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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Torres, Shevchenko, Falcao....names to whet the appetite with a goal record to match. Not being facetious but I do believe a Higuain signing would mimic their respective tenures more than a Costa or Drogba. But then again it's all about opinions. FWIW I'd still take my chances with Belotti should Sarri (if he ever gets here) dip into the Italian market.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Higuain isn't the answer to our Morata woes... Neither cut the mustard. Giroud more effective than either.
  3. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    Whereas I'd plump for Fabregas on rollerblades
  4. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    Playing like he gives a damn. Others take note
  5. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    This isn't a recent phenomenon... We've been poor all year, apart from one or two players. Shameful, all round
  6. Ray Wilkins 1956-2018

    Very touching tribute to a club legend. Proud.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pretty sure, operating under this structure, we would have found a way to f*** this scenario up as well. By the same token, had Conte been operating with the same freedom that Pep has enjoyed at City, we might be realistically defending our title. The structure must change. Till then, it doesn't matter who we bring in to manage, we're building castles on quicksand
  8. Chelsea 1 West Ham 1

    Sad to think we've populated the team with players with no passion. After such a vapid performance I look around for players angry at their own performance...all I see is excuses. Comfortably numb
  9. Ray Wilkins 1956-2018
  10. Ray Wilkins 1956-2018

    Legend. Gentleman. Chelsea. One of his favorite phrases which he bellowed out at The Bridge to his defenders was 'stay on your feet!!!' Ray, you'll be getting a well deserved standing ovation, as your fans in the ground will be on their feet in appreciation. It resonates like the loss of a close friend. Such an beloved figure. Thank you Butch. You are Chelsea
  11. Media / Press

    RIP Butch. Absolutely brokenhearted.
  12. Chelsea 1 Tottenham 3

    Rest in peace Ray Wilkins. An absolute gentleman, its been an honour to support your career. Absolutely brokenhearted.
  13. Chelsea 1 Tottenham 3

    Of course it doesn't help that our defenders have taken to doing the Charleston around a loose ball as they did for Alli's second rather than hoof it away from danger. Add to this Courtois' performance against Barca and this is real cause for concern. These are basic errors that have crept into our game to the extent they're commonplace albeit almost expected. Much of our success was built on defensive principles and I sincerely hope next season whatever happens, we don't get so sidetracked by managerial merry-go-rounds and fantasy football signings that we forego getting the basics right.
  14. Chelsea 1 Tottenham 3 Reminiscent of this seasons transfer dealings under Conte. Whoever is at fault for this ineptness, it's always the manager that suffers the consequences....and the supporters are left disappointed thinking about what should have been. A transfer policy that is more about resting on our laurels after a title winning season rather than building on our achievements seems to be mantra. Deja Vu... Personally next season I'm hoping for a collaboration of Wise, Ballack, Lampard, Terry and Drogba marching into Marina's office Reservoir Dogs style to fix this mess. Because until something changes behind the scenes we'll continue to be less Natural Born Killers on the pitch, more Desperados.
  15. Chelsea 1 Tottenham 3

    Thanks Jane
  16. Chelsea 1 Tottenham 3

    Acceptance of mediocrity. The bench tells the story. The gulf in talent between us and truly legitimate title contenders is embarrassing, makes us more non-starters than also rans...a title defence built on quicksand.
  17. Chelsea 1 Tottenham 3

    Conte is yet another casualty of how this club is run. Undermined rather than supported, yet another great manager has been reduced to a shell of themselves fulfilling nowhere near the promise they initially showed at the club. Has Conte been found out or has he found out why we shoot ourselves in the foot following a successful season. I say the latter and it will happen again and again unless we change to keep being competitive for titles
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Exactly. Any team in world football would be weakened with losing a player like Diego Costa and to a lesser extent, Matic. Bakayako and Drinkwater aren't of the same Calibre and expecting a superhuman first season from Morata placed tremendous weight upon young and adjusting shoulders. I am however extremely heartened by the Giroud signing, and together with Morata I see us growing in menace and guile upfront again. A force to be reckoned with? It's a good start. We simply must keep Eden though - at his best he's genuine world class and I look forward to his role in developing our front two with relish.
  19. Watford 4 Chelsea 1

    Although many may not agree, it looks to me like the behind the scenes BS that seems to be a trademark of this great club, has scalped another great manager á lá Jose Mourinho. We're getting half a manager currently with Conte...the real Conte was/is vibrant, dynamic and as last year proved tactically astute enough to turn negative into positive. This year after being seemingly regularly undermined, such achievements are a bridge too far. Sure he could have dealt with certain situations better than he has but likewise the club has failed to throw their ample weight behind another manager that deserves better. Our transfer business has been mediocre, he has rightly voiced his displeasure at this. I love what Roman has done for this club but the board must effectively work in conjunction with the manager they choose to appoint - not undermine them. The players are jaded, the manager frustrated and the fans exasperated. And we all know how this ends.....
  20. Watford 4 Chelsea 1

    So how do we best fix this???
  21. Watford 4 Chelsea 1

    Well that's it then. Delofeu has been brilliant to be fair. But shocking, thoroughly shocking from us
  22. Watford 4 Chelsea 1

    Personally I'd bring Dennis Wise in to the set-up to do his best Sargeant Hartman from the film Full Metal Jacket routine on this bunch... Oh and thank the Lord for Eden Hazard
  23. Watford 4 Chelsea 1

    Shout out to the away fans, who despite sitting through 40 mins of drivel, have been brilliant.
  24. Watford 4 Chelsea 1

    At least Kante will have less to do now Bakayako's gone...
  25. Watford 4 Chelsea 1

    Bakayako 😬