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  1. Salomon Kalou

    I would suggest that it doesn't matter much that de Visser and Hiddink are close. Hiddink is smart enough to know that he must play his best players, and buy the best players if he is to succeed. What a friend of his thought about the potential of a player 6 years ago is irrelevant to the player that he is today. For the record, I would be surprised if both Mikel and Kalou went, but only because Mikel has shown that at times he can be a world class player and should stay. I would suggest many a coach would fancy being the one that turned Mikel from a player of a few world class moments into a player of world class games. With Kalou I'm not sure anyone can do more for him, because I'm not sure he's equppied with the tactical brain and footballing smarts to go with his skill. Yes, that's the great hope, you could teach that, but I'm not sure he's learned enough to date to show that he can become the player we all hoped when he first signed. Sure he has a use coming off the bench, but the main problem is that he will never be good enough to start 30+ games a season, and keeping him around is preventing the development of another player that could.
  2. Salomon Kalou

    Yep nice goal wasn't it. As I said a nearly man. He threatens but rarely delivers. I think if you checked out Youtube compilations of other forwards from mid table teams they would have a nice goal in there too. In fact probably more than one. This is probably Kalou's best goal of his career and it wasn't even for Chelsea...
  3. Salomon Kalou

    I am yet to see Kalou create and score a goal on his own. You can finish other peoples through balls and crosses etc with the talent of a Kevin Doyle. But to play at Chelsea surely you have to be able (as a forward) at least look likely of being able to score from outside the box (and no don't give me that gammy goal last year where he sidefooted in with no keeper) or create enough space for yourself to shoot in a crowded box etc. Even if you're no Henry/Messi/Ronaldo in creating and scoring some one like Crespo could fashion and take a chance for himself. Kalou can't put the two together. He is a nearly man and about Middlesborough class, maybe Everton. Not for us I'm afraid. Even if he is improving its not fast enough. For the amount of minutes he's played for us over the seasons he should be doing better. P.s. Kinda says it all that until now since he's been at Chelsea not one other decent club as been interested in him, and now Wenger is taking the p*ss with his interest. Most young talents around the world have a queue of would be suitors or at least tabloid junk written about them.
  4. Salomon Kalou

    Kalou's biggest problem is for a player of his skill and for the level of the team he's playing in he can't match his skills with the same level of shooting. He looks like he's got a decent ability from close range poking the ball past a keeper etc but so often there is space on the edge of the box and he either opts not to shoot or hits it into the stand or weakly to the keeper. If he gets that fixed he'll be starting games.
  5. Didier Drogba

    What I'm saying is I believe you are entitled to your opinion, but if it's based on certain facts then it just becomes a lot less credible, so if you want to convince a lot of people here then reclarify what you intend by from what I take to mean 'Drogba goes missing in important games whereas Ronaldo does not'. Please convince me, because whilst I think Drogba was better I can certainly see why people think Ronaldo was better but not for some of the reasons you outlined and I rebutted on that principle. I said I was impressed by the rest of your argument and still am. As for you last comment about taking three years to do a job right, poor taste and completely different context where professional sport is concerned. P.S. I suppose Ronaldo was doing his job right as soon as he joined Utd? Plus Drogba has been excellent from game one this season so really its only two years if you count his other seasons as failures ;)
  6. Didier Drogba

