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  1. Media / Press

    Don't forget, the man on the Paris Metro just happened to have an (ex-)journalist video-ing the incident as it happened. I understand that the person making the recording was an avid train spotter and it was sheer coincidence that the interesting train he was video-ing for his scrapbook (an MP 43 Mark III, if my eyes don't deceive me) happened to carry a bunch of Chelsea supporters about to assault a black man. EDIT: Before you all start rushing to post with corrections, it was, of course, an MP 73, not an MP 43.
  2. Media / Press

    Meanwhile, changing the subject, let's hope this crisis continues to Saturday evening...
  3. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ Yes, and even Feel McNumpty is having a go at Brenda (probably beginning to circle round the smell of blood): BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty: "Liverpool may have made progress in the Capital One Cup - but the tortuous performance and need for penalties to oust Carlisle does nothing to ease pressure on manager Brendan Rodgers. "On a day when Liverpool dismissed speculation suggesting former AC Milan, Chelsea, Paris St-Germain and Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti was being lined up as a potential replacement for Rodgers, it required heroics from deputy keeper Adam Bogdan in the shootout to see off a team 65 places below them on the league ladder. "Anfield delivered a resounding raspberry in the direction of Liverpool's players at various points throughout a very long evening, and there is no doubt Rodgers owes the keeper signed from Bolton Wanderers in the summer a large debt of gratitude. "That is because defeat by lowly Carlisle may just have been too much even for those among a Liverpool fanbase who still support Rodgers. "Rodgers is a manager seemingly always one defeat away from a crisis - but a cup exit here may have sparked a chain of events even more significant than that. "Instead, Liverpool stumble into the next round of the Capital One Cup to at least earn Rodgers a little breathing space - but not much. "Yes it was a victory, and an important one, but not a win or performance that will dispel a single doubt over a manager who has been under serious scrutiny ever since Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group kept faith with him in the summer."
  4. Media / Press

    This is hardly pro-Costa, but still manages to make the point that the FA are wrong: " ...violent conduct remains a trumped-up charge. Had Costa been awarded a second yellow and dismissed he would have earned a one-match ban and no one would have complained. The officials would have got it right. But now the FA’s disciplinary panel has overcompensated. Three matches is excessive, unnecessary, almost unsporting."
  5. Media / Press

    What's getting my goat at the moment is all the videos online showing Costa getting up and chest-bumping Koscielny to the floor, followed by a slo-mo replay of the hands-to-face business, but it's very difficult to find the sequence immediately preceding that, when Koscielny barges Costa to the floor as the ball comes flying in (thereby preventing him heading the ball past Cech and possibly worthy of a penalty in its own right!). Grrrr...
  6. Khobar's Legacy

    This discussion merits a thread on its own, so sorry to clutter up what should be a space for us to laugh at the Scouse Scum, but, FWIW, I really don't believe there are any trolls on this forum. There IS a huge range of opinion, a great deal of with which I don't agree, but there has to be space for all sorts of viewpoints other than my own, and that doesn't mean the writers are trolls. As I mentioned a couple of posts back, I tried playing away the other day (thanks for the vote of confidence, holymoly!), but the simple truth is, I hang around here because I value the writings of many of you, and also feel I've got to 'know' some people (if only in terms of their Chelsea fandom) and that makes it much easier to disregard some posts by some people (especially of late, whilst the poor results had made things here more divisive than ever).
  7. Media / Press

    Can't help but wonder that if L'Arses had won, we wouldn't be getting all this garbage...
  8. Khobar's Legacy

    I had a bit of a fling with one the other day (can't remember the name) and it had the same range of opinions as does this one, so no more playing away for me...
  9. Media / Press

    We all know what happens when lip-readers get involved with Chelsea...
  10. Media / Press

    This is probably the wrong place to post this, given that this thread is generally for whinging about the media/press (mostly completely justifiably, by the way!), but I'm really happy for Claudio and how well he's doing with WAFTC, OLAS (AL... )
  11. Media / Press

    ...and the photo of JM used as the still on the video is also designed to make him look as bad as possible. The video, indeed the entire exchange, is great, well worth watching.
  12. Media / Press

    I have never heard the, "JT is a racist, etc." chant, but surely if such a chant is sung by Chelsea fans, it's meant ironically, or at least along the lines of, "I am Spartacus".
  13. Link works fine for me, thanks! (Roll on the start of the season!)
  14. Media / Press

    I always thought Suarez could be very incisive.
  15. Khobar's Legacy

    I discovered this little gem thanks to a news app on my tablet. Quote: Steven Gerrard Rumors: LA Galaxy Wanted Different English Star, Liverpool Great Was Backup PlanAs former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard landed in Los Angeles Saturday to begin preparations for his debut with the LA Galaxy in July, rumors surfaced saying that one of the greatest players in the history of the club that ranks among the most storied in England was not, in fact, the Galaxy’s prime target when the team tried to recruit a new designated player. Galaxy Manager Bruce Arena appeared to confirm those rumors Friday, in an interview with Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, when he said that 37-year-old former Chelsea and England star Frank Lampard was the player he really wanted. “We recruited Frank pretty hard here. The deal was close,” Arena told The Mirror. “We talk to pretty much every single player that is interested in coming to the U.S. and certainly when you hear Frank Lampard is willing, you’re gonna have a lengthy conversation.”
  16. ^ " ...keeping a close eye on events down the Kings Road". Anyone would think Sky had never been to Stamford Bridge.
  17. Media / Press

    Don't know why I still get irked by this kind of thing: the Premier League Champions are just part of "the rest"?
  18. I noted towards the end of last season that most of my favourite sites had been taken down and replaced with a High Court Order information page.
  19. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ They've already raised £135.00!
  20. New Stadium Plans

    ^ I actually thought the 'after' picture was a p!ss-taking mock-up by somebody with a lot of time on their hands, until I scrolled down and saw the view from above, so it's obviously not a joke...
  21. Media / Press

    You got my drift.
  22. Khobar's Legacy

    Deep (malicious) joy.