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  1. Stupid boy.
  2. Wishful thinking that he'll be let go as he's clearly not up to it.
  3. Just to illustrate the squad weakness, here's a matchday squad (with Morata in, Matic & Costa out, all others fit): Courtois; Azpi, Luiz, Cahill; Moses, Kanté, Bakayoko, Alonso; Pedro, Morata, Hazard Subs: Caballero, Rüdiger, Fabregas, Baker, Willian, Musonda, Batshuayi First XI looks like it could win the premier league, although an upgrade on Moses would be good and Cahill could be pushed by Rüdiger. However, there's no alternative to Alonso and we already have the inexperienced Musonda in the 18. One injury or suspension and we have to include the untested or the untrusted in the 18. At the moment we're banking on continuing our run of luck with injuries and not rotating our team much despite playing hopefully 10+ more matches this season.
  4. No one is suggesting that anyone other than Conte should decide. How many players do you think we should have? The issue with bringing youngsters into the squad is that the best have either left (Aké, Chalobah, Traoré, Solanke) or are on loan (RLC, Aina, Abraham, Palmer) so the ones that are left aren't the best options. Only Christensen, Baker and possibly Pasalic are realistic squad players this season. Even Boga and Musonda need loans where they play more before they're likely to play for us. Plus when we have a really promising youngster it's better for their development to be on loan than be player 24-26 in the squad and be effectively a training cone. In recent seasons players 24-26 have been youngsters getting experience with the first team before they go on loan, who play more u23 football than with the first team.
  5. With Morata in and Costa & Matic out we have 14 over-21 outfield players. In an ideal world we'd have 3 keepers + 20 senior players + 2/3 u21s. Asking for lots of new signings makes sense! As it is we're filling gaps with youngsters and loan returns who aren't even the most talented that we've had, as the best ones have already left. With honourable exceptions such as Christensen and Baker.
  6. I agree but think we need even more: 1. Competition for Moses 2. Competition for Alonso 3. Replacement for Matic 4. Back-up for Hazard (as you say 2 is ideal) 5. Third striker So ideally 6 more signings, which is unlikely. I'd like 10 players for the back 5 but if Azpi covers 2 that could be 9.
  7. Excellent. Now just the Matic-replacement, Hazard-reserve and alternative wing back options to go!
  8. If this squad list is correct it means that 12 of the 25 players travelling played for our first team last season.
  9. Is that a summary of the media coverage or the topics being discussed on this forum? The two may be linked but I don't think we can blame the media when most Chelsea fans are worried by what has and hasn't happened so far this season.
  10. Although what makes you think that Batshuayi will leave? I make it that him and Eduardo will be the only players from last year's squad fillers.
  11. The Aké and Traoré deals are signs of how things will have to be - the pathway from good academy prospect to loanee breaks down as there's no route to first team football. So in most cases sales with buyback clauses and/or sell on fees are the way forward. Only really elite youth players will make it straight from the academy to the first team squad, or only really exceptional loanees (like Courtois). We're going to have to get used to this!
  12. Just referring to numbers I think we need 20 'trusted' outfield players + 2/3 youngsters. We'll need a few more signings than those rumoured as the only loanee I can see coming back and falling into the 'trusted' category is Christensen.
  13. Surely it's not unknown for footballers to work over the weekend?
  14. He's at their academy now isn't he?
  15. As long as he doesn't play for us he has until the end of the window to find a temporary home until he can play for Atlético in January.