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  1. I would hope Cech is watching his training sessions
  2. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    it was a clear trip the replay's showed it time and time again. clumsy. Sure he made a meal of it after that event but the initial trip was quite obvious. As I say it happens but in that situation it just shouldn't have happened: the ball -by then- should have been the other side of the half way line.... If that's Lamps idea of clever football (tippy tap around your own 6 yard box and play your team mates into trouble especially when the other team is pressing hard) I can't say I always agree.. We won but again this team seems to invite trouble towards the end of the match. Play at a higher tempo at the end of the match than the beginning is the best way of stopping these kind of incidents..
  3. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    Var was always a careful what you wish for. I guess fans thought it would clear up all the perceived injustices their team whilst forgetting the opersition fans were thinking the same. I'm not upset by the penalty as it was a clear foul. My main gripe was the poor thinking behind what led to it. Pussyfooting around there in the box instead of clearing the ball was stupidity and an invite to the situation which led to the penalty. That clip needs to be replayed many times in training school to teach them it's not big and it's not clever.
  4. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 2

    Fair play. Great goal
  5. Burnley 2 Chelsea 4

    shaping up to be another courtois , bought for potential but never quite made the next step up
  6. Burnley 2 Chelsea 4

    silly end to what should have been a dominant display
  7. Burnley 2 Chelsea 4

    bad deflection but sloppy from us..
  8. Burnley 2 Chelsea 4

    Interesting stuff , a seminal moment?
  9. Burnley 2 Chelsea 4

    fair play to the lad
  10. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    at last...
  11. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    pretty drab imho
  12. slightly surprised he had the gooners gun on one side..
  13. Chelsea 7 Grimsby Town 1

    looking comfortable
  14. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    not bad for a team in transition..
  15. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    VAR was always a 'careful what you wish for' .. next it will be ad breaks during VAR and then the ref waits for the TV companies to signal when to restart..