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  1. He was also highly analytical about our matches, very well informed about the game and the world in general with one of the best sense of humour on this site. This place literally isn't as funny without him. Just thought I will add.
  2. Sam Wallace ✔ @SamWallaceTel If Kanté steals possession for Chelsea one more time, the Met police will have to issue Swansea with a crime reference number 7:26 AM - 25 Feb 2017 Found this pretty funny.
  3. Looking at the video, one has to que stion, why he had to retire? I mean the guy looks fit and healthy, n o sign of any extra weight etc. I can't think of any player who could score that many goals from the position he played in; As Consistently As he Did. I would be quite surprised if All Four of them Didn't get a Stand Named After Them. I mean how else co uld they have done on the pitch to merit that honour?
  4. That must be a moment to savour.
  5. Somebody call the Guardian and Telegraph of borderline misogyny.
  6. Alright SIr Robben I am not sure how all that is meant to be convincing, but I really admire your passion. I stand appreciate the effort.
  7. Yes and No. Nobody is taking anything away from Robben, he was once phenomenal. Injuries and complacency and their he is. Compared to Hazard he is not He is suited to the German league with his training Regime etc. But his appearance data suggests he still plays a part time role. Good player in PL or great Player in the Bundesliga? I know who I would like in my team every time. Ribery was also a fans favourite at BM.
  8. I think you are still on those magic Robben Moments DVD. Robben has done just about average if one considers where is he is playing. Not to mention he is weak and injury prone which is why h e couldn't even cut at La Liga. The biggest gig he was going to get. A fantastic player in his time which was short for injury or attitude towards recovery. Comparison with Hazard is quite silly for the sheer number of appearances Hazard has clocked in: Robben; 239 in 8 seasons at Bayern 124 goals, Eden Hazard 234; 5th season 65 (on track). Whats even worse are Robben's League appearances. In 8 seasons he has placed a max 28 games just one season. 8 seasons almost, 156 league appearances.. No sorry not for me. Specialist sub may be but not a first teamer, because he can't be...
  9. why? On a different day Courtiois would have saved it.
  10. Unless they were out on a pilgrimage to Holy Land on Foot, or teaching Kids in Africa with no water; First Game after Week. No Excuse of tiredness acceptable.
  11. Where did you hear that? and how was that possible even if they got an entirely new first Team.
  12. This is Quite Amazing. The World Cup performances said something was wrong.
  13. Oh Dear....:):)
  14. Adieus Sabbath. The world would be so much poorer without their peculiar brand of rock music. Thankyou for everything.
  15. Amazing.. can't wait for the PC.