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  1. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1

    The funny part in all of this is that there are people here still criticising referees for failing to award a penalty when we deserve one and don't get it. The same people are bleating loudly about the injustice of a deserved penalty for our opponents. How about for once, just once, calling the 'tackle' and the 'shove' what they are - clumsy, ill-timed and, in the context of the game and scoreline at the time, reckless.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    We had "better". JM decided he did not want him. As long as we buy a decent second choice striker, I would be happy but how we got here should not be easily forgotten. We did not have to be in this position.
  3. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    You need to take a second look. GK'S left arm is the part to look out for.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    If DD is out for more than one month then we need TWO additional strikers.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes. And given our issues last season with striking options, it is partuclarly surprising that JM did not insist on keeping Lukaku who could, on the evidence of the last two seasons, be relied on to produce goals in double figures. I want to believe he understands this risk and is taking steps to address it before the window closes and not allow his ego to obscure a vital area of need in the squad.
  6. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Jose biggest trick here was to systematically get rid of a player he never wanted while making it appear as if RL insisted on being first choice. If the player flops at Everton, Jose looks good getting rid of him and collecting a hefty sum. If he scores loads of goals, Jose can say there was no point in keeping an unhappy player. He wins both ways and he has FFP to strengthen his position. Ultimately, unless we find an adequate replacement, it is CFC who will be the biggest losers in the deal. Lukaku's real value to the club and its future success is more than £28m. If Jose wanted the player, he'd still be here.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thank you!
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    You'll have to do significantly better than this substance-bereft response if you want a conversation worth having.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    That story about Mikel is rubbish. I hinted at its lack of logic here
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    My thoughts exactly. Why is no one questioning JM's approach to Lukaku? Many are assuming it is the player who wants to leave but we have no information on whetehr JM really does want him to stay or has tried to make him stay ..... just as we don't have any gernuine report on what Lukaku's original wish is.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Really? How long has Mikel been in the country? You believe a player who has been resident in the UK since 2006 for approximately 8 years is waiting until October 2014 to obtain British citizenship which he qualified for several years ago?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I would like him here and I have not seen anything that proves he would prefer to be elsewhere other than some insisting that his lack of public display of affection towards the club is conclusive proof he wants out.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Has there been a concrete report anywhere with quotes showing that Lukaku does not want to be here?
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good Lord, it's only been two games so far and some of the other forwards in the team should share in the blame - they don't always take the best option.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    But why would he be regardless of his contractual situation? His decision to stay might just be financial as much as anything else.
  16. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    And their names are ....? I can only recall one person but he has yet to comment on the semi return leg in Munich.
  17. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    And like Rodgers, he believes he has a divine right to win just because his teams play 'attractive' football. Athtletes was the word he used to describe Madrid after the first leg. He would not concede that they were better too at football.
  18. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    It should have been 4-0 after the first leg. It's only 4-0 now agg. Bayern are a very lucky team.
  19. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 2

    Worse than Pires who ran, by own admission, like a duck? Great player though and Sterling looks good too. For now.
  20. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 2

    Martin Tyler is a chelsea supporter No. Tyler supports Woking. "Oh No .... for Wigan ..."
  21. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 2

    And the referee is helping with time keeping as helpfully as he can ...
  22. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 2

    I see we all have take in endure/listen to the 'anthem'. Good work by Sky
  23. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 2

    The tennis data there is counter-intuitive. That can be, and often is, a brutal sport due to its individual nature, where your legs, arms, wrist and shoulders are under constant pressure and strain. You also have to deal with a ball often travelling at speed up to 147mph and at angles not favourable to your joints, running back, forward and sideways in one point! I doubt this figure at least.
  24. Chelsea 1 Sunderland 2

    Good Lord!
  25. Chelsea 1 Sunderland 2

    Clearly that's the new tactic and one of the sticks with which to beat the manager. I expect it'll be repeated many more times until it gathers steam and assumes self-propagating status. Then, we will have to spend an entire summer at least to debunk it.