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  1. Lots of transfer rumours about our players when we're close to winning the league = last attempt to destabilise our team.
  2. I am almost pleased that our title rivals are Spurs. They are a rival you can hate, not like Man City. I've never forgotten the 2-2 in 1999.
  3. Of all the things to debate on this thread, and all the things to possibly criticise Mourinho for, I would never have imagined that picking Celestine Babayaro would appear.
  4. I don't think that Matic is the right person to man-mark and Kante would be wasted. Throwing in Chalobah would be a nice shock.
  5. Not last night you didn't.
  6. Get past Spurs and probably City and we could celebrate 2 FA Cups this season!
  7. I think that Zouma is the logical choice to replace Moses as he seems to have become our 14th first team player: 12. Fabregas or Matic 13. Willian or Pedro 14. Zouma 15. Batshuayi 16+. The rest...
  8. I think people overstate the Eva effect. Pre-season was much better this year and the impact of not playing European football is massive. Those two factors, plus better signings (improving the quality if not really quantity of options) and some much-needed tactical flexibility are the main reasons for the contrast between last season and this.
  9. I agree with this team. Courtois, Luiz, Moses, Alonso, Kante, Hazard and Costa shouldn't even be in the 18. A bench of Eduardo, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Matic, Pedro, Musonda and Solanke will do.
  10. I'm not sure Shearer is the guy you want on your side when it comes to discussing elbows.
  11. Yes. Forums without different opinions and different personalities are boring places.
  12. We've already stripped our squad back to the bare bones, we shouldn't be contemplating selling anyone else. JT going into semi-retirement and a change in reserve keepers are the only outgoings I can imagine. Letting 3 senior players go in January and replacing them with kids is madness.
  13. We still have the same weakness that teams are seeking to exploit - our 3 least mobile players (Alonso, Matic, Cahill) cover an area of the pitch that the opponents try to get their best passers into, before delivering balls to the far post where our two smaller defenders (Azpi, Moses) struggle to defend the cross. It cost have cost us again. We're doing very well with what we have but there is an obvious weakness not easily solved without personnel changes. I think we're in a similar situation to two years ago - we won't be playing much free-flowing football now because a draw will often be enough. It's a shame because Fabregas, Hazard, Pedro and Costa in full flight is so good to watch. But I'd rather win the league than throw it away attacking recklessly.
  14. I meant to say when Azpi went off
  15. For those of us who couldn't get tickets despite for once being in the area, does anyone have any thoughts on Aké and Kenedy playing LWB? Assuming that's where they both played, with Aké going to LCB when Pedro went off. Loaning Aina and selling Ivanovic leaves us even shorter on the right.