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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd like a winger to replace Pedro (preferably left-footed) and a striker to replace Giroud (preferably one that can also play wide). Nothing else is too urgent. Maybe a reserve keeper or two, maybe Christensen will want to leave if he ends the season as 4th choice. If we can get any money for Barkley I'd prefer a more defensive player in his place. I don't see us getting much money for Alonso or finding a better reserve LB.
  2. Media / Press

    It's just because they launched a cache of documents on a new portal,, and the most interesting of the documents for the British media was the one with all the details of the Chelsea case.
  3. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 2

    So who will be our back-up RB if we send James on loan? I am quite sure that Frank wants James in the squad and won't be sending him anywhere.
  4. Official: Callum Hudson-Odoi Signs New 5-Year Contract

    Everyone knows out why he says the things he does, but they never include this in the reporting.
  5. Ajax 0 Chelsea 1

    Emerson traveled but it seems that Pedro hasn't, but there's no word on why. Very likely we'll see this: Arrizabalaga Azpilicueta Zouma Tomori Alonso Kovacic Jorginho Mount Willian Abraham Hudson-Odoi Subs: Caballero, James, Emerson, Gilmour, Pulisic, Giroud, Batshuayi
  6. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    Bench is ok: Caballero, James, Guehi, Barkley, Pedro, Pulisic, Batshuayi
  7. Injury News

    Already done: Means England will virtually only play friendlies immediately before a major tournament. International football might not be very popular in England, as we have an exciting, high-quality league. In most other countries international football is far more popular. This could also be linked to England not having had a decent team since the 90s, with the premier league become exponentially more popular since then.
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I think we should be following what Frank said in his press conference today - the goal isn't just getting academy graduates into the first team, it's succeeding with these players. No one is saying that we're happy to focus on youth development whilst neglecting first team results. Some of these players are good enough to play in the premier league already, and some of those that played against Grimsby will need loans before their ready to play regularly in the first team.
  9. Chelsea 7 Grimsby Town 1

    So even younger: Caballero; James, Guehi, Zouma, Maatsen; Gilmour, Kovacic, Barkley; Pulisic, Batshuayi, Hudson-Odoi Subs: Cumming, Tomori, Lamptey, Jorginho, Anjorin, Pedro, Giroud
  10. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Bring back Ampadu. We need an actual defensive midfielder.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we replace the squad players with players ready to start, we've upgraded the XI. I'd say we have a three part squad: 8 players good enough for the PL, 8 players that probably aren't and 8 academy graduates that we hope will be good enough for the PL. Barkley isn't good enough and I think we need a more defensive midfielder in his place given that we have Mount and RLC to play at 8 or 10. I don't think Alonso is a bad reserve, but I think we'll cash in on him whilst he still has suitors in Spain. Bats isn't good enough and a more versatile forward in his place would provide more. I agree Azpi rotating with James will hopefully be the way forward, as I think a lot of his problems are due to the number of minutes he's played in recent years.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    With the new contracts confirmed I think at the end of the season we'll need to replace Caballero, Pedro, Willian and Giroud plus we could do with upgrades on Zouma, Barkley, Alonso, Batshuayi and maybe Azpilicueta. That's a lot of work for a single window.
  13. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    I think 343 brings back our big problem under Conte - not enough goal scoring options. None of our central midfielders score goals and Azpi is even worse going forward than Moses. So we have the front 3 plus the odd set piece from Alonso. At least in 433/4231 we get four goal scoring options in the team.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Playing the Gold Cup and then straight into pre-season with us isn't going to help him over the course of the season, even if it does show he's keen.
  15. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    I think even next season is too soon for a title challenge. This season top 6 would be a big achievement. Next season, with the budget as you say, I'd hope for top 4. I can't see us challenging for the title until 21/22.