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  1. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    I replied in Kind but got truncated. I am getting bored of this too much moderation. But these are rules . So be it.
  2. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    Yes and No. Steve Walsh did do a phenomenal job at Leicester. Everton are still struggling for a manger. For it's still a wait and see game. Well that's what I said JM. He.struggled more for his signings than Conte
  3. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    How dare you call him a flawed manager? Read above man this is heresy. ;) JM twice have been calling the same issue of player recruitment and got sweet f..all. It's ok not to like JM and call him a hypocrite, but He was treated far more unfairly when it came to player recruitment. Btw on paper our squad is superior to ManU, but they are a few points above us. And they have a younger squad than us ..not by much though. Yes and less talented. But that's besides the point I guess. I have been screaming at our recruitment policy ever since Emanelo got appointed and we disbanded our scouting system. " Scott McLachlan, collates information and data on targets and potential signings, whether on performances or background checks, and is always available and regularly consulted" from an article in Telegraph, June 2017. That is One person that I know of. Arsenal has a whole team, Everton has over 200... Because the same guy who recruited Kante, Mahrez and Vardy for 1st team in Winning to PL is in charge. Almost every team has a decent scouting system whereas we have a system which is extremely elusive or we are just dealing with Agents. Either way we are screwed.
  4. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    I think their is some confusion: Barca had 56% possession 7 shots on target and we had 3. 11 fouls compared to our 17 The fouls are meaningless count in this game I don't know how we we're comparable, we lost fair and square. We were adventurous with no end result. Hitting the woodwork means Nothing except that the Shot wasnt good enough. The only Positive I take from the Game was that we had 44% possession against Barca which is very very good. Personally I would have gone with 2 upfront when we were 3 down, Morata on the right. We had nothing to lose. Pedro is a rhythm player who needs time to settle down in a game. Quite wtf an 83 minute substitutions achieve when we are 3 down is beyond me. Perhaps their is more to the game than meets my eye.
  5. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    We hit the woodwork so we were competetive ? Bollocks. We were dire and had no creativity which Barca would feel threatened with. Giroud is an out n out striker ; Needs Service. Can't blame him unfortunately. He is not going to run with the ball striker. Can hold the ball on occasion. Got him as a stop gap. Unlucky is 1-0 2-1 missed penalty etc. not 3-0. That's a solid Loss. Played well or not. We lost big.
  6. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    Yes me too. Their are many adults here who knew football and have been MIA for an year or two. Would be great to have the big boys back. Having said that it doesn't mean I like you Chelsea till die....;)
  7. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    Of course I have a good feeling about this. But pretty sure ManU fans went into yesterday's game with More of a Good Feeling. It wasn't JM tactics that let the Fans down it was mental fatigue and over confidence by the players that let everyone down. Lesson to be learned listen to Lord Baden Powell : Be Prepared. They took it easy and gave it up. We can turn the tables on Unidimensional team like Barca by scoring a Couple: then Don't Sit back and Defend. No be cautious by keep attacking ; Focus. A team like Barca is more than likely to Score unless we have "Do or Die" players like Drogba, Lampard Ivan who play equally well in defence and Attack and we don't. Our attack quite poor when it comes to helping out in defence, and 90% if the times we are Ok with it. But this is the quickest most balanced team in the world, virtually able to score from all possible angles. We have some very very good players, some even best in the business, but they are useless if they can't concentrate for the full 95 minutes.
  8. Media / Press

    Thanks I seemed to remember it as bomb. Still hell of a read, well researched. And Banned in Saudi for the longest time. He names names their and thing which is a heresy for All Saudis is ....You can't critisize King Faisal... Well Holden did..
  9. Media / Press

    Aah the House of Saud. Less said the better. After the £65 billion deal for Typhoon jets I do think Saudis are our best friends. After all these jets are only going to be used against Poor Yemenis which is a Hallmark of the recent two Governments; Wars : far far away. The anti Russian Propoganda continues, unfortunately for UK or Europe this is a just a Media war and nothing else. English being an International language will carry it's message across the globe. With due respect to the seriously ill people what did the Double spy think that he can pass the KGB (?) employees list to the UK intelligence and and live his life in peace? Yes he served 13 years in prison for that but who knows what else he has been doing here in UK. Anyway The House of Saud, the Original one. Is one of the Bettee Reads I have come across. Richard Holden one. Somehow the Author was mysteriously killed in an explosion shortly after it's publication. Funny that huh?
  10. Media / Press

    So for any impressionable children and young Adults present here let me just remind you, That when dealing with the quagmire that Jamie Carragher was faced with the First Line of Action is Always the Middle/ Two fingers salute. Spitting is the 3rd or fourth Action after exchange of colourful and tricky profanity and the Faux siding the car. ...
  11. Media / Press

    Well considering Jamie is a former Liverpudlian, it is safe to say that the the Girl was lucky that she wasnt embalmed by any other human excrement. For that alone I thank Jamie for staying within the confines of human decency as he just Spat on the poor girl.
  12. Media / Press

    :) Yeah careful now, I may just spit in your general direction..
  13. Media / Press

    2. Isn't that reason Good enough? ;) I mean that he played for pool. Btw today we needed our Late amigo Khobar here. He would set Cara straight.
  14. Media / Press

    Well that's quite what I heard. Doesn't change the fact or the act as it were. Yes it is quite low on the Violence scale. Agreed. I am sure he found himself cornered and that was the only way to went his frustration; he lashed out. Spat at this disgusting Manc person, who was trying to get a laugh since he saw this Liverpool legend. A sort of story to. Tell his mates. Pretty sure if Carragher was to see him with a smile he would have taken a selfie together a told his mates what a great guy Jamie is. I don't know Mr Droy, I guess that's not how I expect grownups to behave. Mind you the spitting habit pretty much cost Diouf his career.
  15. Media / Press

    No. So Now we are Defending Carragher for Spitting on A "Heckler"? If it was JT I wouldnt be defending him either. I don't care if it was Lamapard it is one of the most disgusting habits. So spitting is Ok when a "Lad" does it on the Opposition fan? Like when their fans were throwing piss at our disabled fans at the Bridge iirc? These disabled fans shouldn't have been chanting or getting excited about their team playing. They had it coming. Mark mentioned.Diouf, I.give you Totti. Oh the media went crazy over the despicable act. And many more. Carragher, a pundit now, spits at an oppo fan because he said 2-1 lad? And we are condoning that now and becoming his apologists? Well I guess England has become a kinder, Gentler, and more Understanding country since I left.