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  1. uffff
  2. yes he was frustrating at times..
  3. revenge is sweet :-)
  4. agent Cech :-)
  5. we have to make sure ARSENAL don't get back into this game by being complacent
  6. My soon to be ex wife as a child to show support for her brother who was a ManU fan announced she now supported manC!. Since that day she has supported 'ManUCity' (all one word apparently) However she would be unable to name any member staff or team of City from beginning of their history to date She supported my watching and would potter in and out and only moan when I shouted..
  7. One of the first questions I ask the ladies. A negative is a positive in my book....
  8. we are blessed with a vast amount of decent eateries from top down. I shall pop in soon, esp if I can take my oppo' who is a life long gooner
  9. Should have called me, He is from san isidro I think which is 10 mins from me. Which bar was you in?
  10. Thought I was here on my own :-)
  11. You're not helping :-)
  12. JM was treated ok when he first came back, quiet and subdued. He got a very easy ride when he was the happy one. It only started to go wrong when he became the grumpy one..(AFAIR)
  13. I use these people at 10 euro's a month .or 100 euro's a year, lots of people here in Tenerife have a mag box here and one back in UK (and other countries) works really well the better the net the better the quality but mostly as good as the UK. Not like the fuzzy streams. Tenerife is years behind netwise (apart from some fibre'd up areas parts of Los cris, PDLA ) I get 12 meg and everyone looks at me as if I'm lying. The 'norm' here is between 2-5 meg!! regular outs and terrible customer service.. It's grim. I get all the football and all PPV sports. They now have subscribers all over the world. https://www.bgrsolutions.net/television/ Buy a mag 245 box in the uk and they will send a link to d/l all their software... can't fault it for the money..I know them personally and they are great guys. Customer service is brilliant.
  14. opps :-)