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  1. everyone just wants this over ..
  2. Yeh local boy scores ! :-)
  3. http://firstrows.xyz/soccer/xft-chelsea-vs-sunderland-fyz37d5dc?l=1335127540 play around with this link.
  4. Costa being a dick again....
  5. Training match stuff.. we should win this famous last words
  6. into injury time spuds 0-1 down
  7. I thought Frank handled it perfectly, just enough to hint of sheer enjoyment whilst appearing to be neutral..
  8. TBH I couldn't see us winning this, Spurs were the team in form and frankly we weren't. Stand out performance and kept going both times they equalled . That was a blow to them and a moral boost to us. beating your main rivals by that margin cannot be underestimated Fair play.
  9. he was still praising Costa at the weekend which was rather surprising considering his form for some time has been poor
  10. No I guess my point is that he does all this stuff for the gullible who lap it up. which in turn feeds his ego..
  11. So in your opinion he's a serial badge kisser ? :-)
  12. no JM is about JM first and foremost.
  13. we haven't been 'good' for some time... JM would know this and set up to go at us..
  14. A hospital report sent to the GP gave a diagnosis of "minor head injury" and "concussion". so who leaked the report or is it fiction?
  15. It's a very toxic methodology. It works in the short term because but in order for it to continue it must by definition have a continuous supply of fresh scapegoat. Then chances are at some point the 'wrong person' is selected and the whole thing implodes. Which from a distance it seems ,to do
  16. what on earth is costa doing???