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  1. May do better in a team whose attacking guile consists of more than lofting a hopeful long ball onto Fellaini's head. I have my doubts about him though particularly after the Copa America
  2. Like these a lot... No fancy schmanzy designs
  3. Did himself justice. Delighted for him.
  4. Gives us real muscle in midfield to compliment the artistry... Better on the ball than most give him credit for too.
  5. Incindies. Excellent film
  6. Enjoying Prisoners of war. Pretty much on the verge of giving up on Homeland
  7. 4th...3rd....either way, they're bound to write a book about it...
  8. Carvalho and Gallas...amongst the very best centre backs of the Premiership era, spearheaded by the very best.... Step forward our Captain, Leader, Legend. What a player.
  9. Good luck RDM hope you do well. ...but not too well against us. DFIFF (AKA - don't follow in Franks footsteps :)
  10. Think were doing damn fine as we are... But if we must...any of Pogba, Varane, Reus would be brilliant
  12. Delighted he's signed up. Very talented young player.
  13. Sooner the better. Must at least be sorted by Jan 1st
  14. Remember this?
  15. Yes, he did. He sure knows how to make an entrance :)