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  1. Squad Status: 2015/2016 Season

    From the current squad we have 14 outfield players that will be over 21 and have contracts for next season. Given that Rémy, Pedro, Matic and the injured Zouma are on that list I think we need at least 8 new players for next season. 19 senior outfield players + 4 U21s + 3 keepers is a proper squad.
  2. Next Chelsea Manager

    How do all our attacking midfielders and wingers fit into 3-5-2?
  3. Positivity corner

    When Matic isn't on the field we look like a fairly decent premierleague team.
  4. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 1

    What a shocking squad we have. We sell Ramires and have 2 players short of fitness (Hazard & Pedro) so Matic has to play. No options, terrible planning.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    If I could upgrade it would be on our two reserve strikers, Pedro and Matic. The fifth replacement seems like it'll be the unfortunate exit of a legend. The five extra bodies could include a couple back from loan: a LB and a CM. Our third choice striker could be a former loanee too. But really we have to buy about 7 new players that will actually be first team options, not squad fillers that the manager is afraid to bring off the bench. 22 players aged over 21 (so 5 homegrowns) and 4 under 21s was a formula that worked in the past and one we should go back to. 19 over 21s including 4 keepers and 2 no hopers on loan gives us what we're seeing at the moment.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    At least 5 more senior players in addition to what we have at the moment. Then we will need to replace and upgrade about 5 current players. 10 players! If we're to be competive again.
  7. Squad Status: 2015/2016 Season

    Seeing the latest squad posted on the official site really brings home the pathetic squad we have: Courtois - senior player Ivanovic - senior player Fabregas - senior player Oscar - senior player Hazard - senior player Mikel - senior player Pedro - senior player Remy - senior player (though rarely seen) Costa - senior player Matic - senior player (by default) Willian - senior player Cahill - senior player Terry - senior player Azpilicueta - senior player Zouma - senior player Falcao - crocked and on-loan Pato - on-loan and unproven, unlikely to be fit for a while Baba - promising but can't be relied on (despite the price tag) Traore - also promising but not yet trusted Kenedy - promising and untrusted Loftus-Cheek - promising and untrusted Miazga - promising but doubt he'll be near the team Aina - contract rebel youngster Begovic - back-up keeper Amelia - back-up keeper Blackman - back-up keeper Beeney -  back-up keeper (who's not even in England) Collins - back-up keeper 28 players, 6 keepers, 8 who will only play in emergencies and so 14 senior outfield players (which is generous to include Pedro and Remy given they've contributed next to nothing this season). How are we supposed to play in 3 competitions with only that? Matic has been terrible for a year but there's no one else to play so one injury and the team has to be swapped around and he's squeezed in. The untrusted players are so far away from the senior players that they're not even given a chance when we're chasing a game.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    However good RLC can be he alone cannot replace Ramires. Selling someone without having a replacement lined up is suicidal. We're already light in midfield! And have been for about 5 years...
  10. Intelligent Forum

    If you click the star or circle on the left by the name of the thread it takes you to your first unread post. Which is handy. Thanks all for the tip about load and refresh, it had made it impossible to read some fast-moving threads. The new version does feel unwieldy but I think I've felt the same every time the forums have been upgraded! At least I'm no longer mistakenly clicking on loads of ads...
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Also, Ramires has been past his peak for a little bit, not putting in the same effort as before, but replacing him is a crucial and very difficult task. We have no other play of his type (when on form) who can scamper around covering holes in midfield and also burst forward. Finding a player who can do that, with superior passing and first touch, will be very very expensive. Unless we're thinking of converting a certain other Brazilian into a central midfielder (not Oscar).
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we're selling Ramires we better be signing another midfielder this month, and I mean a proper midfielder who can play deep. It's bad enough that the cupboard is so bare that we have to play Matic, who can only play one pass (inside left channel) and is of no use defensively.  With no injuries and not many more matches we might scrape through the season with our midfield (Fab, Mikel, Matic) but any injuries or progress in the CL or cup and we'll be out on our feet. Zouma is too important at the back to play in midfield and it's too soon for RLC to play there. We'd do better to bring back Van Ginkel.
  13. Injury News

    Ramires: injured, out of favour or being sold?
  14. Branislav Ivanovic

    Just been watching some tennis and it was good to see an Ivanovic making some passes.
  15. Chelsea 3 Everton 3

    Gk, defence, Mikel, Fabregas, Willian and Costa are easy selections. Who plays at 10 (or 8) and the other winger aren't so easy. Oscar and Pedro have given the ball away so cheaply recently, whilst contributing little in an attacking sense. My heart would like to see RLC and Traoré in the team but I'm pretty sure Hiddink will stick with Pedro and will play Ramires to add ballast in midfield. If I could choose Matic wouldn't even make the bench - he's an impact sub, but only for the other team. Hopefully Zouma's complete loss of composure was only temporary. Courtois Ivanovic Zouma Terry Azpilicueta Ramires Mikel Fabregas Willian Costa Pedro