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  1. Fabulous, fabulous season. So consistent, interspersed with flashes of world class brilliance. Conte has been a genius in his first season. Heroes, all of them heroes. UP THE CHELS!!!
  2. Link to story
  3. Terry to leave club end of season CAPTAIN LEADER LEGEND Always
  4. Would be delighted with a Michael Keane/ Ben Gibson acquisition over an extortionately priced Koulibaly any day.
  5. Game of two halves...awful first half, much more effective second half. Again, Costa led by example. Need a disciplined, workmanlike performance for 90 mins, not just 45...better teams than Hull would have been out of sight by half time. Still, some positives to take from the game but besides Costa we need to get a lot more cohesion out of our attacking players
  6. Costa has been wonderful this season. Has everything a top striker should have in their locker.
  7. Made at least one world class save today (deflected Snodgrass free kick off Costa) Nice reminder of what he can do.
  8. Anthropoid is an excellent offering.
  9. United are a physically imposing side full of athletes, but Mata adds something they've desperately lacked since Giggs and Scholes departed. Guile. He's a clever player in the final third.
  10. ------------ Courtois ------------ Azpilicueta Terry Luiz Alonso ---------------Kante--------------- ----- Willian----------Mikel------- ------------- Hazard----------- Batshuaiyi-----------Costa------- Would require a lot of work from Kante/interchange with Mikel. Free role for Hazard without working the flanks
  11. Conte inherited an absolute mess, one that had cost Mourinho his job. The side lacks character collectively and characters individually. Without Terry (and sometimes Costa) the team often resembles a team of lemmings. If I blame Conte on this apparent disorder, I'd have to blame Mourinho too... Many of players at our disposal aren't fit to tie the laces of their predecessors....Lampard, Drogba, Riccy, Makelele et al...even Courtois has all of the talent of Cech but where is the bottle? An aging Terry must be tearing his hair out to what has become of this once (and not so long ago) ruthless club. We used to put teams to the sword at the Bridge. Away from home we'd soak up pressure, wait for our moment and pounce. We terrified the opponents...quick, lethal, clinical. Now we're the one's playing like rabbits caught in the headlights.
  12. I was thinking more carrier pigeon...The very fact Costa is under consideration is more of a reflection of the lack of leadership elsewhere in the team. Couldn't make matters any worse, could it?
  13. Sooner Zouma is back, the better. I just hope he comes back at his best, he'll need to be.
  14. In Terry's absence I'd give the armband to Costa.