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  1. Blue Rod: pleased you've posted, I was a tad concerned you might be in heaven.
  2. He was pulled out halfway through the staff Christmas dinner to be told the news, and he then went back in to tell them all. I am truly ashamed of the way my Club behaves at times.
  3. Khobar's Legacy

    I was in such despair after Saturday, and all the Radio 5L pre-match talk on Sunday was about by how many the Scouse Scum would beat the Toons (for whom I have a bit of a soft spot, notwithstanding our results up at SJP), that I avoided all football yesterday. Couldn't resist a massive smirk when I accidentally heard the result later in the evening, and of course if I'd known it was going to go that way, I'd have watched it, just to cheer myself up a little!
  4. ^ Looks like you've forgotten that tutorial on using the 'quote' box. Go to the back of the class.
  5. Media / Press

    ^ ...and, of course, they aren't Chelsea.
  6. Media / Press

    I expect to see headlines about this tomorrow (not):
  7. Media / Press

    ^ Must've been Chelsea TV.
  8. Media / Press

    ^ Well, there was another one with a very attractive woman only 2.8 miles away from me...
  9. Media / Press

    ^ I actually clicked on one of these ads a few weeks back, it had a picture of John Terry so I thought it might be Chelsea related. It started with something about Footballers Wives and then gradually morphed into something else: turned out to be an ad for some money-making enterprise that all Premier League footballers find essential, apparently.
  10. Used to be a broken record in my day. My, how times have changed. What will they think of next?
  11. As somebody pointed out on a different thread, you can tell it's International week.
  12. Media / Press

    Bloody right! Dismal, or what?
  13. Media / Press

    ^ Readers Digest, circa 1962, IIRC.
  14. Media / Press

    This is just the kind of sloppy error that costs lives. It should of course be, "The squaw on the hippopotamus hide is equal to the son of the squaws on the other two hides."
  15. Media / Press

    All those years of my being a teacher have finally paid off. You've made an old man very happy.
  16. Media / Press

    Skinny Legs: please learn to master the quote function. FYI: click or tap "Quote", wait, type your response beneath the box provided. Geddit?
  17. Media / Press

    I find this from the BBC utterly appalling, how they can justify this drivel as newsworthy is beyond me, but I have to admit that Piers Morgan has gone up slighlty in my estimation.
  18. Media / Press

    Continuing the medical/hospital theme, I'm waiting for an appoinment to have a TURP: anyone here experienced it? (This question is aimed at those of you who remember back in the day when Jimmy Greaves played for us: you'd probably have to be at least that old to have had the procedure!).
  19. Media / Press

    Loved the way Motty said on MoTD, after Costa had scored, " last, something we can be cheerful about"!
  20. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ Jeez, PR, it's taken you three days to discover the highlight of this already-wonderful thread? I think you're just trying to make out you've got a life outside of CFCnet!
  21. Khobar's Legacy

    It's not very often I support Spurs, but today was one of those occasions. It worked, to a degree.
  22. Media / Press

    Being a radio show, it would be impossible for them to show footage of recent decisions, but somebody, anybody, could have pointed out the glaring inconsistency that José gets fined £50,000 (and a suspended stadium ban) for talking about refs being "afraid" and Whinger gets nothing for saying "weak" and "naïve".
  23. Media / Press

    Talking (typing?) of Radio 5 Live, today's Sports Panel at lunchtime was discussing whether José's outburst after the Southampton game, and the subsequent FA fine, was unreasonable. Not one commentator saw fit to address the actual issue that he had raised...
  24. Media / Press

    José must be doing the rounds and/or going on a charm offensive: he's also done an interview with Dan Walker on Football Focus for tomorrow, snippets of which are being played on Radio 5 Live today...