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  1. New Stadium Plans

    I think it's a matter of class and stubbornness. They didn't allow concerts there until recently, notice how it was never a part of the World Cup Bid. An 80,000 seater in our capital city and our national side had to play in manchester for 5 years. I think if there is a chance of them saying yes to football it won't start with us gaining tenancy for two years, they will do it with reluctance and it will be on as few occasions as possible... as in if they thought it would swing a world cup bid and was beneficial to them.
  2. New Stadium Plans

    Simply put there would be a home allocation and an away allocation to the same percentages we have now, the extra home tickets that don't sell get offered to supporters groups, maybe reduced for concessions IE kids for a pound like West ham do (Nothing lost from doing that and it also guarantees the purchase of an adult ticket) , supporters buy them to sell or the seats remain empty. Only way they fall into opposition hands is if us the fans sell them to an away supporter, which if is the case then thats our own fault and a pretty poor show. Only thing I can see happening is an agreement between us and the FA that whatever we don't sell they can sell... that's where the problem begins but if thats the clause we have no option but to accept in order to play there for two years there's not a great deal we can do
  3. New Stadium Plans

    It's not only going to be re-building two stands though, re-build of the shed would mean demolishment and excavation of the hotel and other buildings. Re building of the east stand would mean platforms over the railway line being built, other properties would have to be demolished and egress routes would have to be addressed and built. It would take at least two years if not more factoring in contingency. There is no way we could play in the ground with all that going on, the exit routes are already insufficient in the case of an evacuation and what with a lot of those having to be closed off due to building work it would be too dangerous in the eyes of the council. There is simply no way we could safely play at the bridge along with the fact the capacity would be severely reduced.
  4. New Stadium Plans

    It would take about two years, The only realistic options I've heard about from people more involved than I and deduced from the information given are for a complete re-build of the east stand and a complete re build of the shed. The West is at full capacity and is a new stand and the MH wouldn't need it if the other two were done plus it would cause an egress issue I believe. Wembley could be on the cards but would need FA approval but that really is the only viable option. Twickenham would be perfect if the RFU would stand down from their ivory towers but It won't happen.
  5. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Gary Neville
  6. CFC Offer To Buy Back CPO Shares. Stadium Move On The Cards?

    Yes - The conservatives want to use Earls Court as a transport hub for TFL, taking it off the market. Labour won't sanction it and therefore the land will be back up for sale. I believe?
  7. CFC Offer To Buy Back CPO Shares. Stadium Move On The Cards?

    I may have missed something but Twickenham? Is there anything on this or was it merely a suggestion from a poster here? Also people still talking about the possibility of Battersea - thought this was more or less dead in the water at this point?
  8. New Kits

    Haha that's exactly what I'm saying, I used to as I used them for training and 5 a side etc. Not anymore though
  9. New Kits

    Think he has one of the biggest image right deals at the club. Has to be involved in a percentage of promos. People read too much into which players are in these. Anyone else noticed the website only selling blue socks when the ones in the promo video are white? Not that I buy the socks... just strange lol
  10. New Kits

    On that merit get Mikel on the back ;)
  11. New Kits

    I can't help but agree but it seems our opinion is that of a minority haha
  12. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Barcelona for me have become the most boring team to watch, this brand of football that has been bred through by Cruyff whilst very effective is horrible to watch when it's implemented by a team with no fight and no edge. It's all very monotonous with Barca, you know what you're getting, even from Messi to an extent. When they win its never exhilarating and when they lose there never seems to be dogged fight or passion. The passion only translates like it did at the end of the game last year in our semi when Messi was crying on the pitch, it's funny how over the 45 minutes they were going out none of this passion was expressed in their football. They played the same tiki taka style of football, it clearly was not working but they would not alter their style, we had 10 men, a right winger at right back, 2 right backs at centre back, and someone of under 6ft at left back yet the amount of crosses they put in was dire, they still insisted on trying to play through our 9 man defence and try and beat Cech from 25 yards when that didn't work. Which is why in many ways I find it hypocritical for them to brand us the 'enemy of football' after our defensive tactic in the Nou Camp last year, it was a park the bus mentality which whilst being boring was only implemented to nullify the boring brand of attacking football they created. Barcelona might technically be a great side but I'd rather watch a pulsating 3-2 than a tedious and expected 5-0. That's why I hate to see them win things. Dortmund v Madrid Bayern v Barca I'd love to see the above line up, hopefully Bayern edge Barca in way that hurts barca as much as we did last year, would like to also see Madrid edge dortmund in a thrilling tie. Which would leave a Bayern v Madrid final. Bayern were so hospitable in Munich last year and in many ways deserve to win it, I'd love to go down to wembley before the game and mix with the fans like some of the 1860 fans did with us. For that reason I wouldnt begrudge seeing it go to Bayern but for me the Poetry of Jose winning the Champions league and leaving to come to us would be too good, the fact he also won his last in Madrid and then left for them would just be beautiful if he did the same with us after winning it in our City.
  13. New Kits

    I'm sure there will be a lot of consideration and research into how many of these they make, Plus even if they're not bought up by someone of that size these are usually the type that get bought up for shirt signings and stuff.
  14. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    I agree with you to an extent, I personally cannot pinpoint what Hazard has done wrong by technicality. And that's why I think the rule is flawed, however If I was at my place of work and I dropped my pen and a 17 year old lad picked it up and held onto it, I'd probably be in the wrong to snatch it from his clutches. I'd probably say that he acted unprofessionally by taking matters into his own hands, however in hindsight if thats the rule then for me its a yellow card at most.