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  1. At one stage, I was concerned we were looking at a thumping....never a good thing for a team to endure irrespective of the XI out on the pitch or the fact its a friendly. I do however feel that second half we got to grips, affected the game and a momentum shift coincided with the introduction of Luiz. I agree with James, Luiz will have a pivotal role to play this season in the absence of influential figureheads like Terry and Costa. When I say we were unlucky, I mean in the sense the final whistle came too soon. We looked far more likely to score next. But I agree, starting games like we started this one, lacking cohesion and concentration, will cost us dearly if it becomes habit, though I do feel the inclusion of Luiz from the start mitigates this.
  2. I'm heartened by the way (after an awful start) we didn’t let our heads drop and came back into the game, to the extent we were unlucky to get nothing out of it.
  3. Yes it certainly was a worthwhile workout that highlights areaa of concern against a game and worthy opponent. A bit of shrewd transfer activity in the next few weeks should remedy the situation. Very enjoyable game nonetheless
  4. Quite a deal Bayern got landing James Rodriguez on loan... Just read Mbappe going for £161m to Madrid...insanity.
  5. Cue Bruce Forsyth... Good game good game....(rubs chin)
  6. Impressed with Bayern...James Rodriguez. Kingsley Coman. Ribery, Renato Sanches...exciting build up there.
  7. There's one back. Nice from Alonso
  8. Better from Chelsea...nice build up before Alonsos shot
  9. So slow to get started here...
  10. We have a shirt sponsor obviously and I saw against Arsenal, we now have a sleeve sponsor.... Surely, with all the facial injuries we've had over the years, isn't it time we got a mask sponsor? ;-)
  11. I'm sure Morata will do great :) Expecting big things from him...he's got the talent to deliver
  12. Since every striker whose worn it recently has had the goal return of Khalid Boulaharouz :)
  13. Morata to wear No.9
  14. Oh dear :|
  15. Might as well go for Sanchez then....we can afford the inevitable 600m :)