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  1. Given the lack of playing time they've had, I can see Aké or maybe Kenedy (less preferable) being called back to be Alonso's back-up at LWB. I hope that eventually Chalobah can start alongside Kante, with Fabregas playing in the 3-5-2 variant. There are lots of names in the inside forward list but only really Hazard, Pedro and Willian that are suited to playing there. This position and central midfield are the ones to strengthen when possible.
  2. Any mention of the obvious implication of it being a Monday night match during a Champions League week?
  3. Overruled by the players? This isn't AVB. I think that pre-season continued well into the league season, only now is Conte working out which areas of the pitch each player needs to be in. Luiz as the spare man works well, which makes me fear for Terry. Can he still play as a marker on the left of the three? I'd expect Azpi, Luiz and Zouma to eventually be the preferred 3. Having Aina as a RWB option would be a great bonus.
  4. I see the point, but the current state of our midfield doesn't allow for more than 3 players purely devoted to attacking.
  5. Hazard at LWB? I think Alonso has to play for the balance of the team. Then it's a choice between playing Fabregas in a central midfield three, Pedro alongside Hazard as another inside forward behind Costa or my preferred option for this match - Hazard behind Costa and Bats. Although as Zaffo says, our central midfield is the great limitation - Kante solves half the problem but unless Chalobah can take the other role we'll be left making do with Matic/Oscar/Mikel.
  6. Those two up front with Hazard behind would be great to see. Although there's no way Fabregas could fit in to that formation.
  7. Almost the best we've got. I'd rather see Fabregas in Willian's place, with Hazard roaming, but that might take a week longer. Getting Ivanovic, Cahill and Matic out of the first XI is a major step forward. Stronger first XI and strong bench, with Zouma hopefully back soon. Mikel is obviously fit so if he's not involved I think we can discount him for the season.
  8. Stick Terry in the centre of the back three and that would be my preferred line-up for now. I like to see someone with a bit more attacking versatility than Willian but after phasing out Ivanovic, Cahill and Matic I can wait a bit longer for the next replacement. Not that these players should leave - great to have them on the bench.
  9. I think we should pick our 3 best attacking players and work out how they best fit. For the last match it seemed this was the plan with Hazard/Costa/Willian. Those ideas were what I saw for Hazard/Costa/Batshuayi and Hazard/Costa/Fabregas combos.
  10. I think that Thorgan Hazard would offer more to the current squad than Oscar currently does.
  11. Judging that 3 at the back looks like the current solution for our defensive issues I think that with a 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 formation we have a couple of options in central midfield and attack which would be preferable to the option tried at Hull. 1. In 3-4-3, in place of two wide forwards and a centre-forward (Hazard, Costa, Willian), I'd like to see us try Hazard behind Costa and Batshuayi. With Chalobah and Kante the central midfield pair (as our most mobile pairing). 2. In 3-5-2, I think that Fabregas only fits in to a 3 man midfield, which should be Chalobah or Mikel holding behind Fabregas and Kante. Ahead of them would be Hazard playing off Costa. Either of these two options is preferable to seeing the underperforming Matic and Willian shoehorned into the team. To provide cover at LWB I'd bring back Aké ahead of Kenedy. I can't see RLC getting many minutes, especially once the league cup run ends, so I'd loan him in January. Whilst Azpilicueta could play RWB I'd prefer him as a pure defender in the back 3. Deciding on the other two, once Zouma is fit again, is a nice little connundrum for Conte.
  12. Ideally: Courtois, Azpilicueta, Luiz, Terry, Alonso; Kante, Chalobah, Fabregas; Moses, Costa, Hazard At some point I'd like to see Willian tried as a central midfielder. His one trick doesn't offer much on the wing but his other qualities could give us a much more dynamic centre, along with a goal threat.
  13. One step at a time. Hopefully next we'll see Matic replaced by Chalobah, then Ivanovic by Alonso and then maybe Willian out.
  14. Let's hope people don't write him off when he has the inevitable dip in form a kid in his first season of first team football will have at some point.
  15. Mikel not even on the bench - injured, unfit after the Olympics or not really a squad member because of his contract? I hope Chalobah gets a chance to play deep so in the future we can free Kante to play box-to-box.