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  1. You can add RLC as another youngster but yes it's time to be worried. 4 senior outfield players and a goalkeeper are needed, just a week remaining to get them.
  2. Based on the U23 game there's a chance that Dabo could be in the squad as he's a fullback and we need one of those. Think he was on the bench a couple of times last season.
  3. But I hope we do play the kids instead of the far too strong teams that we've played in past seasons against lower league opposition. Hazard, Willian, Fabregas and Costa shouldn't be seen in cup games until the semis. Unfortunately we don't have enough players to rotate much, but hopefully we'll see starts for Begovic, Aina, Chalobah, RLC, Moses and Batshuayi. Would be Chalobah's debut almost 6 years after he was first named on the bench (Newcastle CCup Sept 2010).
  4. Change the starting XI rather than make reaction subs when chasing the game. Fabregas has played himself into the team - which is the way it should be. If only we could motivate our defenders and wingers in the same way!
  5. It seems inevitable that Cuadrado and Rémy will leave by the end of the transfer window, leaving us with 16 senior outfield players. Bare bones again. Somehow we're going to need to sign a LB, CB, winger and striker in the next 10 days. 20 senior outfield players plus Aina, Chalobah and RLC would be good squad. What we have isn't.
  6. I'd like to see Fabregas and Kante with Mikel/Chalobah behind them. Then for variety you replace the defensive player with a second striker. Fabregas and Kante are so far ahead of our other midfielders it's ridiculous.
  7. Davey to Crawley was confirmed. 23 so far...
  8. Nigeria haven't qualified for the ACoN so he'll be around all season. I'd guess this helped convince the club to let him go to the Olympics. I'd like to see him deep in midfield with Fabregas and Kante ahead of him. Using Kante deep is a waste.
  9. At a guess he can't have played more than 10 football matches, including U21s, in the last two seasons.
  10. We don't really know if Solanke's asking for too much or the club is trying to avoid paying him what he's worth. But we know that we don't want Solanke to have a season as ballboy/training cone as Aina had last year.
  11. Cahill is a good back-up but with Zouma's return still uncertain we need another first XI contender, not a Miazga. Ivanovic should also be a back-up at this stage. Midfield and attack should be good enough for top 4 if we don't lose anyone else. But some serious money will be needed to upgrade those areas and make us title contenders.
  12. Don't forget a left-back please...
  13. Good to see him scoring goals and a contrast with Solanke, sadly stuck at Cobham in a contract dispute that doesn't help him or the club.
  14. I don't know why you're bothered about the CL! But no he wouldn't be club-trained. As Hector is off on loan to Frankfurt our only back-up is Miazga - 2 defenders remain a must. As long as we keep everyone else we have reasonable depth - although replacing Rémy must be the priority. We have 24 players including 2 U21s (only counting Aina and RLC) - 26 would be perfect. Hopefully we can solve the numbers issue this season and the quality issue next season - keep the numbers but upgrade the likes of Cahill, Ivanovic. Matic and Oscar.
  15. Squad numbers confirmed and it's quite appropriate that we have gaps at 3, 6 and 9. Any chance of a left-back, centre-back and replacement for Rémy before the end of the month? 8 homegrowns and 15 foreigners so space for 2 more over-21s