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  1. Thought I was here on my own :-)
  2. You're not helping :-)
  3. JM was treated ok when he first came back, quiet and subdued. He got a very easy ride when he was the happy one. It only started to go wrong when he became the grumpy one..(AFAIR)
  4. I use these people at 10 euro's a month .or 100 euro's a year, lots of people here in Tenerife have a mag box here and one back in UK (and other countries) works really well the better the net the better the quality but mostly as good as the UK. Not like the fuzzy streams. Tenerife is years behind netwise (apart from some fibre'd up areas parts of Los cris, PDLA ) I get 12 meg and everyone looks at me as if I'm lying. The 'norm' here is between 2-5 meg!! regular outs and terrible customer service.. It's grim. I get all the football and all PPV sports. They now have subscribers all over the world. https://www.bgrsolutions.net/television/ Buy a mag 245 box in the uk and they will send a link to d/l all their software... can't fault it for the money..I know them personally and they are great guys. Customer service is brilliant.
  5. opps :-)
  6. fank fook for that.
  7. http://firstsrow.eu/soccer/trs-chelsea-vs-peterborough-united-brf1035766?l=1477067300
  8. they could score here soon..mental ;-)
  9. thanks for that, found it on fox usa. luckily my provider gives us 150 various sports channels from all around the world as part of the package. Not bad for 10 euro's a month!
  10. slowly but slowly the tide is turning to safe standing...we would be silly not to consider that option within the plans to prevent amendment in the future
  11. Thanks for treating my incendiary post with more respect than it deserved. Having run a company since 1987 and now relocated to Tenerife into semi semi retirement I understand your testament to staff and their attitudes. A friend once said to me "I don't run a business, I daycare adults" Anyhoo to consider your retort, it's a moral maze. Would I buy a car knowing a mass murderer had once owned it? We predate RA my a considerable number of years so is it our 'fault' he bought the club without consulting either of us? Would I wish him to leave? Hmm difficult, on balance yes but then the timing would be in question. Would I like the club to fold in order for my morals to remain intact or within a suitable time frame and what is a suitable time frame for such things? I would like to point out I believe RA to be one of the greatest club owners in football history and the greatest ever for us. However I do hark back for the Corinthian spirit in all sport but sadly once money is involved it becomes increasingly impossible. Cheating at all levels in football is sadly at endemic proportions and nothing I can do or say will make one iota of difference
  12. Fook me my stream is miles behind. What a difference this season.. Player of the year.
  13. Hoping this will shake any compliancy out of our game
  14. Not getting into the middle of this but for clarity are you saying the end justifies the means? If so is there no depth you wouldn't mind CFC sinking to in your quest for reflected glory?