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  1. New Stadium Plans

    Tbf I have said many times the egress would need to be addressed which it was with the new stadium.so incorporating the new walkways into the old stadium would solve the external legalities. What I'm not sure of is if the old stadium can be sufficiently altered internally. That would be for the designers to confirm. As regards ratios: the alianz stadium was restricted by the council due to the 'early adopter' caution.not by the design..from what I read.....? I am not sure but there is a possibility of ratchetting it up if so desired if not there but later stadiums and of course brand new ones. although I have no idea what ratio SB could afford?? In a similar way when MacDonalds franchises were proposed they each had a 1000 sq mile exclusive zone as that area was what they thought was needed to make it successfull. That reduced down to less than 1/2 mile in certain areas as their art was fine tuned. I digress But hope you see the point.