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  1. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    Of course the press have an agenda as do both sides of the argument:-), although the 1.2m isn't actually relevant at the time because she was wanting her old job back. CFC refused to give it back so offered her the go away money instead. She refused (obv's on 'advice' ,greed, ego or belief -perhaps- they might actually give her job back) it would have been better for all concerned if she had took it back then but that's hindsight.
  2. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/eva-carneiro-the-shame-of-chelsea-a-club-who-were-ready-to-drag-carneiros-name-through-the-mud-a7071271.html as I said previously this has left the club wide open to the press to speculate on how bad a club we may/maynot be. Your blue glasses from afar approach make work for you and for those who refuse to see the reality of this debacle but the fact remains Chelsea are now being slaughtered on the alter to the ego of an ex employee.
  3. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    thanks but why do you think Eva should get anything as you before she is so bad?
  4. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    I understand your logic but it seems flawed. Selling Cech was a personal decision related directly to the owner as a thank you for services rendered. This happened below RA (although he would have been briefed) This isn't a win for Chelsea as it has tarnished their reputation as an employer which they choose to buy their way out of scrutiny. This is as damning as if it had gone to court. Even more so as it leads to suspicion of hiding behind a cheque book.Worse still, it allows the press free reign to speculate what really goes on behind the scenes and what have Chelsea got to hide? I said all along this wouldn't look good for Chelsea and it still doesn't. Hopefully it will blow over now asap. Out of interest why do you feel Eva should get anything if she was as bad as you're making out?
  5. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    why did the club cough up to preserve the reputation of two ex employees instead of winning in court?
  6. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    The club stated they felt they had a good case and were willing to fight it out in court, then all of a sudden they wanted to lose? What colour is the sky in your world?
  7. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    Eve 'won' and got paid JM got rebuked but walked away pretty much Scott free Chelsea got fooked. yep nothing like it :-)
  8. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    You are the comical Ali of Chelsea TBF.
  9. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    Although it never got fully played out in court, pretty much how it turned out...
  10. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    Not meaning to link to Droy but the quote button was pressed and there is no going back ?? Just got home to see this. So the employment case has ended but is the separate personal prosecution part of this deal?
  11. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    interesting snippits if the texts exist then cfc plc at the very top are complicit in allowing bullying in the workplace. This will be a major factor against the club and I would expect censure and a fine for the club. I said before it would be unlikely if she wasn't subject to 'sexual abuse'. In a dressing room it would be easily laughed off but in a court room it won't. Again expect CFC PLC to get censured and fined for failing to ensure a fair non discriminatory workplace. Is completely contradicted by this: CFC PLC are again likely to be censured and fined if this is proven to be true. Her only possible downside is: This would likely be a breach of contract leading to dismissal. It's unlikely she was doing it before this all erupted unless CFC PLC was unaware and has only just come to light.More detail required. My conclusion on the day's proceedings + the fact that CFC PLC tried to pay her off (with a confidentiality clause no doubt) suggests 1, Eve will win and get awarded costs and compensation. lots of sympathy in the press.etc etc 2. JM will be rebuked but it will be down to 'JM is JM' he moves on unhindered by it all or based on the “Filho da puta" ruling until his court case in front of the beak . TBC 3, CFC PLC will get censured and heavily fined for allowing a climate of abuse and discrimination to continue if not condoned whilst doing nothing to prevent it lest the fear of upsetting the bully.Putting success above the welfare of it's staff etc etc. thus far CFC PLC is fooked IMHO. Look forward to day 2
  12. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    Timeshare is a very very dangerous game out here. People get hurt, badly hurt and even killed such is the greed and type of people involved. Jest not about such things. I question loyalties when some fans put their favourite above the club. This thread is an obvious example as it gets more posts than the new manager.
  13. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    JM's end at RM was awful his first end at Chelsea was heading that way and his last period was truly awful . His success is undisputed but there is more to life than success. ManU won the FA cup last week but in reality who actually cares?Their fans probably do but as you grow older you do (or some do) come to a stance that winning really isn't the be all and end all. I/we you supported CFC when there wasn't any success or if there was it was a dim memory. It really didn't make all that difference to the level of support fans gave. All that success brought was those lightweights who clung to the coat tails of success. I like JM because if you actually read what he say's he makes a lot of sense most of the time, he is passionate about the game and has an almost AHD approach to preparation. I also feel slightly sorry for him because:- . The flip side is that he has a major character flaw which suggests he is emotionally very immature, used to getting his own way and drunk on success to believe he has some kind of Midas touch, This is often seen in successful people -the music business being a prime example-. He might have had this mythical Midas touch but the game has moved on, his time may (or may not) be over, other managers appear to have got to grips with his methods and either improved or negated them. Some think he will have an easier ride at ManU than Chelsea, personally I think he will be under even more pressure as the weight of expectation increases. The court case is still under way so who knows where that will go , this is likely to distract attention at the very least. Do I wish him success going forward? yes provided it's not at our expense but yes because those who just vilify him because it's him but there is the distinct chance they will simply bide their time waiting for him to implode...
  14. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    I've been very busy settling into life on the 'reef. :-) A nerve? hardly I've been Blue since 1967 (as told here previously on many an occasion) JT has a better insight than what? His reply was a standard footballers response, of course professionals see things differently to fans. JM's love of all things ManU and his oft voiced adoration of Gerrard being obvious examples: Are you now suggesting we should all share JM's love of Steven Gerrard to make us more Chelsea?
  15. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    Red or blue what's a girl to do?