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  1. Okay...especially for you Marcus Alonso in his Monday - Friday gear...
  2. 😁 Forget Sandro, forget Rose.....even forget Crouch..... We need to resign Brian...
  3. ...what a player. Spends Monday to Friday playing Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones...then scores two at the weekend ;-)
  4. Actually Mauricio thats 3 shots on target.... Ungrateful sod B-)
  5. Now why the f*** would we pay 60mill on a centre back? Superb. Concerned about the ball not sticking upfront but hey-ho....we BEAT them. Spurs once again Wobbly at Wembley. Long may it continue
  6. I see Solanke has found his new place in Liverpool...B-)
  7. After today's performance I fully expect Pochettino to go into the market..... ...and buy a couple of apples, and a few oranges...coz he already has enough lemons in his team 🍋 CMON THE CHELS....DELIGHTED....YES!!!
  8. Fixed ;-)
  9. Great game. Good debut for Bakayoko, Alonso scoring twice, Bats on the scoresheet... Now if someone could only spin him around in the right direction we might have a striker on our hands ;-)
  10. It WAS like 300 :-D Stunning performance, so proud
  11. Think Willian worked his today.
  12. The effin post
  13. Tough 20 mins ahead...they must be shattered
  14. Pedro coming on
  15. 30 mins will be like 300.... Like the film B-)
  16. Can't agree with your first point James...the fact the ball and thus pressure keeps on coming is because we've no out ball to be held up by a Drogba or Costa. It's wave after wave at the moment. But I agree with your second point...Morata's strengths are more evident when we are running the game. He'll improve with Hazards return. But at the moment he's an absolute passenger
  17. They most certainly are.
  18. The refs have no boll... Then they referee us and they're the size of grapefruits.
  19. The town of Desperation... Population: 2 Twinned with: Liverpool. Favourite Drink: Water ;-)
  20. Never know...they might need to sell Danny Rose to anyone (even us?) to make up for those further impending wage demands. ;-)
  21. If true then.. good. Far better alternative than a ridiculously priced midfield squad option... They don't even have to sign a replacement since Matty James regained his fitness...Drinkwater may not even get in their first XI. Your move Leicester. A shameless attempt to cash in on one successful season. Would be sad if this resulted in the Drinkwater having to submit a transfer request to force a move.
  22. We only give bargains not get them. Southampton won't be dishing out any bargains either. Think Robertson and Harry Maguire were brilliant signings...shows bargains can be picked up....exactly what padding a squad should be about not spending a kings ransom for decent players.
  23. Think its easier for refs to make that definitive call when it's contact to the face...nearly always results in a red. Maybe it's just me, but I do feel that we are more readily and severely penalised for the kinds of challenges that our other contemporaries in top 6 routinely get away with. And I do feel that's been the case for quite a while. On a happier note, wasn't Kurt Zouma excellent today? Great to see our loan boys making the most of their chances.
  24. Funny how Mark Noble manages to stay on the pitch today after a tackle FAR WORSE than Cahills. Referees are card happy when it comes to Chelsea, for some reason
  25. I agree Dave, I suppose the only solace is that they're getting game time finally, particularly for the one still on our books, RLC. Was very impressed with him today, saw a fresh determination in his play. I gave up trying to apply any rationale to our midfield situation long ago..