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  1. Getting up and storming out during a press conference - that's just childish.
  2. I noticed Rui Faria was beside him as well.
  3. It's official. Delighted.
  4. I don't mind it, but I don't think it's anything special. I like how it's simple, but I'm not too keen on the v-neck. It'll probably grow on me though (no pun intended) like some of our previous shirts have.
  5. Hopefully Rafa Benitez. We don't need Pep or and Mourinho is the past. Go on Roman, son, do the right thing.
  6. I don't even get frustrated watching Torres any more, instead I just have to laugh at how poor he really is.
  7. Fernando Torres.... CHELSEA'S NUMBER NINE! Go on Fernando, son.
  8. Robbie Savage having a dig at Mikel - Lol, what a legend! Always liked the bloke.
  9. Read a few comments on here about Roman making the club a 'laughing stock'. This may be true to an extent, but at the same time a lot of fans on here seem to be doing a good job at it too.
  10. Fantastic news.
  11. Andy Burton has just been on Sky Sports talking about transfers and he said they "understand through a source close to the deal that it could be finalised today and signed by tomorrow." I remember earlier in the summer though when they were claiming Hazard wanted to join Man United, so not getting too excited just yet.
  12. That Torres chap is rubbish! He always scores against the little teams and nations like QPR and Ireland. He never scores in the big matches against United, Barcelona or international cup finals. Haters gonna be haaaaaaaatiiiiiing! :D
  13. I don't mind the away kit, I prefer the home kit though. I love that. I quite like the new training range as well, especially the navy with the gold. I think I'll be picking up the polo shirt along with the home kit.
  14. On the website now too. Waheeeeey!