    Hmm Hughjars, I am impressed by your post and its was quite convincing until you said: >Drogba has scored 31 goals, correct? Only of which 2 were scored in the 8 matches against Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs in the league. It's all well and good sticking a few past Watford and Reading and Portsmouth, but these are teams that we are expected to beat anyway. A goal is a goal is a goal no matter who its scored against, but when needed to stick the ball in the net against the other tope sides in the league he didn't manage it. Well I'll have you know Ronaldo managed 1 goal against the 'top' sides you named, which was a penalty against the worst of the lot (Spurs) for which he blatantly dived! So Drogba has doubled him there! Even if he had score more I just don't plain see that at all making Ronaldo better than Drogba this season. How many winning goals did Ronaldo score compared with Drogba? I think this is more important but I'm too lazy to work it out ;) but my guess is it was Ronaldo getting a couple against a team already two down and Drogba getting us our priceless three points with the only goal of a game. Plus did you not see Drogba scoring Home and Away against Barca, the reigning European Champions if you'll remember, and scoring a stunner against Liverpool (CL finalists this year). I'll at least give you that you didn't know he was going to score the winner in the FA Cup final against Man Utd, but I think most people could've predicted if any were to do it, it would be him. EDIT: I actually discovered motivation enough to record Ronaldo scored the first united goal or the goal getting points by drawing or winning 10 times Times in the prem (5 1st goals [to kickstart a win], 2 equaliser, 3 winners) (Everton (1st goal), Reading (eqauliser), Villa (1st), Wigan (1st), Reading Winner and equaliser, Watford 1st, Spurs 1st, Fulham winner, Man City winner) Drogba: 13 times (5 1st, 4 equalisers, 3 winners) (Charlton 1st, Pool Winner, Villa eqauliser, Watford 1st, Toon Winner, Everton Winner, Reading Equaliser x2, Fulham Equaliser, Rovers 1st, Boro 1st, Pompey 1st, Everton equaliser) So you can still think Ronaldo had the better season but not for the reason you quoted above!
  7. Didier Drogba

    In a perfect world players wouldn't get bookings for silly stuff like kicking the ball away and dissent, and I cringe everytime I see a player mouthing off etc (esp Ashley Cole who imo is the worst at it) but I stopped getting upset about it a long time ago when I realised you're never going to get rid of it and at least it shows your players have a fight in them and care about the result.
  8. Salomon Kalou

    Well, James Prescott Congratulations. Definitely the best couple of posts I have read in a long long time. Fair and reasonable and not exaggerrated by emotions or trying to defend a point of view irrationally. I don't think I need to elaborate on my view of Kalou anymore because you've summed it up nicely. Great win over Spurs today by the way and another couple of those talentless players we should be getting rid of somehow managed to get goals. Who would've thought?
  9. New Kits

    Yeah I have the same problem as you, it leads to much stress thinking and sometimes yelling aloud "what the hell did he pass it out for?" Then "oh go Robben, go son!"
  10. Salomon Kalou

    I definitely think Kalou will be and should be at Chelsea in the future and will develop into a world beater. I think too much of the Cole vs Kalou debate is based around Cole coming through the ranks and Kalou being bought in. I know you get fond of players watching them come through the ranks and at the time I thought Cole would make it and was a fan of his, but the standard of the team has been raised since then and I think Cole is on the downswing whilst Kalou is on the upswing. Kalou for me has amzing skill on the ball and a bit of an X factor about him. Cole in my book was more of a stock standard but effective forward. Kalou whilst not too much more effective by stats at the mo has the ability imo to be someone like Henry. The only real downside for me I think is his shooting. If he could develop a better shot on him he could become very much like Henry and be lethal from all areas. At the moment I can only see him beating the keeper 1 v 1 or a 6 yard box finish. Imagine him cutting in from the left and curling one home! He gets himself into those positions often enough but either doesn't shoot or blasts it into the stands. He is already excellent at creating space for himself and others. He also needs to improve his ability to hold up the ball and lead the attack as this is another area for him to work on because he isn't ready to play alone up front yet.
  11. New Kits

    NO! NO! NO! oh dear Why oh Why? Who designs crap like that, I want to throttle them! What on earth was wrong with Blue, White and Black, the three best colours going around, we had it all sorted. Not only the best football team but the most stylish as well. Ruined I tell you! Ruined! I'm going to have to get in quick for the current one because I quite like that white! I'm assuming the change is to generate more $$$? Because seriously no one can think Fluro (yes Fluro!) is better than White. Please if you are looking forward to this change, explain why because I don't think you are sane if you are... P.S. I hope the new leisure wear isn't fluro yellow too....
  12. Fair enough, you can't argue with that!

  13. Nice interest! just discovered it have you?

  14. I like blowing things up! :)

    Pyrotechnics used to be my job, used to travel the country doing it. Great fun!

  15. Musical Tastes

    I went to the Auckland Big Day Out and Muse were by far the best act there in my humble opinion. I liked them before this but now I regard them as awesome! The sound is so much more massive live. As you say, It was going crazy when they played hysteria. I missed Kasabian too at BDO but mates who saw them thought they were brilliant.