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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Never liked Toure, but have utterly despised him since that 'playful' head-slapping of Hazard in the tunnel earlier this season. He's just a big bully.
  2. Khobar's Legacy

    Palace clearly had not read the script!
  3. Khobar's Legacy

    Found a stream just in time to see an absolutely brilliant equaliser by Jason Puncheon, from a free kick just outside the box. Picked his spot and delivered it perfectly. The entire Liverpool team just stood and watched! Catch it if you can, on MoTD, or whatever. Also heard the commentator say about The Greatest Footballer What Ever Strode This Earth, " ...well, he's been on the periphery of the action so far... "
  4. Khobar's Legacy

    Love this bit of sarcasm from the BBC Live Football webpage: "GERRARD STARTS Liverpool v Crystal Palace Posted at 16:31Steven Gerrard is in the Liverpool team to face Crystal Palace this afternoon. It's his final game at Anfield. It's barely been in the press this week so if you didn't know, don't worry." We are not alone!
  5. New Stadium Plans

    ^ I grew up around there, the station was just the other side of Stamford Bridge (the one on the Fulham Road, over the railway, not the stadium). A tower block was built in the site in 1950s/60s.
  6. Khobar's Legacy

    It never ceases to amaze me that, once a new season starts, all the names of the dear departed from the previous season slip from my mind (unless we've got a thread dedicated to their going, as for SFL). Seems like a lifetime ago that, for example, Ashree Coe (as I once heard it on a Chinese stream a few years back) played for us, and when we get to the Babayaros and the Bhoularouzs, I'm very fuzzy...
  7. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ "Ahm not gonna give dem Chelsea fans nuttin'. Dey gave me stick all through the game and were only nice to me when I walked off the pitch. I only love Liverpool fans, nuttin' else." (I'm paraphrasing, but that was the gist.)
  8. The twitter link was just our points totals over the last five years, showing the upsurge since Jose's return, I.e., the last two years.
  9. Khobar's Legacy

    Changing the subject, I enjoyed reading most of this,"Liverpool midfielder regrets not winning title". What was really interesting for me, though, was to click through to the match report of the Mr Slippy game: I'd completely forgotten about our team that day, including Kalas (what happened to him?) and Schwarzer!
  10. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 0

    Agreed, up to a point: I've got an Aussie 'mate', who chose WBA because it's the first team/ground he was taken to back in the day (which is fair enough). Now, I don't know if it's 'coz he's an Oz, or it's just him, but he gets right up my nose about football, always narky about Chelsea and bigging up his chosen team. Can't stand him. (I trust he doesn't come on here: being British, one wouldn't want to cause offence.)
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ Good point. I hadn't noticed the byline and had mentioned my surprise at it being the Grauniad in my earlier post. I recognise the writer's name and found your link very useful: led to many interesting (and varied!) articles, thanks.
  12. Khobar's Legacy

    The article in the Grauniad, which I mentioned earlier in this thread, is quite damning about the English media's total avoidance of the subject: it refers to "a football massacre that has been all but airbrushed from mainstream memory in Britain".
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    ^ Had to listen to the game on Talksh!te, as I couldn't find a stream (all the usual suspects seemed shut down by a 'High Court Order'), but managed to find something eventually: really pleased for Juve. Hope they beat Barca in the Final!
  14. Khobar's Legacy

  15. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Love the loathing! Keep it up!
  16. Khobar's Legacy

    Changing the subject, I was very interested to read this in the Gruaniad. Seems like it's not only a few on here who want more acknowledgement of the thirty years since Heysel, but I'm surprised to see it's in the Gruaniad. The Pathe News video is truly shocking. I watched the game live and I don't remember seeing a lot of that footage at the time.
  17. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    ^ Yes, and another thing that (apparently) puts me in an even smaller minority of Chelsea fans: I prefer Celtic to Rangers!
  18. Chelsea 1 Crystal Palace 0

    I agree. Let's leave the Blue Rod-baiting out.
  19. Media / Press

    More love from the Grauniad: The latter's interesting, too, for JT's take on his eventual retirement.
  20. Media / Press

    Jeez, is it really that long ago? Particularly painful for me if you're right, because the Communards were at least twenty years AFTER my time...
  21. Media / Press

    I lack the technical nous to get a direct link, but halfway down this page is a link to a video ("Five reasons why Chelsea won the Premier League"). Now, it's hardly Feroze, but still worth a watch...
  22. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    ^ We might field an ineligible player, get deducted 13 points and...
  23. Media / Press

    Very good. I bet there's some yoof on here who won't get that!
  24. Media / Press

    Oh, don't worry, I know your heart's in the right place. My Dad was a card-carrying member of the CPGB back in the thirties, forties and fifties, so I'm a bit sensitive about potential slurs!
  25. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    OK, this thread is now dead.