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  1. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1

    Completely agree.
  2. Chelsea 2 Paris Saint-Germain 2 (AET)

    I love Mourinho, but he has to take the blame for this defeat. What a load of crap football we're playing at the moment! Against 10 men at home?! He keeps saying that the profile of our team changed when we signed Fabregas, but that profile has been changed back into destructive Chelsea since late December. For 120 minutes we couldn't create one clear-cut chance against 10 men. We needed two set pieces to score. Embaressing kind of display. I would've accepted this, if we'd gone through but definitely not now. Would've rather attacked them from the start and taken a bit more risk. Why don't we utilize that right-flank with Willian and Hazard? We play so bloody narrow and we never shoot from distance anymore. This is a big test for Mourinho. He needs to pick us up now and make sure we absolutely hammer the PL-teams in our remaining games. If this league fails, he'll be sacked come May.
  3. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 0 (AET)

    He did. Should've been sent off.
  4. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 0 (AET)

    It looked like Jose at first was praising the referee for giving it, but then became completely shocked when he realized that it wasnt.
  5. Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4

    I feel the exact same. This defeat might even motivate us more to go out and destroy L'Pool and later on City. I'm not worried about these games, but I am worried about JM having built a team in which he only trusts 12-13 players. He needs to sell out the ones he doesn't trust and use that money to buy fewer, but much better players.up until now it's pretty much been useless to have both Drogba AND Remy. To add to that the same can be said about Salah and Schurrle.
  6. Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4

    That's misunderstood. The only reason these players don't look good enough is because none of them are match-fit. Simply because they never play.
  7. Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4

    Why do people think it's nice City went out as well? It would've been excellent for them to waste their energy on this while we could concentrate on the league. Anyway, I can't freaking believe the result.
  8. Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4

    I get your point, but I think they're only on the bench as a backup if the game doesn't fall our way. Better playing Hazard and Fab for the last 25 minutes than drawing and having to play the return leg in an already very tight schedule.
  9. Chelsea 2 Newcastle 0

    Absolutely agree. Something has to be done. But what have Palace done to fix this issue?
  10. Chelsea 2 Newcastle 0

    Mourinho, in general, needs to rotate more. It's ridiculous having all these great players, but only 13 whom we actually use during a season of maybe 60 matches. Zouma needs to play more. Good display yesterday. Remy is a good striker and should also play more. JM should either use Salah and Schürlle or sell both and use the money to buy one good winger who can rotate properly with Willian and Hazard.
  11. Chelsea 2 Newcastle 0

    Agreed. He was all over the place on many occasions yesterday. I don't know what it is with this guy, but he just seems very inconsistent. When he plays bad, he looks like a player from League 2 and suddenly he scores or has an assist and looks like a star. He's had 4 goals and 7 assists so far in 17 Premier League games, and that is a quite good stat.
  12. Chelsea 2 Newcastle 0

    2 points above Citeh. Will be 5 after they come to the bridge. Excellent weekend, even though our performance in first half was horrendous. Second half was alright and we could have scored more. Job done. Nice to see Cech playing well and Zouma getting some games.
  13. Chelsea 2 Newcastle 0

    Lets hope he's tired today, the old man.
  14. Chelsea 2 Newcastle 0

    Crap. They seem strong at the moment. This was a chance for us to get a New lead, but well done by Citeh. Well, let's beat them at the end of the month and get back a real lead again. 1-1 as I type!!
  15. Chelsea 2 Newcastle 0

    No campaign. Just JM being delusional. Incredible if FA can't see what's going on.