline mentions the word. Was it used in another interview to which the BBC doesn't have broadcast rights, or am I just plain deaf?