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  1. Well said. Whether Mourinho's squad was the most expensive EVER or OF RECENT TIMES, he still should be finishing higher than 6th.
  2. City's squad is so inbalanced though. Attackers who are all out attackers. Midfielders who are attacking. Defends who can't defend.
  3. Reduce the fee for Costa and get first dibs on Griezmann?
  4. We're currently woefully unequipped to play a midfield 3. Current senior players in midfield are the 3 you mention plus Matic, and his future is up in the air.
  5. Second choice. The deal only went through after Alves turned them down. Props to them for getting a deal done quickly after though...although that might have something to do with Daniel Levy running to the bank with £50m+ for Kyle sodding Walker!
  6. Are they being linked with Mbappe? What kind of system accommodates: Silva, B.Silva, Sterling, De Bruyne, Aguero, Jesus, Sane....
  7. Strongly disagree. He's an average player who relies on his pace to bail him out. For £50m+ for a fullback I'd be looking at Lahm, Alves, Cafu quality. See how much Spurs gave a crap when he was frozen out near the end of the season. Trippier is far better, I'd hate to think how much they value him. If walker is going for £50m+ I'd be delighted if we got Sandro for anywhere near that.
  8. This article is pretty good comparing Aubameyang, Morata and Belotti to Costa. http://sqwk.at/CFCTargets If it's a little TLDR they summise that Belotti would be the best fit.
  9. I see where you're coming from but actually having a consistent goal scorer makes winning games and trophies easier. If we went into the season without an expected goal threat up front, I'd be concerned.
  10. This image.
  11. Chalobah is front and centre of the new kit release image, make of that what you will.
  12. Talk about panic stations! The way some of you are going on you'd have thought we had divvied our squad up between the Manchester clubs and signed up Joey Barton. Calm down people.
  13. He's done us over a bit here. Now that clubs know we're willing to sell we're not gonna get anything near what we should, unless we sell to China. Best for everyone IMO is stay till Jan and then go back to Atleti. But saying that if Conte doesn't want him here that's not really viable.
  14. Bakayoko is much younger than Vidal and Nainggolan so the comparison is a little unfair. Veratti on the other hand is a much different player to Bakayoko for me.
  15. Ideal summer ins: Griezmann, Veratti, Van Dijk. Expected Summer ins: Morata, Lukaku (if Costa goes), Bakayoko, Christensen back from loan. Nightmare summer ins: Adebayor, Whilshere,Djilibodji. Dont shoot me I'm just putting out opinions.