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  1. Media / Press

    ^ I hope that is complete and utter Ballacks.
  2. JM never declared himself, "The Special One", the media did (and we perpetuate it here). As has been pointed out, the indefinite article carries a different meaning, especially when preceded by, "I am not one out of the bottle".
  3. Khobar's Legacy

    Superb story, superbly told. The hype was worth it, expectations more than met.
  4. Khobar's Legacy

    I genuinely feared for this thread once Brenda was gone. I needn't have worried. Keep up the good work, lads.
  5. Media / Press

    ^ Sorry, Bob, but I gave up reading Egon Ronay's back page column in the Grauniad years ago, even though I'd paid good money for a real wadge of newsprint (can't bear his supercilious tone and L'Arses licking).
  6. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ Yes, I noticed that as well. I wanted to post a screenshot of all those Grauniad headlines, but lack the technical know-how.
  7. Khobar's Legacy

    On reflection, I am deeply envious of Klipp Klopp (specifically his gnashers, which must make it all the more unbearable for Brenda).
  8. Media / Press

    I assumed this headline was being ironic, but when I saw it was by Egon Ronay, the well-known restaurant crtic (RIP), I realised it was just plain ignorance.
  9. Media / Press

    ^ I liked this line: "Messi's lawyers have argued that the player had "never devoted a minute of his life to reading, studying or analysing "the contracts." ...oh, well, that's alright then.
  10. Khobar's Legacy

    Any 'bashing' was of the sycophantic press, not him: Mark summed it up perfectly.
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    Absolutely hated the assembled media all chuckling in loving unison during the presser, when Klipp Klopp said he was, "The Normal One".
  12. Media / Press

    This seems fair: "Chelsea and Arsenal have been fined £40,000 and £30,000 by the Football Association after failing to control their players during a tempestuous London derby at Stamford Bridge on 19 September." ...we're only having to pay 33.3% more than L'Arses.
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ That'll teach me not to read the quotes from previous posts: it's taken me about 10 minutes to get this!
  14. Khobar's Legacy

    I'd love it if this was correct, but this suggests it's almost a done deal...
  15. Blimey, this really is the Intelligent Forum: on another thread we get the Periodic Table and here, Werner Herzog. Brilliant stuff!
  16. Khobar's Legacy

    See below. Geddit?
  17. Media / Press

    The FA have to have a go at somebody, anybody, so they can deny allegations of bias.
  18. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ Was teaching it only yesterday (but didn't get much further than Natrium, to be honest).
  19. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ Never thought I'd see the day where the Periodic Table is referenced on this forum (albeit indirectly). Good stuff.
  20. Media / Press

    I know I'm preaching to the converted here, but how on earth can the FA charge José for questioning the referee's decision on Saturday (to not give the Falcao penalty) and when Arsenic does the same, they act on it and ban Costa for three games?
  21. Khobar's Legacy

    Why on earth would Klopp have anything to do with Liverpool? (Hope this doesn't come back to bite me.)
  22. I keep reading (here and in the media) about José's rant. I've seen at least three different post-match interviews from yesterday, and none of them constitutes what I would call a rant. He does give a lengthy answer to a question, but whilst it covers a lot of ground, it is coherent and articulate (making allowances for English not being his first language): it is in no way a rant.
  23. Media / Press

    I don't like rugby (it's a class thing, plus three years of being bullied by the rugger buggers at Portsmouth Poly didn't help), and I'm sorry if some people are upset about this, but I, for one, am glad England got dumped out of the world cup (not the World Cup), because it's just about halved the amount of garbage that would've been aimed at Chelsea/Mourinho otherwise...
  24. Media / Press

    Let me be clear: I cannot bear Garry Richardson (presenter on R5Live Sunday morning's Sportsweek). I normally have to turn the radio off when I hear his voice and thus, when he announced he would be discussing Chelsea with Heather Rabbatts, I feared the worst. In actual fact, GR was his usual terrier-like self with HR, and picked her up on the things she said, only letting her off the hook at the end with a bland question on Septic Bladder with which everyone in the known universe would agree (except SB, of course). Catch the iPlayer download/stream, starting about 50 minutes in (the bit before that, with John Hollins, is also worth a listen).