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  1. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    mour getting all handbags :-)
  2. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Morata is pretty poor all over tbh
  3. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Riding our luck again..
  4. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    uff, that was close
  5. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    yay :-)
  6. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    Fun while it lasted but we must be honest we are nowhere near good enough to challenge for the title IMHO.
  7. Media / Press

    Conversation Jonathan Kydd @Jonathankydd Joe there’s a rumour going round that Canadian MLSE are going to buy the club. Could it be that they are just possible investors in the building process as you’ve spoken about Re Raine
  8. New Stadium Plans

    So given that most of the teams inc us apparently are being slightly conservative with the truth regarding attendance figures its probably wise to trim expectations regarding how big a stadium we really need ..
  9. https://video.dailymail.co.uk/preview/mol/2018/09/09/5075097037943753500/636x382_MP4_5075097037943753500.mp4 pride before a fall :-)
  10. New Stadium Plans

    with the addition of the Stoll land and the other egress proposals for the new stadium it is quite possible if incorporated into the old stadium. Not sure the internals of the existing stadium would comply without alteration though..
  11. New Stadium Plans

    Reasonably confident that Sky add crowd noise during the matches but certainly on any highlight clip shown later it's patently obvious
  12. New Stadium Plans

    what attendance figure do you believe we could attain on a regular basis?
  13. New Stadium Plans

    Always been my first option. It works on every front : except the vanity project angle
  14. New Stadium Plans

    You popped that up whilst I was writing the response. Potentially all being well etc. But life isn't that way. Of course you have to speculate to accumulate but it's a risk/ reward balance and as it stands it's not worth the risk. Although I am naturally cautious so perhaps I'mjust being an old stuck in the mud