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  1. Apparently they haven't quite got the memo...
  2. Yes and Hope he recovers soon too!
  3. That is a tough run from any teams standards, I am surprised they got it this bad to end the season with.With the team they have I would be very surprised if they can manage more than a draw with either ManC, Arsenal, or Palace. Tottenham a draw would be more like a win.
  4. So now Allardyce has beaten Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool so that leaves ManU or City. Does that mean CP and/or Big Sam is almost as good as Liverpool and/or Mr. Klopp? I say this because I remember the entire football punditry measuring Liverpool's success this season on how well they beat the top 4. Message for the Kop: Allardyce too is a good manager, get him now!
  5. 6 min I wasn't joking...jesus
  6. You Go Benteke... Another 15 min + Liverpool extra time.
  7. Aren't we the club who paid some ~150k for a ManU tried and tested reject, only to bench him for injury or form. Why are we surprised that once again we are short of players at the terminus of the season.
  8. Looks like he may actually end up leaving this time. This is going to hurt for a while, lets hope its not ManU (not likely to happen but stranger things have happened)
  9. Not worried. They are working hard with mostly very average players : We haven't even started playing yet. The break and a little tweaking , allowing more space for Hazard, push forward for Kante, a smack for Moses and everybody else. And we are back in business. if once again we have to destroy Spurs titles hopes after giving them giving them some hope....effing Sweet!!
  10. So what should his "agenda" as Manager of ManU be? Should he be waxing it Chelsea, considering he is the manager of a direct competitor and quite possibly the biggest football club in the world. Also the difference is 18 points with a game in hand. 30 is stretching it.
  11. Racism ? Personally I am struggling with this, even though its hard to side with Kelvin McKenzie.
  12. What is the entire team doing? Show boating now; Moses, Hazard, now Pedro..
  13. He was also highly analytical about our matches, very well informed about the game and the world in general with one of the best sense of humour on this site. This place literally isn't as funny without him. Just thought I will add.
  14. Sam Wallace ✔ @SamWallaceTel If Kanté steals possession for Chelsea one more time, the Met police will have to issue Swansea with a crime reference number 7:26 AM - 25 Feb 2017 Found this pretty funny.
  15. Looking at the video, one has to que stion, why he had to retire? I mean the guy looks fit and healthy, n o sign of any extra weight etc. I can't think of any player who could score that many goals from the position he played in; As Consistently As he Did. I would be quite surprised if All Four of them Didn't get a Stand Named After Them. I mean how else co uld they have done on the pitch to merit that honour?