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  1. Official: Callum Hudson-Odoi Signs New 5-Year Contract

    Give him a run of games in his natural position and let's see, whether that's here or elsewhere.
  2. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Five left-footed players in the starting line-up! Plus it must be nice for Ross to get some fresh air.
  3. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    I don't think we've ever registered 25 list A players for the CL before.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic Some rough figures in here on the transfer fees for Hazard, Morata, David Luiz, Oscar etc.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think both RLC and Ampadu are being kept as midfield back-up, even though Ampadu is more likely to end up as a defender. I always understood that RLC had a lot of back problems in his late teens and had to be carefully managed, so wasn't up to a full season out on loan. That plus the ankle injury seems to have wiped out much chance of him having a top-level career.
  6. Media / Press

    The Laws of the Game were updated for this season and article 12.1 no longer includes the text about it not being an offence if it first touches another part of the player's body: The debate for me is the movement that Reece makes with his arm - is this a deliberate movement towards the ball or was it a natural motion? There is nothing to show that he made his body unnaturally bigger and there's no way the referee could have seen this by just viewing the final frame of the replay.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    You can maybe keep a young player around as a reserve when they are 18/19 but only for a season at most (Anjorin). CHO has already been harmed by this, RLC may have had his career undermined by this and Ampadu is now likely to suffer. The flip side of the brinkmanship that is our approach to the transfer window is that players that could have been sent out a month ago are being kept around in case we don't manage to sign anyone. For Ampadu this would be very damaging, but given the position RLC is in now a reserve position may be the best he can hope for. I would expect CHO to see more game time once we're playing twice a week and injuries begin - especially if he's training at Cobham whilst most of the others go off to play international matches. We're far too light in attack to let anyone leave.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Also, do you spend money on a midfielder when Gilmour or Gallagher could be ready for the first team next season? We don't want to end up with another Drinkwater...
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Plus Baker, Uwakwe, Ballo and possibly Musonda to have their futures sorted out. Busy few days ahead, as usual. I still don't see the logic of signing Koundé - is he a long-term replacement for Azpi, Silva or Rüdiger? For this season I think we're covered at the back but we're light in midfield. If RLC, Ampadu and Anjorin leave we only have 18 outfield players.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Amazingly the club still sees a chance of getting a fee for some of these players, so they keep making them sign extensions before they go on loan. If all goes well we get a fee at the end, as happened with Moses and Kalas. Hence the loans of Kenedy, Batshuayi and probably Emerson. Then there are other players that the club doesn't think they'll make money on, so they don't make them sign extension as really it's about helping academy graduates/injured players continue their careers - such as Clarke-Salter, Ziger and van Ginkel (last season). They probably still think they can make money on Bakayoko, Miazga, Zappacosta and Baba Rahman so if they're loaned they would have to sign extensions. Whilst Baker and Musonda would probably just be helped to continue their careers. If anyone takes Drinkwater on loan I would assume there won't be an extension - we're not getting anything back for him! It all seems very optimistic to me, but the club knows the market and the costs involved better than we do.
  11. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 2

    7 players for 3 attacking positions, including 2 likely subs and the chance of 1-2 also playing wing back if we go all out attack is about right. One body less than last year with Giroud + Tammy gone and only Lukaku in.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seems like a lot of money for a 5th choice CB in a back 3. I think we can save our money on CBs for another year and stick with either Zouma or Chalobah as back-up to Azpi, Rüdiger, Christensen and Silva. Next year we may need more reinforcements.
  13. Chelsea 1 Villarreal 1 (6 - 5 on penalties) Loftus-Cheek and Chalobah in the travelling squad, but no Anjorin. The squad should be updated on the UEFA site soon, as the club only has to name the squad 24h before the match. I think the existing UEFA squad is a guess based on pre-season, especially if you look at the squad numbers.
  14. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 0

    Do you think that the guys that were involved in the Euro 2020 final will be fit to start already?
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Livramento, Peart-Harris, Bate, Guehi, Tomori and Simeu all leaving in the same window whilst Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Batshuayi, Barkley, Baba Rahman, Bakayoko, Miazga and Kenedy are all still under contract for at least a year longer. 2015-2018 is still haunting us.