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  1. 0-0 not one shot on target from us.....
  2. Fur coat and no knickers....
  3. I think the reality of our team is now coming to light
  4. Just been setting it up but that's the plan.
  5. Yep it's grim here tbf. As regards Conte ATM he's fur coat and no knickers.
  6. I was in the hottub it's too hot for sunbathing, (thats more for tourists TBF). However my saying I believe he has peaked isn't a 'pop' rather my personal perspective on his career to date. I believe he has peaked and has become an -obviously above- average manager. He also was the manager of the same players who fell apart. So your stance appears "If they win it's Jose, if they lose it's the club, board, management,players, ballboy's opposition, referee's" Ironically I plumped for ManU to win the league this year, at the start of the season I felt reasonably safe, now I'm not so sure.
  7. that's true he has little protection but his judgement at times has been quite incredulous .
  8. possibly but he hasn't really made the level anywhere near what we hoped and perhaps expected
  9. Even Terry possibly wouldn't start against other PL potentials.
  10. His story curve peaked a couple of years ago.
  11. dear oh dear.
  12. Ooo la la!
  13. I missed the 't as I CAN'T remember rather than CAN ect (no edit facility??)
  14. He is a massive asset and an enormous liability. . Hopefully some of the rough edges have been knocked off and his gamesmanship has improved from his time away. The last game I saw him in I can remember thinking either had but wasn't watching him that closely.