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  1. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Always best when the Weiner is up front 😆
  2. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    It really was an extraordinarily biased refereeing performance though ! I can understand why Reese was incensed. Expect much more of this nonsense in Europe now that we have left the EU.
  3. Olivier Giroud

    Agreed. It's probably too late for him to achieve his full potential, but he still has something to offer. I'd like to see him in that role
  4. Olivier Giroud

    Every time we think it's the end of the road for Olivier he proves us wrong! He's a class dude and yet successive coaches have failed to give him the kudos he deserves. There is an obsession with pace in the modern game and no-one has ever really troubled to build an attacking strategy around what he can do, which is a lot more than just hold the ball up. Imagine him in a Shearer/Sutton setup.
  5. Media / Press

    Equally indefensible in my book. Utterly disgraceful, not to mention pointless in the negligible degree of savings and profligate in terms of prestige capital.
  6. Give it a rest mate. This is beneath your intellect and very dull for the rest of us.
  7. New Stadium Plans

    Obviously we need to exert more influence. Surely more realistic crowd noise would enhance the broadcaster's product.
  8. New Stadium Plans

    I did, but I don't know whether that was the club's influence, or intrinsic bias on the part of the broadcaster.
  9. Official: Chelsea Sign Edouard Mendy

    He looks like a goalkeeper so far. A huge relief.
  10. New Stadium Plans

    As far as crowd noise is concerned, does anyone know how the audio track is governed on the various live broadcasts? Is it all generated by the TV company, or do the clubs have input into the whole soundtrack? If the latter then I would have expected more sophistication from home clubs in simulating the home advantage of the crowd. It's not an enormous leap to employ a sound engineering team with curators to provide an accurate rendition of the crowd's reactions, ongoing songs etc, putting back some of the home advantage.
  11. New Stadium Plans

    That's a really interesting point. After a slow degeneration in the perceived value of the fans over the past 10 years or so, who knew that it would take a global pandemic to illustrate how essential the supporters are to sport, particularly to football. We've been told for years that the fans don't matter any more, but their absence from grounds has debunked that myth. It's true that attending fans are not of absolute direct importance to the financial wellbeing of the top clubs, but they are essential to the product of the football club as a whole. Without the fans matches have little more significance than Sunday Park games; the spectacle is diminished, the game reduced. It is part of the broader realisation of how important human beings are to each other. We have been persuaded that nobody interacts face to face any more; it's not true, is it?
  12. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Absolutely 😄 ! On two counts : it is essential that we retain a lively disdain for the most odious football club in the world and also that we keep alive the spirit of one of the wittiest and most generous-spirited contributors this forum has had.
  13. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    An absolutely insane weekend of football!
  14. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Agent Barkley playing a role too.
  15. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Better and better. Have traded up to a bottle of Champoo!