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  1. ..I was discussing stadiums with a gooner recently and we both felt that the older stadium inherently gave the best atmosphere due to their dna and history. New stadia have an antiseptic fake feel to them or am I just being an old sentimentalist?
  2. fair enough, just trying to see a way forward without the need of a new stadium..
  3. the ratio appears closer to 1:8 so 60 is potentially possible..? https://www.dropbox.com/s/x7ll2hvfchkq160/Standing fans to seats ratios.pdf?dl=0 I disagree with your last comment for the reasons I have already given
  4. well not really, the design was a way of getting up to 60 on such a small footprint. the access was just one of the many issues to resolve. If the 60k access issues were solved by the upgrading as per the submitted plans then there is no real reason these additional and enlarged access routes cannot be adapted to fit the old stadium. In fact as the existing stadium is smaller it may actually be easier.. The only potential issue I can think of : are the existing inside stadium walkways large enough or able to be enlarged enough to comply to the current regs?
  5. SS creates in/egress issues as we all know but those have already been dealt with via the proposed ground so if we cancel the new stadium and upgrade the access then we're quids in
  6. not sure we actually need a new stadium now is SS is approved. not sure of the numbers but an increase of 20k shouldn't be impossible with only minor upgrades to the ground and access improvements. Poo are against it for obvious reasons but I suspect that will change over time and the supporters will slowly push for a reintroduction if they see it as a success at other clubs. Then someone will say "It's what they would have wanted" and SS will be introduced small scale for the first season then all out the following.
  7. JM I believe fell out of love after his abysmal performance in that cup game (can't remember which but I remember thinking he was effin useless walking around whilst the rest of the team were run ragged) I hope to God we don't buy him as I also feel he is a big fish in a small pond material and will be poor for us over a season or two..
  8. would you Adam and Eve it trying to crack this nut for a while and I get a text: "can you pick me up at 6?" Don't judge me chaps I'm weak.. :-/
  9. into injury time spuds 0-1 down
  10. I thought Frank handled it perfectly, just enough to hint of sheer enjoyment whilst appearing to be neutral..
  11. TBH I couldn't see us winning this, Spurs were the team in form and frankly we weren't. Stand out performance and kept going both times they equalled . That was a blow to them and a moral boost to us. beating your main rivals by that margin cannot be underestimated Fair play.
  12. he was still praising Costa at the weekend which was rather surprising considering his form for some time has been poor
  13. No I guess my point is that he does all this stuff for the gullible who lap it up. which in turn feeds his ego..
  14. So in your opinion he's a serial badge kisser ? :-)
  15. no JM is about JM first and foremost.
  16. we haven't been 'good' for some time... JM would know this and set up to go at us..
  17. A hospital report sent to the GP gave a diagnosis of "minor head injury" and "concussion". so who leaked the report or is it fiction?
  18. It's a very toxic methodology. It works in the short term because but in order for it to continue it must by definition have a continuous supply of fresh scapegoat. Then chances are at some point the 'wrong person' is selected and the whole thing implodes. Which from a distance it seems ,to do
  19. what on earth is costa doing???
  20. has costa got his boots on the wrong feet?